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Narrator: When The Soul Warrior half’s with Sophina we're walking to PE suddenly a ninja called Alnna knocked out Sophina and attacked Shelda. After Alnna got away however both Lance and Sophina went to PE Instead, their PE Teacher MR Robstrong was strict however when he was about to take everyone's House points away Mr. Bamastra then attacked Robstrong and called Lance and Shelda to meet him later. As They along with their siblings, Xeon and Kate find out Bamastra is really a legendary Master from Tengoku Master X who then trains Lance and Shelda over their weaknesses and how to improve them as he leaves. The heroes wonder why he showed up in Tengoku as well as the Taskmaster who was hidden talking to the Director over this Anti Warrior. Who is this Anti Warrior they speak of find out now on Soul Warrior X?

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Scene 1 [Bobby, Glawny, Shanna, The Anti Warrior]

In another location inside of the school

Bobby Shouted: Ha take this Buddy

Bobby tried to punch Glawny In a friendly way both had a smile while doing this

Glawny:  Not too bad comrade, but no offense I fought bears tougher than you

Bobby looked crossed at that remark:  Oye, why are you comparing me to a bear Glawny, I’m not a fan of Honey

Glawny confused: wait, why don’t you like Honey Buddy?

Shanna: Because that's how he got those Boxing Gloves stuck on his big hands

both the boys turn to  the wall as Shanna suddenly appeared out of it

Bobby looking at his sister: Shanna. What are you doing here?

Shanna looked at her brother with an annoyed look as she faced out of the wall:  I could ask you the same thing, what do you think you're doing fighting the Russian guy

Glawny looked at Shanna with an unsure tone: Um Shanna you do know I have a name, this is our second year

Shanna explained crossing her arms: I was doing that to make this quiet and yes that's the point, You two should know by now that we can’t sneak around these halls while not in class, well cost both our houses points

Glawny with a laid back attitude while saying: Relax, Shanna you need to chill down

Shanna looked at him crossly as if she was going to bite his head off: This is me chilled!

Bobby chuckled: Doesn't look like it, looks as if you're about to be like a volcano

Shanna then put her fist out: can it Bobby or else I will take your damn teddy bear and throw it in the bin

Bobby freaked out by this: What no not Mr. Toddles, you know he helps me sleep in the dark

Glawny started to laugh as Bobby looked at him: Not funny man

Shanna then went back to putting her hands back on her hips and questioned: now that that's over mind finally telling me why you decided to do your training out here in secret?

Glawny looked at her with a smile: well simply put, it's to do with the Ice Fellow who attacked all of us Months ago

Shanna looked at him with a questionable look:  Zhon Gear?

Bobby nodded putting his fist together crossed: Yeah, that guy. Me and Glawny are training to see if he dares try to come back here and show his ugly mug so I can mash it even more

Shanna looked at Bobby: what is this what this whole thing was about, that guy was on a whole different league of power and you're telling me you want to fight him are you that clueless Bobby

Bobby shook his head: Nah, I just hated how he was trying to kill someone from this school [as he then looked at his sister with a serious look explaining] and besides, you know it's my goal to become the strongest I can be and if I have to train so I can be on the same level like the Lance’s, The Desmond’s and Zhon Gear’s I'll do that no problem]

Glawny had a confident smile: Ha that’s my dream two, I gotta make my old ma and pa proud so good luck to yea but at the same time do not expect me just to hand that belt over!

both of them then brofist

Bobby and Glawny: Yeah!

Shanna sighed: You two are Unbelievable

however all three then stopped as then there was suddenly a noise an ocarina like tone playing in the air, the trio all looked at this confused

Glawny looked at this: anyone else hears that?

Shanna admitted: it sounds like an Ocarina

Bobby realized looking serious: Yeah, well whatever this Ocamadochy thing is it’s sounding like it's getting closer

to the other two’s agreement they heard loud footsteps coming towards them as the male figure then continued to walk, for now, we could only see his huge black boots with the Trio, however, gazing at what they saw

Glawny questioned: who, who are you?

The Man looked at them as we then could see Red like wolf eyes saying in a deep yet rusty dark voice: You want to know who I am, I am the Anti Warrior and I am the Soul Warriors reckoning as he then stared right at the trio while walking forward

Scene 2

One Hour Later

Terra: Damn it, If this keeps happening I’m going to kill somebody

Terra was painting something but messed it up throwing her Paintbrush at the canvas with

Shelda who was nearby had her own paintbrush looking at her embarrassed like thinking:  and that's who you were facing Months ago Lance

Lance however told her while a little nervous: she was way too cooler at that time, but yeah glad I fought that side and not this side

Months after the Training with Master X,  Shelda and Lance decided to go to the next class which was Painting, unfortunately for them, their partner for this was Terra who seemed annoyed at her painting, from the other houses where Brown Cavallo was Desmond who was strangely not paying attention to the Racket that Terra was making and just gently stroke his brush on the canvas however his Partner Fiora was looking at Terra

Fiora: Boy she’s making a lot of rackets isn't she?

the next one Black Karasu was Crimson and his sister Ruby who

Crimson said looking a little uneasy:  Boy, guess she got up on the wrong end of the bed this morning

Ruby just sighed pointing to her painting: Christopher Painting

Crimson looked back at his painting: Great saying my real name, Way to bring a new low Rubina

Ruby just again sighed: whatever

the next House members from Blue Kissat

Leo looked at this: wow that girl's got a massive temper [however he then saw his partner Geno just stroke the brush Gently [looking at him] I still don’t know how you do this so calmly man, it looks as if you're a pro at this

Geno: It helps when you have an idea of what you want

Leo heard Geo say when he then took a quick peek at his Painting as Leo looked at it then he took a look at Shelda and said in a quiet way

Leo: I see, so that’s what we're going to do with the Soul Warrior now

Geno with a small quiet whisper: exactly, we must complete our mission at all costs

They both looked at Shelda again as she was trying to figure out what color to pick

Shelda looked nervous and asked herself: Now let's see here …..

Lance: Hey what’s keeping you we don’t have all day just pick a damn color already

Shelda looked crossed while thinking: It's not that easy Lance, I’m trying to recreate my version of the outworld gardens, But I can’t seem to think of what color to make the Flowers Yellow, Red, or Blue hm

Lance looked annoyed: Yeah, well watching you try to pick one is making me crossed, if you don’t I well take control and pick for you

Shelda looked uneasy and thought: You can’t do that it will blow our cover, and besides [she then looked at Miss Ivy Madam who as strict as she seemed was sleeping] I don’t know why but I’m picking up a big Power Level from all the teachers here, am I going Nuts Lance?

Lance shook his head: No I can feel it too, and not just because we're using the same body, The Question is why do they have power levels over Desmond and Oumijia?

Shelda turned to the two that Lance mentioned as Oumijia was not even painting while Maria who was his partner looked annoyed in a calm way

Shelda realized: You're right I know we just got the Soul Sense months ago but that’s what it looks like I wonder wh…..

Matt and Mandy: Yellow

Shelda opened her eyes confused as she heard a familiar voice as she saw Matt and Mandy who was pointing to the Painting canvas as

Shelda looked confused: Yellow?

Mandy pointed to the sky explaining cutely: you made a sunny day in the painting so shouldn't there be sunflowers Shelda?

Shelda looked at this curiously: You've got a point, Thanks Um Mandy, was it sorry it's just with so many students here it's hard to remember them all?

Mandy with a smile: ah that’s ok but aren't you going to paint those flowers yellow?

Shelda then decided just to take the kids word for it and Painted the flowers yellow and said with an amazing look looking at the sunny like hills

Shelda: wow it's so pretty [ she looked at Mandy with a small smile] looks like someone has a good eye when it comes to art

Matt put his shoulder around Mandy’s while with a smile: You know it Mandy’s the best sister a brother can ask for

Mandy then looked over at Matt: That’s because you're the best Brother a sister can ask for

the two of them laughed together

Shelda was looking at this with a smile for herself thinking: those two are so sweet, there like Jester and Mome when they get along [however strangely enough Lance didn’t respond as Shelda looked confused she saw Lance was looking at this with a sad expression as she thought ] Lance, are you ok you're silent

Lance however then notest Shelda looking at him while saying to her: It’s nothing

Shelda looked at the happy Brother and Sister she had an idea and asked thinking: Is this about Clare?

Lance had a cough like look while saying annoyed: Fine, the way those two are acting is similar to the way that G and Clare used to react together before she was kidnapped

Shelda sympathetically looked at him thinking: And this is making you sad because  it reminds you of the good times

Lance tried to deny it: I didn’t say that

Shelda, however, teased him a little and thinking pointing to her head: But you were thinking it

Lance looked at her crossly: No I’m not!

Shelda looked at him with a smile thinking: fine, I guess you're not, but trust me Lance, when I said I want to help you find her I mean it

Lance looked at her: Right you did say it already, Looks like I’m stuck to see if it's true or not

Shelda had a sad look thinking: Lance

Crimson: Hey yo Shelda

Shelda and Lance heard a voice as there was Crimson who was right next to her saying tapping on her desk asking: Seeing that you, ya know never answered my question from Months ago [as he then looked at his nail] so seeing that the teach is sleeping how’s about you want to sneak off and have our first date so what do you say toots

Shelda looked at Crimson at this in an uneasy way not knowing what to feel, now knowing it was Crimson who was the main reason why Clare was taken away however she then heard deep cross like breathing as she turned around to see Lance getting crossed at Crimson even doe he could not see Lance,

Shelda however said looking at him with a serious: sorry but, I don’t date jerks like you

Crimson looked at her sarcastically: Wow, Wow a Jerk now I’m ok with being a Troll but a jerk now why you have to go and hurt my feelings like that Sweetcheeks

Shelda looked at him with a serious look on her face: don’t know, maybe a little birdie told me not to trust you

Crimson however had a small smirk: alright, suit yourself Loveheart

as he then decided to walk back down to where Ruby was Matt and Mandy looked at this with confusion

Lance admitted looking at Shelda: you know that’s the first time I've seen you get mad at someone who was not me

Shelda slightly looked at Lance with the side of her eye and thought to him: well that’s what happens after that memory of yours I saw, I still don’t understand why he's so cool even knowing what he did to his former best friend

Lance looked at her with a crossed tone: Yeah, well that’s in the past now I just want to punch him until all his teeth fall out

Shelda looked over at Ruby and thought: I can understand why you are angry but remember he also has a sister

Lance looked at her with a confused look: why she’s not a kid?

