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Narrator: Last Time on Soul Warrior X: After Alnna strikes again. Mome was kidnapped by a Sasquatch, however, she is not the only one as the other kids are taken. When the group tries to find them they are attacked by Husks and meet a unicorn Bounty Hunter called Brotomore who sends the group to find The Kids. Can they save the kids?. Find out now on Soul Warrior X.

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As soon as the Tengoku High students walked through the portal they saw

Lance reacted saying: I repeat Myself the what now?

as he and the others were looking oddly at the six Kids who they were looking for who was happy and healthy looking at the Monster Sasquatch who was eight foot, had brown fur, had red yet friendly eyes, and a smiling face who also looked happy saying as Brotomore put his robotic hand on his forehead

the Sasquatch said while clapping his hands in a goofy way: Oh, Oh whose turn is it to play Eye spy Sasquatch wonders

Cammy then happily put her hand up: Oh Me, me, me

Cammy was looking around: I spy with my little eye something beginning with ……

Dammy: Cammy!

Cammy heard the voice as she then turned around as she saw the sixteen people came after her with the rest of the kids as the Sasquatch looked clueless

Cammy in a happy way: Uncle Dammy

she giggled

the Sasquatch scratched his head: Uncle?

Dammy looked at her while holding her shoulders saying Parent like: Cammy, you Ok you're not hurt, are you?

Cammy shook her head cute like:  Nope I’m fine Ok Uncle Dammy

Dammy then had a sigh: Phew you nearly give me a Heart Attack

Mome was looking at this suddenly out of nowhere she heard

Jester: Mome! [Mome turned around in the next split second her brother Jester then hugged her while crying a bit as she had a look of clueless as Jester said with Tears in his eyes] Mome thank goodness you're alright I was so worried about you sis

Mome clueless look then changed to a sympathetic smile: It's Ok Jester, I’m fine sorry if I worried you

Sasquatch: Worried? [as the group looked at who said that as it was a confusing Sasquatch who replied] Why are you people worried, in fact, who are you people and what are you doing in Sasquatch house?

Brotomore who explained: there worried because Ya kidnap members of this School ya, big idiot

the Sasquatch scratched his head: Sasquatch did, but these Kids said they were Orphans

Matt however then spoke out: We did but ……

Mandy explained: we then tried to tell you that were Orphans that go to an Orphans School that we live in

Sasquatch then scratched his head again: is true then you should have told Sasquatch more because Sasquatch brain is not as clever as others

all the Kids besides Tyler who was not there  then yelled at him

Mome, Cammy, Bad Luck Buck, Good Luck Serah, Matt, and Mandy: WE DID!

Sasquatch looked embarrassed  at those he did not kidnap: Ok so then why were you all worried when Sasquatch took the Young ones

G however interrupted: hm I don’t know maybe it's because you're a giant monkey man and we thought you were going to eat them

Sasquatch confused: Eat, why would Sasquatch eat them, Sasquatch only eats Veg and Fruit

Lance looked annoyed: Are you kidding me so not only did we find Bigfoot but we also found out Bigfoot is also a Vegetarian!

Shelda then saw this with a Kind look: Um calm down he doesn't seem that bad of a Sasquatch and besides at least Momes alright

Danny: well we didn’t know you were like that so we guessed you were

Sasquatch then looked bad and freaked out getting on his knees crying: Oh so that's what it was, Waa Sasquatch sorry for that, It’s just lonely since Sasquatch ran away

Figla looked at him: Lonely

Becks looked like she got it: so that's why you kidnapped those kids, it's because you got lonely living here

Sasquatch nodded looking at her: Yes, Sasquatch did since Sasquatch ran away

Rale however interrupted: But dear sasquatch sir, Wherefore Art Thou lonely when the poney lives with Thou

Brotomore then shouted: Oui Poney why I otta

Sasquatch: No way it can not be Sasquatch sees [as the group yet again saw Sasquatch stare at both Arthon and Rale saying] Prince Arthon and Princess Rale what are you doing here?

both the two that were mentioned then freaked out at that as everyone looked at them shocking with the ones you expect saying

Lance,Shelda,Jester,G,Mome,Danny,Dammy,Cammy,Matt,Mandy,Buck,Serah,Figla,Leo,Neal,Rod,Becks and Zexion :Prince and Princess !

