Shaman king II

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(I'm not done with this yet.) Shaman king II is a live action film that is the sequel to Shaman King (movie) thats based on the manga and anime series with the same name.


  • Nathan Kress returns as Yoh Asakura
  • Jennette McCurdy returns as Anna Kyoyama
  • Anton Yelchin also returns as Wooden Sword Ryu
  • Alexander Ludwig has the role as Horohoro


Its been 2 days since the battle with Tao Jun. Len and Jun's cousin Jenny is hired to defeat Yoh. Yoh, Amidamaru, and Ryu battle her. She shoots sleeping gas at them. Yoh stays awake and battles her. He blows up her spirit ally Yugai and she walks away angry and frustrated. But before the battle Ryu chose to become a shaman. The next day after Yoh and Morty have finished eating ice cream and then when they get home they see a boy the same age as Yoh lying on the ground. Hes nearly dead and hes very hungry. So they take him in the house and give him lots and lots of food. Hes very full. They introduce themselves to him. He tells them his name is Horohoro but most people call him Trey because hes a big time board head. Anna knows hes there and won't let him stay. But then he tells her he'll listen to everything she says and so he is accepted to stay at their house for a while. Horohoro has a crush on Anna. Anna hates Horohoro and he is heartbroken. So later it wears off him and he says "Oh well I've got more important things to do like becoming the shaman king!" Later they fight jiang si and they figure out Horohoro is a shaman and his spirit ally is a minutian spirit named Kororo. Horohoro had lost his stuff and later his stuff was found by Anna so he gos off with his stuff and leaves.