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Narrator: after meeting more Lance and Shelda keep arguing over their differences. Even meeting there many members of Tengoku High including their members of Red Houndon from there. Headmaster Rehcaet Hikings pulled in the rules; afterwards everyone goes to their Dorms yet Terra tells Mome about the secrets of Tengoku High. Yet to Lance and Shelda’s annoyance they must be in the same bedroom with each other. Mome still had some things on her mind which Jester and G agree; however, Lance and Shelda in their own ways do not believe in what Terra said. Yet a broken half of a necklace then shows up, one half for Lance and one for Shelda confused; they take the halves however when G accidentally spills the beans on how he and Lance are going to sneak out to find her. Shelda, annoyed at this, led to another argument yet to the kid's shock the Necklaces then merged just as Shelda and Lance reacted as a light shined down. In the aftermath, Shelda was gone.

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Jester and Mome:Shelda, where are you Shelda?

Both the Loveheart’s freaked out of their sister’s disappearance even Lance when was trying to hide it both he and G looked surprised

Jester looked like he was the most freaked out looking all over the place: Shelda ……..Shelda oh man, where is she? “

Mome then held on to his shoulder: Jester take a breath and calm down freaking out is not helping us find her

Jester then took a breath: Phew you're right Mome sorry but where is Shelda I can’t  hold myself together

Mome looked confused: I know the feeling [as she looked at the Roger brothers]G got any ideas?

G shook his head with an uncertain look: got me I only know as much as you [He then turned to Lance] Bro She was in front of you when that happens you got any idea

Lance crossed his arms with a strange serious tone: Not just looking at her, she was up in my face before those Necklaces got pulled together and boom in a flash of light she disappeared

Mome recognized it: That's right, the light appeared just before she disappeared so maybe it has something to do with it

Lance crossing his arms: You know for a Ten year old kid you do seem smart

Mome serious: well I always get A’s in my  classes but that does not help in what it means

Jester sad: Oh NO

Mome and The Roger brothers looked at Jester who had a worried sad look

Jester: what if that light somehow destroyed Shelda and she's ……

Mome had a sad look looking down: No, that can’t be the reason she's gone but ……” [even doe she couldn't explain it or why it would, she did feel it was … she then fell to her ground and said with tears in her eyes] No

as Mome started to cry

G Looked sad at them and ran up: Hey you guys, you can’t put yourself down like that, there has to be another reason

Lance all the while was trying to look away but he did have a sad look of his own really because he knows what it’s like to lose somebody ...that was until

Shelda waking up: Uh my head

To everyone’s shock, they heard Shelda’s voice as they all looked around confused like with Lance turning his head back around to the Kids when out of nowhere he then saw Shelda appear  except she was collared Pink, looked as clear as a Ghost except her hair which was brown

Shelda:  what happened?

Jester shocked: Shelda?

Mome confused looking around: Shelda, where are you?

Lance was confused by this as Shelda was right in front of them, why couldn't they see her as Shelda was thinking the same thing

Shelda: Jester, Mome I’m right in front of you can’t you see me?

Mome shook her head: No we can’t, but we can hear you?

Shelda looked dramatized why couldn't her brother and sister see her

Lance  with a are you serious look while pointing to Shelda: are you two blind She’s right in front of you, except for some reason she's Pink and Clear as water

G Looked at his bro with a confused: Bro are you feeling ok there's no one there

Shelda looked at Lance confused, rubbing the back of her head:  Well he is right about me being right in front of you three but Pink and clear as a ghost? I guess The Meatheads been …….ah

Shelda then looked at her hand which was like Lance said clear and Pink while freaking out a little looking around herself: Ah……..A…..Ah what happened to me, I can’t believe Lance was right about something why am I so clear ….and Pink?

Lance crossed his arms: Hey don’t complain that much it’s not that bad

Shelda looked at Lance with a crossed look: Not that bad, Not that Bad, I’m A PINK GHOST, OF COURSE, IT'S THAT BAD [ as she then took a sigh] I’m just confused that the only one who could see me is you “

G then interrupted while looking at Mome: I guess this proves Terra was right then

Mome nodded as she looked at Lance and Shelda: Believe us now?

Shelda looking unclear: Normally I would respectfully say no, but at the same time how the heck do I explain something like this

Lance crossed his arms: alright I'll admit just this once that something is up [ as he then pointed Shelda again]” Because that, that is not normal!

That was from out of nowhere Jester then started to punch Lance in the head

Lance: Ow The What now

both G and Mome looked shocked at this

G worried: ah Bro !!

Mome shocked: Jester, what are you doing?

Jester annoyed: what did you do to my sister Lance give her back !!!

Lance holding his head: Nothing I don’t know what's going on two kid

Shelda: Ow hey that hurts

As Jester stopped in confusion and Lance turned to the Shelda ghost she was rubbing the top of her head to Lance’s confusion Shelda was rubbing the bit of her head where Jester was punching him

Mome: Shelda are you ok?

Shelda while shaking her head still rubbing it: No for some odd reason my head started to hurt but I wonder why?

G  pointing to Lance and Jester: Maybe it has something to do with Jester punching Bro’s head over and over again [he then looked like he got an idea] wait I got it Jester kick bro really hard in the leg

Lance crossed: what G what's the point in that?  

