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Narrator: Last time on Soul Warrior X: After following their own way to the school. Street Fighter Lance Roger with his Little brother G Roger and Pacifist Shelda Loveheart with her little siblings Jester and Mome make their way to Tengoku High. Lance and G are trying to find someone they asked the Headmaster Rehcaet Hikings if he's seen her while Shelda forges a bond with Rehcaet’s Daughter Maria Hikings. Yet at the end of the episode, Lance and Shelda have met while butting heads literally what will happen next find out right now On Soul Warrior X.

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Scene 1[Shelda,Lance,Jester,Mome, G,Rehcaet]

Shelda, a little annoyed, rubbing her head: Hey watch where you're going?

Lance annoyed as well rubbing his head: last I checked you bumped into me princess so don’t cry about it

Shelda looked at him understanding: you know maybe you're right I guess we are both at fault here so maybe I should apologize I'm sorry

Lance  crossing his arms with a smirk: Thanks, I'll think about your apology

Shelda looked at him with one eye bend

Lance looked at her: what’s that look for?

Shelda: This is just as much your fault as well as mine so you need to apologize as well  

Lance: Your kidding

Shelda: I'm not now apologize for your part in this

Lance: apologies I don’t even know who you are I don’t need to apologize to anybody I don’t know  

Shelda: Is that how you treat all your friends how rude

Lance: Maybe that is what does it matter to you and what's with that hat over there

Shelda then realized and turned around picking up her hat which she dropped  as she dusted it off

Shelda: what do you mean by my hat it's your fault it fell on the ground now say sorry

Lance: I've told you before I’m not apologizing to a stranger so forget it

Shelda: Say sorry!

Lance: Not a Chance!

Shelda: say it

Lance: No

Shelda: Say it

Lance: No

Shelda: Say it

Lance: No

Jester Shouting: Bathroom !!!

Lance looked confused as he heard a young boys voice say

Lance: Bathroom?

Shelda just realized: Oh no wait  [she then turned around with a worried look] Hay are you alright Jes……

then coming out of his Limo

Jester running who was also shouting: Bathroom got to find the Bathroom

as he then ran into the entrance

Lance pointing at the boy: Guess that Kids with you?

Shelda sighed: Yep that’s my little brother Jester

Lance looked over: Jester wait does that mean your…

G: Hey Bro looks like that’s Shelda Loveheart that the Old Man said in the Limo

Shelda heard a voice as she saw behind Lance who turned around as a Boy who was around Jesters and Mome’s age was seating out of the car seat with a smile as Rehcaet again fell over at that remark he said with an embarrassed look

Rehcaet: again I'm only thirty eight but on another note

Shelda looked amazed: hey wait a second you're the person who owns this place Mr. Hikings right

Rehcaet smiled in a kind Smoove way: That's correct but you don’t need to call me that just call me as my real name Rehcaet

Shelda was confused looking at Rehcaet because she was unsure: why do you want to be called by your real name?

Rehcaet: it's because I see all the orphans here as I see Maria as children who need a father figure so I might as well be it

Shelda however then looked down with a sad look and thought: That's just as Lolette used to treat me, Jester, and Mome

Rehcaet looked curious: anyways speaking of my daughter where are she and your little sister Mome?

Maria:  were here Dad

As Rehcaet saw as Maria and Mome walked up with a smile on their faces as

Rehcaet gladly :ah there you are Maria I’m sure hope that the Roads weren't that troubling for you?

Maria  with a kind smile yet also rubbing the side of her head with one of her fingers: ah ha I may have got stuck in traffic but what can you do right

Rehcaet: right well you're not too late but I do need to ask where is Jester Loveheart?

Mome explained pointing to where Jester ran over to: I think he’s taken a can

G  with a confused tone: a can, a can of what, Fizzy -Cola?

Mome annoyed at the other boy: no, what I meant is he went to the toilet!

G in a taunting way: Then why didn’t you say that in the first place?

Mome's eyes went wide: You're talking a lot like Jester. That means[her eyes then went in a tone of fear]  I’m going to be stuck in a house with two Jesters no!!!”

Lance was looking at the annoyed girl: what's her problem?

Shelda sighed: It's a long story anyway why did the kid with the green hair know my na…….[it was at that moment when something came back into Shelda’s head]  wait a second Green Hair !?

G Nodded and with a smile: Yep I got green hair what's the deal

Shelda looked at G: You were the one who saved Lollete earlier from Madd Gar’s Tough bikers weren't you?

G remembered: Lolette that's the old woman's name yeah I saved her well then Bro saved me by knocking Madd Gar out

Mome looked shocked: your brother knocked Madd Gar out!

Lance smirked crossing his arms: Not only that I knocked him out in one hit that's why they call me the Savior of the streets little missy “

Shelda finally realized something looking at Lance: Now I know who you are. Your Lance Roger the so called Savior of the Streets

Lance annoyed: hey what do you mean by so called I am the Savior of the Streets those idiots would have killed G if I hadn't got involved with them ….I pretty sure I broke his jaw

Shelda looked crossed at Lance: and you're happy about that?

Lance with a no big deal attitude: why shouldn't I be if the roles would have been the other way around they would have hit me with those pipes without a second thought

Shelda madly: well just because they are like that does not mean you should be. If you hurt them then you're just as bad as them

Lance smirked: Just as bad huh, funny how a school dropout says something like that

Shelda looked shocked: what, how… did you know that?

Lance crossed his arms: I got the idea when the owner here said you were getting picked up by his daughter and the fact you said that was your brother who needed to go to the bathroom your Shelda Loveheart the same girl who dropped out from a past school I went to even doe you were  one of the best students there so why was that then

Shelda looked down sad first before looking crossed: That’s…...that's none of your business to know

While they were arguing G then walked over to Mome

G: Um does your sister always react this way?

Mome shook her head confused: Nope, usually it's me and Jester that argue with each other and then Shelda gets pulled into it, what about your brother?

G shook his head: Got me, he only does this with me after I do one of my pranks he tries to rip my head off

Jester: ah much better hey did I miss something?

Everyone all saw as Jester was coming back out with a confused tone as he then saw Rehcaet

Jester:  hey who's the old guy?

Rehcaet then fell over again while then getting back up rubbing the back of his head: yes well nice to finally meet you, Jester, I am Rehcaet Hikings and I am the owner of Tengoku High welcome

Jester smiled: Thanks but where's the cafe I’m starving

G smiled with a goofy look: Hey I may not know his name but I like him already

Lance crossed his arms: not too hard to figure it out G

G looked at his Bro: How come, Bro?

Lance then pointed to both Shelda and Mome: If those two are Shelda and Mome Lovehearts then that must mean that kid there is Jester if I get my numbers right

G was thinking with a curious look: Hu is that right …..guess I should then introduce myself

He then walked over and said with his hand out

G: Hi the name's G nice to meet you Jester

Jester looked at G’s hand firstly before shaking it

Jester: Thank you two G [ he then had a curious look as they both let go]  I have to ask why is your name only one letter?

G rubbed the back of his head: ah ha ha, about that it’s a long story I don’t want to get into

as Jester looked at G confused he then had an idea with a smile: Hay G are you a fan of doing pranks?

G with a smile: Hey I love pranks you two?

Jester smiled back: Yeah

G while laughing: This could be the start of a beautiful friendship

Mome: Gah

Both G, Jester, and everybody else turned their heads and saw that Mome fell over in shock

Shelda worried: ah Mome are you ok?

Mome: Two Jesters,Two Jesters, Two Jesters

G: Hey Bro did that as well today.

Shelda looked around: hey can somebody lend me a hand Mome really needs help

Lance however just looked away: she’s just shocked about the fact that there are now two G’s here and if that boy is as destructive as G’s pranks then I can understand why. So Nah not my problem

Shelda had a crossed look at Lance as then Lance replied with a crossed look of his own as the two looked at each other Rehcaet and Maria were watching this with uncertain looks

Maria sighed: Talk about your bad first impressions [ she then looked at her father] Dad can we please do something about this?

Rehcaet nodded with a kind tone: alright everyone

as Lance, Shelda, G, Jester, and Mome who the latter broke out of her trance looked at Rehcaet with curious looks

Rehcaet: I know you didn’t get on the right shoe, well except Jester and G who seem to be getting along nicely however I think it’s time for all of you to head to the hall and meet all of the other students who are waiting there

Shelda curious at that thought: You mean the other fifty six students are in that hall now?

Lance looked at her: How are you taking the fact that there are fifty six other students so calmly

Shelda had a smile: fifty six  isn't that big back at my orphanage there were over five hundred

Lance looked shocked and fell over:  FIVE HUNDRED THE WHAT NOW?

as the others saw him fall to the ground

Jester: wow that guy needs to Tieasy

G confused at what Jester: what?

