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The 2014 redub of the anime Shaman King is an uncut, more accurate dub of the show. Many of the voices are done by Funimation voice actors and other well-known talents.


Character New English Voice Actor
Yoh Asakura

Vic Mignogna

Anna Kyōyama Laura Bailey
Manta Oyamada Colleen Clinkenbeard
Hao Asakura Vic Mignogna
Ryunosuke Umemiya Travis Willingham
Ren Tao Maile Flanagan
Horo Horo Todd Haberkorn
Johann Faust VIII Johnny Yong Bosch
Lyserg Deithel Caitlin Glass
Chocolove McDonell Cree Summer
Goldva Laura Bailey
Silva Travis Willingham
Kalim Sonny Strait
Nichrom Sean Schemmel
Opacho Cree Summer
Peyote Diaz Vic Mignogna
Mohamed Tabarsi Johnny Yong Bosch
Iron Maiden Jeanne Tara Strong
Marco Lasso J. Michael Tatum
Sharona Grey DeLisle
Millie Tara Strong
Ellie Caitlin Glass
Lilly Cree Summer
Sally Jennifer Hale
Tamao Tamamura Candi Milo
Pirika Usui Tara Strong
Tao Jun Jennifer Hale
Amidamaru Steve Blum
Bason Sean Schemmel
Lee Pyron Travis Willingham
Kororo Tara Strong
Tokagero Sean Schemmel
Eliza Brittney Karbowski
Ponchi Chuck Huber
Conchi Sonny Strait
Mosuke Kyle Hebert
Morphine Tiffany Vollmer


  • Sean Schemmel reprises his role as Nichrom.
  • In the redub, Conchi has a slightly Hispanic accent; this is to further reference the fact that he and Ponchi are based on Ren and Stimpy.
  • Despite having a quiet, high-pitched voice in Japanese, Tamao's English voice sounds more gender neutral.