G with a smile: Come on trust me Bro you’ll thank me later

as both the Loveheart sisters in their own ways looked at this with confusion

Jester then shrugged his shoulders: alright I guess every little helps

as Jester hit Lance with a roundhouse kick to Lance’s leg to Lance the shot felt like ten thousand bee stings as he held his leg

Lance yelled: Gah what was the point in that  

Shelda in pain as well: Ahh

Lance then turned to the Shelda Ghost as he looked shocked that she was now holding her leg as well

Lance looked at her: Yo Bookworm I’m the one who got kicked by your brother why are you acting like it was you

Shelda crossed: I’m not making any of this up Lance, my leg hurts now

G then put two hands on his hips: Just as I thought wherever she is Shelda can feel Bro's pain huh who knew

The four in the room had a confused looks on them

Lance then crossed his arms: would make sense, that package was for me and the Bookworm

Shelda looked at Lance with a crossed look again looking right at Lance: well you stop calling me that!

Lance looked right back at the Shelda ghost: when you stop calling me Meathead then I well and besides at least people can see me

Shelda just looked crossed at Lance

Mome surprised: I’m surprised you two are still arguing even at a time like this

as both Shelda and Lance looked at Mome

Shelda with an uncertain and apologizing look: whoops, you're right Mome ok so  [she then crossed her arms and legs in the air ] alright then let's cover all we know, first you three can only hear me while Lance is the only one who can see me and I can feel Lance's pain so what’s going on?

Lance then shrugged his shoulders: well I don’t know, so if you wouldn't mind I have to go  to the dark woods

as the three children and Shelda looked at Lance with a shocked attitude

Shelda: You're kidding, you're just going to leave when I’m like this

Lance started to walk: Relax, I'll help you with your Pink Ghost problem when I get back now you can’t stop me from going ….Hu?

Lance turned around and noticed that Shelda was floating beside him as she was looking down the Children who still can’t see Shelda looked confused at Lance

G: Hey Bro what's the matter?

Lance annoyed at Shelda was following him: Hey why the heck are you following me you can’t stop me from going to the Dark Woods as a Pink Ghost

Shelda looked with a just as confused face: I’m not doing this

Lance confused: what?

Shelda confused: No what's, it's weird it's like just as you moved I started to float over to you were

Jester confused: Hold on a second, so Shelda can’t go anywhere unless Lance goes there

Mome shrugging her shoulders thinking confused: That's weird maybe they've been connected or something?

Lance  looking at them with a smirk: well I don’t care, nothing’s going to stop me from going to the Dark Woods tonight

Shelda with a serious worried look: You can’t do that, I won't let you go  

Lance then had a smirk pointing to Shelda: Ya, what are you going to do Pinky I’m not scared of ghosts

Shelda was worried Lance had a point she can’t do anything to him like this however just as Lance put his hand on the handle an idea popped into Shelda’s head

Shelda: wait a sec maybe

then out of nowhere Shelda stomped her own foot

Lance Shouted: Yow [as he grabbed his foot, the same area as the three children even though they didn’t see it got an idea of what happened Lance then turned around]  Bookworm what did you do that for?

Shelda looked at him annoyed: I did it so you wouldn't cost us points[ she then had a hand under her chin looking at her foot] strange, I never felt a thing

Lance crossed: well I did and it hurt a lot

Shelda then had a smirk: well then if you don’t want that happening again you don’t go to the Dark Woods  

Lance looked at Shelda crossed he didn’t like being told what to do even by a Pink ghost but he saw no other way out of this

Lance crossed his arms saying: fine then, you win this time, but I will tell you, this year I will go to the Dark Woods even if you like it or not

Shelda crossly back: and I'll be there to stop you, well unless someone else is differently not in the area then you can go

Lance crossed his arms and huffed: Pff,

With that, the three kids looked at each other

Jester confused: So do you think we should tell the others what happened to Shelda?

Mome shook her head: what no way

Jester while the other three watched this all

Jester with a confused tone: what but Terra knows what's going on she would find a way to cure it

Mome shook her head: That's exactly the point, remember it's not just Terra that's been here before but Ryu and Xeon, if Terra is right then why didn’t Ryu or Xeon say anything about the weird parts about this school

as the others thought about it more

G breaking the silence: she’s got a point there

Shelda Hopeful:  I got it [The others heard Shelda’s voice as Lance turned to her] what if you find that necklace maybe it has something to do with what happened to me

Lance Board: Not going to work Princess

Shelda looked at Lance confused: How come?

Lance explained pointing to where the Necklace was: The Necklace in question disappeared with you

Shelda turned around with a confused look:wh….Ok, I'm pretty sure Necklaces are not supposed to disappear when they are attached[she looked down with a sad look saying “ what on earth is going on?

However just as the others were thinking this a sound caught their attention

?: Thud, Thud, Thud

As loud footsteps made that noise

G confused over the sound of the noise: um anyone else hearing that?

Jester scared:  How can we not it’s like an angry horde of two hundred elephants

Lance however lied down: Your Imagination acting up again it’s probably noti…….

However, the group then saw as the Door came out of its hinges as if it was ripped off  as the group looked in shock as to what it is, as it looked to be Terra who was holding the door with an angry look on her face everyone there even Lance who has not reacted like this and Shelda who for this one moment forgot her predicament looked completely shocked and scared at Terra’s strength they couldn't talk

Terra annoyed: what's with all the noise? How are people going to sleep with that racket? Now go to sleep or else you'll find out how angry I can BE !!!

And with that Terra slammed the door back into its hedges

Lance crossed his arms again: Got a cool heart, pff what a load of baloney

Jester then turned to G as both were shaking their knees: Um G I think I understand why you're scared of her now

G nodded scared: See you do know what I mean

Shelda however then sighed: In any case, I think it’s best if we just do what she says  

as the others looked confused while Lance looked at her again

Mome: But Shelda, what about you?

