Shaman King: Age of Horror

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June 5 2008.

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November 17th 2008.

Shaman King: Age of Horror is a Shaman king movie. (Animated).


Its been a while since Zeke was killed. The Shaman tournament has been going on for a while too now. The one that was once canceled. Everyones having fun. They've decided to have new teams. Yoh has a team called team Amidamaru and Joco and Lyserg are on his team. Zeke has been prevented from doing reincarnation by the king of spirits. Lens team is called team cool and Faust and Horohoro are on his team. Team Amidamaru has fought Team Cool and defeated them. Team Amidamaru and Team Cool have lost only once. Yoh, Joco, Lyserg, Faust, and Tao Len are told to investigate the Himalayas because something mysterious is going on over there. Rock climbers and explorers have vanished after climbing the mountain known as ice mountain. A mountain that for some reason is always made of snow and ice. The snow and ice never melt. Anna and Baby Hana also come to help investigate. Hana is only one year old but he has been taught shamanic things by Yoh and Anna. Rio has also come. Mysterious yeti shamans are there and they attack them. They run because the yeti have bazookas and then Amidamaru flys people to the top of the mountain. They are all there. An evil yeti shaman named Zawok has a spirit ally that is Bigfoot. Zawok wants to become shaman king and make everyone yetis and its up to Yoh and his friends to stop him.

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This movie will premiere on the Right Stuf Network on March 5, 2010.

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