Brotomore then put his hand on his head in anger

Rale then cried out: Oh Nay

Athron: this is what Lads say got Busted

Rod shocked for the group: wait, you two are a Prince and Princess?

the two of them then sadly nodded their heads

Rale apologized: Yea, it is true sorry for keeping it a secret it's important

Sasquatch looked yet again puzzled: wait, why is everyone sorry Sasquatch thought everyone knew they were the children of the Great King Naiyas

some of the members like Geno, Leo, Danny, and Figla all looked right at them with a surprised look while Lencelotto had a small smirk  

Lance curious: Naiyas?

however, Lance was interrupted

Brotomore: You Winker they were undercover

Sasquatch looked at him with confusion: Hu?

G then surprised: wait you knew this Bob?

Brotomore looked at him annoyed: Stop calling me that!

as that scared the Kids there

Neal asked trying to calm everyone down: Ok so I can guess that The Sasquatch here has messed up with this secret thing so can you two explain exactly what's going on here

Athron replied: Ay sir neal now that Art covers blown we might as well come clean and tell……

Sasquatch: Wait, Your highness [as the group looked to see that it was Sasquatch who was on his knees as if he was Apologising] Allow Sasquatch to be the one to tell everyone it's the least Sasquatch can do after all this Mess Sasquatch put you in

the Prince and Princess looked at each other

Rale: Well sure if Thou want to sir Sasquatch

Sasquatch smiled in a goofy way: Of course, Sasquatch wants to…... Uhh, where does Sasquatch begin again?

everybody else then sighed at this

Brotomore then put his hand on his head: just like you to accept something but have no idea what you're talking about

Sasquatch then scratched his head: Sasquatch admits he has little to no brain

Brotomore then put his hand on his face: Smartest thing you ever said, I guess I’ll tell these guys why we're both here with that idiotic war with those Neanderthals [as he then started] Now it all started when…..

Zexion: Wait! [the group all saw Zexion say as they all face her, Zexion asked] Does anybody have a Phone or a Video Camera?

Danny with confusion: now why would you want that Zexion?

Zexion: not everybody is here to hear this, so Maybe if we film Brotomore Telling us the story then we can show the rest of the students what's going on with this Tengoku War thing

Dammy: Not a bad idea when you think about it so does anyone have a phone or a Video Camera?

many of them then checked their pockets

Serah then shouted out: Oh I got one

she said as she pulled out her Pink and white Cellphone as the group saw this

Mandy looking happy: I guess having Good Luck as your gift comes in handy

however, while saying that

Buck just looks down in sadness: beats having Bad Luck as one

the three other children looked at him with worried sad looks however Serah was then lost her train of thought when she heard

Zexion call out: Hey Serah you might want to press the film button now

Sarah turned back around she then facing the group nodded: Ok [as she then pushed the button on her phone the screen on it]  Recording

Serah then put one thumb up: There we go, thank goodness I Supercharged this Phone

Brotomore then looked bored: alright then can I please finally tell ya what's going on in Tengoku and how it is affecting your world here

Mojo looking at this: You mean this War right Bub then what is it about?

Brotomore looked at the group: Alright, the reason me and this Herry Idiot are in this world and not back in Tengoku is because of the war of the Five Kingdoms for the fifty Crystal eyes

Shelda looking at this: Crystal Eyes what do you think of that Lance?

Lance: Zzzzz

Shelda:  Lance?

she suddenly appeared in her pink ghost form and saw Lance was already sleeping annoyed Shelda then stepped on her foot which woke Lance up as he turned to his right

Lance: Shelda the What now

Shelda looking at him: Lance you need to stay awake this is important

Lance crossed his arms thinking: Fine, whatever as long as you don’t hit me again

Cammy: Crystal Eyes what are those?

the two Soul Warriors looked right at a curious Cammy asking in a cute way

Brotomore crossed his arms again explaining: Well if you want to know about the Christle Eyes then I’ll tell ya, there are fifty of them if one being gathered them together then an Immortal Phoenix we'll rise and well grant the user any wish they want

this caught the interest of the group

G: wait any wish you mean like the world's biggest pizza the size of a Planet

Mome annoyed: You would waste a wish on that?

G confused: waste ah come on that wouldn't be a waste it would be awesome

Jester had a smile back to his old ways: yeah it wouldn't matter anyway all you need to do is gather them again and boom another wish

Brotomore crossly: THAT'S NOT HOW IT WORKS YEA WUSS [ the kids looked at an annoyed Brotomore who explained] The Crystal Eyes use up a lot of power, with it they need to go inactive for over one thousand years to recharge

G looked upset: So wishing for a Giant Pizza may not be a good idea then hu [as he looked down saying] Pff way to bring down a Dream Bob

Brotomore looked annoyed at this: I don’t pick tha rules kid and stop calling me that!