Shelda however then told him: come on Lance I know we just got our soul sense but I think you can tell there’s something a bit off about Ruby’s Soul Energy

Lance admitted: You're right, however [He then turned around and saw both Geno and Leo who were talking to each other with Leo saying something that ticked Geno off, then he suddenly turned also to Oumijia] she’s not the only one who feels a little off

however, suddenly a loud bang was heard as they heard a voice

Missy: Miss Ivy Madam!

the group heard a voice that was revealed to be Missy who said it in a concerned way that voice also happened to wake her up

Miss Madam surprised: who, what, where why ….[she then looked at Missy] Miss Missy, do you not see that we have a perfect art class right now whatever this is I’m sure it's not important

Missy however shook her head:  No Teach, there’s no time for that, it's about Bobby, Glawny, and Shanna, they've all been attacked

The students there all looked at this concerned

Miss Madam asked: what did you say?

a few Minutes

everybody who was in that class followed Missy as they were running towards the arena

Maria looked at Missy: Missy, where exactly did you find them?

Missy continued to run up: just over this corridor

as they turned to the corridor the group looked at this with a shocking face they all turned to see a group of ten other students The Kim sisters, Geamā, Ipushiron, Tyler, Dan the Man, Figla, Vita all around the group the three Bobby, Glawny and Shanna knocked out with three claw marks on them as they were coming closer to the area the other group notices the Class group

Tyler with a surprised look: Oh It's Miss Ivy Madam

the teacher herself walked over and looked at the three knocked out students: what Happened here?

Geamā with a worried look: we don’t know Mrs we found them like this for all we know they could have been like this for over an hour

Dan the Man added looking at the three who were knocked over: well Dan the Man thinks these three are dead

Figla however kicked Dan the Man in the shin: They're not dead Genius

Dan the Man annoyed: why of course they're dead, can you not see the wolf cuts on them you red eyed tetras

Figla looked at those Marks pointing: well in case you haven't noticed Dummy, the Marks are not bleeding

as everybody else took another deep look at the cuts

Lucy said with a shocked look: The Creepy white Haired Ladies right it's not bleeding

Figla looked at Lucy Crossley showing off her fangs: Creepy, Hey kid what makes you think I’m Creepy I'll show you Creepy

Lucy asked looking at her: ah where did you get those scary Teeth Figla, the Gift shop

Lacey looked at this annoyed: Knock it off you two, that's not solving anything [as Lacey looked at Her sister while saying] now apologize to her Lucy

Lucy then pretended to cry:  But I don’t wanna

Maria then spoke out: well Figla is right, these three are still breathing

Shelda looked confused: They are how do you know Maria?

Maria looked at Shelda explaining: Oh that’s my own Gift, I can feel everybody's breath, Heartbeat, x-ray vision you know and by the look of this the one responsible only cut the upper layers of the skin

Missy looked down at them and questioned: but why would they do that?

Vita shrugged her shoulders: it maybe just some loser who wanted to get noticed or take out the competition

suddenly the other students looked at Her except her fellow  Outsiders members

Vita annoyed: what hay, why are you looking at me I didn’t do this

Fiora: I do say that you and the other Outsiders  are the most logical suspects with how you treated us Months ago

Vita however shook her head: That’s Dumb me and the other members of it were at classes at this time

Ipushiron was putting his hands over his head: Hate to tell ya but Vita was telling the truth all three of us were in the other Mr. Robstongs class while he walked away annoyed and Oumijia was in your class so whatever did this mess was not us

Ruby: I’m not sure it was even Human [the Group all turned to Ruby who said that looking at this wondering ] Remember what Bobby’s Gift is Unbreakable Skin so whatever did this must've been extremely powerful to even get past his skin even if it was just the top layer

Shelda remembered: That’s right, no wonder there are claw marks on it smart thinking Ruby

Ruby looked at Shelda with a small smile: Thanks for the complement Shelda

while this was going on both Lance and Crimson were looking crossed in their own ways Lance because Shelda was being friendly with his sworn enemy’s sister while Crimson was annoyed his sister was getting friendly with the person who stood him up before however there was a huge gasp which caused everyone to stop what they're doing all of a sudden Shanna woke up terrified shaking, as she looked as pale as a ghost

Terra spoke first: Shanna!

as the Group saw her

Shanna was shaking saying and repeating: no, stop keep it away from me

Mrs. Ivy looked at her: My dear, why are you shaking and what happened to you?

Shanna, while Still scared out of her mind she barely: A Wolf Man, wearing Black Armor [this caught the attention of the group however the most attention it got was Figla, Geno, and Leo as Shanna continued] H…... He also had red terrifying eyes, eyes so cold, with claws as sharp as razors ahahah [as she looked as if she was having a panic attack] No keep him away from me Nooo

with that, she then passed out again

Matt looking surprised: a Wolfman did this?

Shelda thought confused: Lance, do you think this could be the same as Zhon Gear, that this Wolfman is after us?

Lance looked at the three of the  beaten students saying: Got to be, but by the looks of it, this guy unlike Zhon wouldn't mind hurting the other’s to get his way this could get ugly

Shelda then turned to the three as well as she saw them almost lifeless Shelda admitted to herself she was a little scared about what this Wolfman could be however she was caught her train of thought

Mrs. Ivy talks again Looking at Missy: Does any of the other staff know about this?

Missy shook her head: Nah, you're the first teacher I've told I would have told the jerk Robstrong but he just walked away

Mrs. Ivy looked serious: good make sure I am the only teacher you tell this to and only me

the group all looked at their teacher

Missy looking confused: Mrs?

Mrs. Ivy explained looking at them: Look we do not want to make a big commotion about this, if more people start to notice this it would shortly bring this school to Chaos [as she then picks out her ruler from while banging it on her other hand] however I also know that a Wolfman here also can bring this school to chaos so I do feel that while I take these three to the infirmary you twenty shall deal with the Wolfman

The Group looked at her with a confused

Tyler who was shaking: wait, you're gonna send us out to find this Wolfman ourselves why not you deal with it since you're older?

Mrs. Ivy looked at him annoyed: are you calling me old well you're lucky that my Gift powers are not working for the moment for they need a recharge

Lucy had a smile: OH so that's why you're being lazy

Mrs. Ivy looked at Lucy with a crossed look

Figla looked at Lacey: You should really put a leash on her

Lacey however put her hand on her face: Believe me, even if I do try that it won't work

Mrs. Ivy however shook her head: Gah whatever, anyways yes that’s why I can’t deal with this but your powers don’t need to recharge don’t they ….so that is why I have decided to do a challenge for points to you

Suddenly Oumijia spoke and crossed his arms: Hm what challenge?

as the group turned to Oumijia

Mrs. Ivy explained seriously: It's simple boy, I Divide you twenty into two groups of ten, one group searches the East and South, while the other group searches the North and West whoever finds the Wolfman first and stops him well get fifty points for their Magic Lamp  Points, also their house gets the same amount of points for the House cup and finally their group also gets twenty five points for their house

Shelda questioned looking at this: but wouldn't that make people try to put the points over trying to find the Wolfman?

Vita shrugged: Woopty doo yeah great idea putting points over being alive what a dummy

Shelda looked at Vita with a crossed look: hey I’m standing here you know

Vita looked at her with a crossed look as well: That's the point, and what's with that stupid hat you got?

Shelda looked crossed saying annoyed: Don’t you dare make fun of this hat

However, to everyone, there's surprise Shelda looked annoyed to even Lances was still questioning why however he remembered that Shelda for some odd reason was really protective of that darn hat he wondered why yet Maria got in the middle seeing as she was friends with both Shelda and Vita saying trying to calm each other down

Maria: Wow break it up you two this won't solve anything

Desmond added: Maria’s right fighting won't solve it [he then looked at Mrs. Ivy] So how do we sort who goes into what group?

Mrs. Ivy however had a smile: Simple [she then pointed to each person with her finger saying] Shelda, Terra, You, Fiora, Matt, Mandy, Maria, The Kim Sisters, Oumijia, and Vita all go to the North and West,[ as she then turned to the other ones who were not called] The rest of you are taken the East and South any questions

after she said that Members like Vita and Leo all looked like they were about to say something before Mrs. Ivy then picked all three beaten students up

Miss Ivy Madam: Good now if anyone needs me I will be at the Infirmary make haste

she started to walk away the twenty who were there looked confused

Vita with an annoyed look: what, why did she put me and little Miss sunny hat on the same team

Shelda however looked at her with an “I'm not even going to waste my breath “ look turning away

Matt looked at those two:  those two have issues

Mandy adding: You're telling me, Matt, This was what our parents did

Lucy however jumped in: Yeah well I take the silent treatment over the racket that Lacey and Terra are going to make

Both Children looked at her  

Matt: You mean your older sister and the Orange hair hothead they don’t seem that way

Lucy just took a sigh: Give it a few seconds when we start walking

After that, both Lacey and Terra looked at each other and then with a crossed

Terra and Lacey: Hm

they turned away from each other giving Matt and Mandy the idea that Lucy might be right about this

Desmond looked at Missy: Well we have to work together if we want to get rid of the Wolfman so Missy good luck with your team

Missy nodded: thanks same with yours, oh and say hi to Mai when we get back

Desmond nodded: Sure

At that point, both groups separated well Vita had to be dragged away by a cool with it Oumijia not knowing what awaited them with this wolfman business  

Three hours at the north side In a room where the group that was going to the area went into the Hall Shelda who was still in control after secretly switching over with Lance when everybody was not looking quickly also switch back so nobody would see them switch was looking around the stage with the others the light’s were also turned off and you could only barely see the others Desmond was leading the group in the front while both Lacey and Terra were slightly behind him, behind them was Lucy with Matt and Mandy who the latter we're scared, Behind them, were Shelda, Fiora and Maria and finally behind the pack was the two members of the Outsiders Oumijia and Vita who the latter looked crossed because she has to be stuck with a bunch of losers in her mind as Matt and Mandy were shaking by the dark

Lucy then came out with a surprisingly kind yet joking side: ah come on, don’t be scared of the dark you two

both the Kids look at Lucy who had a happy look

Matt with a worried look: but the dark is so scary

Mandy holding herself while shivering: yeah because you never know what's in it,

Lucy had a smile: yeah I can see that but you know the Dark can also be fun to play with especially in a game of Tag  [as she also then had a smile] and besides you can also find something fun to do in the dark like dress up [as she then suddenly put a black mask that exposed the bottom half of her face and eyes and a Cape while the Kids looked confused yet happily laughing at what Lucy was doing she started to say]  When Creepy Wolfmen suddenly start to attack our fellow students, comes a warrior from the darkness who fights for Justice, a hero well strike for I am that Hero, I am the Shadow I am the Lucygirl

Lacey shouted: Darn it Lucy stop touching my stuff already!