Shelda looked at herself: whatever happened to me is not worth you three getting your heads knocked in by Terra, Lance well he deserves it

Lance  looking at her remind her: Hey remember bookworm you feel my pain as well so your head would be knocked in two  if that were the case

Shelda with a crossed look: it would still be worth it [However she then got back on topic] anyways I’m sure I can, well survive one night of this only question is how the heck am I going to sleep …..that is if I can sleep like this?

G with a strangely excited tone: alright then it’s bedtime fun time and that's G time

as he quickly changed into his pajamas which were all green

Mome: that was fast

Shelda nodded: It was but you and Jester might as well get your P.J’s on

Mome nodded: Ok

Jester then ran up: alright back to the top Bunk

Jester got up as he decided to change his sheets and Mome went into their rooms women's changing room Shelda knowest as Lance was pulling his sheets over him with the clothes he had on

Shelda confused, putting her hands on her hips: Lance aren't you going to change into your Pajamas?

Lance joked: I would, except I don't have any. All I've got for clothing are the ones on my back

Shelda looked like she was going to be sick: Blah that's disgusting

Lance then just crawled onto his side: You live your life your way princess I'll live life my way  so thanks for the concern but Yawn I think I’m fine

Shelda just sighed as then the lights went out

Scene 2[Lance, Shelda, and Ten]

Later on, as everyone slept there was a pure darkroom, as dark as a black hole where there didn’t seem to have any light in it in the Middle of it Lance stood there with a confused look crossing his arms, he seemed to of just teleported there as soon as he fell asleep and nothing else,

Lance looked puzzled: where the heck am I? [as he looked around sarcastically] hm maybe I had really bad cheese last night and it's causing this wack out dream or just like the Bookworm got turned into a Pink Ghost I teleported somewhere

Shelda: Hay!

Lance turned around with a confused look as he then couldn't believe who he saw, it was the so called Bookworm Shelda  not pink or a ghost anymore who looked annoyed at Lance

Shelda: well you stop calling me that!

Lance, annoyed and shocked: wha…...what the heck are you doing in my dream?

Shelda looked confused at this: wait your dream, but the last thing I remembered was just as the lights went out I suddenly appeared here of all places

Lance looked confused

Shelda looked around: You know for a dream, there's not that much going on here

Lance wondered: Hold up, you said just as the lights went out that you appear here?

Shelda nodded: Pretty sure, and I am also sure I'm not a part of your dream now if I remember what happened before I came here right

Lance looked confused: This is getting weird, first I’m the only one who can see you, then we can feel each other's pain, then you follow me no matter where the heck I try to go, and now you're in my dream? what the heck was in that dumb Necklace

Ten: do not worry about that Lance Roger

As both Lance and Shelda  turned around with confusion as they had heard a girls voice

Shelda: did you hear that?

Lance  sarcastically: No I didn’t hear the voice that said my name, of course, I heard it

Shelda looked bored of it: and again you're being a Jerk with serious things going on

Lance annoyed: hey if I’m a jerk at least I’m a funny jerk

Shelda annoyed: This is no time to be funny Lance

Ten: I agree with you Shelda Loveheart

Shelda looked confused as both she and Lance then turned around and saw someone else appear as a ball of light shined down a few feet in front of them formed a form of a Ten year old girl wearing a black hood that covered so much you could only see her mouth

Ten: There’s work to be done

Both Lance and Shelda looked puzzled at who this girl was with no one talked for a couple of seconds

Shelda broke the silence: who are you?

Ten with a serious look: My true name is not important to know but for the time being call me Ten

Lance confused: Ten, you have a number for a name why?

Ten: why it’s to help you that’s my goal and mission

Shelda curious: Help Lance?

Lance smirked a little: Help me ok I'll bite why do you want to help me and why are you and the Princess in my dream?

Ten  serious: why there must be a mistake, I do not just want to help you, Lance Roger, I wish to also help Shelda loveheart

Shelda looked confused: Help me and Lance ….[something then popped into Shelda’s head] You were the one who sent me and him the necklace halves weren't you?

Ten Nodded: Yes, in a way I was

as Lance even freaked out about this does this mean this Ten Knows where she is?

Shelda confused: I don’t get it that Necklace turned me into a Ghost, how is that supposed to help me?

Ten however shook her head: It didn’t turn you into a ghost

Shelda was confused: what?

Lance then tried to explain pointing to Shelda:  what, come on her body was as clear as a ghost how else do you explain that?

Ten looking him “Oh that's not her ghost that was her soul even doe you are the only one who could see it if I recall

Shelda nodded understanding thinking back: That's right Jester, Mome and G couldn't see me but Lance could so if that was my soul where did my body go?

Ten smiled: Nowhere, it didn’t go anywhere

Shelda looked even more puzzled by this

Lance: wait wow wow wow hold up, what do you mean Girly me and the three kids saw that her body was nowhere to be found

Ten: That's because it was closer than you think

With that, both Lance and Shelda looked closely at what Ten was about to say

Ten: Lance, Shelda there is a reason why you Lance can see Shelda’s soul while you Shelda can feel Lance's pain the same with the other way around, and why Shelda’s souls follow you around that's because when the Necklace halves fused back together it turned your body Lance into a green light and your body Shelda into a Pink light and merge them with your souls inside so you see the body and dream you two are in, is not just Lance’s it's also yours Shelda

as Ten finished both Lance and Shelda had an uncertain look on their faces

Lance: That Necklace fused ……….