Lance: So I take it that's what this war is about because of how rare a Wish is that they want one for themselves

Brotomore turned around as he saw it was Lance who asked that

Brotomore nodded: Yes that is true however four of the five leaders want to use the wish for their ends, One however a Soft sucker King Niyas and his wife Queen Aurazo are the oppressed too soft if you asked me

All of a sudden Rale then hit Brotomore on his knee saying: DON’T TALK ABOUT OUR FATHER LIKE THAT HORSEY!

Brotomore then felt his leg: Gah why did ya have to hit me like that ya she demon

Sasquatch freaked out: DEMON!

Brotomore looked annoyed at Sasquatch's cowardice: Idiot, you know she's the daughter of Naiya's and Ozura!

Sasquatch then looked back to normal: Oh Ok then

as the group looked embarrassed at this

Rod however asked: so that's who your parents are I take it

Athron nodded: Yea they Art our parents Sir Rodney

Rale: Not only that but I got my spellbook from mother  however she scratched her head again while stating] Though like everyone else she can Dost it way better than me

Becks: So then what are you doing here if you're still inexperienced?

Rale admitted with a sad look: because our mission is too important to worry about that

Mome curious: mission?

Athron revealed: Our Parents give me and my sister, to find and protect The Soul Warrior from the assassins who want them dead from the other four kingdoms

the group looked at this

G looking confused: huh wait I thought that all five factions wanted the Soul Warrior dead

Brotomore: Who told ya that little brat? [G turned around with the group while seeing Brotomore who continue] The Naiyas Kingdom is not really a faction in the war, to be truthful only one of the five leaders want the Soul Warrior dead

again the group looked surprised

Dammy asked: so if they don't want the Soul Warrior to die then why are the other four fighting then?

Brotomore  looking with a crossed look: Greed that's why each of the four leaders wants the Crystal eyes for their wishes [as he then looked around saying ] just like three of the four want the Soul Warrior for their purpose to help gain those crystal eyes alive yet I do not know what bloody thing they want

the group all looked anxious

Mojo looked crossed at him: Gah this Soul Warrior seem more trouble than he's worth

Rale looked at him annoyed: Thou should not say such things sir mojo whoever he or she is said to surpass the most powerful of Tengokens

the group went silent for a few minutes when as they heard that something was off while  

Lance looking at her: wait didn't you say you read all our thoughts when fighting the glue zombies?

Rale however shook her head: true but a part of Father and Mother's prophecy tells of a guardian that guides the Soul Warrior called Ten who can block out mind reading

Before Lance could even say another word he could hear Shelda say

Shelda: phew guess we owe Ten one

For once Shelda were in agreement


both Lance and Shelda looked to see

Jester: can we stop talking about the Soul person that can wait but who is the other four leaders are I mean if they sent out spies here it may help to know who they are

as the group, all looked at him

Sasquatch admitted: the little guy has a point

Jester confused: little hay I'm only ten years old dude

Brotomore annoyed: You still little a kid [however Bottomore Looked impressed while also admitting] you seem to get a rare smartness ya  here yes it would be idiotic if you don't know who the four leaders who defied Naiyas wishes

Danny: Wait! [the group all heard Danny shout out as the group looked at her Danny asked] how do you know if this Naiyas guy in the right? What if he's the real one who wants this Soul Warrior dead ?!

both the Prince and Princess Looked annoyed at her

Rale: Art Thou saying me and Athron don't know Art own parents how rude of Thou miss Danny

Danny upon hearing this signed: Ok I'm sorry about that but how are you sure anyone knows what they're really like even hiding things from their children I mean Rale remember your parents sent you here even though you're not ready yet

Rale thought about it as Danny had a good point

Brotomore: I know that their Parents are pure of heart ya sunny girl

the group all looked now at Brotomore

Danny looked concerned: how do you of all people know if they are?

