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Smile Pretty Cure: Time's Frosty Challenge is a Smile Pretty Cure film that takes place during the Armistice Day Storm in November of 1940.


Miyuki Hoshizora (Cure Happy), Akane Hino (Cure Sunny), Yayoi Kise (Cure Peace), Nao Midorikawa (Cure March), and Reika Aoki (Cure Beauty) find themselves transported back in time to November 1940. They discover that the temperatures have suddenly dropped drastically, endangering the lives of duck hunters who are unprepared for the frigid weather.

As the Cures bundle up to protect the hunters, they encounter the malevolent Snow Queen, who uses her powers to unleash cold and freezing winds. Miyuki transforms into Cure Happy, Akane into Cure Sunny, Yayoi into Cure Peace, Nao into Cure March, and Reika into Cure Beauty. Together, they must defeat the Snow Queen, save the duck hunters, and restore balance to the timeline.