Lacey as looking at her younger sibling

Lucy then had a smile:  ah come on Lace give me a break, I was trying to cheer these kids up

Lacey then had a sigh: Look it's good you want to do that Lucy but I need that Outfit for the Halloween party in a couple of weeks so don’t stain it

Shelda looked confused and called over: Halloween Party?

Maria with a smile: Oh it's something we hold  about a few days before Halloween, we also do the same for Christmas

Fiora interrupted and said with a smile: Yes, I also love this time of the year haaa [as Fiora blushed at the thought of it to Shelda’s confusion Fiora explained ]all those Halloween and Christmas Outfits I made, were all so fab I can’t wait

Shelda had a smile:  so wait what day is the Halloween Party then?

Maria with a curious look: It's on the twenty fifth of October

Shelda then had a happy look:  that’s great, That’s both Jester and Mome’s Birthday they will get a Birthday Party no problem then

when they heard that Maria, Fiora and everybody else but Oumijia and Vita had a smile on their faces

Maria: well looks like they do, hay if you don’t mind I can give them a present from us at White Bar  

Fiora with a smile: and with your humble request I would love to Create their Outfits for them

Shelda had a smile: Gee Thanks guys

Lance:  Wait, Wait, Wait

Shelda heard in her head as it was Lance’s voice

Shelda asked him thinking: what is it Lance , is something wrong?

Lance questioned as he said to Shelda: Jester and Mome were born on the twenty fifth of October?

Shelda had a clueless confused look thinking: They were, what's the problem with that Lance?

Lance serious: That’s also G’s and Clare’s Birthday

Shelda’s eyes went wide as she thought:  Whaa...Wait isn't G the same age as Jester and Mome

Lance answers with a serious tone: Yep they were, or at least I think, I don’t have memories of where me and them came from

Shelda looked down in confusion thinking: To be honest neither do I, I guess we're both kind of like Xeon in away

Lance: I guess you're right, that’s weird

Vita: oh just stop it with this little Party chat [they all heard Vita say as they turned back Vita was there crossing her arms] in case you idiots haven't noticed we're trying to hunt down some dumb wolf mutt who could kill us at any moment and you weaklings are more concerned about what balloons to set up how dumb are you people well besides Maria of course

the group all looked at Vita besides Oumijia with a crossed yet they also somewhat agree as

Maria looking at her: Vita, that’s not the right thing to say to your partners

Vita looked crossed: Maria in case you haven't noticed the only two I care about here are you and Oumijia but everybody else is megh

Terra finally spoke up:  well then, if you don’t like us then why don’t you leave, I can hardly take your whining

Vita was about to speak however this time

Oumijia spoke: Because, once we put down this wolfman, we from White bar well get all the point’s meaning that's the only darn reason we're here

Shelda looked at him with a confused tone: so does that mean you don’t care what happened to those three back there?

Oumijia had a smirk: Hey I’ll give you a hint Girl since you're new here, but really at this school there’s only one rule and that's to look out for number one, yourself

Shelda then was thinking to Lance: looks like you found a kindred spirit

Lance annoyed: says you, I don’t care about the darn points

Desmond: Let’s see how long you survive with that attitude Oumijia

Desmond finally spoke out as the two of them stared at each other

Desmond: That maybe what you and your group believe, but I however think of these fellow students as my family, and like a family, we all have to work together if we want to stop this Wolfman threat, and deep down even with you being near my power level Oumijia, you know I’m right

Oumijia however smirked: Haha, we'll see about that when the Wolfman comes

Lacey however brought up looking uncertain while holding her hips: that is if this wolfman shows up, we nearly searched  the whole North and West and we haven't caught one glimpse of it [however she then put her hands together in a pouch like form] but when he shows up I want the first crack

Terra interrupted: wrong you're not getting the first crack at this Wolfman, it's going to be me

Lacey looked at her Rival: what did you say?

Lucy quickly: Uh-Oh

Terra looked crossed  at Lacey: You heard me, I’m stronger than you so I should get the first crack

Lacey annoyed: Oh great logic, you just got it the other way round Carrot top

as they continued the group all looked at this with an unsure look with Matt and Mandy looking like Lucy was right as the latter sighed, Fiora had her hand in a gasp like position, Shelda and Lance looked at each other as if they were seeing a mirror version of their arguments, Maria, Oumijia and Vita had an um ok like look as the two women continued to argue as they got up in each other’s faces

Terra: still can’t take the fact that Mai asked me to fight her last year and not you right

Lacey: Yeah, but ops look what happened you lost, I know if I was going to fight her I would be the one winning

Terra: Ha as if, You can’t beat me in a fight

Lacey: Sure I can want me to show you, Terra!

Terra: anytime, anywhere Lacey!

Desmond: what did I just say ?![both girls heard Desmond say as he put his hand on his face as he continued ] Come on I know you two have a rivalry going on but this is not the righ……

However, he was then caught off by the sound of an Ocarina that was playing in the air as there was a moment of silence across the hall as the group was looking around

Mandy confused: is that an Ocarina playing?

Fiora nodding: I can hear that darling but where is it coming from?

However all but the kids then turned to the corner

Maria confused: Guy’s do you feel that?

Desmond nodded: No question, that’s some power I’m feeling my best guess is this is the wolfman

Vita who was a little scared annoyed: Thank you Captain obvious

however then they heard someone walk in with banging like steps as they then saw someone stepped into the room while playing an Ocarina the group can now see the true figure now was indeed the wolfman from earlier who had a dark wolf like armored masked with red wolf like eyes a Black armored suit that covered all of his body with a red gem in the middle of his chest, he also had red claw marks all around his armor, he also had red lines on his big heavy boots and red claw marks on his nails the group had their reactions to him most of the group looked determined but with a little bit uneasy side, yet the Kids Matt and Mandy looked scared at them were looking as they were hiding behind Maria who was protecting them,

The Wolfman looked at them with his red eyes

The Anti Warrior: I've heard you  have been looking for me if I’m not mistaken

Lucy with a little bit of uncertainty: Yep pretty sure that’s the wolfman guy, boy he’s scary up close

The Wolfman looked at her: Wolfman? [he then started to chuckle] Hahaha, I’m no Wolfman yet I do admit I look like one but that’s not who I truly am

Desmond annoyed: Then who are you really and why did you attack Bobby, Glawny, and Shanna?

The “Wolfman [Anti Warrior] then said in a pleasant tone: Those three, yes I remember I decided to use them as an example[ He then started to chuckle and laugh] Ha ha ha and to see their faces before I nearly slaughtered them, begging me to stop it was glorious ha ha ha

the eleven students all looked at this “Wolfman “ with a surprised look

Fiora with a scared look: My word, this Wolfman is barbaric

The Wolfman [The Anti Warrior]  However then looked at her crossed I've told you before I’m no Wolfman [he then had a proud look] I’m the Soul Warriors Reckoning, The Anti Warrior

Shelda’s eyes went up wide as she thought to Lance: Anti Warrior so he is after us

Lance: looks like it, better not mess up this time

As Lance replied Shelda crossed her eyes at Lances comment

Terra spoke out:  Anti Warrior the Soul Warrior’s Reckoning?

Fiora looked worried: Oh dear, if I recall the Soul Warrior is who Zhon Gear wanted to kill months ago if I’m not correct?

The Anti Warrior laughed darkly: Ha, Ha, Ha yes I saw that Poor old little Zhon, wanted revenge for his family getting killed trying to not harm a living soul who is not the Soul Warrior how pathetic isn't it not

Desmond looking at The Anti Warrior: but he had a reason to try to kill this Soul Warrior so what’s yours

The Anti Warrior then walked back and forth explaining: Reasons huh, well then, I wouldn't mind telling you before I kill you think of it as my parting gift to the afterlife for you all [as he then chuckled the group looked at him while The Anti Warrior explained with a serious tone] You see from what I heard, the Soul Warrior has a mix reputation around these parts [the Anti Warrior looked up and said] On some kind of Tablet it states that the Soul Warrior is the Savior of the worlds while others who yet think  the Prophecy says they are the force that we'll stop there  great evil

Terra spoke out: let me guess you're talking about this Tengoku World does that mean you're from there?

The Anti Warrior however just chuckled: Ha ha ha, I wouldn't be caught dead in that place I've never been to such a place and I don’t care [Shelda looked surprised at this news, so this means that other beings who are not from Tengoku are after her and Lance as the Anti Warrior  then looked at his hand and done a crazy like chuckle] However this Power, makes me quite the opposite of the Soul Warrior, In Fact, it makes me Lust to kill them so I must feed this power [ he then set his eyes on the two kids and explained] and unlike Zhon Gear I’m not here to play nice or leave  survivors Hahaha

the group all looked focus now

Desmond then said looking serious:  is that so then you should also know that like him, whoever this Soul Warrior is we're not going to let you get to him or her so easily

The Anti Warrior however chuckled again: ha ha ha ha, just what I thought from the Goodie big brother Desmond [Desmond looked confused by how the Anti Warrior knew his name however that was quickly ignored when The Anti Warrior put his hand out and fired about hundreds of Red Balls while shouted] Hows about a game of Catch

the Group had their responses as Terra grabbed her sword and started to slash the red balls coming her way, Flora, Matt, Mandy, and Maria ducked out of the way while  The Kim sisters quickly used their Water for Lacey  and Air for Lucy to block it Desmond however just caught it with his bare hands and then turned into the same material, as some of the balls were heading towards the Two Outsiders members

Vita sighed: This isn't that hard

Oumijia just looked down as both of them extended their fingers and the one that was heading towards them both exploded  however the members who ducked were hiding under the table as they were hiding Flora The Anti Warriors face as the red eyes were wide open

Fiora: I have to admit this creep is acting like he’s enjoying this

Maria agreed looking at her friend: I think I agreed Question is why this Guy got so wacky in the head or how to stop him

however, she then saw as Flora looked around

Maria questioned looking at her: Um Flora what are you doing?

