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Shadowverse Alice no Saga (Shadowverse Saga of Alice) is anime series from Shadowverse with 24 episodes, it does not have to do with the anime as it is an spin-off. It features Alice Kurobane as the protagonist. During the incident with the Tree of Woe virtual event game, she gets transported into the Shadowverse-esque world along with Mimori, who came. But this time, it's different. She can no longer play Shadowverse to batlle, which became her weapon. She has to find a way to return while fighting enemies and making allies. The Opening Theme "Haikyo no Kuni no Alice" will be sung by Mafumafu. The Ending Theme "nEw WoRld" will be sung by Yui Ogura feat.TeddyLoid.


Episode 1: In Another World[]

Alice is participating in an Virtual event game "Stop the Tree of Woe" along with Mimori who won a ticket. They gather at the Game Expo and are told of the quests by Leon Aurenche. They completed the first event quest after the explaination along with other people. When they continued the quest, something goes odd with the technical function. The game starts going nuts as a result. While the craze is going on, Alice and Mimori see an portal bursting out of nowhere, which sucks them to the Shadowverse-esque world.

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Opening Song[]


Haikyo No Kuni No Alice