Brotomore explained pointing to Athron and Rale: incase you didn't get the note I'm a bounty hunter who they paid to protect their Princess until she masters the spell also.....[as everyone stared at him he then reached into his pocket and pulled out what looks to be a Lie detector] before I accepted this here job I used this to see if they indeed told the truth so ya there cool

as the group heard that Danny looked down seemly devastated while this left

Neal to ask: Smart thinking there so does this mean you only accept jobs for the right cause

Brotomore looked clueless blinking twice: right cause Nah I do things for the Right cost but I do have some mercy unlike those darn Wolfbanes

Zexion wondering :Wolfbanes

Brotomore crossed his arms: a family of bounty hunters who have no allegiance to any leaders no one has been able to not get killed by them they're that good

Figla then asked, crossing her arms: wait, so do you know if this leader that wants them dead might hire them to kill the Soul Warrior as well?

Brotomore admitted nodding: pretty sure it would be dumb of them not to

Lance looked annoyed and thought: Great more enemies this is getting old

Shelda then said to him: guess right now we got more foes than friends

Brotomore: but that does not matter[ that snapped Lance and Shelda out of their trance as they looked at Brotomore] it's more important to know the four other factions and their leaders now if you can let me talk I can finally tell ya who they are so shut ya pie holes and let me talk [the group then remain silent even Sasquatch as Brotomore explained] The factions three factions who face the Naiyas Kingdom but who want the Soul Warrior for their Purpose are The Cyborg Nation led by the Cyborg Mother Trish, The Council of Magic led by the S-class Mage Revanna and Finally the League of Monsters led by the Immortal Vampire Vlad Draguless or he is known by his Nickname Dracula

Everyone but the Prince, Princess, Geno, and Figla all shouted in their ways: Dracula!

Mojo and Leo added: he's real!

before looking at each other with crossed looks while the Rogers bros and Shelda looked at Figla with suspense looks as the undercover Vampire was making a joke of the Name Dracula with as Figla was biting her lip a little seeing as she was caught out by them

Brotomore explained crossing his arms: Yes, I heard tails that ya stupid idiots think that Dracula's a Monster

Bad Luck Buck then shouted: Stupid hey how are we stupid Vampires are heartless monsters, even with their book I read that give me a papercut

Sarah looked at Buck: Buck I’m pretty sure they know more about Vampires than us because they've been to Tengoku

Buck looked away annoyed: yeah I’ll believe it now but knowing me and I end up getting Vampire bites on my neck then don’t tell me to stop crying

Brotomore however interrupted: Yes the Young Girl has the right idea The Dracula from our world is nothing like the Dracula from the books you read

Mandy shouted out confused: How Different?

Brotomore was about to continue but then Sasquatch jumped in

Sasquatch: Sasquatch knows because he give Sasquatch home back in Tengoku, unfortunately, it was destroyed in the War by one of his Generals and then Horsey Butt found me

Brotomore looked at his “Room Mate “: well you stop calling me that Ya BigFoot

Dammy curious: So Dracula's Atchley is a nice guy?

Brotomore then looked at him: Nice maybe cutting it, Dracula is indeed Powerful and Jokes around a lot just as much as his older Brother Varpula but deep down he is a softy and seems to be the kindest out of the four because he has not hurt a soul

Jester then asked, confused: but wait, if Dracula is this kind then why is he a part of the War that's happening?

Brotomore just looked up and admitted: Not sure, however, that winkers, not the only one to change their attitude like the former Pure of Heart Mage Revanna

Mome eyes opened wide confused as Lance crossed his arms: Revanna you mentioned she's an S class Mage right

Brotomore nodded and explained: That's correct if I do remember she was a kind Mage who cured even the blind and made them see and help the Deaf Hear unfortunately doe [as he then looked up and said] she like Dracula suddenly change she is using living beings soul energy to increase her magic powers to levels she may yet control

this surprised most of the group

Rale horrified: Soul Energy, oh my Father and Mother did not tell us this

Athron looked crossed: she's a monster for doing such a thing

G looking at them: Hey Princey and Princessy, isn't this Revanna just sucking their powers out from the Soul Energy I mean sure it would hurt but …….

Athron looked at G while explaining: Young G Thou Dost not know what happens once someone loses all their soul energy

G looked worried:  wait all of it so would that mean they would die?

Rale however interrupted Nay, that's not it at all. Thou see mother told us that Art souls Art what makes us who we Art, they hold Art memories, personality, and traits. Our soul energy ties into our soul so once the last drop of it is sucked from a being they become like air or dust …….Naught Wouldst be left

the members of the group all looked horrified even Geno this time

Lance looked crossed: So they would fade from existence!

Rale looked at him and nodded: Afraid So Sir Lance

Lance who looked so crossed he did not notice

Shelda who gasped at the thought of this: Becoming Nothing, that sounds like even worse than death …...those poor souls

Mome then in a quiet voice: Revanna?