Flora explained: I’m looking for an inanimate object to bring to life to fight this guy [she then looked over at a nearby locker ]  Right that we'll do it

she then stretched out her hand as a blue light which was sent to the locker witch suddenly came to life

The Locker: Lookie me, I’m alive thanks Miss Flora

as the Locker saluted her Flora was then pointing to The Anti Warrior in a way that it told the Locker to attack the unknowing Anti Warrior as the Kids who were under the table then had determined looks

Matt: well I’m not going to just sit around, I want to fight two

Mandy smiled: yeah, Everybody else is counting on us as well so we have to fight two

as the two were ready to go Matt Transformed into a Black Bear while his sister transformed into a Panther as they quickly ran out of the Table

Fiora looked at Maria: Did you know they could do that?

Maria shook her head: Not a clue [she then looked behind Fiora while noticing none of the Balls were heading towards Shelda who looked equally confused as Maria looked clueless and asked herself] why isn't any of those attacks hitting Shelda?

Over at the same part, Shelda was wondering this herself

Shelda thought: why aren't any of these attacks trying to hit me?

Lance: Gee and I thought that was a good thing

Shelda shook her head and explained: No Lance remember when Xeon attacked, he didn’t try to hurt us with the Ice Minions because he wanted to separate us from the others, I think that means this Anti Warrior knows who we are

Lance then sounded concerned: but I'm sure this Psycho is nothing like Zhon, for starters he's not aiming correctly if he's planning on hitting us

however, the side of The Anti Warriors eye was looking at them unknown to the others he then chuckled

The Anti Warrior: Ha ha ha ha “ he then suddenly stopped with the blast and then disappeared into the shadows to the other’s shock

Lucy said: The Anti Guy disappeared

Vita annoyed: No dough kid way to state the obvious

Lucy then stick her tongue out: Nah, way to be grouchy at a time like this

Vita looked annoyed: Grouchy why you little

Terra looked at them: Can it you two, This Anti Warrior Nutjob could be anywhere in the shadows

The Anti Warrior: How right you are Terra ha ha ha

Suddenly Terra heard a voice and then used a wall to quickly protect herself however said wall was then cut with three slashes on it

Terra looked at it with concern: wait a sec, [she then shouted out ] Everyone keep your guard up he's using the same move he used on Bobby, Glawny, and Shanna

the others looked at her as they did keep their guard up they looked over in all directions as suddenly they heard a yell

The Locker: Gahhhh [the group turned around and saw that the Locker that Fiora brought to life started to fall apart in pieces and smashed while saying] Why I was so young? [as it died ]

Vita sigh: Great it was just the darn Locker

Fiora looked at Vita while still looking around: Hey, I Made him come to life and so he's just as important as you or me in that sense

Maria: Fiora behind you

Fiora heard Maria shout as suddenly the three claw marks energy appears from the shadows and managed to hit Fiora leaving three purple marks on her side as she fell over as the group saw it as they heard the Anti Warriors voice say

The Anti Warrior: One down, ten to go

Terra looked crossed: Coward, why are you hiding in the darn shadows?

The Anti Warrior chuckled: ha ha ha, really eleven on one is just as fair I like to leave a cold blood path to the Soul Warrior to see the dead bodies of those who are in this room and the other group

Mandy questioned looking around with her panther eyes: Other Group?

Matt looked worried in his bear form: isn't that the group that went to the South and east?

the Anti Warrior with a chuckle: Is that what they were called, ha ha ha doesn't matter I sent them all to the afterlife already

the group all looked horrified

Desmond with a serious look: You mean you killed them?

Suddenly Desmond grabbed the Anti Warrior's arm witch tried to strike him however  

The Anti Warrior was shocked he still had a chuckling laugh: ha ha ha, I see I ticked the Mighty Desmond off

Desmond looked at him with a look that could kill: Hmph, I get that way when you try to harm a member of this school

he then punched the Anti Warrior however after getting hit the Anti Warrior just chuckled and tried to scratch Desmond over and over but the third year managed to block each of the shots while this was going on

Vita had a smile and told Oumijia while pointing: Hay Desmond’s holding him in place, we can strike now

Oumijia then nodded as he two aimed

Shelda however called out concerned: Wait you can’t do that, you might hit Desmond

Both the Outsiders members thought about that and had a look of second thoughts yet they then heard a voice call out

Desmond: That’s not a bad idea you two had [To their surprise look it was Desmond who looked back while still blocking the Anti Warriors claws shouted out] Hitting this freak together maybe the only way to beat him

Maria looked concerned and called: But you'll be hit if you get hit by all those attacks

Desmond however smiled: Don’t worry about me

The Anti Warrior chuckled: It looks as doe you want to die today

however, as the Anti Warrior tried to strike Desmond again with his claws Desmond just grabbed the Anti Warrior right arm

Desmond:  Who says I’m going to die? [as he then also grabbed  the Anti Warriors other arm and said to everyone]  Everyone, I’ll count to three after I do hit the Anti Warrior with your best blast but only when I count three and not before it  

everyone looked nervous when Desmond said that as even both Outsiders  however they then turned to Maria who had a face that told them to trust Desmond on this

The Anti Warrior had an insane chuckle: Hahaha, really we're doing a counting game what's next saying ABC’s?

Desmond looked at him and said serious: Make all the jokes you want still won't save the butt kicking your getting for messing with the students here in …[ suddenly the next second Desmond dropped one of the claws and uppercut The Anti Warrior up in the air while shouting] ONE![ as the group all looked up as Desmond jumped up in the air after him as he was in the air he then said in a crossed way] TWO![ as he delivered an arm breaking kick to the Anti Warriors left arm as you saw with the Anti Warrior’s eyes he was in pain as The Anti Warrior was still falling Desmond in the Air jumped back a few feet while falling down himself he shouted] Three! [as then he used the energy he absorbed from the Anti Warriors attack to fire a ray of a blast that connected at him with adding to it was Terra’s earth attack, Lucy’s air, Lacey’s water, and The Outsiders energy blast all hitting the Anti Warrior while the others ducked Desmond then jumped in front of the group

Matt  with a smile: wow, that was awesome

Maria is curious: But is he dead?

Desmond looked around: I doubt it, I can still sense his soul energy in the air, I’m sure he's still hunting us in the dark

Vita looked annoyed: Are you kidding me, after an attack like that there’s no way he could be …..

Matt and Mandy: AH!

the Group heard two voices go down this time, as the group turned around they saw that it was Matt and Mandy who both returned to their human forms with the Purple Claw marks on them

Maria looked worried: Oh no Matt, Mandy

the group looked horrified as the kids were now taken down yet they heard

the Anti Warrior’s voice: aw the poor kids they were so young Hahaha

the group all then had crossed and concerned looks at this

Shelda thought to herself: That, that's so cold

Lance: Grrr

Shelda then heard a growl like noise as she suddenly looked at Lance who looked like he was getting crossed at this more crossed than the others

Shelda was looking at this with concern thinking: Lance?

however, they both heard Terra say

Terra: Alright now you've gone way too far, show yourself, you coward!

The Anti Warrior: Hahaha ha oh I will show myself after I ask the older sibling to watch her back

the group all looked at this with confusion as Lacey thinking it was her: That means me

Lucy: Lacey behind you!

she heard her sister shout out concerned, as Lacey  then turned around and saw as The Anti Warrior was right behind her however she then turned her hand into water and Bounced the Anti Warrior back into the shadows

Lucy then had a happy shout out to her sister: Yeah way to Go Lace

Lacey had a smirk:  Ha, better than the Soul Warrior my butt, if you were as smart as you say you would know that you should not give out your position in a fight

The Anti Warrior: Oh I know that ha ha ha [Lacey looked concerned wondering why he would let himself get hit then as The Anti Warrior then said in a chuckling like way] I also know you wouldn't have known that I attacked you if it hadn't been for your lovely little sis Lucy isn't that right Lacey

Both Kim sisters were concerned as well as the others how did the Anti Warrior know their names

the Anti Warrior was cold and dark like: I wonder what you’ll do if she was out of the picture let's find out

Lacey quickly figured it out and turned around saying worried: Lucy Move

however, Lucy was frozen in fear as she saw those red eyes of the Anti Warrior while also firing the claw’s

Vita shouted shocked: why on earth is she not moving?

as the blast was a few feet away from her Lucy ducked but before the claws would hit her she suddenly heard someone shout

Lacey: LUCY!

Lacey jumped in the way as the claw marks hit her she then fell unconscious

Lucy looked at her sister with a worried look: Lacey no [the group all looked at this with a surprised look as Lucy looked at her possibly dead sister with a sad it can’t be like look as a tear was in her eyes saying] Lace, no ….Get up, please

the Anti Warrior  sarcastically: Aw where did your joking nature go Lucy, is it as dead as your sister is

Lucy heard that shouting: You Freaky Mutt!

as she then fired air out of her hands in a crossed way however she didn’t see where the Anti Warrior was so she kept firing around the area even sometimes near her friends yet they seemed to keep their footing barely

Oumijia cold like That kid’s got a tempest temper

Terra shouted back over: Can you blame her after her sister was cut down

Shelda was covering herself until she suddenly heard another annoyed growl from Lance as Shelda looked over at him still confused by his behavior yet she then heard

Desmond: Lucy he's behind you now

Lucy turned around however it was too late as The Anti Warrior pushed her down as Lucy fell to the ground The Anti Warrior his right hand on a scared Lucy

the Anti Warrior looked at her with a crazy look: How would you like to join her in the afterlife!?

Lucy still looking scared as she gazed at The Anti Warriors dead cold eyes

the group who are non Outsiders all said worriedly: Lucy!