Jester with a happy look: It means take it easy now can we go to the hall I’m really Starving now

Rehcaet smiled: yes well anyways you're right Jester I think it’s about time that we go to the hall [as he then turned to his daughter who had a curious look ] “ Maria would you be so kind as to escort the Lovehearts and Rogers to the Hall please, I've got to prepare for the introduction ceremony

Maria then smiled back: No problem

Rehcaet nodded  with a kind smile: well then I must be on my way

as Rehcaet did walk away to the right

Maria smiled: if you five wouldn't mind following me I’ll show you where the Hall is

Scene 2[ Every student and staff member at Tengoku High yeah its allot ]

All five of them decided to follow Maria as they walked into the front entrance Sometime later the five of them were walking into another hall where the ground was covered with a red rug, the walls were coloured red with some pillars and on the walls were some paintings of different people who looked to be students of Tengoku high as the three kids were stunned by them.

G,Jester and Mome: wow

while Shelda had a smile looking at how many paintings there were Lance, however, had a whatever look

Shelda looking at these Paintings:so what’s these paintings of Maria

Maria with serious smile:There all the students who've graduated from Tengoku high “

Shelda confused and curious: Graduated ?

Lance interrupted with a smirk: It’s what happens to someone when they complete School oh wait you wouldn't know

Shelda had a crossed look at Lance: I know what Graduating means Lance. I just didn’t know you could Graduate from here

as Maria continued:well you can, you see Tengoku uses a formula with the six houses that is rare anywhere else. First you get signed to one of the six houses, then you try to win each year, the more your house wins the more and more chances you have a better future when you leave here

Lance crossing his arms confused by it:How does that work ?

Maria:“ it's a bit complicated, you see like I said you get put into your house, then you have to work with your house from now until Summer, after that the house with the highest points win one overall point for each member of the team then you start again until you're twenty years old  the more points you have the more money you get after you leave Father would also give you a word into getting a Home and job “

Shelda understanding the rules:That makes sense now

Lance with a smirk: ha so that's what he meant by us choosing our own road then he’s letting us choose it ourselves by winning

G:hold up one sec

Maria looked down as G asked a question that he was really concerned about

G worried :You said until we're Twenty so does that mean I have to stay allot longer than my Bro

as both Jester and Mome freaked out by this while both Lance and Shelda were worried by this as well

However Maria had a smile:Not to worry, if a older sibling graduates they and their younger sibling can choose if they leave with them or stay here to get more experience

The five of them then took a sigh of relief

Mome with a smile: That's a relief I thought I would be stuck here for years with both Jester and G’s stupid pranks

with that both of the boys annoyed

Jester and G: Hey !

Mome then chuckled a little: Kidding

Lance smirked and put his fist up:I get it, this is like a fight the more wins you hit, the more chances for the belt alright I’m gamed

Shelda then sighed at that

Maria: I’m afraid i can’t let you do that

As the five of them looked at Maria who said that with a confused look

Shelda: you can't, how come ?

Maria rubbed the back of her head “ops right I haven't told you, i’m in a different house

with that news shocked both Rogers and Lovehearts

Shelda: You are which one are you in then?

Maria  turning her head back to Shelda: White Bär,me and my four friends Geamā, Ōumǐjiā,Víta and Ipushiron been apart of this team since we were eight and our team won about five times

Jester amazed:wow ten years at the same team isn't that boring?

Mome looked annoyed at her brother again: Jester !

Jester:what i was asking a simple question

Lance  a curious tone: The Bookworms brother’s right about that isn't that boring

Shelda looked at him with a crossed look thinking:Bookworm

Maria shook her head: Nope, I guess I’m just used to it by now so is Geama wish I could say the same for the other three

as the other five looked at her confused

G:Ok this is getting pretty awkward hey how long until we reach the Hall now Maria ?

Maria  with a smile:Not long in fact were here now

As everyone then came to a large double red door

Maria then stood there getting ready to push the door: just beyond this door is the other students and their houses the one you're looking for maybe obvious but it’s the red one with the Dog symbol and your fellow members of Red Honden [she then turned around ]with a smile “ so you ready ? “

all five nodded in their own ways. G and Jester did it really fast and excitedly, while Mome’s was slow yet excited, Shelda looked really kind while Lance had a whatever look  with that Maria then opened the door . As she did the five of them looked in aw as the Hall looked like a giant room,much bigger than anyone would've guessed the walls seemed to be made of gold while also holding a couple of pictures of different places from the outside or inside of Tengoku, the roof looked as blue as the sky and the ground was black, there was even a stage at the back and with just a few inches from it six Tables with plates,food and drinks were on it surrounded in a circle with each of the Tables had the logos of their respected house the order was  and different students were around the Table Green Serpent,Black Karasu,Brown Cavallo,Blue Kissat,White Bär and finally Red Honden As they all looked at the hall

G shouted with a shock by how big it is: wow what the heck is it with the Hikings and HUGE THINGS !?

Everyone then heard that and turned their main direction

Lance looked crossed at him:Hay G way to give are location out

Shelda then interrupted and  putting her hand on her hips :what are you saying to him, don’t you want to properly say hi to everyone ?

Lance just turned away from the people who were looking at him with a crossed look as with that the five decided to walk to their tables While on the way they were looking at the people on the Table The first one they saw was Green Serpent the first member was a woman was who had shoulder length brown hair,glasses,brown eyes, a shoulder length white t-shirt,brown trousers and yellow shoes she spoke in a greek like accent and looked as if she was counting some money

Syllectis: 1900, 1901,1902,1903……”

as next to her three guys in  like uniforms and black shoes the first one had brown a ferry curly hair,so much that you could not see his eyes at all however he was still able to see somehow,the second one had short dark blue hair with a scar over his right eye and finally the middle was a tall guy, about 7’ft or something had short dirty spiky  blonde hair and a really big chin he also had brown eyes the latter member chuckled as he whispered to the other two in a dork like voice  

Spike:Hey watch this

Syllectis continued to count:1907,1908,1909 “

Suddenly Spike then came out from behind her:BOO

Syllectis was so shocked that she knocked over all the change onto the floor: Ah! [she then looked crossed at the now laughing three guys] Spike why you little now i have to start over

both Lance and Shelda looked disgusted by what the three of them just did but the other did not have a clue As Jester and Mome walked passed they heard a young boys voice

Matt:Ha Mandy you're the best sister ever

as both of them turned around and saw that there was a Boy who had a black winter hat on,green eyes,slightly blonde hair, a black top, trousers and blue shoes while the other was a girl who they guessed was Mandy had her slightly blonde hair in a ponytail,a black sleeveless dress that even took up her trousers and brown sandals the two of them were smiling Mandy replied back to her brother

Mandy:that's because your the best brother ever Matt

as the two of them then laughed together Jester and Mome looked on with a blah like look thinking what would've happened if they ended up like that The Next person on the Green Serpent team who G was focusing on was a woman in the corner who had long brown hair,stretched out, and a long blue jacket that was zipped up however G did not pay attention to that G couldn't take his eyes off of the women's cloth that was covering her left arm [Vannesa]

as G saw that her eyes were looking right at him who freaked out and thought

G: Man i really hope i never find out what the heck happened to her, she gives me the creeps “

The last three members of the Green Serpent were talking to each other there was one guy with short brown hair  who was shirtless  because he was just wearing yellow tights with black lines, black elbow and knee pads and finally big black boots he was talking to two woman one had head length blonde hair,a black winter  hat, a orange and white striped top with a short and sleeveless black jacket and jeans she also had a golden bracelet on each whist the other had shoulder length  red hair,a white top with blue sleeves and black trousers with brown shoes the guy said in a russian like voice

Glawny : you see my father was a Pro wrestler while my mother was a sergeant so you could say comrades that's why they left me at this orphanage a year before “

Zexion board of the story: That's great Gawley but might want to tell that to someone who isn't in third year you know like Becks“

the woman then looked at the red haired woman Rebecca who is also known by her nickname Becks  and saw that she was focusing so much on Lance and Shelda for some reason with a surprised look as if she was about to cry abit

Zexion:Hay Becks ?