Shelda:.......Our bodies together

Lance and Shelda: SAY WHAT !!!

Shelda couldn't believe it as she fell down: are you kidding me, I’m sharing the same body with this Fighting Meathead!

Lance looked back at her annoyed:  It's not some paradise for me also Bookworm

Ten looked a little unsure: Yes well, I see you're a little upset about this

Lance and Shelda: A little!

As both Lance and Shelda shouted that the same time in Unison

Shelda upset “ Ten why did you do this to me, so I’m just going to be a wandering spirit while Lance lives the rest of his life

Ten shook her head: relax Shelda, this body is both yours and Lances to share, there will be times when he’s in control and there will be times when you take control, and then the body will take on the appearance of the one using it

Shelda then sighed a sigh of relief: phew that’s a relief well besides the fact I’m still sharing a body with him

Lance crossed his arms: So any reason why you did that Kid because I don’t want to stay in the same body as this Bookworm dropout so I like to separate from her

Shelda then give him a crossed look again

Ten apologized: sorry I can’t do that

as both Lance and Shelda looked at her

Shelda in a serious kind way: why weren't you the one who merged our bodies together?

Ten shook her head: Yes I was the one who sent the Necklace to you but I was not the one who made the Necklace or control its power [she then looked down] and I’m afraid there is only one way to separate you two, you must complete a Task

both Lance and Shelda looked at each other with confused looks as they then looked back at Ten

Lance: Ok then little hood what Task do we have to do to separate

Ten Serious while turning away from them while looking up: Save the two worlds Earth and Tengoku

Both Lance and Shelda were both stunned by this news expectedly the latter name

Shelda confused: Tengoku, but isn't that the name of the School?

Ten nodded however at the same time she had a look as if it was wrong: Yes however that school is named after the world of Tengoku, for you see what Terra told Mome earlier was true, the Monsters she mentioned come from Tengoku, and some of the students even get powers from Tengoku the one you call Superpowers

Shelda confused: But then how is that, why do these monsters come to earth and why do some students get these abilities then?

Ten  serious: That's because Tengoku high is not on earth it is in another dimension in the middle of the two worlds

This shocked both Lance and Shelda even more

Lance understands and remembers: I get it now, the speed we were going at was the only way we could enter this realm then hu?

Ten nodded: Correct

Shelda was curious about something: say Ten can I ask what Tengoku is like?

Lance took a look at Shelda

Ten nodding with a smile: Tengoku is like earth in a lot of ways, but with creatures, you would think are not real like Vampires, Wizards, Cyborgs, Aliens  and Dragons

Lance then whispered to Shelda: Better not tell your brother or sister that one

Shelda sighed she had to agree with Lance this time

Ten continues: However life lived in Harmony, that was until people from earth came

both Lance and Shelda looked at Ten with surprise

Shelda: Humans came to Tengoku ?

Ten nodded: yes they came from a portal with a Leader who wanted their humans to move to Tengoku creating a Utopia of both Tengoku and Earthlings

Lance then crossed his arms:  hold it then if things were so peaceful then why was it bad for The humans to come to Tengoku then?

Ten looked down with a sad look: That's because while some members of Tengoku and Earth liked this idea others did not, it caused a War

Shelda gasp: a War?

Lance added: I take it, it didn’t go so well

Ten nodded and with a sad look again remembering it: yes, you're sadly right there were many fallen members of the war  it was horrible, yet when they most needed it the Human leader stopped it and had an idea

Shelda looked confused, putting one hand under her chin: an idea what was it?

Ten: a Fighting tournament, the winner becomes the leader of Tengoku no questions, no Buts

Shelda looked like she could not believe this: Oh you gotta be kidding me

Lance, had a smile hyped: alright I like that guy's language, so who won the tournament then?

Ten serious: it was him, the leader who suggested it, he didn’t know that being in this air of Tengoku had increased his strength dramatically nobody could touch him and after it, the people of Tengoku dubbed him the God of Fighting due to his power

Lance looked at Ten interested: God of Fighting hu, sounds like the perfect opponent to face so where is he now?

as he banged his fist together Shelda could not believe what Lance was saying as

Shelda: You're unbelievable, even if someone this powerful you still want to fight him even in the position we're in

Lance crossed his arms and looked away: what I like strong opponents you can’t blame me really so come on Ten what happened to this God of Fighting guy?

Ten looked down again with an upset look as both Shelda and Lance could tell something was up

Ten: He fell

Lance confused: what?

Shelda looked just as shocked: You mean he died

Ten nodded: Yes, for you see one of his last years, The God of Fighting was confronted by an Evil, a really powerful force that already destroyed many galaxies with no problem, it then came to Tengoku in hopes of doing the same, after getting word from it The God of Fighting came in contact with this Evil and he lost, the Evil had won and spread across the lands of Tengoku for many years. It looked as if no one could stop it, that was until a warrior who led a Rebellion against the Evil and combatted it they fought for one hundred days and nights until …….  

Ten then stopped in her tracks As this story was making both Lance and Shelda interested even more

Shelda curious: Until what?

Ten shook her head: Can’t say, that's all the records could show off their history, the Warrior was gone no one knows what happened but at the same time they did find the Evil survived but sealed [she said extremely serious ] and if this Evil gets freed both Earth and Tengoku well be destroyed

Shelda looked shocked at the thought of this

Lance: Well that does seem deadly but what does fusing me and The Bookworm's body's have to do with it?

