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Shades of Destiny ~ The Sacred Battles is an original 12-episode TV Anime series produced by Sonikku Aensland, it takes place in the futuristic year of 2084 then 2087 A.C. Its Composed by two Mini Arcs: Black and White, and Conspiration.


White Golden Star is known and feared by everyone in the city of Arcadia, in the Ninth World, they're Sky Pirates, and declared war to an Army Weapons Factory; Columbus Corporation. A boy named Lucius Meyer must attend the Academy of Illinichina, as a Delinquent and transfer student, however, he must face his most powerful rival Donovan Blake, son of the Boss of the Columbus Corp. then The Army of K, the powerful Student Council. With a help of a Fairy known as Lenka Illustrious Ilargia, Lucius must defeat the enemies in order to gain peace, at cost of other people's lifes.

3 years after the First series, The great Academy of Illinichina has become a Battlefield due to the declaration of war that the Organization only known as "Light Wing" had made, and its Leader is possibly a relative of both the Meyer and Blake Families, or Grey, or might be another individual similar to her.



Introduced in Black and White[]

White Golden Star: A Rebel group who has the mission of exterminate everything about the "Columbus Corporation", because they know about the secrets of them, however, they're treated and feared by other people as "Outsiders" and "Sky Pirates".

Lieutenant Lucius Meyer

"I'm not just a boy, Donovan... I have powers that give me power!"

Age: 17 years old
Born: April 10, 2067
Height: 165cm (5' 5")
Weight: 55kg (121lbs)
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Blue
Element: Light-Spurious
"The hero of this story, a young boy who happened to being born with a caring and really young mother and a unseen father for most of his life, he grow responsible, respectful, and kind. Often his persona attracts girls and he's scared of them in general. He also is a fan-boy of "Shade Prism" a silent superhero, since his fanaticism grow and grow, he wanted to have power, so he converted himself into a Light type Spurious and train under White Golden Star."

Captain Mondo Reynard

"Kid, reflex more your personality than your small size."

Age: 64 years old
Born: December 18, 2020
Height: 196cm (6' 5")
Weight: 97kg (214lbs)
Hair Color: Gray
Eye Color: Black and white
Element: None
"Mondo is Lucius' mentor and father figure of most of his life, also Diana's father and leader of White Golden Star. Reserved and serious, he prefers training his disciples with the old school methods, a rude and sarcastic old man who cares about his trainees in general, he has a right robotic arm and a right bionic leg and a White eye in the right."

Lenka "Lusty" Illustrious Ilargia

"Just calm down and relax boy, I'm here for your safety and more!"

Age: Unknown
Born: Unknown
Height: Variable
Weight: Variable
Hair Color: Platinum Gray
Eye Color: Yellow
Element: Nurse
"Lucius' fairy companion and one of his friends, she's caring and educated, knowing about many subjects, she's known for getting up late, not doing her duties and sleeping in her bird house instead, but tries to not get drunk and anything like that. Hates anything about Columbus Corp. and she can transform into a humanoid form only to beat Callisto."

Stacey Kirsten

"Sir, we have the data about these, and it doesn't seem that great."

Age: 23 years old
Born: March 22, 2061
Height: 168cm (5' 6")
Weight: "That's not fair >w<!"
Hair Color: Dyed brown-blonde
Eye Color: Purple
Element: Nature
"The secretary and the second in command of the sky ship, she's looks like Lucius' dead older sister Grey, "not" very friendly and seemingly ruthless in nature, but relaxed when not in action, she's a really shy person that hides her true emotions."

Columbus Corporation: The most well-renewed army company in the ninth world, is a heavily influential weapons company owned by the Blake conglomerate, they're responsible for most of the newest Spurious.

Donovan Blake

"Fighting me means instant death... Lucius."

Age: 17 years old
Born: April 10, 2067
Height: 175cm (5' 9")
Weight: 65kg (143lbs)
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Red
Element: Darkness-Spurious
"The son of Columbus Corporation's boss, he's serious and calculating, then he often shows discordance about fighting weak opponents in general with a boring expression, he's popular and beloved by fellow female students, he's also the Student Council President and Morals Committee highest authority, he has a snark attitude when fighting Lucius, hinting that the two had met early, and possibly, being from the same family as well."

Rita Richmond

"Master, I will be your last servant if necessary means my death."

Age: 27 years old
Born: September 1, 2057
Height: 174cm (5' 8.5")
Weight: 62kg (137lbs)
Hair Color: Orchid
Eye Color: Yellow
Element: Crystal
"The Secretary of Columbus Corp, she has a very professional front, hiding the fact that she hates men in general, and possibly, being a straight feminist, but respects her boss before herself, so possibly she became attracted by him, obeying all his orders, used to be friends with Diana Meyer."

Callisto Beaumont

"I will destroy you because the most beautiful will be victorious."

Age: 32 years old (Physically 16)
Born: Feburary 14, 2052
Height: 163cm (5' 4")
Weight: 51kg (112lbs)
Hair Color: Orange
Eye Color: Blue
Element: Special
"Columbus Corps' High guard member, possibly a non human-humanoid being due to his slow aging, he has a very wary personality to those who he considers ugly, such as Mondo and the Other White Golden Star members, and respects beautiful people in general and lusts with them, of both genders."

Leonard Blake

"Life is a comedy as we exists to amuse others..."