Rebecca turned around and saw the Blonde woman her friend

Zexion with a confused tone :is everything alright you look like your dramatised or something

Becks  in a kind voice:No need to worry about me Zexion I'm fine

however she then went back to look as she thought to herself

Becks: so that's who they are in this time

The group then walked past the next table Black Karasu,First they saw a woman about fifteen who had a sports gear on, a blue top with a pitcher of different kind of sports around her top that formed a circle like a Tennis Racket,a Basketball, a Bowling ball, a Javelin, a Dartboard, a chess board and finally a football in the middle, orange shots and long socks and blue and white trainers , she also had short black hair in a ponytail she was hitting a shuttlecock on her  racket up and down while saying in a super hyped Italian voice

Tammy:  eight thousand and ninety seven, eight thousand and Ninety eight,eight thousand and ninety-nine, nine thousand [she then gripped her fist and said in a proud voice ]Yeah i just beat my own record let's do it again “ [ she started all over again] One, two,three “

next person they saw was a guy with black short hair, a black jacket, a black top under the Jacket and black jeans with Black shoes leaning against the wall in his seat with his eyes closed [Angelrika]

G thought to himself :wow that guy must really like the Color black

The next people they saw was a teenage sixteen with spiky dark blue  hair, wore a grey jacket with a black logo on the front pocket, a grey top ,brown trousers,and yellow shoes he was trying to explain to a woman who had head long blonde hair, had her hair in bows, green eyes,wore a black uniform like jumper with bits of her pink top just sticking out of it,wore a Pink dress and black shoes who was asking looking down tapping the table

Rale  in a posh way: Good Sir mind if i asked what Table is made of I've never seen it before “

Rod looking at her confused:UM its wood

Rale wondering “ "Wood, Wherefore i never heard of such an anomaly tell me what is this wood made from ? “

Raven: It’s made out of trees if you want to know that

Suddenly as that happened a woman while paled white skin,long black hair, red eyes, wore a black vest and trousers and black socks appeared out of nowhere  

Rale shocked and disgusted: T……..Trees how could anybody do something this cruel to wildlife

The man then had an  uncertain look like look before he had his eyes on something else as he then turned his head with a shock and thought looking at Lance and Shelda thinking

Rod: wait a sec, that's …….

however he then looked over at Becks from the other table as they both while shocked looked at each other and nodded Next was a seventeen year old male teen who had short brown hair ,a white top with orange stripes on his sleeves,blue jeans and grey shoes, who was playing on a brown guitar [Neal]

Neal singing: You are the love of my life girl and i want to see you twell

he looked as doe he looked like your average guy the two females he was with on the other hand weren't what you call normal one had her purple hair in a bulb,was wearing a shiny red top, black trousers with a gold  belt on  she also looked to have amber eyes and brown skin [Missy]  with the other girl looked to have long mint green hair, blue sky like eyes,was wearing a blue jacket,with a green and white striped top, had black trousers with a yellow belt, had red shoes [Kate] both of those woman looked at the group as if something was on their minds As they walked past them

G shocked:wha !!!

That scared the others and made them stop a little while Jester say “ hey G can you turn the volume down ?

G then apologised turning around:whoops sorry about that guys but Bro you won't believe who i see over there

Lance looked confused: who you see then who do you ……

Before he finished he then saw who G means for himself and had an unexpected look as he saw two people one was a girl who looked to be around his age, had black hair yet it did have red bits on it, a black top with white sleeves, a Black ripped jeans that showed bits of her legs but not to much and black shoes however she wasn't who Lance was looking at, the person he was looking at was the guy sitting next to the girl the same age, he had short red hair, a white top that was torn a little, a short black jacket, Purple jeans and black cowboy like boots he looked just as surprised

Crimson:  You ?

Lance: CRIMSON !!!

Crimson: LANCE !!!

The Teen Crimson said getting up as both of them were getting up and annoyed at each others face

Shelda confused as to why those two were getting up at each other faces :Crimson

G revealed to her with a sad and annoyed way: Long story short Crimson is Lance's rival when it comes to street fighting, it’s a long story

Shelda sighed:what’s with all the street fighting around town

Lance was, however, ignoring Shelda comment:what the heck are you doing here, Last I checked I sent you to the hospital last time

Crimson laughed: Ha you sent me to the hospital with a weak attack like that ? Nah I was just um what's the word on the internet  Trolling you that's it and you fell for it

Lance still annoyed:You still haven't answered the question you Idiot troll why are you here !

Crimson laughed: apparently the same reason you are but remind me what was that ?

Lance annoyed: That's none of your business

As the two of them continued to argue both the students at  Brown Cavallo and Blue Kissat were looking really close at this First at the Brown Cavallo Table a tall guy who seemed to be about seven foot eighteen who  was wearing golden Roman like helmet,shoulder pads while under it he had a green tunic and finally huge brown boots was looking at this

Timaeus in a interesting smile:ay methinks i see a fight coming along, if it gets interesting enough I might need to jump in this battle myself for the thrill of it  ha ha ha  

however he was next to a eight year old little boy with blonde short hair, blue eyes,a green hoodie and blue jeans with short shoes he then spoke in a Australian accent

Tyler:  I think you need to Knock back that mate, if anything i think one of these two might kick the Bucket

Timaeus laughed “ ha ha no battle is too much for the Great Timaeus “

Bobby: Ha i like your stuff

Timaeus and the kid turned around and saw a Dark colored skinned seventeen year old male who had barely any hair except for a little bit of the back of the head wore a black hoodie doe he was not wearing his hood he also wore blue jeans and shoes he was also for some odd reason wearing boxing gloves as this man  beat them together

Bobby:  if they get into a fight I want to jump in for the fun of it

Shanna:  why it’s none of your business, Bobby

The Man Bobby slightly turned to see a dark skinned female who had dark long hair that goes stretches out to her back, wore a dark woolly shirt with a white top under it and a orange and white striped  tie, she also was wearing a short skirt and black shoes Bobby looked at this woman, his sister called  Shanna as he said

Bobby : ah come on an MMA Champion must fight no matter what

Shanna just sighed :You're not this MMA Champion yet so why don’t you act your age

While they were still looking at The Lance and Crimson confutation two other women were looking at this one of these woman was about seventeen,had brown eyes   long black hair, with a rose on it as a hair clip, had a beautiful black and white dress with long black socks, she was also wearing some kind of hand sock gloves over her hands and arms

Fiora: goodness i hope this does not end up ugly i just made this dress

Danny:Haha this is going to be fun

Fiora:  heard a excited yet low pitch voice  turned to see someone beside her who had short black hair,was wearing a black leather t-shirt that revealed her shoulders and neck area, a black belt, black Leather trousers and boots who for some odd reason was wearing sunglasses The first woman named Flora was wondering why this woman who she remembered her name was Danny is  wearing Sunglasses indoors when the sun was not out however she also notest that other teammate of hers a woman who was wearing a purple long robe showing bits of her blue hair out and purple eyes was looking closely at this as she remembered her name was Polly or something With the final three of  the Brown Cavallo first was a male who also looked around sixteen years old had short brown hair with curves ,green eyes, had a yellow top with a photo of a sword on it, Brown trousers and black shoes, he also has had some kind of white  bracelet he said in a tone that says respected and Honor tone

Athron: It looks as if we may be in trouble “

Mai: you maybe right about that Athron  As Athron turned around at a nineteen year old woman who had long black hair, a red caught with a white top and brown trousers with blue eyes as the woman looked at the last man with a concerned look

Mai: What do you think Desmond about these new guys?

The last guy Desmond had dark red hair, had a black jumper on with two blue lines at the zip area of both the sides, he also was wearing black trousers and shoes he was sitting looking at the Rogers and Lovehearts while with a smirk

Desmond:  in a calm and cool voice“ Ha i don’t think there's any problem if anything i think there’s more to these new guys that meets the eye Mai  “ Arthion and Mai both turned to face them

Mai turned her head back and nodded:well i trust your judgement Desmond

At the Blue Kissat Table the first was a brown skinned man who had black hair, with blue  and had his scarf over his mouth so much that you could not see his mouth as he also was wearing a thin dark winter like jacket and trousers with black shoes

Geno:Hm taking into account this does not simply look like a hard task to claim the win

suddenly a hand then wracked him at the back of the head as he heard a really happy laugh

Leo: Ha ha come on Geno you got to give these new guys a shot

As The Man Geno turned around and saw a guy who seemed to be around his age, curly purple hair and top, blue eyes, brown trousers and yellowish green belt and shoes

Geno turned right around: Have you forgotten Leo, we are new as well and it seems by the looks of the other new guys are victory well be a matter of when not if, sad I did wish for more suitable competition

Leo crossed his arms  “ ah why does winning always matter to you come on live a little buddy “

Dan the Man “ Ha ha I would outline to agree with that “

As the two guys turned around they saw someone who had a Brown flat hair top,a brown Jacket , a white top, and blue jeans,with black polished shoes

Dan the Man in a confident way “ When you live your life happily fully you're like me if you want to know my name new bees its ……”

Bad Luck Buck  “AHHHHHHH”

Someone interrupted as it was a fourteen year old guy  who had short brown hair, blue eyes,a brown sweater with  black and white dots,black trousers and brown socks

Dan the Man :Hay yo no one interrupts me, who do you think you are?

Bad Luck Buck “I …..I got a papercut sorry “

he then tripped over and said

Bad Luck Buck“ Ow “

Good Luck Serah:“ excuse my brother it's like a curse with him “As there was a Girl who was next to them she had creamed like hair in a hair band,had brown hair but besides that she wore the same outfit

Dan The Man  “and who might you be little missy “

The Girl explained with a serious look “ well I'm Serah, or nicknamed “Good Luck “ Serah while my brother Buck is called “Bad Luck Buck “

Dan the Man  then said in a cocky yet kind way “ well nice to meet you the name is…….”

