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Silver Fang is an Anime Series with 24 episodes. it follows Utatane, a young Fox girl whose family and friends dissappeared during a war. Now she goes on a journey with Kimura, Nao, Himeyuki, Shio and Rei. The Opening Theme "Silver Fang" will be sung by Choucho. The Ending Theme "Wish of Color" will be sung by nao.




Voiced by: Yui Ishikawa

Utatane is an fox girl with white hair with black ends, wearing an kind of kimono with one long and one short katana. She has the ability to use ancient techniques as well as current ones. When her family and friends went missing, she went on a journey where she meets Kimura, Nao, Himeyuki, Shio and Rei. She appears to have a very strong spirit. She is a kind person who cares for people and friends around her.


Voiced by: Eri Kitamura

An cheerfully girl who loves traveling by herself with her familiar Komochi. When she met Utatane, she discovers that her friends and family went missing during a war.


Voiced by: Yoko Hikasa

Nao is an Alchemist prodigy and is capable of using martial arts and spells. She has kind of a not-so-tsundere personality and is also shy.


Voiced by: Rie Kugimiya

She is the daughter of a very rich family who doesn't like seeing people bullying other. She may be a noble woman, but actually she likes animals.


Voiced by: Rie Tanaka

Shio is super-reflexed person who dodge every attacks. She is quiet but is an kind person. She likes fluffy things (for example when she touched Utatane's Tail).


Voiced by: Sawashiro Miyuki

Rei is an martial artist and swordswoman. She is quite perverted but protects her friends and ally even in difficult situations.


Episode 1: Utatane[]

Utatane wakes up from a dream when her family and friends went missing. She leaves her hometown and bids farewell to the people. She goes on journey, but gets chased by bulls and uses teleportation to escape. She realizes she is exhausted and hungry and finds a big tent. When she came closer, a girl, Kimura, and an familiar, Komochi came out from it. When Utatane recovered she explains everything to Kimura, much to the latter's shock. Thinking about it. she decides to accompany Utatane.

Episode 2: Ruby Fire[]

After meeting Kimura, Utatane stumbles upon Nao defeating an monster. Nao notices her and blushes. After some explanation, Nao calms down.

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