Ten explained serious looking up: Everything, you see it was stated that on a tablet of Tengoku, it showed a prophecy, a prophecy that said a Warrior born from two, Two from earth, Earth heroes to save Tengoku, Tengoku’s chosen bonded Soul warrior [ as she pointed to them]  Lance Roger and Shelda Loveheart

Both Lance and Shelda looked stunned by this news

Shelda: Soul Warrior? Is that what this bond is

Lance put his hand on his face saying: Yep we're doomed

Shelda looked at him with a confused look: and why's that Meathead

Lance looked down: and that's what I'm saying

Shelda looked at him with confusion: what?

Lance understanding: Think about it, if we're supposed to put an end to this Evil then there can’t be any slip ups meaning you and I have to work together perfectly and in case you haven't notest were not exactly the best of friends aren't we

Shelda looked at him as doe he had a point and looked down

Ten spoke up: have no worries then because that's why I'm here it's my job to get you two on the same side

As they both looked at Ten

Shelda looked like she understood but looked down: so that's why you're in this dream world as well, then, well sorry but I think this might be a dying course because I’m…….

Lance interrupted  annoyed Shelda for cutting her off: Yep she's right there’s no way that we can get along she's two bookish and I'm more of a fighter so you're on a losing game Little Hood [however in that next second Lance then put up one finger to both Shelda’s and Tens confusion] However I can let you try on one condition

as Shelda looked confused at this what one condition does Lance mean

Ten asked that: what is that one condition then Lance?

Lance Serious: If you're also the one who give us those Boxes and that Darn necklace halves then you also seem to of written that letter meaning you know  who I’m looking for, so I'll let you help me in the condition that you reveal where she is got it

Ten then nodded:  well I can agree with that Lance

Lance then banged his fist together: alright then I'm in so where's that darn Evil at…..

Shelda: Hey wait a sec

Both Lance and Ten turned to Shelda who looked crossed at something

Lance: AH what is it now Bookworm

Shelda looked at Lance Crossley putting her hands on her hips: Lance you cut me off, I was about to say there’s another problem

Lance looked at her with a confused look: and that is?

Shelda looked down with a sad look: I’m a Pacifist

Ten looked as if she looked a bit shocked

Lance confused: what now?

Shelda: You know a Pacifist

Lance: Is that Japanese or something?

Shelda: What no, it means I don’t like fighting in general

Lance: You don’t like to fight since when?

Shelda: wha I've told you before Lance, why else did you think I call you a fighting meathead  

Lance: Uh…….alright you got a point there [he then crossed his arms] so you're going to be a coward and not fight this Evil pf should have known  

Shelda shook her head  sitting while crossing her arms: I’m not saying that I just say it's going to take me a while to get used with the idea of fighting

Lance annoyed: You're kidding me

Ten  understanding: I see, that is understandable however if you hope to stand against the Evil then you both not only have to overcome your team  problem but also this Pacifist problem you have Shelda

Shelda getting up saying: well if this prophecy says I’m one half of it I might as well try

Lance looked at her with a small smirk: Smartest thing you've ever said dropout

Shelda looked at him  with a crossed look before Shelda thought about something

Shelda: hay Ten, I don’t mean to sound rude or anything but can you tell us what this Evil is called [Ten looked confused as Shelda explains]  It means that it would be easier to find it if we know what it was “

Ten shook her head shaking in fear: I’m sorry, I can’t say its name

Shelda confused yet serious: why not?

Lance: I Get it

Shelda turned her back to Lance who said that  as Ten also looked up

Lance  crossing his arms: It’s because this Evil is so powerful and done so much damage that you can’t even speak its name isn't that right

Ten nodded surprised

Shelda looked at him with confusion: How did you figure all that out

Lance: It’s fighting one oh one, the larger the fighter's reputation is the more legendary and feared  they become and judging by how cold Ten looks this Evil must be really powerful “

Ten nodded sounding a bit scared: You're right, this Evil. Its cruelty knows no bounds it loves to make everyone it encounters fall in pain and suffer….it scares everyone who knows it so we do not speak its name so I’m sorry but you, you're going to have to figure it out by yourself

Shelda crossed her arms in confusion: well that's a bummer if we have to figure this out by ourselves [she then looked down annoyed] Then I guess we're going to be stuck like this for a while

Lance then punched his hands together: Man that Evil is going to pay for making me share a body with this Darn bookworm

Shelda looked at him with an annoyed look: Feeling's mutual Jerk

Lance looked at her with a crossed look as they got back at each other's faces

Ten shouting: ENOUGH !!!

Both Lance and Shelda looked at Ten who seemed crossed

Ten:  did you two forget everything I just told you !?[ as both Shelda and Lance looked at her with a serious apologizing look] you can’t fight with each other, the fate of two worlds is in your hands there are many threats you must face until you reach that Evil and if that Evil is freed then everything will be destroyed and as the Soul Warrior, it's your duty to protect everything and everyone in both Earth and Tengoku you understand

Shelda looked shocked when Ten pointed out it's her duty as she looked down a little: Our Duty  [looked up and nodded] Ok, if it's that important then I'll try and overcome my Pacifist ways if it means saving everyone then that's what I'll do Ten

Ten had a smile looking at her: Great news Shelda [ as she then turned to a confused looking Lance] and what about you Lance?

Lance crossing his arms seriously: I told you already girly I’ll ride this job as long as you also tell me where she is?

Ten nodded: Of course, oh but I almost forgot you can not tell almost everybody about your job

both Lance and Shelda looked shocked at this

Shelda horrified: No One you mean I can't tell Jester or Mome?