Cammy:  Hahaha

as they heard a little girl’s laugh

Dan the Man  annoyed: why does everyone insist on interrupting DAN THE MAN !!!

Dammy:  “ ha ha sorry  about that “

a kind man’s voice was heard as the three of them saw a guy and a little girl the Guy had a ear length long dark blue hair and glasses, had a slightly polo blue shirt and trousers the girl had the same collard hair, yet had her in bulbs had a red top with the words Dammy & Cammy forever While that was going on another members a female member who appeared to be seventeen  who had long white hair that was over to her shoulders, red eyes while wearing a purple leather jacket that was zipped up and was crossing her arms

Figla:  what did I do to deserve this

Lucy:  Haiya !!!!”

The White haired woman freaked out a little as she turned around and saw a Blonde pony tailed fourteen year old girl who had a red and white trucker hat,the same goes for her top as it was white with red sleeves, a brown belt and jeans with brown trainers the white haired woman looked crossed at her the Girl seemed to be none the wiser

Lucy :Hey nice to meet you I'm Lucy,Lucy Kim hay why's your hair so white and red eyes it makes you look so much like a ……

just then someone grabbed Lucy's ear as she yelled : ow

as a sixteen year old woman was responsible who almost looked like Lucy only besides being older her had brown were the red would be and a purple top fully as she said annoyed by her little sister words

Lacy:  I’m really sorry about this

while pulling her sister away

Lucy: ah ow ow Lacey that hurts

Lacey annoyed:Trust me Lucy she does not look like somebody to mess with

Lucy annoyed:  But i only want to have fun

Even with all of that going on Lance and Crimson were still staring crossly at each other as both G,The Lovehearts,Maria and the woman that was sitting next to Crimson all had a look of not knowing what to do here Crimson however broke the silence

Crimson:  Ha looks as doe you want to settle this alright how's about we do it now then Lancey

Lance looked crossed with a smirk:anyplace name it

Shelda looked annoyed:Lance we got no time for this

Lance with a smirk :says you I've got plenty of time to show this poser what a real fighter looks like

Shelda then grabbed Lance under his arm trying to pull him away as Lance looked confused at this

Shelda: what is with you and thinking with your fist first?

Crimson jokes: ha look Lancey you got yourself a Girlfriend

Both Lance and Shelda’s eyes went wide as if there was a glass broke in the arena as both of them tried to deny it while saying things these  at the same time

Lance:  what the no she’s not my girlfriend i just meet her and she’s not my type anyways “

Shelda: How could you say that i haven't meet him or you and not in your world of thinking with violence first

Maria: Guys you really got to get to Red Hondon table it's almost time for the introduction “

Lance looked crossed: Fine but we're not done Crimson

as he started to  walk away Crimson smirked

Ruby in a non caring way :why do you always tease him ?

Crimson turned to his sister Ruby: Because Ruby it’s way too easy

Ruby then just flicked her hair

Ruby: whatever

As they finally got to the Red Hondon Table with White Bar

Maria happly:  well here's your table i'll catch you guys later

as G and the Lovehearts nodded Lance just looks away not caring As Maria walked back to her table and sat

Maria in a kind way: so what do you make of the new members of Red Hondon guys ? “

Natura: I think they will do great, something in the air is telling that

A 18 year girl with blue sea like hair, green clear eyes, a Green vest and shorts and was barefooted she also seemed to have a necklace around her neck made of seashells

Natura had a confused look: Or maybe that's the plants told me [she then looked down in sadness in a comical way ] Or the poor tree that was made to form this table “

Maria had an uh like look but she didn’t mind she was used to her friend Natură attitude that's when she heard

Kevin:  yeah i could tell they are going to be hyped and fun

Maria turned her heads to two new students  who were brown  skinned who wore identical black Top and trousers and boots, one of them had the words “Dude “ and the other “Bro “the only difference between them was there Hair the one to the right had spiky black with blue eyes while the other to the left  had was short and brown with brown eyes she remembered the one from the right was called Kevin while the one from the left was called Kyle as

Kyle  with a similarly hyped voice: Yep but not the adults and the girl there cranky we like the Two kids because they remind us off well, us right Kevin “

as they both put their shoulders over each other with a laughing way

Kevin “right Kyle “

Cookshi: You two seem to be getting along nice

Kevin and Kyle looked to see an french woman who was about seventeen year old, had long blue hair, a red outfit  as she smiled at them Kevin and Kyle looked at her with their mouths open as to how cute they think she is

Lecelotto“Ha ha looks to me like you two gentlemen are looking at the Blue ones beauty“

They heard someone say in a Spanish accent as they saw another guy with spiked up Black hair,was wearing a red and yellow musketeer outfit with white pants and a red belt with a black shoe’s  he also seemed to have a rose in his mouth out of the age

Lencelotto “ However i two must admit i am in all at it as well “

he then walked over and  politely handing the rose to the Woman saying

Lenceiloto“ here you go, the name is Lenceiloto Fee Revanto at your service “

as he bowed The girl couldn't help but blush

Cookshi: Nice to meet you I’m Cookshi

as Kevin and Kyle were looking at Lenceiloto with a annoyed look As Maria thought this was cute she then turned around and saw four other figures the first was a eighteen year old Girl with green hair that ponytails over her shoulders, a pink dress with white shoulder bits and sleeves with at the tip of them had pink rings around each arm she also had blue trousers and black shoes she had a uncertain look as if she was upset by something  The second was a eighteen year old guy who had blonde hair that was short but was spiked from the front,yellow eyes,he also was wearing headphones however they don’t seem to be working,wore a white t-shirt that had the number one number on it and a short jacket with white jeans and brown shoes with black laces this guy was on two chairs lying down  The third was a female who again was eighteen  who had short blue hair had a police hat, had a blue outfit with white buttons, and brown shoes she seemed to look extremely bored  And finally the last guy was hard to see as he was lying back on his chair in the shadows so you could not see his face or hair however she was able to see his clothes he too was eighteen,had a purple sweater on, blue jeans with a brown belt and dark orange cowboy boots Maria knows who they are, they were her best friend’s Geamā,Ipushiron,Víta and Ōumǐjiā in that order she then went over to greet them as

Maria :hey guys

Geama was the first to notice her and had a smile glad to see her friend:Hey Maria [as Maria sat across from Geama  “How was bringing the Lovehearts here “  

Maria: Not two bad, yet one of them Jester had to go to the toilet so what do you think of them? “

Geama had a nervous look: first got to say blah to the whole toilet thing second [ she then turned to face them] they all seem to be different in their own ways so who knows they might be fun to be around

Ipushiron:Ah they're just going to be like everyone else

The two of them heard a not big deal guys voice as they look at Ipushiron who was still lying down saying

Ipushion:  in the end one of the other teams will win, heck the older guy and older girl can’t seem to get along “

Vita interrupted  in a cocky voice: Ha ha yep with those two on that team the Red guys are going down, then it's smove selling ha ha

Oumijia: Enough

The last Guy Oumijia banged his fist in the table which spoke the three of them as Oumijia spoke

Oumijia  it sounded crossed yet tried to be respectful as well: We do not know what these new guys are full of so don’t get too confident

Vita laughed: ah come on Oumijia those two are like an old married couple they will never work together

as Oumijia then threatening while still in the shadows you could see bright red eyes :Haven't I made myself clear, you do remember something similar happening last year and they won I will never lose again i must win this year the sooner the better to get out of this place and because this year …...this year “[ he then sat his seat up and revealing a face that had red bright eyes and had red Hair in the style to that of a Lion looked at him while also revealing a scar over both of his eyes in the shape of a cross]No One's going to stop me "

At The Red Hondon  table the Rogers and Lovehearts were looking at their house team first there were six over all, three guys and three girls, one of the guys who was seventeen  had short grey hair, blue eyes,grey top and black jeans and shoes. However he was also wearing glasses who was pushing them up , the next was a girl who was eighteen  was blonde wore her hair in two ponytails at the side,wore a black and white top with a bow tie, black trousers, and shoes, the next guy was a tanned nineteen year old, with short black hair, a black sleeveless jacket,he wore no top,black jeans and shoes he also for some reason had had a cloth wrapped around his eyes to the back of his head he seems to be oblivious as to what was going on and staying still , the next girl looked seventeen  had long dark orange like hair, blue eyes, looked pretty fit, had silver armor with red on the neck and shoulder area and her boots and legs area she seemed to be sharpening her huge sword she strangely has with her The next guy was a sixteen year look to have a who has a Trucker hat, with his brown hair barely sticking out of, had a trucker like jacket on that was bottomed to the top had blue jeans and brown boots The final girl had long blonde  hair that's shoulder length that revealed a bit of her forehead  had a brown top on and blue jeans with brown shoes she also had glasses who was looking at them

Skylett a curious look and said in a interested tone:Hm you five seem to be are partners, your first years right

as the Roger’s and Lovehearts looked surprised at how fast this girl got that as Shelda said surprised by this while introducing everybody

Shelda:  that was fast but you're right I’m Shelda Loveheart, these two are my brother and Sister,Jester and Mome, the guy next to me is the Meathead Lance and finally the boy with the green hair is his brother G

Lance looked crossed at this :MEATHEAD !