Jester looked at his sister and questioned: Hu hey Mome did you say something?

Mome looked at him and then shook her head: Um nothing …...well maybe I'll tell you later

Jester looked clueless: Hu?

Brotomore nodded: yes even that is going too far for me, but unfortunately that's not even the worst

the group all looked at him

Mojo: Are ya Kidding us Bub, those Souls are getting wiped from existence what can be worse than that?

Brotomore crossed his arms: How’s about getting turned into a Tin Can against ya will after “Mother “Trish plans to do ta ya

the group then looked at Neal

Neal: Trish, you mentioned she was a cyborg right?

Brotomore nodded until

Sasquatch butted in with a scared look: Yeah and she is scary, she kidnaps beings from Tengoku and turns them into other Cyborgs, brainwashing them into thinking she was their mother

Danny’s eyes went wide in shock thinking: What?

Geno finally with a smirk: Cyborgs You say well funny how it looks as doe we have our own Cyborg here, in the form of that woman

as he pointed to Danny who looked horrified

Danny worried: what, hey wait I didn’t get these attachments from This Trish Lady you gotta to believe me  

Figla: For once the Cold guy has a point [Danny heard Figla say as she added] You do have those cyborg's eyes, how do we know you're not one of those Cyborgs?

Danny looked at her: I had an accident making me blind and Rehcaet give me new robot eyes as a replacement [Danny then looked at Figla ] So what about you, you've got Vampire Powers how do we know you're not a spy sent by Dracula

Lencelotto: Now cool it roses

the two girls looked to see Lencelotto who admitted

Lencelotto: You, like those two women that were mentioned, may have thorns hidden in your roses but at last, that does not matter, better to keep both friends and Enemies close then true purity well bloom for a bigger threat to come

the group looking confused

Lance asked confused: The what now?

G agreed: I’m with Bro on this one what the heck are you talking about Flower guy

Lencelotto chuckled: hahaha, Flower Guy does have a beautiful sunflower tone, but in case you haven't caught it the Horse mentioned the four who wants to keep the Soul Warrior alive but then who is the one who wants that rose to decay I wonder?

Brotomore then ended up sweating as Sasquatch was biting his nails as the group who were not Lencelotto and the Prince and Princess looked at them with curiosity

Lance looked at them and asked: Yo horse what's up?

Shelda: Yo when have you started saying Yo

Lance: Hey you're the one who wanted me to listen to this might as well have a joke while I’m at it

G: Hey are you alright Bob you're sweating like if this was a Volcano?

Lance heard G say

Brotomore admitted: How many times do I need to tell you to stop calling me that ya Brat but ……[ he then looked down] The Enemy I’m about to tell you…...there's no joking about it.....The Leader of the Delstopion Empire ....Dalvation

Lance  crossing his arms: Dalvation he doesn't sound so tough

Sasquatch scared: Um Sasquatch thinks you should not talk about him if you know what kind of heartless monster he is

Lance looked puzzled surely after the hole sucking Soul Energy and turning beings into Cyborg’s with

Brotomore then said: for once he's right Dalvation is not like any of the Four but before I talk about him more I must mention his race the Dalcoshions

G eyes went wide while thinking: Dalcoshion ………

He then remembered back to the fight with The Taskmaster when he said that there was Dalcoshion Blood in him

Brotomore explained: Now this  will sound a little to ya but over the Early years of Tengoku a group of Aliens came to it

Mome gasping: Aliens?

Brotomore nodded he explained: however they did not come to take over Tengoku they moved in with their leader the great Dalcoshion Valtor

Neal: So the Dalcoshions are the leaders of these Aliens?

Brotomore again nodded explaining: Yes the reason is that the Dalcoshions are a powerful yet bloodthirsty race [G's eyes let up with fear when Brotomore said those words as the horse bounty hunter speech ] yes all Dalcoshions love the breath of a good old fight that when the king of them dies they have a brawl to decide who's the next one to take over

Lance looked interested: Sounds like a powerful race

Brotomore nodded: yes that they were however for some odd reason only one is left Dalvation himself

everyone else but Rod and Becks looked stunned

Leo: Hold on so he's the last Dalcoshion what the macho happened?

Brotomore looked at him asking: Macho what the ......[he then shook his head before saying again] never mind well I don't know what happened but whatever it is that caused it did drove him to insane anger and made him into a heartless monster

the group looked worried

G shaking: um aren't you o......overreacting how b.....bad can he.....