Shelda looked worried thinking: This is bad, Lance we've got to do something

Lance then looked crossed while Shelda turned to see him

Lance: Damn it, fine if this is what this hound face Idiot wants then it's us that he gets

Then he pulled his shoulder as Shelda looked at him confused and asked, thinking: Lance, what are you ……

as she suddenly did the same thing as she crashed through the wall and disappeared in a Green Light which took the notice of everyone else in the room including the Anti Warrior who turned his right red eye to what just happened

Vita turning around: Uh what just happened?

Terra looked at this with a confused look: well I've got no idea

The Anti Warrior just chuckled and thought “Ha ha ha, so that's your game, Lance Roger

yet Lucy then notice that the Anti Warrior was distracted: Wait he's distracted now

she then turned her hands into wind and fired back at the Anti Warrior as the gust of wind sent him crashing through the wall Lucy then got up with an annoyed looked as she was then trying to chase the Anti Warrior

Desmond questioned: Lucy, what do you think you're doing?

Lucy looked at him with a crossed look: what do you think, I’m going to get payback on that monster for what he did to Lace!

Terra looked at her: You are just like your sister, your hot headed even for being the younger sibling

Lucy looked at her: yeah well at least this is a good reason to be annoyed than see who's going to challenge Mai later, Terra

Terra closed her eyes with a smirk: Fairpoint Lucy [however she then opened her eyes and had a serious look this time while also saying] However do you really hope to get your payback on him whose stronger than you without a plan, if you do not then you'll die as well

Lucy looked crossed: Yeah I know that, but that hound faced freak killed my sister

Maria: I'm not so sure about that [The three of them then turned around to see Maria who looked at the four bodies while saying] Their heartbeats are still normal, so how can someone is dead have their heart still beating

with this glimmer of hope the three of them had a smile especially Lucy

Lucy: So they're not dead, even Lacey

Maria nodded explaining: Yep, in fact, Lacey, Matt, Mandy, and Flora look to be more asleep than dead

Vita had a curious look: wait hold up a second there, If they're not dead then why did he say he killed them then?

The four in the room admitted to themselves that was a good question that Vita asked for once

Oumijia explained crossing his arms saying: probably because he believed he did [ as the group looked at Oumijia who explained] By the way they looked it would seem this Anti Warrior was  toying with us or something was holding him back

as they had more time to think

Desmond said putting his hand under his chin: Hm, You could be right,

Lucy looked at the wall that the Anti Warrior was blasted through with a confused look

Lucy: Hey I don’t know if you guys noticed but Hound face is taking a long time to get out of the wall

Desmond looked worried: No, I can’t sense the Anti Warrior’s energy now, so where is he?

Terra looked at this serious: Probably gone after the Soul Warrior

Vita looking at this with a shock

Oumijia curious: Soul Warrior…that's the thing that This Anti Warrior said he wanted to kill, a savior to this Tengoku world. What is the whole story about this?

Lucy remembered: OH right you and little mick grouchy weren't there where you

Vita looked crossed: Little Mick Grouchy, oh you're going to wish that fanged face would've killed you

yet when this was going

Maria was looking around thinking: Wait a sec, where did Shelda go?

Just with that thought, Maria’s eyes went into a panic as she understood something and then started to run away from the group

Vita: Hey Maria what are you doing?

Maria then called back to the group: I've got a hunch, but if I’m right then that means you guys have got to follow me now

Maria was out of sight the group all looked at each other

Terra serious: I think Maria’s right we better

Husk's: GRallAGHgagagagaga

the group all heard a new voice growled however they all recognized the eerie sounds of a Huck with that they turned around and saw in horror that it was indeed the Hucks

Terra put her sword out: Huck’s great of all the bad timing

Desmond however looked down at the unconscious body's: No it's far worse than that everyone who's knocked out won't be able to stop their soul from getting eaten

as some Hucks then tried to take the opportunity of trying to suck the soul out of the four who were knocked out but were blown away by a wind caused by Lucy

Lucy: Noone sucks  my sister or the others souls up, you're going to have to get past her younger sister to do it

Lucy jumped in front of it with Desmond jumping to her right and Terra to her left

Desmond looked at Oumijia while: I’m sure you two wouldn't mind going after Maria to help her right

Oumijia had a smirk: Pff not a problem, but I’m doing this only because I want those points nothing more, nothing less got it

Desmond looked at him with a serious look: I don’t care for those points Oumijia [ as Desmond then punched a Husk through the stomach and said]I Just want someone to stop that Anti Warrior so get going

Oumijia nodded as he and Vita ran after Maria

Terra was looking at this with a nervous look thinking: This is so wrong [she hit a Husk with her sword first and then turned her hand into a rock like fist and punched a Husk through the skull while thinking again] there are more Husk than last time, does this mean Vorvalli is coming back soon

Terra sweated at the thought of that she had not forgotten what Vorvalli did to her last time and the monster it is.

Meanwhile, in the Hallway, it was revealed that both Shelda and Lance switched and Lance was seen running in the halls

Shelda who appeared in her Pink ghost form: Wow hey, Lance slow down, I’m getting tired as well from all this running you know

Lance looked back: Not yet, not the right place besides The Ant Warriors still following us

Shelda looked confused while crossing her arms: It's Anti Warrior, you missed the I and wait when have you ever run away from a fight, That's usually my thing

Lance however with a smirk: who said I was running?  [Shelda looked at Lance with a look which made her not sure what Lance meant, lucky for her Lance explained]  In Case you've forgotten, it's us this freaks after so I got the heck out of there while running and raising My soul energy so he would follow us [Shelda looked at him with a shocked like expression which caused Lance to asked] what’s that look for?

Shelda looking at him: I’m just surprised you did something smart for once

Lance looked at her madly: Oh so fighters on the street are always supposed to be dumb

Shelda replied with a joke like tone: Sorry it's just that you usually think more with your fist than your head, so you also did it to save everyone else there?

Lance looked at her while looking cold: Pff I still don’t care about them but this maniac broke the number one rule of being a fighter, you never hit a child [ as he then banged his fist together saying] and I’m going to make him pay “

Shelda sighed in disappointment: Great now that’s the Lance that I remember [however she then looked at him] But then what's going to happen now, I mean you can’t run forever

Lance then with a smile: Hm, it's like I said, I’m not running [as he then burst through the Double Doors to the Gym and stood there saying] I’m just changing the board

Shelda looked around: wow smart thinking, the lights on so The Anti Warrior can’t hide in the shadows now

Lance looked at Shelda at first confused: He can’t ……[he then pretended as he knew] I Mean I knew that

Shelda looked at him with a look of doubt: No you didn’t

However, in that slight second, they both felt it as there was also a chilling familiar laugh

The Anti Warrior: Ha ha ha ha ha

Lance looked at this: He's here

Shelda who couldn't help but be a little bit scared: yeah I know

as they both saw one of the Anti Warriors claws claw the door as he entered it with a look at Lance who looked at him determined  

The Anti Warrior: what’s that, I spy with my little eye something beginning with the Savior of the streets, I didn’t think you would come out [He then sighed sarcastically] Huuu, I was so looking forward to taking the life of Shelda to kill you as well but looks like I'll have to do it the other way

as he then tried to strike Lance who dodged quickly as they then got into a flurry of punches and kicks as they pushed each other back

Lance looking at him: You think it's going to be that easy freak [as they both charge at each other and however as The Anti Warrior tried to claw Lance, The Savior of the Streets dodged and said ] Think AGAIN! [as he then uppercut the Anti Warrior with his eye’s closed  sending them to the wall with that Lance then hit The Anti Warrior over and over again with left and right’s saying annoyed]  People say I’m cold at least I have some dumb respect to not kill kids

however, as Lance was hitting him he then saw that The Anti Warrior opened his eye that told Lance something as he jumped back with a shocked look

Shelda seeing this had a concerned look: Lance, what's the matter why did you stop?

Lance simply said with an angry look: Darn it he couldn't of

Shelda looked at this with a confused look: hu?

as then she saw for herself

the Anti Warrior walked out with a chuckle: ha ha ha, what did you call those, Punches I've felt feather’s that hit harder

Lance looked crossed:  Damn it, so you weren't hurt, you were toying with me

The Anti Warrior however felt his cheek: Ha ha ha, Nah you did hurt me Little Lance but at the same time I like pain ha ha ha

Both Lance and Shelda looked at him with a surprised look

Lance: You like Pain, you've got to be kidding

The Anti Warrior chuckled saying: Hahahahahaha yes ......Yes I would say that you and I are at the same level of power, why I would say that would make us the same as your siblings

Lance looked at him annoyed: Stop it you're nothing like me

The Anti Warrior chuckled again:  ha I know, unlike me you can feel pain

as then in a quick second, he managed to strike Lance’s shoulder with his claws  however unlike the other time's Lance didn’t go unconscious but he did fall to his right knee for a second holding the side that while saying

Lance in pain: Damn that Smarts ahh

the Anti Warrior looked at this with a confused look in his eyes:  Hm, you're not dead how can that be?

Lance then held his side:  Ha simple mutt face, I moved slightly more to the right so I wouldn't get the full force from that

he then still felt his side

The Anti Warrior got the idea: Hahaha clever, but not clever enough I'm afraid, it looks to me like another shot from me is going to put you out of your misery

he then started to run to where Lance was who had a crossed look he knew that he wouldn't be able to counter that however, that's when he suddenly glowed Pink to his and The Anti Warrior’s confusion after the Pink Light Shelda switched with Lance and kicked the Anti Warrior

Shelda: Take this freak

as the Anti Warrior was kicked so hard that he  felt the floorboards causing damage on to the ground as Shelda landed on her feet she then heard

Lance:  Shelda why the heck did you switch with me?