The Girl smiled:“ Hi nice to meet you I’m Skylett Génie

Shelda smiled :well nice to meet you two Skylett but if you don’t mind me asking how did you guess mine and the others were new people

Skylett rubbing the back of her head :well not bragging but i've got the brain of a supercomputer my IQ is about three Hundred

Shelda looked amazed at that as Lance looked annoyed by this walked over to sit down

Shelda: wow that's amazing my Iq’s about two hundred and fifty but i didn’t think i meet someone who has a higher IQ than me

Lance then sat down unbenounced to him he sat down next to the guy who had the glasses who asked turning to him

Ryu: Guess your not a people’s person hu

Lance then looked surprised as he then turned to the guy with the glasses

Lance:  Yeah I’m not what's it to you foureyes

Ryu shrugged his shoulders a little: nothing just curious anyways the names Ryu Kenshin you ? “

Lance just turned away:  Lance Roger

Ryu serious  “ well then nice to meet you Lance Roger

Sophina:  Hay,Hay,Hay don’t leave me out of the Introductions

Lance and Ryu heard a female Irish voice as this caught the attention of the others as the Blonde woman appeared in front of both Shelda and Skylett with her hands out as if she wanted them to shake it while leaning on the chair

Sopina: Sopina Flimmon is the name [ however she then pushed the chair two forward and fell over while yelling] WAAAA[ as she fell down she sighed] Why does this always happen to me ? “

as everyone but Lance give a small chuckle

Mome looking at her :Looks as doe Sophia has the same amount of Luck as that Bad Luck Buck guy

G and Jester:  Hey wow

Mome had a confused look as she then turned around and saw that both Jester and G waving their hands over the bandage guys face as she freaked out

Mome: what the heck are you two doing ?

Jester : Hey Mome look at the cool guy with the Bandage over his eyes

G: Ha i guess this guy can’t win at hide and seek since he can’t see through this thing

Xeon: Atchley i can

The two boys looked stunned as they heard the guy talk in a calm and collected just to make sure  Jester waved his hands over his bandage

Xeon: Please get your hands out of my face

G amazed:wow you can see after all ?

Xeon shook his head: Nope I am blind as a bat

Jester really puzzled by this: but you're blind then how can you see through that bandage “

Xeon:How can you see through your eyes, let me just say I've found another method to seeing “

Jester had another puzzled look:Hu ?

G however was looking like a fanboy  “ That's so cool hey what’s your name cool guy ?

Xeon crossing his arms with a smile: since you asked so nicely young one the name is Xeon nothing more,nothing less

G had a even bigger fan boy look: Xeon hu awesome name for an awesome guy “

Lance looking at this just sighed

Mojo:  hey wait a sec we're doing introductions ?

Lance turned and saw that somebody was near the food the guy with the Trucker had continued in a Texan like voice grabbing a couple of food from the Red Hondon table on his plate saying

Mojo:if you want to know, the name is Mojo …..M….o…..j….o got that sinked ?

however as he tried to move unknown to Mojo Sophia was still on the ground trying to get up but as Mojo tried to walk over he tripped on her and fell over and then all of his food fell…...onto the Orange haired woman who after the food was spilled on her, her eyes went wide in a mixed of shock and rage as Ryu looked worried for Mojo

Ryu:Mojo you shouldn't of done that

as Ryu said that the Rogers,Lovehearts and other students of Red Hondon besides Xeon had a confused look

Mojo:and why’s tha…..

Suddenly the orange haired woman grabbed Mojo by the shirt with one hand and looked crossed at him as if she was going to tear him to pieces

Terra shouting: You How dare you do that to me you trucker hat idiot !

as then with one hand she throw Mojo across the table as he hit the wall and landed on his back everyone had their own emotions to this Ryu had a facepalm, Xeon just sighed, everybody else had a look like they should not mess with this woman even Lance looked a little intimidated by her as

Skylett  looking at Mojo: Hay are you alright Mojo ?

However surprisingly Mojo just jumped back up like nothing happened :Yep never better

both G and Jester looked speechless from this as Mome whispers to them

Mome: Might not want to do any of your pranks around that woman…...Uh ?

the woman explained with one hand on her hip with a serious look

Terra: The Names Terra, and just so you know I don’t normally throw people at Walls unless you really piss me off [ she then turned her back while saying] so  Words of advice Do not make me angry you wouldn't like me when I’m angry

with that everybody even Lance slide away from Terra

G: Hu hay the old guy’s on the stage “

As the others heard G say that everyone in the room looked at the Stage were Rehcaet made his reappearance with a flat screen behind him he looked around at each of the students and houses with a smile before having a serious look

Rehcaet: Good day, I’m sure you know who i am, But incase you havent i am Rehcaet Hikings and i am your headmaster” [as he bowed with one hand he then continued]Now i am excited for this new year, let it be known today on the 24th of August  that we welcome back old faces while many new faces also join our School for Orphans to enjoy this year as well “ [ he then smiled and continued as the students looked at him on the stage with different emotions]  Now, as you may not know this but i consider this place not just a school for orphans but i also consider this a family, in your houses i hope that you help not only the members of your House but also the Members of the other Houses, for they are just as much of a family member as your House teammates are to you [then Rehcaet then had a friendly smirk] However i do feel that even with  this is a family, a family competition might be fun as well so that is why many years ago i felt this School needed more so that is why i made the different houses ] As he stepped back a little he explained as each of the houses appeared in this order] Brown Cavallo,Black Karas,Red Honden,Blue Kissat,Green Serpent,and finally White Bar [As the final team logo was switched off ] incase you do not know what this means well i shall tell you now[ as each of the team's logos and members  appeared from the screen again but each with the number zero at the bottom of it as Rehcaet with a serious look explaining the rules] each member of a team has points, all members start off with zero, [the screen then shows each Zero going up to a random number as he explained “however there are many events over the year were you win, you get that many points, good behavior also gets you points. [ he then looked serious with a crossed look explaining] However bad Behavior …..pas most of the numbers were divided with Rehcaet ] well lose you points, “ [as he then went back to a smile as he explained ]at the end of the year, the team with the highest points well win the house trophy and add one future point to every member of the team,[ as he then finished saying] remember the higher the members future points are, the higher the chances of them having a successful future. The higher the amount of points, the higher the Money you get and the higher the chances of me giving a good word in for a Job or a home[ as the screen went off Rehcaet then pointed to one of the Table while saying ]at this time I would like to congratulate for  Brown Cavallo last year's winners and the highest ranking member Desmond Yikamo “

as the logo of Brown Cavallo appeared the members from Brown Cavallo then got off from their seats and waved their hands, Spike and his two buddies looked crossed as he ripped a piece of paper

Spike: that should be me, I got robbed last year darn it

Crimson had a smirk taking a lie down:Ha they might of won last year, but that was only because I wasn't a part of it

Oumijia did not say anything however he did have a look of anger as the other members of White Bar took notice

Kevin :What's his problem ? “

Shelda looking across to Desmond: Desmond ?

Terra: He’s the one who got the most points last year

Shelda turned around and looked surprised and a bit scared as she saw it was Terra who said that crossing her arms as she continued while Shelda was trying to not make Terra annoyed at her

Terra:Desmond is also one of the top ten strongest people here

Lance looked interested and strangely excited :One of, ok then where does he rank ?

Terra shrugged her shoulders: I can’t say but certainly the top three maybe number one

Lance then put his fist together excited : ha you don’t say, i wonder if he wouldn't mind to have a spar match with me “

Shelda looked surprised: You're kidding Terra said he’s one of the strongest people here so why on earth would you want to fight him ?

