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Tokoyaku "Shin" Myung-Sun is the main character of Persona Dance Crew. He's an international pop-star and the former member of the Persona Dance Crew.


The Beginning Arc[]

Shin went to Japan to become the best dancer in the world by moving to a dance academy, Worldwide Dance Academy. Sadly, he has to leave his family when they're going to move back to America. So, his mom drops him off there. After they're at the academy, Shin's mother left him and made a promise to him that he'll become the best dancer. He has his new room and a special ed aid, Mr. Armstrong.

On his first day of school, he didn't feel comfortable to big kids. Until, a gang tries to mess him up. Shin was scared but, he was saved by Kura Haiten. The teacher take the big kids away to detention and as for Shin, he found a new friend. Kura and Shin are becaming close together. Then, Kura said to Shin that a hill can make anyones' dream come true. Shin think he wanted to reach the hill, and decided that he and Kura will reach it together.

Kura invited Shin to his ecret hangout. When he enters an abondon classroom, it was dusty and mess. But, there was a secret door leading to the hangout. He encounterd Jaquan and Marcius in the bathroom when they thought he was trespassing. Kura convinced them about it and they realized Shin was Kura's new friend. Jaquan gives a tour for him. Later on; he met Aren, Cyrus, Gabriela, Yun, Varston, Nina, Ben, and Clara. They decided to have a karaoke, but Shin was to shy to sing. Shin started to sing "Open Arms" and got the kids attention. They started liking him.


In The Beginning Arc, Shin has autism which makes him unsocialable. He has hard time to make new friends as he's trying his best to be social. Shin is very quiet, but very nice and innocent.


Shin's nationality is Korean-Japanese.

In The Beginning Arc, Shin has black short hair and wears kids clothes each day.



  • Kim Seulyeon - Mother
  • Tokoyaku Hisashi - Stepfather

Worldwide Dance Academy[]