Shelda told him with a serious tone: why not, I felt that pain from the shoulder two, and if he had connected with another one then we would both be dead so I had to [yet she then looked at her shoulder as the claw marks were gone] but now I think when one of us switches it heals that injury

Lance however looked over: That’s great and all but, what’s your plan now that you ticked him off

Shelda then turned around and saw with a horror the Anti Warrior was getting back up while fixing his shoulder as

Shelda had a I Messed up like look: Um right, I didn’t think of that

Lance looked at her with a crossed look: Didn't think, hey that’s my job

However, they both then heard another chuckle as they both saw  the Anti Warrior looked at her

The Anti Warrior:  Ha ha ha, so you decided to pop up again lovely little Shelda “[He then had an insane like look] This is great, now I can kill the weaker half of the Soul Warrior witch well then kill the Strong half ha ha ha

Shelda looked at him with a crossed look while saying: Like how you killed all those students, including those two kids. I know sometimes he can be a jerk but If there’s one thing I can agree with Lance on is that attacking them is going way too far

The Anti Warrior chuckled: Do you believe I care, I’m the Anti Warrior…..I am the complete opposite of you and Lance, and it is my destiny to kill you but besides that [He then chuckled] I couldn't help it if Matt and Mandy got in my way so I put them out of their misery

Shelda looked at him with a sad yet angry look:  You're sick!

The Anti Warrior then chuckled: Sick Hahaha [as he then started to charge right at a worried Shelda while saying]  If you think that’s sick, I can’t wait to see your face after what I do to you

Shelda looked nervous as she suddenly Heard

Lance  in her head: Shelda switch with me now before he gets closer

Shelda then nodded: Right

however, just when she was about to switch, The Anti Warrior’s claws seemed like they hit something else which confused both Shelda, Lance, and the Anti Warrior with the Latter asked

The Anti Warrior: What?

Maria: Sorry mind if I cut in

Shelda heard as she finally saw the whole pitcher as the Anti Warrior's claw hit a red pipe as someone was holding the pipe Shelda’s eyes went wide

Lance said in a surprised fashion:  Wow is that?

Shelda confusa:  Maria?

Maria had a smile as she looked at Shelda while she then turned back to The Anti Warrior and pushed him back with her pipe shot

The Anti Warrior looked at her:  Well, well, well…….if it isn't little Maria Hikings, what brings you to this lovely fight

Maria looked at The Anti Warrior annoyed:  You should know, I want to make you pay for hurting my friends the way you did

The Anti Warrior looked at her: Ha ha ha, not happy that I killed your little adopted family well tough luck

Maria however had a smirk: See, that's where you're wrong… may think you killed the others but they're still pretty much alive

This news shocked the Anti Warrior: hu?

Shelda looked at Maria: Wait Maria what are you saying ? “

Maria explained looking back at Shelda: what I’m saying is, the others are not dead. I can feel their heartbeat and breaths remember I got that sense from the four knocked out, there just in the same state as Bobby, Shanna, and Glawny are

Shelda then had a happy look: That’s great  [ she then thought] Hey Lance you hear that Matt and Mandy are alive with the others

Lance in his green ghost like form: Ha that’s right, now I can deal with Crimson knowing he’s alive now

Shelda looked at Lance and thinking: ahhh really, you're still on this topic right now even with this insane monster is in front of us and Maria

however, they were cut off by the Anti Warrior laughing

The Anti Warrior: Hahaha, so it looks as if I wasn't using as much power when I took them down. Oh well better start to use a little bit more power then

As he then sharpened his claws

Maria however held the pipe up and aimed it at him] Not going to be that easy

The Anti Warrior chuckled as he realized what Maria was saying: Ha ha ha, you think you can take me on hahaha what an unfunny ……

However Maria then hit him on the side of the head with her pipe as The Anti Warrior took a few steps back, Maria had a smirk to the shock of Both Shelda and Lance

Maria to the Anti Warrior: You were saying

The Anti Warrior then felt the side of his head that Maria hit and for the first time since appearing

The Anti Warrior looked crossed: GRR just a lucky shot

as he then tried to claw Maria however she just dodged it and then delivered another smack to the Anti Warrior with her pipe to his stomach as the Anti Warrior then started to cough from the pain

Maria looked at him with a serious look: Not so fun when it happens to you Huh

The Anti Warrior looked at Maria: Say’s you, but I like pain ….However, it was a fluke that you were able to hit me just with that pipe I bet in a real fight you would never be able to defeat me

Maria looked at the Anti Warrior while blinking: You think so. [she then looked confident and said with a smile] then let's test this theory of yours [she then tossed the pipe in the air and suddenly looked  ready to fight as The Anti Warrior then made an insane look with his eyes and tried to strike with a claw however Maria ducked under and then proceeded to hit the Anti Warrior with punches and kicks witch after it the Anti Warrior fell to his knees as then Maria grabbed the Pipe after it fell back down into her hand as she said with a smile] Checkmate

Shelda could not believe what she was seeing while thinking: wow Maria’s incredible, the Anti Warrior couldn't even land a single blow on her

Lance was looking at this speechless at the power of Maria was showing off….and more of her soul energy was revealed while this was going on

The Anti Warrior could not believe this crossly: No, this can’t be ….Me the Anti Warrior losing to a Human …..Impossible I can not …..

Maria then hit him with her Pipe You know what your problem is?[ she then proceeded to hit him again with the pipe saying] YOU [and again] Talk [and again] TOO] And one final time to the back of the neck] MUCH now sit![the Anti Warrior then looked as if he was knocked out as Maria looked at him with a smile] Good boy [as she then walked towards a still stalled Shelda as she said in a big sister like way: You ok Shelda?

That broke Shelda’s train of thought

Shelda: Oh….Um yeah, Thanks Maria [she then looked like she was surprised a lot] But when did you learn to fight like that, you were hitting him so fast I couldn't even see you move

Maria had a smile and said proudly: What, you didn’t think of all the weird stuff that’s going on at this School that Dad wouldn't give me some classes to defend myself right

Shelda had a smile: is that what that was, guess he was thinking ahead right

however Lance was looking at Maria with confusion in his eye, there was something he noticed about that Fight with the Anti Warrior that Shelda didn’t see however he two lost his train of thought when he heard

Maria: It's fine but I’m sure what I can do can’t compare to these Soul Warrior powers you've got

Shelda and Lance both looked as if  they've been caught out as

Shelda tried to deny it: what, Maria I don’t know what your talking about I’m not the Soul Warrior if that's what you're saying “

Maria however crossed her arms while unknown to her the Anti Warrior opened his right eye as

Maria serious: Don’t try to hide secrets from me, I know you're the Soul Warrior Shelda because that Fanged face was trying to kill you if I didn’t show up [she then looked a little to her right] Plus, you and him both left the room at the same time so it can’t be a coincidence [Shelda had a nervous look Maria looked like she was getting the idea of something :] I get it, this is something to do with you having to keep it a secret, I understand that but I have to know what’s going on so mind telling me

Shelda looked nervous: Maria, it's not just that it's …..[ suddenly she saw something and said looking worried] Lookout!

Maria looked confused however it was two late behind her she got attacked by a devastating Red Soul blast to the back that knocked her down

Shelda looked over with a worried look: Maria!

Shelda then looked and saw with her horror

The Anti Warrior was back up with an insane laugh: Ha, haha I love it when they don’t see the hit coming

Shelda looked crossed at how The Anti Warrior was making a joke about this: You, Your despicable, She had her back turned

However unknown to Shelda, Maria was slightly awake

The Anti Warrior joked while holding his claws: Hahaha, well excuse me Little Mrs. Soul Warrior, But that’s what Miss Hikings gets for making a mockery of me it hurt my pride

Shelda looked crossed again at him: Pride, what's this got to do with Pride?

The Anti Warrior looked at her looking as if he stare could kill: Everything, legend says that out of the six, the Soul Warrior is the most powerful of us, however, I can’t stand that ideal so I will kill you and Lance Roger to feed my pride

Shelda and Maria  were both stunned by this however for two different reasons Shelda like Lance were confused about the number six of them while Maria was confused by when The Anti Warrior said about Lance, as in Lance Roger what does he have to do with this

Shelda asked the obvious question: Hold on, what do you mean by the six of us?

The Anti Warrior then chuckled: haha, ha so it looks as if you don’t know well you didn’t think you weren't the only Amalgamate did you?

Shelda looked confused: Amalgamate?

The Anti Warrior then put his hand out and suddenly a big ball of energy in a taunting way: Too Bad, so sad …'ll never get that answer haha, ha

the ball grew to giant size of a hot air balloon as he then  started to throw it towards Shelda as she stood in fear of it

Lance even told her in her head: Shelda what are you doing, get out of there now before it hits you

Shelda then got back to her senses however just as she was going to leave she remembered: Wait, Maria! [as she then tried to get her away from it she then suddenly noticed that the ball was then going back to the Anti Warrior ? as this was going on Shelda let out a confused] Hu?  

The Anti Warrior who looked surprised by this to move: What no way Impossi…..[ he was then hit by his attack yelled out] GAH !!!

Shelda then blinked: wow what just happened?

Lance then asked in her head again: what makes you think I know?

Vita: I Happened

Shelda then turned around and saw with her own eyes: Oumijia, Vita

Vita walked over while clapping her hands: Yep you can thank us later Little Red Hondon Princess

Shelda looked at them: But how did you do that if that was you, Vita

Vita looking crossed at Shelda: not that it's any of your business but that’s my gift, I can control anyone's energy blast even when they come from the other person

Oumijia then put his hand out:  Enough of this, tell me Red Houndon we came here to not only get the points but also because we were following Maria, so tell me where she is?

Shelda then remembered again and moved to the side: Right, Maria she got attacked by the Anti Warrior badly

as the two Outsider member's looked at their knocked out friend with a really worried look

Oumijia: That Worthless Mutt Hurt Maria!

as he and Vita both started to get crossed grabbing their fist madly

Shelda looked at them with a nervous look: Um yeah, he fired a blast to her back when she wasn't looking

Vita sounded crossed now: that coward, we well ma….make him suffer

after that Shelda noticed as both Oumijia and Vita were glowing aura around them red and Blue in that order as their pupils also disappear

Shelda thinking: wait what’s going on with them?

However, as soon as she asked that the smoke from the Attacked cleared

The Anti Warrior looked a little bit more damaged with cuts and bruises all around him as he looked at the Outsiders: AH if it isn't Oumijia and Vita hahaha you two surprised me with that little sneak attack but don’t think I'll let my guard down again your little bug’s

Vita still in her crossed like form: Funny how you mentioned Bugs because after what you did to Maria we are going to crush you

The Anti Warrior with a chuckle:  Ha I like to see you tr……[however in super speed like fashion Oumijia from out of nowhere Punched The Anti Warrior in the stomach hard as a shocked Anti Warrior looked at Oumijia

The Anti Warrior: what but how did you?