Lance explained while putting his hand up:so i like strong opponents, you have no idea how boring Madd Gar was but the stronger the opponent the more fun I have

Terra then interrupted :Shosh he’s about to talk again

as both Lance and Shelda looked at the screen

Rehcaet while clapping his hands :Yes well done Brown Cavallo [ as he then stopped clapping] However there is one ……Problem i must address [ as each of the members of each of the houses look with intrigue at what Rehcaet means by this as he explained ] it has come to my attention that Desmond points were way higher than anybody else's from any of the houses so I have decided that this year I have added a new rule to this house competition [ everyone was again interested by what Rehcaet means by new rule, what new rule ? As Rehcaet then pushed a button and a picture of a Golden Magic lamp with red lines on the lid and handle]  The new rule I like to call the Magic Lamp rule, this year the student with the most points well get one wished granted and i really do mean any wish [Everybody had their own reactions to this idea non more than Oumijia who then had a smirk, finally, finally he can leave  Tengoku high when his house wins As Rehcaet smiled ] Yes,so you see this year won't just be a year of facing the houses but you must also face each of your House teammates, but remember this year is not about the competition, this year is about having fun and enjoying it now to go through a few ground rules first …….[As he snapped his fingers,everyone saw that four   complete strangers appeared again three women who were standing to his right  and one  guys standing to his left] “These four  are the fellow teachers here in Tengoku high who will help me with some of the classes first off ……..” [as he pointed to the guy was about seven foot, bald guy had jacked out muscles that was showing from his blue top and Jeans and black shoes who was crossing his arms he also had blue eyes] The PE teacher say hello to Mr Robstrong “

Mr Robstrong then flexed his arms Shouting: YEAH !!!

most of the students freaked out about this

Lucy while freaking out : ah Lace I don’t want to be a part of his P.E Class

Lacey looked like she didn’t care: Lucy quit your whining never does anyone else

Lucy then calmed down quickly: Ok

Lacey then just sighed :ah

As Rehcaet then continued :The next Teacher is your Arts and Music teacher “ [As it showed a woman with long shoulder length black hair, glasses, had a black teacher like uniform with black shoes as Rehcaet introduced her] Miss Ivy, Madam “ Ivy then looked to the students who looked at her while pulling out a long ruler and put it down she said as many of the weak willed people to be scared as she said in a demanding german accent  voice

Miss Ivy Madam: Listen up,i only care for the best of your Creative ability no fees ups or mess ups  

as many of the non serious guys gulped a little

Rechete  with an uncertain by Ivy’s stick attitude “ ok then next we have your Maths, English and Cooking teacher Miss Mettilica ”

As a woman with Pink short hair,had an orange suit with a white top under it with a tie, brown trousers with a violent belt she had a smile

Miss Mettilica:Hey everyone glad to see you all

Rehcaet  with a smile:and finally we have your Science Teacher Miss Tech

As the final member of the Teachers was a woman in a dark blue skinny  outfit with white lines going down and purple buttons and white boots,she also seemed to have long blue hair,and blue eyes who was looking with an emotionless state as many of the other students picked that off by looking at her

Rehcaet then smiled: and finally the following locations are forbidden doe to some mysterious events in that area that we are still to investigating areas include  the outside dark forest and woods are forbidden from entering, also the basement is forbidden

Lance looked interested in the “Mysterious events “ Part and then looked at G who had the same as they both nodded to each other as if they had agreed on something while this was going on Shelda saw them and thought to herself “

Shelda: what are those two thinking about ?

everyone thought that seemed unfair until they see where Rehcaet was pointed to who was a short dark skinned older guy about four foot, looked skinny, was wearing a red cap, a Red Shirt and jeans with black boots he was also walking on a walking stick this must be this Mr Bemastra guy some of the people there who never meet him before wanted to laugh but were afraid they were going to lose points for their house however one member of Brown Cavallo Timaeus saw Mr. Bamastra and thought “

Timaeus: Mr Bamastra aye ha ha it’s certainly been a long time

As Rehcaet then had a smile:well besides that I think that should wrap up everything all I've got to say is Have fun and let the games and the Feast begin

as he then raised his hand in the air as most of the students chaired A couple of Hours later

Scene 3 [all Red Houndon Members [Lance,Shelda,G,Jester,Mome,Ryu,Terra,Xeon, Skylett,Mojo, Sophina ]]

Shelda: What you're a Freshmen two Skylett ?

Said a surprised Shelda when Skylett told her that this was about her first year she was next to her the members of Red Hondon who were walking down the line  Terra was straight in first because not anybody would want to go near her after the thing with Mojo Then Jester and Mome just behind them were Shelda,Skylett and Sophina who were talking And finally just behind them was Lance,Ryu,Mojo and Xeon as

Skylett nodded: Yep I’m in my first year here and judging by a number of new Divisions in our set I would say we have a sixty five percent chance of winning but hey it’s also about having are enjoyable as well right

Lance had a confused look:The What now ?

Skylett turned back:It means we've got a high chance of winning this but also enjoy the year as well “

Lance  crossing his arms: why the heck wouldn't you say that then

G laughed: Fancy words aren't your specialty weren't they Bro ha ha ha

G then chuckled allot

Lance shouted at his Brother “ G YOU STAY OUT OF THIS “

Shelda looked curious remembering something: wait  Skylett you mean there's a lot of freshmen on our team besides me,Jester,Mome and the Roger brothers ?

Sophia interrupted with a happy look: Yes sorry I’m a first year two

Shelda with a confused tone :you are Sophia I guess that's why you're kind of clumsy because you don’t know the place that well ?

Sophia looked down sad: nope I've always been clumsy

Shelda looked like she was apologised:whoops sorry i didn’t mean to upset your feelings or anything

Sophia however smiled:ah it’s ok I’m used to it now, but i saw this guy named Buck got it alot worse than me I’ll tell ya, but anyways it’s going to be nice to meet all these new friends here

Mojo:Ha like me right

As Sophia turned around and saw Mojo who had a cocky smile

Sophia looked down “  no not you! “

Mojo: wha…..what do you mean not me ?

Sophina:  Do you not remember you kick me when i was on the ground


Lance: I guess that you're a freshmen two

Mojo turned around and saw Lance who asked that crossing his arms

Mojo in a cocky way “ Ha got the eye their bub, yep this is my first year two how did you figure that out

Lance  pointing to Terra: Only a first year would make the stupid mistake of spilling all that food on her

Mojo looked annoyed at this: Hey give me a break, I tripped on the Doll there bub and besides you would of made the same mistake you're a freshmen two

Lance then got up on Mojo’s face : at least i didn’t have the idea of going near the girl with a freaking sword in the first place

Mojo stood in place

Ryu: I think he’s got you there Mojo

Lance looked at Ryu :Pff I don’t need you to agree with me

Ryu with a smile:ah come on you might need the advice of someone who's been here a two years before the eight of you

The Freshman all looked at Ryu

Lance: what so you've been here before ?

Ryu nodded while also pointing to Terra “ that's right this is my third  year at Tengoku high the same goes for Terra so if there’s any advice you want just ask me or Xeon “

Jester laughed: Let me guess Terra’s an angry pants

G then covered Jesters mouth: Shoosh she'll hear you

Jester took G’s hand from his mouth and with a smirk :Hey what's the matter G scared of the big bad Terra

G  nodding “ Jester you have no idea that girl seems like a ticking time bomb like Lance

Lance looked annoyed at his little Brother again :“ what was that G ?!!!

G pointing to Lance: See what i mean

Xeon: Hm no worries, Terra might have a fiery temper but she also has a cool heart

Shelda looked at Xeon :I guess you must've been here longer than both Ryu and Terra then Xeon “

Xeon smiled Smart girl, i've been here for four years, this would be my forth “

Skylett  curious :Say since the time that you have been here how many times has Red Hondon won ?

Xeon serious: about once my first year in fact however in its ten young year history Red Hondon has only won that once

The others beside Ryu looked surprised by this except Lance who didn’t seem to care

Sophia :You're kidding, just my bad luck that we've only won once

Ryu rubbed the back of his head: Tell me about it, last year when we lost Terra destroyed the Dormitory they had to make a new one this year

Lance crossed his arms: I've said it before, i'll say it again whoever goes near that girl is an idiot “

Shelda sighed :I guess that's the only thing we agree on really “

Mome: Hey, Terra  ?

The nine Red Hundon heard a familiar voice atchley talk to Terra as they looked to see who it was they saw to Shelda’s and Jesters horror it was Mome who walked up to Terra

Shelda said to herself : Mome what are you doing ?

Terra turned her head while carrying her long big sword to a curious

Mome confused: do you mind if I ask you why do you carry your sword around ?

the others besides Xeon freaked out a little because of this Terra had a serious curious look that if looks could kill Mome would be long dead

Terra : You're not scared ?

Mome with a friendly look :why would i be i know that no matter how dangerous you are you're still a person on the inside

Terra: “ ah huh “ [she then turned her head towards Shelda who freaked out realizing it] “Hey you Shelda was it ? “

Shelda nodded: Um yeah my names Shelda ah ha ha ?

Terra then had a friendly smirk :well your little sister's got guts be proud of that

Shelda had a shocked look at that Terra turned to Mome again

Terra: now to answer your question Girl,I take it that you don’t know much about Tengoku high then

Mome admitted with a curious  tone wondering what Terra was getting at: No me and the others are new here so we don’t know much

Terra with a serious tone “ well then, let me tell you and the other Freshmen something, as much as it looks as doe it is ….Tengoku High is no paradise

Mome, as well as the other Freshmen, looked surprised by this news

Mome confused  wh…...what do you mean by that Terra ?  

