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[Warning. To Understand everything as well as not get spoiled. I suggest you read the 26 episodes to know what is going on ]

As the students were recovering in the hall from the brawl that took place from the top of it Xeon and the Soul Warrior half's appeared into a group of the Amalgamates who were all were now unfused, Brotomore, Sasquatch, Rodney, Rebecca, Kate, Athron, Rale,

Lencelotto, Figla, Danny, Vanessa, Amber, and finally their siblings G, Jester, and Mome

Lucy happily: looks like there back

Mome Crying: Shelda [a crying Mome ran over to her sister hugging her waist which made Shelda look confused and stalled as her little sister cried out]  that look you give .....I thought you were lost to your anger and were never going to go back to normal ......

Shelda looked down at her little sister and then had a sympathetic smile at her saying while rubbing the top of Momes head softly

Shelda feeling bad: sorry for making you feel that way Mome I just couldn't take all the pain and suffering going on anymore and I lashed out. I promise if I do tap into that power again I'll have better control over it

Mome looked up at her: promise?

Shelda nodded with a happy look: promise

Kate however then sighed: it's a good thing both of you are safe, especially you Shelda. It would have Sucked for Tengoku if you got killed or worse

Becks then smiled: Or for the future

Rod however then looked out into the distance: unfortunately, not everyone survived

Shelda looked at him uncertain about what he meant until she with Lance heard a crying cry

Rehcaet heartbroken: Maria!

They then saw in the distance Rehcaet was crying holding his dead daughter with the staff and the students looked on with sadness. Shelda was having tears in her eyes  even Lance, of course, looked annoyed at this until they both felt as doe someone touched Sheldas shoulder revealing to be Mai who told her

Mai with a sad look: Shelda I know this is sad to see but you .......unfortunately can't save everyone. Sadly people we care for well die

Shelda then gently swiped Mai's handoff with tears in her eyes: why Maria.....she didn't deserve it!?

Mai explained again sadly: unfortunately we don't get to choose who dies or worse...[Mai then looked at the area where Sun Bu destroyed all the souls that were inside of Vorvalli] I had a lot of my own friend's whose Souls were inside of Vorvalli that got destroyed by Sun Bu

Shelda however turned her back on everyone while saying with tears in her eyes: I know but. It's not right whenever I was feeling down about doing this job. Whenever I thought I was not good enough or felt down Maria was always there to help me get back up. All she did was wanted to help me get stronger to do this task and this is the thanks she gets getting killed on her birthday no she deserves more

Amber sadly: Shelda I'm sorry [Shelda looked and Saw her friend Amber who said that as she had a sad look on her face as well explaining] It was my Dagger Levy used after all [Amber then hit her head saying annoyed ] why was I so blind. I should have known she was up to something when she knocked me down to save me. No, she didn't want to save me. She used that moment to grab my Damn dagger when I wasn't looking. If I was more alert then Maria would still be alive.

Desmond then crossed his arm and admitted: don't feel bad. This is sad of course but this is nobody's fault the traitors who went here Levy, Tyler, Leo, Geno, and Crimson got us all good. They hid their Soul Energy well that not even the more powerful of soul sense would have told us who they were

the Rogers and Lovehearts looked stunned at this

Lance annoyed: wait, who told you all that Crimson was the blasted Anti Warrior?

Brotomore then spoke out: that slimy girl's eyes may have put us in a trance which caused our damn body's not to move but our minds were still awake so we saw every blasted thing that toadly coward did[ the bounty hunter admitted looking down he revealed with sadness] I've seen much treacherous stuff as a bounty hunter but trapping your sister in your body for power and calling her worthless that's a rare kind of cold that's unheard of

G looked down himself in anger and thought: Ruby.........Crimsons going to pay for what he did to her. I'm more of a brother to her than he is

G felt a pat on the back as he then saw it was

Jester who looked at him with Red: don't worry G well free Ruby. I promise you that

G looked at him saying with a pat on his friend's shoulder and a rub on Reds head: thanks Jester

Matt then also pointed out: yeah that Crimson guy was sneaky we saw him knock the Outsiders out before Levy killed Maria

Shelda curious: the Outsiders, right they were Maria's closest friends, where are they now?

Mandy then pointed out: they weren't here when we woke up, but we want to get back at both of them for what they did right Matt

Matt nodded and said looking at The Abbie Brothers: if you got room for two more to help bring down Crimson and Levy we would happily join

G looked confused: you both want to help us why?

Mandy with a smile: well me and Matt are Amalgamate's right and both of your siblings are Amalgamates as well so any ally to them is an ally to us so of course, we want to help you if that's ok?

G smiled with a thumbs up: right thanks you guys

Keven then admitted: well that is the right idea now that everyone knows your secret identity including the teachers

both Soul Warrior halves looked stunned by this

Shelda: How did the teachers know?

Kyle explained pointing to a Security Camera: they were watching from the Cameras in this room while they also healed Rehcaet so yeah your cover's blown for everybody now

Shelda just sighed

Lance then  looked annoyed in his green ghost form: what did I tell you.....worst....kept.....secret......ever

Lucy then had a smile: hey don't be like that five months is still a good record if you ask me

Lacey then had a smile: besides all the spies who wanted to kill you are gone now

Athron then interrupted and explained: true, but not all the spies were revealed

as they heard that they all saw Athron, Rale, Lencelotto, Figla, Danny, and Vanessa step forward as

Shelda had a smile: Rale, glad to see you gotta spell to work with Terra

Rale then sighed: yeah for once but I Couldst not save the rest of the souls. However, that's not what I want to tell Thou now right

as she then looked at Lenceltto who had a grin a little, Figla and Vanessa who crossed their arms, and Danny who looked down in sadness as they each started to talk

Lencelotto explained: ah yes well I'm sure when you heard I was fighting the beast you heard me say that I am the son of Revanna and I know you think what you think but the true light is always the one to hide. For I am on your side Soul Warrior halves as long as I am alive

This surprised everyone but before they could respond

Figla closed her eyes: fine let's get this over with [she then opened her eyes and admitted ] I lied in the past, I said I didn't know Dracula when in reality I do. He's my father

like last time they all looked surprised a little I mean sure She has Vampire powers but the literal Daughter of Dracula as then a sad looking Danny admitted

Danny said: Geno was right, I did come here as a spy from Trish. She wanted me to spy on you and try to bribe you into joining us. [Danny then looked at Vanessa as she continued ] but since coming here I'm having doubts and think I'm on the wrong side [she then looked at the rest of the group saying] So now I want to help bring "Mum" down if you'll let me help that is?

Vanessa: ha finally you get her true colors [Danny looked at her "sister" who said with an easy, going smirk] you know sister I thought you were just a one minded cyborg who would always be on her side but now you are smarter than I thought so lets your right we'll work together to bring Trish and the others who cross The Soul Warriors path

Danny then had a smile as Shelda and Lance all looked at them with confusion

Lencelotto had a smile and explained: I know my fellow students are confused as to why we are helping you amigo's but we are telling the truth when we tell you we are indeed on your side in this battle against all the foes here

Lencelotto then raised his sword: I will use my sword

Figla smiles adding :my fangs

Danny then added herself while touching her sunglasses: my eyes

Vanessa then touched her right arm and admitted: and My arm

with Vanessa finishing with that Shelda looked like she could not believe this

Shelda smiled: thanks guys I......[ she then looked at Lance in his green ghost form who had his back turned ] We appreciate the help

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Lance slightly turned around just when Shelda said we.