Oumijia double ax handle The Anti Warrior to near Vita who then punched the Anti Warrior to the ground as he then trailed the ground as he was on the Ground

Vita then kicked the Anti Warrior over and over: this is what you get you wolf freak

Oumijia then said as Vita stepped back

Oumijia: Time to end this

as Oumijia then put his index finger out and then billions of tennis sized energy balls started to fire at the Anti Warrior hurting him however unknown to anybody, The Anti Warrior looked as if he was enjoying it

Shelda had a nervous look and thought: Hold on, why's his soul energy increasing?

Lance shouting: Shelda switch with me now

she heard Lance say in her head again as he was shouting

Shelda then thought holding her ears: Lance, why did you have to shout, I’m the only one who can only hear you

Lance: Yeah well I had to get your darn attention because of the noise those two are making I was worried you couldn't hear me but that doesn't matter quick switch with me now since everyone's distracted

Shelda thought curiously: Why do you want to switch so badly?

Lance admitted saying: You can sense it two, the wolf face is getting stronger, not weaker so switch so I can kick his butt

Shelda thought back to him: That won't solve anything Lance if he is getting stronger but I think I have a better idea once we do switch

Lance looked at her: I’m listening [after she explained her plan Lance said to her]  what, but I don’t care about those two

Shelda looked at him waving her finger thinking: It's my only offer, Lance, take it or leave it

Lance crossed his arms: Pff fine, but you owe me Shelda

they were about to switch they, however, did not see Maria slightly opened her eyes as she saw Shelda suddenly glow in green a green light and to Maria’s surprise Lance was standing were Shelda was

Maria couldn’t believe it thinking: Lance? what the

Lance then ran over just as Oumijia had stopped the two of them then took a deep breath looking down at the seemly dead Anti Warrior as they returned to normal

Lance  in a crossed way: Hay

both the Outsiders members turned around they couldn't believe who they saw as they had heard the legends

Oumijia looked at him: Lance Roger?

Lance looked at him: So you know who I am

Vita looking at him: Really, well we're not fans of your's boy

Lance looked at her and said crossed with his fist out: Boy!

Oumijia crossed his arms: it's just as she said, You're just a Parody of being a fighter and you wouldn't last two seconds against any of us

Lance then put his fist out if there was a fire in his eyes: Parody why don’t I show ……

Shelda: Lance!

Lance heard Shelda say as she was in her Pink ghost form and pointed crossly to a nearly Unconscious Maria

Lance then gripped his other hand in a fist looking down: Nevermind, anyways look the Anti Warriors dead, so you can go tell the old lady you've beaten him as long as you take Maria to her as well

the two of the Outsiders had a look of confusion

Vita then started to taunt: Haha, looks like the So called Savior of the Streets is really a loser of the str….

Oumijia: That's enough Vita …

Vita looked confused at what Oumijia said as he crossed his arms

Oumijia: This little wanna be hero is right, we better take Maria to the Reserved wing well deal with him some other time

Oumijia and Lance then stared at each other as if they knew someday, don’t know when don’t know how but they knew one day they were going to fight as the two of them then walked away with

Vita for some odd reason took a photo on her phone of the Anti Warrior: Yes Evidence those points are in the bag

Oumijia picked Maria up by her legs and back with a sad looked as he looked at her face he had a look of guilt as he started to walk away with her and Vita at his side

Maria was still looking at Lance and thought: Shelda, Lance what, what's going on with you two?

they were out of sight Shelda looked at an annoyed Lance and strangely felt a little bit bad for him that was until ……..

The Anti Warrior: Hahaha [they both turned around and saw the Anti Warrior was back up] so the Great Lance has a kind side, not wanting dear little Maria to get even more hurt

Lance looked at him with a serious look: Hm get real, it was Shelda who came up with that I only agreed as long as I get to beat your skull in with no distractions

as he then punched his hand in a palm

the Anti Warrior: Really then I’ll let you try …..[however to the shocked as the Anti Warrior turned around] Another day

as the Anti Warrior started to walk away

Lance put his hand out in a fist: where are you going, are you chickening out?

The Anti Warrior in a smirk like way: Chickening out, now why would I do that, you were so weak and pathetic when you took me on right now that there's no point in killing you and your pink ghost pet

Shelda then shouted: PET HAY I'M NO PET!

Lance was holding his ears: and you get annoyed when I shout?

Shelda apologized: Whoops sorry forgot only you could hear me, Lance

The Anti Warrior: Now who said your little Soul Partner is the only one to hear you little Pink Girl

Shelda had a shocked look as he stared at the Anti Warrior who had a smirk like look: wait you can see me as well

Lance put his hand on his face: at this point, does this surprise you, man we're bad at this keeping it a secret thing

The Anti Warrior then chuckled evilly: Hmhmhm, yes. But lucky for you, I have decided to let you live until another day

Lance looked at him with a serious crossed look: Yeah, why I thought you came to kill us

The Anti Warrior looking at him: hahaha, that was my plan, but you can thank that blast Oumijia did to help me remember you have a date with Zhon Gear at the end of the year, isn't that right? [Lance and Shelda looked at him with a concerned look as The Anti Warrior looked into his claw] Would be more fun to kill you then, and to prove my dominance over you to kill the Ice Avenger who defeated you both before to make me the without question the strongest Amalgamate Warrior of the six

Lance looked at him with a crossed look gripping his hand into a fist: Keep dreaming, you maybe able to somehow get stronger but there's no chance you'll be on that Old man’s level[ as Lance however had a smirk] and I don’t plan on losing to Zhon or you again so if you want to join the fight me and Pinky here then fine

Shelda just give Lance a crossed look

the Anti Warrior chuckled: ah same old Lance, Just like, Bobby, Glawny, Crimson and Geno you are an idiot fool who thinks just with his fist how easy it was for me to take you down before when you acted in anger than with your head

Lance looked crossed at that but he was interrupted

Shelda had an annoyed look: That’s enough![ this was a surprise to both Lance and The Anti Warrior as Shelda looked at the Anti Warrior while with a determined look] I've had it with you, how do you know all of our names, who are you really, and what's an Amalgamate?

The Anti Warrior chuckled: Hmhmhm noisy aren't we Shelda alright I’ll tell you the first two things but an Amalgamate is something that you two we'll have to figure out some other time

Shelda looked curious as two of them looked at the Anti Warrior

Lance: Alright then fess up who are you then?

The Anti Warrior chuckled: hahaha, Now why would I just tell you who I am, that's no fun. I’ll let you have the fun of trying to peel this information with the clue I shall give you

Lance looked at the Anti Warrior:  what Clue?

The Anti Warrior: Tell me, Lance, how much do you truly trust everybody at this Tengoku High?

Lance looked confused by the question however he just shrugged it off smirk: Ha, not much when I came here, The only one who I trust is G but I am also forced to Trust Shelda [ He then looked at him with a serious look] But I know, that they are not as worse as you

The Anti Warrior chuckled again: hahaha, are you sure…..Even though we are opposites we are also two sides of the same coin. Because there's more we have in common than you think we're pretty much the same you and I

Lance looked at him crossed: I’m nothing like you freak

The Anti Warrior again chuckled: ha, ha, ha are you sure about that, we both like to fight, we both have the same drive and I need you to concentrate for this one ……[he then looked at them with an insane like look saying] and we both go to the same school hahaha

this shocked both Lance and Shelda

Shelda: wait a sec, so you're one of the students who go here?

The Anti Warrior chuckled again: Correction I am two of them, this is like you the two souls fused together to create the ultimate Amalgamate you see before you

Lance looked at him: So that’s why you say we're a lot alike

Shelda was confused but not just at that, it was the fact the Anti Warrior keep saying he was I and not we, why if this form of his was supposed to be made of two souls then should he say we, of course, her and Lance can’t do that because they take turns

The Anti Warrior chuckled:  Hahaha so it's a good thing you can’t seem to trust anyone so you and your little Pink Friend can watch your backs because you don’t know where I am or who I am to stab it [ as he then walked forward to Lance and said in a taunting way] But you know what I hope your lovely little brothers and sister watch as I tear you two apart limb from limb in front of their little eyes [this suddenly made Lance crossed while Shelda looked worried as the Anti Warrior then chuckled while then saying insanely] and then, I might you know Deal with your little vermin siblings after all kids sure love a good time right

Lance: DON'T YOU DARE!!”

Out of nowhere, Lance put his Hand out as a giant green beam hit a surprised Anti Warrior and sent him to the Wall and made him crash through it to both Lances and Shelda’s surprised at the soul energy blast as the Latter looked at Lance

Shelda: Wow Lance what was that?

Lance looked at his hand with a small smile: ha, looks like I can turn my soul energy into attacks now?

Shelda looked at him with a confused look at her partner: You mean the Energy that Master X showed us months ago, so he threatened Jester, Mome and G tricked yours?

Lance then turned his hand into a fist: Hm looks like it

The Anti Warrior: Hahahaha [as the two of them then heard the Anti Warrior laugh] Good, looks like your better already catch you later at the end of the year and the end of your life

Both Lance and Shelda looked around with Lance looking to the right while Shelda to the left

Lance looking serious: Looks like he's gone now, I’m not picking up a trace of his Soul Energy

Shelda looked at him: That's good that means we can go to the Hospital wing with no worries

Lance looked confused while crossing his arms: The Hospital wing why do you want to go there were not Injured

Shelda looked at him: Because I want to see if everyone else is alright [she then crossed her arms] And they might be worried about us considering the fact the Outsiders and Maria lastly saw us fighting him. I don’t want them to think we …..

Lance crossed his arms and sighed: Alright already I get it, man you really owe me big time for all these favors maybe let me have the body for the rest of the day and we have a deal

as he started to walk

Shelda reminded him: fine but we still got to explain why I’m not with you to face them

Lance explained: Not a problem we can just say you got injured and I took you back to red houndon

Shelda then explained: Um no three problems with that first, were going to the hospital wing, second Terra’s there so if  she asked somebody else I was there then they would point out I was not there and Finally the Doctor well try to see me

Lance looked over: Fine then you make up some reason

Shelda just looked away to the right: That's right I will

however behind the wall of where

The Taskmaster was looking at this with an interesting look thinking: He those two are getting more powerful [he then looked focus and said to himself ] it's about time for me to strike

At the Hospital Wing

Lance opened the door and walked into the hospital wing: Anyone home?