Terra sighed with her eyes closed :There’s more to Tengoku High that no one wants to admit things appear at different times, different creatures that you may not believe are real arrive here this School is nothing like everything you've experienced before and i do feel as if [ she then opens her eyes with determination saying] and it all begins tomorrow so i hope for your sake you're ready

as Terra moved on ahead leaving a puzzled Mome everybody there had there own reaction to what Terra just said, Lance looked like he didn’t believe it nor did he care all he cared about was sneaking away later on,Shelda had a she’s nuts like look not believing one thing she said,Mojo and Sophia had a scared look a little but for Mojo not to scared, Skylett being someone of science of course did not believe it, However the three kids Mome,Jester and G thought differently for some odd reason they believed Terra yet the most  confidential look belonged to Ryu and Xeon who both seemed to have a look as if they know more about what was going on. As some time has past the group finally made it to the door to their House

Ryu:well we're here

as the group saw a red door with the Red Hondon logo on it in black

G shouted: GAH finally my feet are killing me

Lance crossed a little:G you've walked about five thousand miles before walking a darn hall is not that long

G looked up with a annoyed look:says you Bro

Ryu put his hand on  the door handle: anyways i think it’s best if I show you where you'll be staying for now on “

as he opened the door

All the freshmen[Except Lance]: “WOW !”

Most of the Red Hondon students looked in awe at what they were seeing The room was shaped like a large Octagon with eight rooms, four to the right and four to the left, in the back was a Kitchen area with a few red Table with about ten seats in the middle was a sofa area with many chairs,sofas and cushions and behind them was a huge HD Tv The walls were also golden As the others saw this

Ryu explained as Terra walked past him : well just for a few notes, the right is the bedroom’s while the left is the toilet’s and bathrooms each Bedroom comes with their own TV’s for each bed and everyone gets a laptop for themselves to use while the bathroom comes with a shower,a Hot Tub and a swimming pool boy’s bathrooms to the two in the right and the girls are in the two to the left any questions?

Both G and Jester: This place is awesome

They  ran over to the HDTV as everyone there looked at the two of them with both Lance and Shelda shouting their names

Lance: G

Shelda: Jester

As the two boys then tried to grab the remote and argued trying to grab it from each other

G: Hey what the heck Jester  let me have the remote

Jester annoyed trying to take it:No way G I’m picking the channel

as they kept pulling

Sophina:“ hey you two you better let go or else you're going to ……

suddenly the remote slipped and bounced off of  Sophina head and smashed  the TV Both the Boys said in unison

G and Jester :Uh oh

Skylett ran over worried about Sophina helping her get up: Sophina are you alright

Sophina  while getting up rubbing her head:Yep i'm ok just a little headache from getting hit by that darn remote pretty sure it’s going to go away tomorrow morning

Ryu smiled with a positive attitude:not a bad idea and with G and Jester smashing the TV and it’s a long day i think it's best if we get some rest

G:Ah come on [ looking crossed as everybody else was looking at him] can we stay up just a little bit longer

Jester added:yeah come on guys we just got here

Lance interrupted: That's what you two get for smashing the TV doe i would say it was more Jesters fault than G’s

Jester looked shocked: what ah come on

G smiled: Yes Bro’s for life

Shelda had a crossed look: hey no fair i would say that it was more of G’s fault than Jester’s

Lance  sarcastically : really how so Princess, I’m  pretty sure it slipped out of Jesters hands first “

while the two of them continued their long argument the other students looked at this with an uncertain look

Shelda: There’s no proof of that

Lance: well, then how do you suppose G slipped it out of his hands if there’s no prove

Shelda: That doesn't mean it’s Jester’s fault ether genius “

Lance:“Pff Bookworm

Shelda: Meathead !

As the two of them looked at each other with crossed looks the others were uncertain by this

Mojo looking at them: Ok when those two argue there almost if not more scary than Terra

G chuckled: Yep that's my Bro, i guess him and Shelda do have a temper after all

Lance and Shelda shouted in Unison: I DO NOT HAVE A TEMPER !”

As both of them looked at each other with a why are you copying me look

Sophina  sarcastically:Could've fooled me

Lance and Shelda then both turned away from each other

Shelda: You know I’m done talking to this meathead where's the woman's bedroom

Ryu then had an uncertain look rubbing the back of his head :Haha um yeah well about that

as all the freshmen looked at Ryu who explained

Ryu:There is no Male and Female bedroom you see each student is given an Intergender bedroom to share

All the Freshmen:“WHAT!

Shouted the Freshmen who looked surprised with this news

Ryu:It's simple, more experience given me and Terra, get a room to ourselves, while the three new Freshmen are given that's Mojo,Sophina and Skylett

Sophina then pointed to Mojo with a shocked and freak out look:You mean I've got to sleep with him, but he kicked me

Mojo getting annoyed a little:I didn’t mean to I tripped…..TRIPPED got that sinked ?

Skylett admitted to herself sighing: well this development seems to be fun

Ryu then finished: right and finally both the Rogers and Lovehearts share a room

Lance and Shelda:WHAT NO YOU CAN’T BE SERIOUS !!!!”

Said both Lance and Shelda as they looked destruct by this

Shelda  pointed to Lance “ You mean I've got to share a room with this Fighting Meathead ? “

Lance:You're saying I have to share a room with this Bookworm dropout !

Ryu rubbed the back of his head:yep sorry guys but there's no other room but relax every Bedroom does have their own changing rooms for boys and girls so your privacy won't be interrupted

Shelda looked down annoyed by all this: ah oh well since it can’t be helped

Lance however looked over and saw :Hey wait where's the bandage guy sleeping?

Xeon responded as he sat a Meditation mat down and sat on it in a Meditate position: I do not need to sleep, if i can Meditate

The others looked at him with a confused look

Ryu: Ok so we've better hit the hay so to speak so Goodnight everyone

as Ryu walked up to one of the Doors that said “ Ryu and Terra “ in red on it the others decided to follow as Sophina sighed as she walked over to her door that said “Sophina,Mojo and Skylett “ on it

Sophina:  Well I’m ok with it as long as you don’t kick me again Mojo

Mojo had an annoyed look:For the last time Dool i did not kick you i tripped

however as Sophina opened the door she opened it to fast as it hit her in the face as both Mojo and Skylett freaked out about that as the others were ready to get to their bedrooms Mome then spotted Terra going back into hers and Ryu’s room Mome couldn't help but remember what Terra said before when it comes to Tengoku High as she shook her head and went in with her siblings and the Roger brothers

Shelda,Mome,Jester and G: Wow

Meanwhile in Ryu’s and Terra’s shared room the lights were off Terra just walked in as she was still holding her sword she was faced with a serious Ryu who was crossing his arms

Terra was looking at him with a look of anger and confusion:what,what is it Ryu ?

Ryu who had a serious crossed look:you know damn well what it is Terra why did you have to tell Mome how dangerous this school really is, you shouldn't of done that

Terra turned away:why and not worn them of the monsters and other freaks come from this other world, you're right maybe i should just stand by and let them get killed by it

Ryu sad:  I didn’t say that Terra, what I meant is not on their first day I think it’s in their best interest to figure it out by themselves,It’s their first day they should enjoy their time here before the weird stuff happens again  besides I think you might of given the Kids nightmares by what you said

Terra look like armor these words aren't facing her as she then put her sword down over where her bed was

Terra: Better being told a Nightmare before it starts

she then looked at Ryu with a serious look :Look Ryu, haven't you always wondered why, you,me,Xeon and the ones who've been here before have …..Gifts?

Ryu nodded while strangely pushing his glasses up: I have, but I do have my reason can’t say the same for you and Xeon have them, i do also wonder if any of the other freshmen here might get them

Terra: well that's what I want to do this year, i want to undercover the truth about this School and its secrets[as she looked at Ryu again this time] and nothing's going to stop me “

as the two of them faced each other with serious looks

Back with the Rogers and Lovehearts room they saw that the room was medium sized as there were about four beds,three singles with one smaller than the others and one bunk beds near the right side of the window with a desk on near each bed  the opposite side of the bed was a huge TV about the size of the one that G and Jester broke earlier, it was sitting on a desk as well as five Laptops that had the students names on it the walls were colored in white  As G and the Lovehearts looked at the room in amazement Lance just still didn’t care that much for it however the two Boys G and Jester then saw the Bunk beds and looked at it with excitement shouting

G and Jester: I call Top Bunk !!!!

as they raced each other as The Lovehearts Sisters looked at each other with a sigh as Lance then decided to sleep on the one next to the Bunk as he went to it, Shelda surprisingly took the one next to him while Mome took the one at the end As Jester beat G in the race

Jester with glee: woohoo I’m the winner

G looked annoyed but was trying to hide it:Yeah, well ah Bottom Bunk is better because well ah…….[ He then looked down and admitte] I got nothing

As Lance put his luggage on the bed as Shelda looked interested

Shelda:why did you choose that bed? “

Lance lying down with his arms up: why should you care, i just want to make sure G or your brother there don't break any more TV's

Shelda looking at him with her hands on her hips she couldn't shake the feeling that there was more than what was going on with Lance

Mome: Huu

Shelda had a confused look wondering what that noise was a she turned around she saw that it was Mome who was looking down and depressed about something as Shelda walked over to comfort her sister

Shelda: Mome is something the matter ?

