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Skylett shocked: Wait so Zhon is you from the future!

sounded a shocked Skylett as she said that with everyone from Red Houndon was sitting around the round table in order of Skylett, Lance who was finally back in control, Mojo, Sophina, Ryu, Terra

Xeon responded: That's right he told me and Shelda before he left back to Tengoku but knowing him. One day he will be back

Skylett then said with her hand on her chin: that now makes sense. Since he's you from the Future Xeon or that alternate future means he must have survived something horrible. Lucky him, Rod, and Becks that may change our future to a better one

Lance crossed his arms thinking about everything that had happened he hated the fact that Crimson trolled everyone and had them fooled even him a tiny bit but he should've known....but he also felt bad for G luckily he and the Loveheart siblings are playing a video game to cheer them up however one kid refused to stay put

Star: waaaa hooooo

everyone heard Star shout as she was running around the table as

Sophina then picked her up and said, a little annoyed: Star don't run around like that. You're going to get hurt

Star then jumped right next to her sitting on Mojos lap hurting the latter: Ok Mum

Sophina then looked nervous: yeah about that .....I'm not your mum Star [Star then blinked a little as Sophina admitted with a sad look] we found you locked inside of a box I'm sorry to tell you

Star looked clueless: why?. I  know you're not my birth mum

Sophina annoyed: you knew then why the heck have you been calling me Mum !?

Star explains looking at her saying twirling her fingers around: well I thought you were my Mum when I was still in my young form but as I changed I figured it out I'm an eternal [she then looked excited and happy] but you did adopt me so in a way you are my Mum if you want to be

Sophina looked at the child a little before rubbing Stars head saying who laughed like her

Sophina with a chuckle: you aren't getting rid of me that easily you pain in the neck I spent months being your mum so I might as well go all the way

as the two of them Chuckled

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Terra then suddenly annoyed: I'm going to bed [everyone in the room looked at her as The Swordswoman then walked into hers and Ryu's room and then closed the door on the other side Terra was thinking back to what had happened sure she saved Dammy, Cammy, Athron and Lencelotto but everyone else had their souls destroyed she then looked at her blade while thinking] Vorvalli, Sun Bu......I'll get stronger and I will kill you both!