Terra, Desmond, Leo, and Missy: Shoosh!

Lance heard as he saw Terra, Desmond, Leo, and Missy all say to him while Geno and Figla were crossing their arms in annoyed like fashion while Lucy  was looking at her sister Lacey who was on the first bed in row four the others beside her was Matt, Mandy, Geamā who had a yellow flower in a pot near hers, Ipushiron which he had a handheld game on his desk and Bobby, on the other side in that order was Crimson, Ruby, Fiora, Shanna, Glawny, Dan the Man and Maria who had a Rose on hers all of who were still recovering from being attacked by the Anti Warrior with those three claw marks in purple energy on their side seeing this shocked Shelda as Lance unknowing what Shelda was feeling

Lance crossed a little: hay what's the big idea, I come in after surviving a darn battle with fanged face and you all say shoosh

Terra was the first to speak  Newsflash, Genius we all survived our battles with The Anti Warrior the rest of us here also took on Hucks

Lance sounded confused: Husks?

Missy putting her hand on her hips: They were possibly there because all the laid out people would be a Soul buffet to those sick freaks

Leo added a joke: Ha well lucky for us Souls weren't on the menu no a knuckle sandwiches were  [The group beside Lucy all looked at him with looks that told him his joke was stupid even Geno as Leo as he repeated] oh come on guys, Knuckle sandwiches, as in they got their butts handed to them get it?

Lance, Terra, Geno, Figla, Missy, and Lucy:  No

Figla looked at him with an annoyed tone: your jokes are almost as stupid as that of Dan’s [as she then thought to herself] Darn why are some Humans so dumb

Leo trying to make his case: No it is funny guess you guys don’t have a funny bone  

Lance looked crossed at him: That’s what happens when you have a brother who jokes a lot now can it Beo

Leo looked at him: Hey the Name's Leo, not Beo get it to your thick skull

Geno just sighed: Pff Leo stay down and quit embarrassing yourself

Leo then took a breath: alright whatever

Terra looked at Lance again: Hey wait a sec, Lance have you seen Shelda around, last I check she went through the wall screaming

Lance just crossed his arms: who Bookworm, yeah she's alright just going around the other Classes to make sure nobody else got attacked by Wolfy [suddenly Lance felt pain in his hand as if someone had nipped it he then turned around Shelda who had a crossed look as Lance asked thinking] what now

Shelda looked at him: You called me Bookworm again

Lance thought back: Not everybody here does not know I started calling you by your real name so I’m still hiding our secret

Shelda looked at him again crossed while thinking: That’s no excuse

Desmond: Ha got to admit Shelda’s a kind girl [Lance and Shelda then stopped arguing] But anyway she's like you can't do everything by herself, the more head’s the better the chance at victory especially when Both Zhon and The Anti Warrior are coming back

The group was looking at Desmond with a surprised look as

Figla curious: Wait, but I thought both Oumijia and Vita said they killed the Anti Warrior they even give presents to Ipushiron

Desmond shook his head: No, something tells me that they didn’t know the Anti Warrior is alive….and I've got a feeling they are both coming back at the end of the year

This came as a shock to Lance and Shelda. How did Desmond guess that perfectly? yet there was another person shocked about this

Terra was frozen in place while sweating a bit she thought to herself: But with, those two Soul Levels as well as the many ones here that means

As she had a flashback to two years ago, she remembered she was still a little bit inexperienced; she was on her knees as she remembered a Titanic eight foot shadow with bright purple eyes looking at her as Terra looked up at it the Shadow then opened its mouth which all was heard was billions of screams until ….

Missy: Terra![Terra snapped out of her trance looking at where she was as Missy asked looking at Missy who asked her] You alright Mam?

Terra tried to act cool: Um yeah, nothing to worry about [Before turning around thinking to herself again: No there's still not enough power for that monster to come

she then slowly took a deep breath until everybody heard a new voice say


the group all turned around as they saw someone shocking to them walk in while pushing a trolley with food on it with MR Bemastra walking beside her the Group who know this woman said at the same time

Leo, Terra, Figla, Missy, and Lucy: COOKSHI?

Cookshi then walked in with a confused looked: Huh, wow I didn’t expect to see so many visitors, Hey guys

the group all looked at her with confusion

Leo: Hey aren't you supposed to be in class right now

Cookshi smiled: Um the class is over now, but because I want to be a great Chef when I’m older Rehcaet wanted me to help MR Bemastra cook and serve the patients food and drink after it then heals them

Lance looked at her: Heal them?

Cookshi smiled again: Yep that's my Gift silly, I heal while having great fighting abilities, and to top it all off I’m one heck of a cook [as she then walked over to a worried Looking Lucy and said with a happy tone] no need to worry about your sister Lucy, she’ll be back to normal in about an hour or so

Lucy looked at her with a smile: Thanks, good that she's waking up soon I’m usually the sleepy one

Crimson: Wha….hey wait where am I?  [The group all heard a voice say as they both heard a voice at Crimson’s bed as Crimson was upon his sheets looking around] The Hospital Wing, great Hospital food, always bad

Bemastra: I would not say so Young Fool [Crimson turned his head and saw that Mr. Bemastra said while eating a Burrito] The Young Cooks Burritos Are most delicious indeed

He then took another bite off of it. Crimson looked at MR Bemastra: Ok old guy eating a burrito, now this has to be the wackiest hospital I've ever been in. Why am I here again?

Desmond looked at him: You are here because like everybody else who's injured you got attacked by the Anti Warrior

Crimson looked clueless: Anti Warrior? [he then remembered and said with a worried look] oh yeah that freak

Crimson then turned to his sister and then quickly checked her out to everybody’s confusion

Lucy popped up and asked Lance: Hey what's redhead doing?[Lance however looked at this with a crossed look like he did not care as Lucy joked] OK seems like you're not as cool as your little brother

Figla: So I'll repeat what little Kim said. What are you doing?

Lucy: Little Kim!

Crimson answers looking at her: That wolf faced freak was trying to hurt Ruby before hitting me I wanted to make sure she was alright

Lance looked at this with a cold stare

Terra looking at this: I Get it, it was one of his stupid games

Crimson looked crossed as he remembered it: Yes I remember, he was taunting me with those sharp claws of his, saying he was going to cut her to ribbons no big brother would have to go through that

Lance shouted: HYPOCRITE![ the group turned to face a crossed Lance as unknown to them Shelda looked nervous as Lance looked at Crimson crossed] YOU THINK THAT'S UNFAIR, NOW THAT SHOES ON THE OTHER FOOT, YOU’VE GOT NO RIGHT TO SAY THAT AFTER WHAT YOU DID TO ME YEARS AGO!

the group all looked confused by this they were asking themselves why Lance was reacting this way, he's an older brother to G and not to a sister

Crimson then had a sympathetic look: Right, that. Sigh [he then looked down] Lance, I know. We've fought on the streets before many times and I know I troll you a lot but deep down I’m sorry for what I did

Lance however looked crossed again and said as he was going to turn his hand into a fist: Your sorry, Sorry’s not going to bring her back

Shelda: Lance No!

Lance then heard Shelda say in his head: You can’t hit him when he's down

Lance thought to her with a crossed look: Come on you expect me to believe his lies he's just setting everybody up for something I know it

Shelda then told him with a sympathetic voice: I don’t know for sure, he seems like he's telling the truth, but then again you know him longer than me, but weaver he's lying or not, if you hit him people well think you're just as bad as him or worse and he will be the good guy in there eyes

Lance then realized as he hated to admit Shelda was right, he then turned his fist back into a normal hand and looked at him: If you think, I Believe you, then think again after everything that you've done I can not, will not forgive you

Crimson smirked: Ha I expected as much [However the next second Crimson looked right at Lance's eyes with determination] Well believe this, I will find this Anti Warrior and I will kill him with my own hands

both the rivals looked at each other as if there was a fire in their eyes the group looked at how awkward this was but Geno and Leo on the other hand give up a different kind of look, a look as if they know something in the midst of all of this a voice then said in Lance's Head

Master X: What do you think you're doing young lad? [ Lance then turned to the side a little but not too much as he and Shelda in her ghost form looked at Bemastea who said in his Master X Voice to them Telepathically as everything as if it was standing still]  why are you getting annoyed with this foolish, um what's the word you youngsters said, Troll?

Shelda continued to watch

Lance looked crossed again and Thought: it's none of your business Old Man you don’t even know why  ….

Master X: that he had a hand in Claire's abduction?

Lance's eyes went wide

Shelda finally interrupted: Wait Master X how did you know about Clare?

Master X Thought to them serious: You think I can’t read souls  easily how disrespectful indeed why I also know about Levy as well [Shelda eyes went wide as she touched her back remembering her past, she never thought anyone could be as cold as Levy but now that she meet this Anti Warrior she's not so sure anymore however Master X then said to them in a guidance way] Listen, Lance, Shelda you both do have great potential but you must leave the past where it is for now on the last day of the year, you must find a way to defeat both Zhon and the Anti Warrior, Two concerning over your past, your Foes will easily kill you

Shelda then nodded looking with a smile: Don’t worry Master X whoever the Anti Warrior is, well find out and stop him from doing anymore harm

Lance then looked out the window and thought: Hmm, yeah no problem whoever this is there going to get a butt whooping from yours truly

Out of the window, it showed a Full Moon out

Narrator: as they barely survived the attack of the Anti Warrior. Now Lance and Shelda have two foes to worry about at the end of Year brawl. Well, Lance and Shelda be ready to battle both Zhon Gear and The Anti Warrior. Well, they battle other foes?. Find out next time on Soul Warrior X

[After the Credits ]

Lance: Terra and Ryu are fighting I want in!

Shelda: Lance, you do know I’m the only person who can hear you right?

Lance: I forgot for a sec. Ok then I want to switch

Shelda: Hu fine let's ….wait a sec a box landed in Red Houndon!

Lance: A Box?

Shelda: Yeah better go check that out.

Shelda: Next time on “ a New Mother, The Baby from the Stars“

Lance: New Mother?

Shelda: Hey, don’t look at me, Lance.