Anime Fanon

One day while Danny was playing video games, the character Kyu (parody of Ryu) appears and punches him in the face. Danny looks, and doesn't see him anymore. Danny plays again, and Chan-Ki (parody of Chun-Li) kicks him in his stomach. Later he is hit by a hudoken, a super kick, and a shoryuken. Danny tells Johnathan, Jessica and Alicia what is happening. Johnathan decides that they should go into the game and find the rip in the portal from the video game to the real world. Danny asks about how to get in, and Johnathan tells him that they can teleport in. The problem is, Alicia and Jessica cannot teleport, and that they have to hold hands to get in. Johnathan denies it, and Danny goes into the game with Johnathan. They find Nen (parody of Ken) and Ikuma (parody of Akuma) fighting. In the middle, they find a big hole. They found the piece, and put it on the hole. They sealed it onto the hole, and the problem was fixed. There was only one problem, they couldn't teleport out. They would have to win a battle in the tournament to come out of the disk drive. They had to fight Gin, an incredibly strong character made by Danny. They tried to fight him, but lost the first round. By luck, Johnathan shoots a blast at Gin.

Johnathan vs Gin in Super Shock Fighter 2

Johnathan blasts Gin

The blast kills Gin, so they are going to the last round. Gin shot red blasts at Danny so many times that he died. Johnathan got mad, and obliterated Gin. They were released from the game and back into the real world. Danny and Johnathan agreed to never do that again and instead take back the game.