Lance annoyed: No way, I’m telling G no matter what

Ten smiled: am that would have been the case, but seeing as they already know I think there no harm in telling them of what I have told you

Lance then put his fist up and in a strange out of character moment: alright G was right Bros are for li……[he stopped as he then notest both Shelda and Ten were looking at him as he looked embarrassed for a few seconds he then went back to his normal cool guy attitude] I mean whatever

Shelda looked away from Lance: so why nobody else than Ten?

Ten explained turning around: Because you can’t truly trust anybody here, for I sense a lot of Tengoku energy from Tengoku high[ looked over her shoulder] That's because not all of Tengoku High students are humans

Lance looked amazed at this: wait you're saying there are people from Tengoku at the school

Shelda looked surprised at this news as well as she looked at Ten

Ten: that's exactly what I'm saying, you do not know who is or not From Tengoku but I do know it's many who come, some will try to help you while others will try to kill you

Shelda is uncertain about something: but why if the Soul Warriors are supposed to be you know heroes of Tengoku then why would anyone want to kill us?

Ten looked really serious: That's because, there are more beings from Tengoku that you a destined to defeat, and they don’t want that so they sent spies and some also believe the Soul Warrior brings more death than life [as she also put one finger up ] also the part that says you two are the Soul Warrior is secret only some beings know while others would not know you are the Soul Warrior unless someone is revealed it

Shelda then understood looking sad: I get it we can’t trust everybody who's here but I made some really good friends so far like Skylett and Maria  

Lance however had a smirk: ha not a problem with me

Shelda looked at Lance with an annoyed look

Ten nodded: Yes I'm sorry, but you can still be friends with them, but if they figure out you're the Soul Warrior they might try to kill you

Lance looked serious: wait a sec, little hood [Ten looked up with a confused look ] I pretty sure this won't happen but what happens to the other soul in this body if the one controlling it does die

Shelda looked worried at this as well: That's a good question Ten?

Ten who had a sad look as if she wished not to tell them but know that she has to as: If the Soul Warrior dies, both of you will die

Both Lance and Shelda looked horrified when Ten said who the latter as they couldn't help but look at each other with an uncertain look

Ten determined: You do know now why you have to work together, if one of you mess up and you both die, so well the two worlds that's why both of you will need to work together as one if you hope to save them from destruction and Madness

Shelda admitted putting one hand under her chin yet again: looks like [she then sighed ]we've got no choice then hu?

Lance crossed his arms and agreed: so let's see the choice is to work with an annoying bookworm or the worlds getting destroyed and dying yep I agree just don’t let this Pasawata thing hold us back

Ten smiled: Glad to hear it anyway, now it's …..

Shelda confused: Just one thing Ten?

Ten looked at Shelda as Lance was still crossing his arms

Ten Answers: yes what is it Shelda?

Shelda pointed to Lance: how can we, you know, hide that we're the Soul Warrior if like our brothers and my sister could hear my spirit?

Lance was thinking while trying to hide it: that's not a bad question

as Ten explained: Not to worry they can hear the other soul is because they are blood relating to you everybody else unless they have a special power or if they found out and see you again can’t see or hear you

Lance pointing out: isn't it going to be weird to the others if me and The Bookworm are going to talk and people are going to point out were talking to ourselves

Shelda thought to herself: he's got a point but would it kill him to say my name

Ten nodded:  again that no problem, the Soul Warrior can think in two thoughts when someone else is controlling it

as both Lance and Shelda looked confused at this

Lance: I’m not following

Shelda then got it: wait I got it

Lance looked at Shelda with a confused look

Shelda: if I’m controlling our body and I think of something Lance would hear it?

Lance looked confused

Ten nodded: Exactly,

Lance looking shocked at Shelda:  How did you get that from the words she said

Shelda pointing to her head: I've still got a high IQ Lance unlike you

Lance  crossed: Oh haha Bookworm

Ten: Well is that all then?

As both Lance and Shelda heard Ten say yet again as they looked at each other with confusion

Shelda curious: I think so[ she then turned to Lance ] Lance, do you have any more questions?

Lance crossed his arms board: Yeah I have one, when the heck are we going to get back to the real world because all this chit chat is boring me?

Ten smiled yet again: don’t worry, I can do that

The two chosen ones saw that Ten was looking like she was about to snap her fingers as

Ten:  It's time to wake up now

as she snapped them both Shelda and Lance saw the other disappeared into a bright light After that Shelda opened her eyes looking at the roof, she realized she was not floating in the air as a Pink ghost, as she looked at her hand which looked as doe it was human looking as she then sat up she thought to herself

Shelda:  was, was that all a dream

as she looked to her left she saw Mome was still sleeping seeing this Shelda had a small smile as she then turned to her right when she saw on the double bed was Jester on the top bunk and G on the bottom bunk both of whom were snoring she then understood she was still in the room in Tengoku high as she looked down she realized she was lying on the bed that Lance was sleeping on last night

Shelda: Guess not it looks like now I’m in control

Lance: I'll say

Shelda then looked out and saw with her shock that now it was Lance in the air as a Green Ghost crossing his arms

Shelda in a look in shock “ what the ...waa”

Shelda then fell off the bed with Lance also looked to be in pain after it the sound  was so loud it woke the three kids up

Shelda rubbed her head: Ow my head

Lance crossed at Shelda: Hay bookworm watch your step, I felt that two you know

Shelda still rubbing her head: well sorry but you did startle me

Jester and Mome: Shelda !!

