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Sho Kibou (希望翔 Kibō Shō?), also spelled as Shou Kibou, is Miko and Rakuya's friend and a character in Magica★Fashion Miko.

Sho Kibou
 Kanji 希望翔
 Romaji Kibō Shō
• Characteristics•
 Race Human
 Gender Female
 Hair Color Tangerine
 Eye Color Black
• Personal Status•
 Status Alive
 Relative(s) Miko (Friend)

Rakuya (Friend)

Sho appears to be a popular Keytarist who has uploaded cover songs and some original songs under the alias of Shotan (しょたん?), and has gained popularity ever since. She also collaborates with both Miko and Rakuya, as she creates the group MiRaSho (ミラショ?), consisting of Her, Miko and Rakuya. She also has the same Attire Creation Magic abilities as Miko and Rakuya, as she uses the spell Cambio D'abito Musicale to transform herself into many different attires. She is voiced by Emi Shinohara.



Magica★Fashion Miko[]

Sho appears to be another protagonist of the Magica★Fashion Miko series. Sho makes her first appearance in the first episode, and makes her magical girl debut appearance in The Keytarist and Miko's Attire Changing Abilities!.


Sho has long Tangerine-colored hair with braided bangs and a side ahoge. She has black eyes and wears a pair of black glasses, as her eyes are only visible in civilian form.

She wears the Utau Academy School Outfit Uniform; but has a dark blue tie and wears a pair of white legwarmers which substitutes the socks.


  • Cambio D'abito Musicale (カンビオ・ダビート・ミュージカレ?) - Sho's Attire Changing Spell. With the power of using Cambio D'abito Musicale, Sho can create many different outfits. A gag is included when she fails to use the spell, resulting in her accidentally deforming.