Mome was looking up to her sister as both G and Jester looked at it as well, even Lance opened a eye to see what's going on

Mome with a worried look still trying to smile: It's nothing really Shelda it's just what Terra said earlier about creatures coming out of nowhere in this school and that it's a dangerous place “

Lance: You believe that Junk [As he laying down as the others looked at him with a confusion as to why he spoke up ] Come on a girl like that would be trying to scare you nothing more, nothing less believing creatures would come out is just plain stupid “

Shelda looked uncertain: as much as he annoys me, I've got to agree with Lance on this one, Mome you should know better than anyone that fantasy things don’t exist

Mome nodded but said still with a worried look: I Know, but it’s just…...the way she said it. It's as if everything she was saying was true. That's what scares me

Jester then shouted out :so does that mean you finally believe in Dragons then

Mome looked annoyed at this as the Roger brothers looked like they had no idea what Jester was talking about

Mome shouted back “Grr for the Last time Jester  I DO NOT BELIEVE IN  DRAGONS !!”

G Looked confused a little: Hold on what the heck does Dragons got to do with any of this?

Jester looked down :while we were waiting for Maria to pick us up I said that they got attacked by Dragons but Mome said she didn’t believe me

Lance interrupted:I understand why that's completely stupid

Shelda looked crossed yet again at Lance:I wouldn't call it stupid I say Jester has a great imagination that's all “

Lance chuckled a little: Pff same difference, things like creatures from another world, Dragons, and flying pigs are only for Fairy Tail's happy endings I mean who would believe such a stupid thing

G: Um Bro

Lance heard G say as he got up and looked as his brother had an uncertain look as Lance said not believing what he was hearing

Lance: oh you gotta be kidding me, G you don’t actually believe this

G however then shook his head:well not one hundred percent but like Mome said Terra could be telling the truth

Lance annoyed: You are buying this G you're smarter than that

G Nodded: “ Yeah i am smarter than this Bro but at the same time remember what the old guy said in the Limo coming here, there are things about Tengoku High that not even I am aware of

Everyone in the room looked surprised at this news even Lance who could not believe he forgot that as he then looked away

Shelda confused, crossing her arms: He told you this, why would he tell you something like that ?

G in a happy way:Oh that's because me and Bro are…..

Lance looked at him with a crossed demanding lookL:G!

G Looking at his Bro then looked down: Nevermind

The Lovehearts all looked confused about this so they never questioned it

Jester then broke the silence:you know when it comes to the taken sides I want to take the side of G and Mome

as they looked at Jester

Mome curious:wait, you believe me?

Jester nodded pointing: Because that's the only reason for the two boxes appearing on Shelda and Lances Bed

Lance looked confused: a Box?

Shelda looked confused and asked in a not so sure tone:Um Jester I think your Imagination is taking over again [ she then slowly turned her head to her bed not believing that anything is there ] There’s nothing on my …….what the heck!”

Shelda freaked out and saw the box that Jester was pointing two it looked a little white blue box with a pink ribbon in it

Shelda looked with a surprise as did the other look  “ wha…..when did that get there?

Jester with an i knew it attitude:see i told you

G then quickly notes :Hey Bro there's one behind you two

Lance looked surprised as he turned around and saw the same exact box this one was, however, green with a Yellow bow as

Lance looked at it as he picked it up  bored looking at it:is this some kind of Joke ? “

Shelda then picked up hers as she said looking at it :doesn't look like it , why would anyone buy us both these Boxes when they know we aren't the best of friends? “

Mome then saw something on the ground: “ Hu? “

Shelda heard her as well as Lance,G and Jester did

Jester:hey what's the matter Mome?

Mome then got off her bed and picked up a letter on the ground:There's a Letter “

G confused “weird first two Boxes appear out of nowhere and now a Note ah can you tell me before I get even more of a headache “

Mome nodded reading it : sure but it's in Riddles

G shouted:NO! I hate Riddles

the Loveheart sisters had an awkward laugh while Jester looking down at G

Jester: You're not alone on that one Riddles give my head the Hebbechovies it really makes me want to tieasy

As Shelda looked at Mome with interest:so what does the letter say Mome ?

Mome then nodded as she opened the letter and read “ For those who read this letter, I fell knowing who you are I feel better, You maybe wondering what is with these Boxes,well i can not be as clear as a fox,Just trust me as I tell you this, I tell you this with all of Bliss, Lance and Shelda I wish you luck, after all, I have faith that you won't be stuck Also to Lance don’t feel bad about what happened before, in time you'll find who you're looking for “

Lance: What!?

Lance looked surprised at this news what does the person who wrote this letter mean do they mean they know where she is

Shelda confused“You're looking for someone, oh i get it that's why Rehcaet told you of the strange things going on

Lance looked away with an annoyed look: yeah well it's my business not yours

Shelda had an annoyed look :hello, i got one of those boxes to Lance so it is a part of my business [ she then had a confused look ] “But again that's a good question as to why I’m getting dragged into this, I Mean I don’t know this person

Mome then had a smile:Hey maybe it would be a good idea if both you and Lance open your boxes there might be a clue as to whoever it is whereabouts

with that both Shelda and Lance looked at their Boxes and decided to open them with that going on

Jester climbed down and looked at G: Hey G, mind telling me who this person is that you and Lance are looking for

G however had a sad look explaining:sorry Jester, in case you haven't notest Bro’s a little private when it comes to that information can’t say I blame him “

as Jester looked with a confused and curious look on his face :Really why what happened ?

G explained rubbing the back of his head: Sorry it’s a really, really,really long story

Lance and Shelda:Uh!?

Lance and Shelda who were each holding one half of a broken heart shaped Necklace which had a Purple diamond in the middle of each of them

Shelda with a confusion: that's weird, why only one half of it?

Lance again looking at his half said board:what a waste of time, if that person who wrote this letter really wanted to help he should've given me more than half the stupid Necklace

as he dropped the Necklace on his desk next to him

G had a smile:“ ah it’s ok Bro we can just sneak out to the Dark woods like we planned

Shelda: You what !

Shelda said angry throwing her half down as well with Jester and Mome knew this side as Shelda’s crossed side

Lance looked crossed at G : “G THAT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE A SECRET !”

G realized his mistake: uh oh whoops sorry Bro

Mome with a shocked look:You two were about to sneak out when we were going to sleep?

Lance  annoyed : Great looks like the cats out of the bag then

Shelda looked at Lance with a crossed look :but that will cause our house fifty points and we haven't got any points yet

Lance  board:pff i don’t care about this House games, I only really came here just to find where she is and probably have a few fights along the way

As Shelda and Lance again had a argument

Shelda: You're Unbelievable, I can’t let you go out there and cost us points

Lance: what and I thought you were little miss kind hearted, seems pretty wrong to keep me from someone I care about

Shelda: it's not as wrong as taking points out of our team, how much fair would that be for  the others oh wait you're a selfish jerk that's right

Lance:Oh I’m so hurt “

After Lance said that sarcastically the three kids in the room were looking at this with embarrassed looks until they all strangely knowest something, both the halves of Lance and Shelda’s broken Necklaces were floating in the air, yet both of them were too busy arguing to notice as they continue

Shelda: Grr you're not taking any of this seriously why did i have to meet someone like you, you fighting  meathead!

Lance: The feeling's Mutual I hate the fact that me and G  have to share the same darn room with a Bookworm Dropout and her siblings




Both Lance and Shelda looked at G who Mome had walked up to because the Floating necklace halves was scary  

Lance and Shelda:WHAT !

Jester:Both the Necklace pieces are floating in the air!

Both Lance and Shelda turned around with confusion

Shelda: wh….what's going on,why's the Necklace halfs doing this  ?

for the first time since coming here Lance was had a loss for words barely saying : That's, not what Necklaces do right

Not only that but the two Necklaces looked to try to assemble itself as it locked into each other there was a brightly shining golden light as it was so bright that everyone there had to close their eyes to keep the light away While in this was going on in the light there was a smaller Bright green light and a Pink light glowing And in that next few seconds the two Lights merged together with a huge explosion like force happened around the room After a few minutes the light stopped as G,Jester and Mome were all still there as they opened their eyes they looked around the room it appeared the room was still there in one piece So was Lance who opened his eyes with confused look he saw that the necklace was  nowhere to be seen However to his and the Children's shock the Necklace was not the only thing that was missing For some odd reason …...Shelda was nowhere to be seen

Narrator: what the …..Shelda is gone what happened to her ?. Find out next time on Soul Warrior X

Next Time Message

[Shelda’s Voice Echos expect when she says Next Time on Soul Warrior X and the episode name ]

Shelda [with an echo]: ugh…..Ugh what happened to me ?

Lance: Hay I don’t know pinkey. Maybe that girl there knows

Shelda: wait a Girl who is she ?

Shelda: Next Time on Soul Warrior X “ I shall Answer all, the Mysterious Number Girl “

Lance: I better get some bloody answers this is just confusing

Shelda: Lance for once …..we are in agreement