Shelda heard two voices that were in glee as she then turned around both Jester and Mome ran up to her and hugged her right back on the bed the two were so happy they could find their sister again while G was looking confused, yeah they could see were Shelda is now  who replied with a smile however Lance was nowhere to be seen with this

Mome smiled: Shelda we can see you now

Jester: everything's back to the way it was right

Shelda rubbed the back of her head: Um not quite

as both the Loveheart twins looked at Shelda with confusion

Jester  looking at his sister: Um what do you mean by that

G: Hey?

As everyone turned to G

G with a confused tone: Shelda don’t get me wrong it's good that you're visible and all but where the Denkins is Bro?

Lance then spoke out: same position The Bookworm was in last night G

as G looked shocked: wait so you're a pink ghost sounds girly

Lance looked crossed at G: I’m not Pink I’m GREEN G!

G  with a smile:  Green cool Greens a cool color but I thought yours would be red as your temper

As G then pointing to his hair Lance just crossed his arms annoyed

Mome looking right at Shelda: So what's going on Shelda? How come Lance is now in the position that you were in last night?

Shelda had an uncertain look: well that's what we need to tell you three because last night we finally got answers

as the three children looked at Shelda as her and Lance explained what was going on, about what the Necklace did fusing their bodies, The mysterious Numbergirl Ten, and finally the world of Tengoku with the mission that Ten had instructed to them against this Darkness

G,Jester and Mome: WHAT!!

As all three of them looked stunned by what they were told

G admitted: wow wow wow hold up so you're saying you and Bro’s bodies had merged to get some kind of Soul Warrior power to stop an Evil that's sealed in another world that's the same name as this School?

Shelda nodded Um yeah

G then got a hyped way: that sounds Awesome I feel like I'm in a comic book

Shelda looked like she could not believe it: You're not scared

Lance revealed crossing his arms: Believe me, besides the hole Evil I could tell G always wants to play the hero

G looked crossed: hey who's playing Bro !!

Jester:  I don’t know if I feel the same way I mean it's a lot to take in

Mome: I know what you mean the whole part that Shelda and Lance merge, There's a mysterious girl our age called Ten, the school is named after the Tengoku world and there’s some kind of Evil out there

Jester looked at Mome confused oh yeah that I forgot that part

Mome looked annoyed at her brother: You forgot what the heck were you thinking about then

Jester  confused pointing to G: If Shelda and Lance body's merge wouldn't that mean that were related to G and Lance

with that, all three had their reactions to this G was hoping this would be the case and had a hope look while both Shelda and Lance both looking at this with a look of disgust at the idea of this as

Mome looking crossed at first: are you kidding that  Question is, is ……[ she then thought about it a second] that's not a bad question what does it mean?

Shelda scratched her head:  I’m pretty sure that is not what it means, so no we are not related!

Lance looked pointing out something: wow and you say I don’t think

Shelda looked over at Lance: what do you mean by that Lance?

Lance pointed  over to the right: That

Shelda looked over and saw with a worried look as G and Lance looked down in sad looks with a confused Mome looking at them Shelda had an apologizing look feeling sorry for the kids

Shelda:  Now now, I said we're not related however, but you can be adopted brothers if you want haha?

as both Lance and Mome said in their ways as Lance was confused and cool while Mome’s was more of a freakout

Lance: adopted Brother?


Both G and Jester shouted happily: all right!!

as they started to dance

Lance looking at Shelda: Smoove move Bookworm

Shelda pointed out while looking back at him:  hey I couldn't just let them be sad and depressed!

Lance just turned away

G had a smile:  hey Jester I got a cool team name for us

Jester looking at him interested: cool let's hear it

G with a smile: Check this out how's about Adopted Best Brothers in Equality

Jester had a smile:  Cool I like that name

G with a smile to the others: so just call us that now alrighty

However, Mome then had one eye slightly opened confused like:  You want to be called Abbie?

G and Jester froze in place when they heard that

G put one hand under his chin: No wait that can’t be right Abbie's a girls name let's see [as he counted with his fingers ] first we had A for Adopted, B for Best, then another B for Brothers, then I for in and finally E for equality together that spells

he and Jester cried out: ABBIE WHY !!

as the three others had an uncertain look that was different Lance’s was more of an Ok then while Shelda and Mome had a friendly smile before Shelda gasp for a second  as both Lance and Mome took notice of this

Mome:  Shelda are you alright?

Shelda then coughed a little: Blah why is it that my clothes reek?

Mome confused:  Um Shelda, what do you mean you don’t ……

however, Mome then took a width of Shelda and blocked her nose: Blah your right Shelda your Clothes do stink

Shelda nodded: Yeah it's like I kept the same clothes on all day[ she then understood] wait a sec …..[she then looked crossed at Lance ]LANCE!

Lance had a look as he had no idea what was going on: what?

Shelda crossed:  I think I might have figured it out, it's not just our body that takes the appearance of the one controlling it, but so our Clothes, and because you didn’t change my Pajamas stink now

Lance crossed his arms: Not my fault I didn’t care to change

Shelda looked at him still with a crossed look:  IT IS YOUR FAULT !! [as she then calmed down a little bit] whatever, I guess I'll just have to take a shower to clean this filth up

Lance looked at her with a confused look: a What now?