Age: 33 years old
Born: March 28, 2051
Height: 185cm (6' 1")
Weight: 83kg (183lbs)
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Red
Element: Special
"Columbus Corp. Boss and leader, the city's Tyrant, and also Donovan's father, despite his son being pretty much look like him, because he had him at younger age, he considers himself a Ultimate Warrior and craves for power in any forms possible, but has a code of honor and respects his enemies in a very calm way, also sometimes "atoning" his acts, and has a chivalry code against strong opponents."

The Army of K: They're some of the most powerful members of the "Decade", as magic and combat training, They are called as such due to "K" meaning Kill. Everyone in here is a "Well Intentioned Extremist".

Giovanni Fox

"Oh god, I want to beat that everyone who's on my way!"

Age: 19 years old
Born: August 9, 2065
Height: 188cm (6' 2")
Weight: 92kg (203lbs)
Hair Color: Green
Eye Color: Hazel
Element: None
"Donovan's and Verna's friend, despite his size and appearance, is really calm, sans in combat in where he unleashes his "Fight Side", he uses several weapons of mass destruction, also sometimes killing his opponents in a fight, he has something Special that Leonard is intrigued about and apparently, tries a coup d'etat with Verna to re-install the original mayor."

Verna Hepburn

"Jeez, just keep in touch with your face and body, kiddo"

Age: 18 years old
Born: October 19, 2066
Height: 159cm (5' 2.7,5")
Weight: 48kg (106lbs)
Hair Color: Pink
Eye Color: Brown
Element: None
"Donovan's and Giovanni's friend, despite her size and appearance, is ruthless and violent, uses her magic for attacking rather than anything else, also hates her size and wants to be taller and imposing, her dream is using the limits of her potential magic, something that Leonard is intrigued, and apparently, tries a coup d'etat with Giovanni to re install the original mayor."

Frances "Fanny" Hansen

"Whats up, Yellow Belly~?"

Age: 20
Born: September 29, 2064
Height: 178cm (5' 10")
Weight: 54kg (119lbs)
Hair Color: Blue
Eye Color: Cyan
Element: None
"A major member in the branch, she's the maid of Donovan, the club's researcher and the "nerdy" of the four, she knows Donovan since his Childhood alongside Michael Sutherland. And also is a fierce combatant."

Michael Sutherland

"Yes, My lord"

Age: 44
Born: November 09, 2040
Height: 180cm (5' 11")
Weight: 67kg (148lbs)
Hair Color: Gray
Eye Color: Yellow
Element: None
"A major member in the branch, he's Donovan's Butler, the club's high steward and the most skilled swordsman of the team, he knows Donovan since his Childhood alongside Frances Hansen, he's one of Blake's most loyal servants."


Diana Meyer Andrews

"I always will trust in you, my sweetheart."

Age: 33 years old
Born: January 18, 2051
Height: 164cm (5' 4.5")
Weight: 52kg (115lbs)
Hair Color: White
Eye Color: Blue
Element: Special
"Lucius' mother and former model, she gave birth to Lucius at young age due to strange circumstances and meetings in the past, she's caring and honest, loves her son above anything and tries to do her best to maintain his safety. She used to be friends with Rita Richmond before maternity leave."

Arthur "Artie" Strong

"Hey Man! Can you listen to my new story?"

Age: 17 years old
Born: May 21, 2067
Height: 170cm (5' 7")
Weight: 58kg (128lbs)
Hair Color: Red
Eye Color: Green
Element: Special
"Lucius' only friend in the School, has really bad grades, but he has a lot of good luck on himself thanks to his "Alien Stories", believes that Aliens (The 'Aliens' in here are from the Planet "Earth") exist and that's why he's a fan-boy of other species in particular, he loves his family so much."

Shade Prism

"What about being your butt kicked, my dear Mister Blake?"

Age: Unknown
Born: Unknown
Height: 213cm (7' 0")
Weight: 154kg (340lbs)
Hair Color: White
Eye Color: Not seen
Element: Apparently, Fire and Water.
"A superhero/ine in a big red and blue armor, it doesn't talk too much, when it talks, it sounds like a woman or a young kid,' its overprotective with certain people, especially Lucius, the boy who it calls "Just a kid." which upsets him, has a personal Vendetta against the Blake Family, and is closest allies with Lenka."


"They paid me for doing nothing, señor, ¿Le gustaría tomar una?"

Age: More than 40 years old
Born: June 23, 204?
Height: 180cm (5' 11")
Weight: 168kg (370lbs)
Hair Color: Not seen
Eye Color: Not seen
Element: None
"A man in a chicken suit who speaks Spanish and is a NEET, that despite using a chicken suit, he does not work and gets paid for doing nothing, he is fat, very alcoholic and drugged, he's often in his house and is a very lucky guy who's blamed by the rest of the characters." 

Introduced in Conspiration[]

Alicia Milchstrasse

"I AM... the one who will eliminate the trash today!"

Age: 19 years old
Born: September 14, 2068
Height: 160cm (5' 3")
Weight: 50kg (110lbs)
Hair Color: Blue
Eye Color: Yellow
Element: Unknown
"A Girl with mysterious Origins, she may be a criminal or a student, but she's not focused in study matters, instead she's focused on found the killer of her mother and fight the masters."

Episode List[]

  1. Code: Shade Prism
  2. Sky Pirates
  3. Devil Eyes
  4. Army of K
  5. Against Columbus
  6. High War
  7. Code: Alicia
  8. Code: Outra Overlord
  9. Nightblade
  10. Transformation
  11. Cold Steel
  12. Code: Trio