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This Page is for an Uncut Redub Idea for Sonic X.

Redub Voices[]

The Voice Cast is different from the Video game cast, and includes Voice Actors/Actresses from Funimation and Viz Media, along with a Few Guests.

Character Redubbed Voice Actor/Actress
Sonic The Hedgehog Chris Patton
Chris Thorndyke Erica Mendez
Chris Thorndyke (Teen) Vic Mignogna
Amy Rose Cassandra Lee Morris
Miles "Tails" Prower Colleen Clinkenbeard
Knuckles The Echidna Kyle Hebert
Cream The Rabbit Stephanie Sheh
Vanilla The Rabbit Laura Bailey
Rouge The Bat Jamie Marchi
Shadow The Hedgehog Yuri Lowenthal
Dr. Eggman Mike Pollock
Chuck Thorndyke David Lodge
Bocoe Vic Mignogna
Decoe Tom Kenny
Bokkun Kari Whalgren
Nelson Thorndyke Benjamin Diskin
Lindsey Thorndyke Lauren Landa
Helen Cassandra Lee Morris
Doug TBD
Helen's Mother TBD
Danny Laura Bailey
Danny (Teen) Todd Haberkorn
Frances Philece Sampler
Big The Cat Richard Epcar
Vector The Crocodile Brian Drummond
Espio The Chameleon Matthew Mercer
Charmy Bee Kari Whalgren
E-51 Intelligente TBD
E-102 Gamma TBD
E-101 Beta TBD
E-103 Delta TBD
E-104 Epsilon TBD
Tikal The Echidna Mary Elizabeth McGlynn
Pachacamac TBD
Ella Maile Flanagan
Mr. Tanaka Nicolas Roye
Cosmo The Seedrian Michelle Ruff
Topaz Megan Hollingshead
Sam Speed Johnny Yong Bosch
President TBD
Jerome Wise Tom Gibis
Mr. Stewart Bryce Papenbrook
Officer Albright TBD
Howard Watcher TBD
Scarlet Garcia Lauren Landa
Dr. Kai Narasu TBD
Li Yan David Lodge
Albert Butler TBD
Hawk Patrick Seitz
Miranda Curtis Monica Rial
Jim Philece Sampler
Gerald Robotnik Mike Pollock
Maria Robotnik TBD
Dark Oak Patrick Seitz
Red Pine TBD
Yellow Zelkova TBD
Pale Bayleaf TBD
Black Narcissus TBD
Molly Colleen Villard
Leon Johnny Yong Bosch
Earthia TBD
Galaxina TBD
Ghana Richard Epcar
Momo Stephanie Sheh
Lylem Kari Whalgren

Redub Scripts[]

Theme Songs[]



The Shining Road


Season 1[]

The Supersonic Hero Appears!

Infiltrate! Area 99

Dr. Eggman's Ambition

Get the Chaos Emerald!

Clash! Sonic vs. Knuckles

Melee! School Wars

Free-For-All! Chris' House Party

Urgent Launch! X-Tornado

Amy on the Beach

Brawl! Sonic Baseball Team

The Lovely, Enigmatic Thief Rouge

Attack Eggman's Base: Part 1

Attack Eggman's Base: Part 2

Chase the Hero, Sonic!

Attack of the Egg Fort!

Go For It! The Sunken Ship in the South Sea

Knuckles! Fist of Fury

The Savanna Shootout!

Ghost of the Castle, King Boom Boo

Departure! Egg Fort II

Race to the Finish! Sonic vs. Sam

Summer Break, Chao Research Diary

Mayhem! 6 Chaos Emeralds

Sonic Goes Wild! Strategic Capture Operation

The Last Chaos Emerald

Birth of Super Sonic

Season 2[]

The Beginning of Disaster

The Mysterious Lifeform, Chaos

Amy the Captive

Battle on the Egg Carrier

Gamma the Wanderer

The Cry of Perfect Chaos

The Mystery of Project Shadow

Sonic the Fugitive

Escape From Prison Island

Threat from Outer Space

Battle on the Space Colony ARK

Maria's Wish, Everyone's Wish

The Chaotix Detective Agency

Eggman Corporation

We Can See the Light!

Amy's Love Escape?!

Huge Home Appliance Panic!

The Ridiculous Epic Spy Battle

Sonic Battle - Face Off!

Sonic Battle - Finale!

Big Decisive Battle at Latitude 0!

Sonic vs. the Monster from Underground

The Day the Earth Stood Still

The Day of Goodbyes

Chris' Long Journey

Memories of the Wind

Season 3[]

The Messenger from the Stars

The Blue Typhoon

Water Planet Hydoo

Eggman Enters the Fray!

Battle in the Ice Palace

The Maiden's Jungle Trap

The Chaotix in Space

The Return of Shadow

Attack of the Metarex Battleship

The Underground Valley's Secret

Space Fortress Metal Plant

Clash! Sonic vs. Shadow

The Chaotix's Shocking Love Mission!

Cross the Galaxy Corridor!

The Black Trap

Upon a Destroyed Planet

Please Marmolin!

Arrival of the Eggman Fleet!

Cafe Chaotix

The Metarex's True Form?!

Shadow the Assassin!

The Lost Planet

The Day of Forestation

The Final Battle! Dark Oak

For Your Sake, I Can Do It

The Place Where Planets Are Born