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Back outside the building, Angelrika was looking up in a bright full moon. He then sprouted his wings widely with the wing of creation and Destruction out and looked like he was about to take off that was until

Master X serious: so you're leaving now is that it Angelrika

Angelrika then looked over his shoulder and saw the duo of Master X  and Timaeus who also were near the real Syllektis

Angelrika looked at them coldly: my job is done here that's why I am leaving

Timaeus serious: May the powerful Timaeus ask you a question first, why didn't you do know if you did the young woman Maria would still be alive?

Angelrika then admitted with a small smirk but did feel bad: hm I had no plan to stay even longer. I was only wanting to see if they can stand on their two feet without any help but as for her death......That can be my sin

Master X then smiled: I see, well then safe flight Angelrika

Angelrika then took flight: I wish the same for you both .....[as he then took flight] I shall see you and the Soul Warrior halves at Tengoku

as he then entered the portal to Tengoku.

Timaeus looked up and admitted: Quite the enigma he is right Master X

Master X then chuckled stroking his beard: just like your brother the one whose name we have forgotten......they both walk their paths and Destiny's not always the obvious paths to take

Syllektis then finally spoke: Um yeah right, but anyways Master X is it. You told me there is a process of me getting my body back after that snake ate it

Master X then looked at her: there is indeed a process, we can recreate your body but it may take some time

Syllektis sounding concerned: so how long?

Master X then stroke his beard: not long just one hundred and fifty years

Syllektis then sounded shocked: one hundred and fifty years I can't wait that long being just a soul sucks

Master X nodded  and said with a serious look: I know it can be a while but sadly girl this is the only way

Syllektis then thought about it for a moment: fine but when I get my body back I'll make that Snake pay for doing this to me

Timaeus then chuckled: Aye that's the spirit my friend now I guess it is indeed time to wait

as they all started to walk or in  Syllektis case float away while the latter said

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Syllektis: you know it's creepy you keep being so chill even after all that happened Timaeus