Shelda didn’t bother to argue back while sighing and asked Mome: Mome well you and the boys be alright before I get back

Mome smiled:  I’m sure I'll be fine but ……” [she then pointed to “ABBIE” G and Jester who were still detonated by being called that] They don’t seem right but I'll give them a talking to

Shelda nodded:  good to hear alright I'm off now

However as Shelda tried to open the door, the door fell on its hinges on the other side as Shelda could not believe that with even Lance soul looking at it with an Ok look as they both did remember what happened with Terra and the Door last night as Shelda then had a small uncertain look laugh as she slightly walked over the door out of the room After she left

Jester with a smile: so sweet, we going to help our older siblings defeat  a great evil that’s awesome

G  with a smile:  I already said that, boy I can’t wait to punch some bad guys like Lance [ as he then got into a Boxing pose while skipping on the spot ] I’ll give them a little of these and a little of that

Mome was strangely looking down at this as Jester and G started to notice

Jester asked: hey Mome why the long face?

Mome  looking serious: Ok I know you two like to Play the heroes in this but this is serious

as both G and Jester turned to her with a confused look

Mome uncertain: aren't you even curious about some things we don’t know about for starters Who is this Ten that appeared in their dream world and why is this School named after Tengoku? [she then looked with a worried look revealing] also what if something happens to us because we're related to both Shelda and Lance we might get powers as well

G with a smile: and that would be cool so what's the problem Mome?

Mome  looking crossed at G: No not cool G, first off we don’t know what powers we get and ……[she then looked serious at them saying] because they want to Kill the Soul Warrior, these assassins might try to come after us as well [both Jester and G looked worried and stunned  about this she looked over at the broken door]so I think like Shelda and Lance we have to get ready in case they do, we don’t know what foes were all going to face

G: Ha no worries about that [Mome looked surprised as G said that with a hyped-up look as Jester looked at him as well with  G raising his arm up] I don’t care what power I get if I get any that is,  Bro’s  has been saving my butt for years so if there’s any chance, any small chance that I can do the same for Lance I'll take it no matter what  

G looked at both the Loveharts:  and I bet you would do the same for Shelda right

Jester smiled as well:  You don’t have to tell me twice, I won’t let some Darkness take them away if I did then my names, not Jester Loveheart, so yeah I’m ready

Mome smiled teasing: looks Like “Abbie “ Is ready

as both G and Jester looked down at that

G: ah come on why did you have to bring down the “Epic Hero Moment

Mome  embarrassed: hey I didn’t mean to, in fact, I’m glad “Abbie’s “ ready [as she then smiled again ] Let's show all the Darkness goons what we're made of guys

as all three of them did a High Five

Mome, G, and Jester: YEAH

Scene 3 [Zhon Gear ]

However Unknown to everybody at Tengoku High in wood like area miles away from the school someone was walking in this forest a man who had a dark blue clock on that covered most of his body that only should his tanned skin, had short white hair that was a white as snow but you could barely see it, he also had an eye patch on his right eye  while on his left eye you could not see any pupil in it however this man could indeed see with a scar going down on it, he also seemed to have sunglasses on his nose and a black cloth on his mouth  he also seemed to be a middle age man in his middle forties he was walking through the woods as he thought in a fairly serious cold and calm tone

Zhon Gear: I can sense it, I’m almost to this Tengoku High soon I shall go there and complete my mission

Bear: Roar !!

The Man stopped as he turned around he then saw something was looking at him, a Brown bear was running after him hoping to have what it considered Lunch, however, the man still seemed cool thinking

Zhon Gear:  Hm I see,  this world has bears as well. Why I almost forgot [as the Bear was getting closer Zhon Gear  said looking at it]  I've got no time to play around …..but I would say maybe a warm up for the fight is not that bad of an idea

with that, the Bear ran up to the Man and tried to scratch him however the man then grabbed the bear’s hand then to the Bears shock the Man chucked  the bear with one hand into a tree as the Bear went through the tree the Man crossed his arms

Zhon Gear:  I will never understand why Humans fear such a majestic creature

as the Bear then got back up and Roared again

Bear:  Grrr

as it tried to attack the man however just when it got close Zhon put one hand up

Zhon Gear: Enough

like some kind of cold air coming out of the hand and all around the bear, with that, the Bear was frozen solid as it fell on the ground the Man looked at the now Frozen Bear

Zhon Gear: expected that at least for such a weak power level

as The Man continued to walk through the woods after a few more moments he then looked up as he was standing on a hill he saw it, he could barely see it but the man didn’t care he knew what he had to do, he then put one hand out again as the cold air spread out and created a bridge made of Ice as he stepped onto it he didn’t look to have much trouble crossing it

Zhon Gear:  Won’t be long, if I remember correctly I reckon   that I will be at that School in about a few hours and when I do [He then gripped his hand as it suddenly turned into a Spike made out of ice as ] no one will stop me, the mission will be complete and justice will be served, the one who I shall kill the Soul Warrior will be terminated so says the Ice Avenger Zhon Gear

As the man, Zhon Gear continued to walk the bridge the land behind him suddenly turned cold and frozen like the bear before

Narrator:  Who is This Ice Avenger Zhon Gear and why does he want to kill the Soul Warrior half’s find out next time on Soul Warrior X

Next time on Soul Warrior X

Shelda: Gah, spending even ONE Day with you in my head is a nightmare. Lance why do you have to be so Reckless!?

Lance: Says you Bookworm. Why do you always have to be by the books all the damn time?

Shelda: It's called being a good person you meathead. Hows about I show you by being kind to everyone here

Lance: what….hu hay who's that man [that man is Zhon Gear who appears at the end of the episode ]

Shelda: Next Time on Soul Warrior X “an Unusual Day, Two souls in constant Bicker “

Lance: Bicker I don’t Bicker.

Shelda: yeah keep telling yourself that.