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Sonic Alliance is an anime series on Right Stuf Network. It is based on elements and characters appearing in the Sonic the Hedgehog series and games.

Sonic Alliance
Format Anime series
Created by Meanfang
Writer(s) Manta-bee, Meanfang, DeamonicJackal
Director(s) Yuji Naka
No. of episodes TBA, One Movie
English Network The Right Stuf Network
Starring Jason Griffith
Roger Craig Smith
Nicky Jones
Kate Higgins
Steven Blum
Rachael MacFarlane
Tara Strong
Mike Pollock
First aired May 8, 2010
Last aired February 27, 2014


The stories take place after the events of Terrible Luck Saga (Manga), though other stories are adapted from the video games of the time. The series starts by letting the audience know that Chris Thorndyke, from the previous series, Sonic X, would be downplayed as a character.


  • Amy Rose - (Taeko Kawata, Japanese. Rachel MacFarlane, English)
  • Cream the Rabbit - Tara Strong (English)
  • Shadow the Hedgehog - Chuck Huber (English)
  • Rouge the Bat - Cree Summer (English)
  • Blaze the Cat
  • Silver the Hedgehog - Lee Tockar (English)
  • Queen Elise - Veronica Taylor (English)
  • Dr. Ivo Robotnik "Eggman" -
  • Swatbots - Lee Tockar (English)
  • Orbot and Cubot -
  • Sally Acorn - Tara Strong (English)
  • Caterina Diff - Jenny Slate (English)
  • Manic the hedgehog - Greg Cypes (English)
  • Sonia the Hedgehog - Kathleen Wilhoite (English)

More TBA


  • Shadow/Rouge
  • Slight Sonic/Amy
  • Hints of Knuckles/Shade (Sonic Chronicles adaptaion)


The content of some episodes had to be altered for the English dub. The artists made the decision for Caterina's costume change to be less risque than her last one. Also, in the one of the episodes where Caterina makes an appearance, Shadow chops off her hands, and reaches into her chest to retrieve a chaos emerald shard as well, which had to be worked around for the dubbed version. Some situations and dialougue were also altered or dubbed into more suitable lines.


Like the previous series, Sonic X, there is said to be adaptations from recent video games to this series, such as Sonic Rush, the infamous Sonic '06 (of which gets a continuation), Sonic Riders, unleashed, storybook duology, Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood, Generations, Colors and Lost World.

Season 1 (2010)[]

Episode number Episode name Written by Synopsis
1 We Meet Again Meanfang and Manta-bee When the group meets up again, they are glad to be home. In Chris' world, his human friends, including Ella and Tanaka, console him, reassuring they're there for him and will be at his side. Book 1 of Manga.
2 There are Three Sides to Every Story Meanfang and Manta-bee Eggman and Shadow tell their sides of the story in the Terrible Luck Saga. Book 1 of Manga.
3 Freedom Fighter Fraternize: Part 1 Meanfang and Manta-bee This introduces Sonia and Manic, Sonic's long-lost siblings. Knuckles pet dinosaur Chomps mentioned. Book 2 of Manga.
4 Freedom Fighter Fraternize: Part 2 Meanfang and Manta-bee The Fredom Fighters are re-introduced, while Amy has suspicions of Sally. Book 2 of Manga.
5 What's the Diff? Meanfang and Manta-bee Caterina Diff, who encountered Sonic and Co. back in the Terrible Luck Saga, makes an appearance. She is shown to be alive and well and appears as the maid for the hotel. It seems she still has a grudge against the crew, but now clashing with Rouge as well. When they find out she survived being made to walk the plank. Eggman reveals he rescued her during his time there (though she drove him crazy as well). Book 3 of Manga.

Note: Caterina's appearance was redesigned for the series.

6 Cutting it Close Meanfang and Manta-bee Caterina, who failed to kill Rouge after Shadow's intervention, gets cybernetic hands from Dr. Eggman.

Later on, she gets caught for her crimes and is arrested. Book 3 of Manga.

Season 2 (2011)[]

Episode number Episode name Synopsis
14 First episode based on Sonic Rush/Adventure.
15 Second episode based on Sonic Rush/Adventure.
16 ??? Sonic Rush/Adventure (3)
17 ??? Sonic Rush/Adventure (4)
18 ??? Sonic Rush/Adventure (5)
19 ??? Sonic '06 (1)
20 ??? Sonic '06 (2)
21 ??? Sonic '06 (3)
22 ??? Sonic '06 (4)
23 ??? Sonic '06 (5)
24 ??? Sonic '06 (6) Notes: To appease the audience, the shot zooms away from the kiss scene.
25 The Babylon Rogues Gallery
26 Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity

Season 3 (2012)[]

Episode number Episode name Synopsis
27 On Your Gear! Sonic Free Riders
29 ??? Sonic Chronicles (1)
30 ??? Sonic Chronicles (2)
31 ??? Sonic Chronicles (3)
32 ??? Sonic Chronicles (4)
33 Three Wishes
34 ???
35 The Black Knight Rises ???
36 ???
37 Night of the Werehog
38 Enter Dark Gaia
39 Past Meets Present

Season 4 (2013)[]

Episode number Episode name Synopsis
41 Dr. Eggman's Intergalactic Amusement Park
42 Wisp Away ???
43 ??? ???
44 ??? ???
45 ??? ???
46 ??? ???
47 ??? ???
48 ??? ???
49 ??? ???
50 ??? ???

Season 5 (2014)[]

Season 5 will be the last season of the show. Here, the Deadly Six will appear.

Episode number Episode name Synopsis
55 ???
56 ??? ???
57 ??? ???
58 ??? ???
59 ??? ???
60 ??? ???
61 ??? ???
63 An Icy Woman Spurned Elise returns, who has becomes a frozen-hearted queen, only remembers Sonic, though he doesn't remember her. She plans to get rid of his friends and force him into marriage, which, of course, Amy won't allow. At the end of this episode, Eggman's Egg Carrier gets destroyed.


"Looks like I'll need a bigger flyswatter to get rid of this pest." - Caterina about Rouge in What's the Diff?


A web manga is said to be released under CrossComiX and available on one of the producer's Deviantart. Though which series they are grouped in varies, as they will be handed in miniseries formats.


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