Brotomore looked serious: Kid you do not know how he's worse [ he then sweat explaining] from the stories I've heard when Revanna takes your soul energy you are fast asleep and when Trish brainwashes you you're still in  control .....but Dalvation is far worse than that [the group looked at Brotomore as he reveals] for you see Dalvation kills his victims slowly just for the frill and not only that once he does he traps there souls in a gem to make them watch

the group eyes went wide

Dammy asked: so he makes those Souls watch

Zexion then said: how horrible

however, Brotomore interrupted that's not even the worse part once the gem is full Dalvation keeps destroying all the souls in the gem

the group looked horrified even the cold ones had to admit this was messed up while this was going on

Shelda said shocked: that's just wrong it's even worse than what Revanna does

however, she  felt sadness for those souls she also strangely felt Angry as she turned to her right she saw Lance holding his hand tight in a grip

Lance: And no one's doing a darn thing about This!

the group looked at him they admitted they saw Lance this crossed before

Brotomore admitted: if you want to try be my guess as for me I'm going as far away because of his power he could kill anyone then destroy their bitty soul

Mome then asked, wondering: wait if he's that strong then why is there a war?

Brotomore looked at her: Simple Kid Dalvation has to hold his full power back or else it will destroy his soul as well as some parts of the Universe with it.

as most of The group looked a little bit relieved because of this

Brotomore explained: but make no mistake Dalvation is still deadly as well as Revanna, Dracula and Trish so ya better watch yourselves

Rehcaet: hm so that's what's been going on I see

everyone heard another familiar voice and they all freaked out as for in their shock they saw it was Rehcaet who had his arms crossed with an annoyed look tapping his right arm

everyone who was not cold like Lance and Geno shouted or the Abbie brothers: Rehcaet!

the Abbie bros added in their own ways

G and Jester: the old guy

Rehcaet looked down in embarrassment\; I’m only thirty eight! [however, he then shook his head saying] you know just forget that what are you all doing at Brotomore's home

the group looked puzzled as

Becks asked confused: wait how do you know this is Brotomore's home

Brotomore crossed his arms: ha who do ya think told him about the Hucks, I came to Tengoku high over a year ago so seeing as I hate those mush Zombies Husks might as well tell the other winkers about them

Rehcaet then with a small smile: yes and I thank you for that but that does not change the question what are you all doing in the dark woods

Rod said on behalf of the group: sorry  Rehcaet it's just a Sasquatch kidnapped some younger students so we tried to find them

Rehcaet crossed his arms: now that's what me and the other staff are doing you know how dangerous it is in these woods [those who were not that cold looked down as he continued] listen I do understand how worried you are but as Maria told me about this Gateway Movement kidnapping students I don't want you to end up the same way do you understand?

Lance crossing his arms looking away: we get the picture

the kids who were taken felt bad about causing this yes Sasquatch did take them away to play but they should of stopped playing with him sooner even Sasquatch felt bad

Rehcaet then looked curious: now other matters did you say there's a Sasquatch here?

Sasquatch: howdy, human

Rehcaet heard a voice say behind him as he then freaked out seeing the eight foot monkey man

Rehcaet shouting: What the heck is that?

Matt: that's the Sasquatch but he's not that scary

Rehcaet then looked confused: Hu?

Mandy then added: yeah he's really fun and has a kind heart he wouldn't even hurt a fly

Rehcaet looked interested: is that so hm

he then closed his eyes before he then heard a thud as he opened it he saw that Sasquatch was on his knees

Sasquatch: oh please Mr bossman this was all Sasquatch fault, Sasquatch was lonely so he thought these would be good playmates so that's why please don't punish them for something Sasquatch did

Rehcaet looked embarrassed how the eight foot herry Yeti was begging: haha ok I understand why [as he then saw the Kids who were taken ] and it looks like all the kids look fine but...[he then looked worried while putting one hand under his chin] still no Tyler that's troubling

Sasquatch looked worried: Tyler Sasquatch know no Tyler

the group all then thought this was indeed strange that kid has been missing for months where is he but finally Rehcaet smiled

Rehcaet: I guessed not, well no worries staff members are looking for Tyler even as we speak [ as this did light the mood in the non cold ones hearts Rehcaet looked at Sasquatch saying ] as for you since you feel lonely when Brotomore's out doing his job how's about you work as a babysitter for our school?

Sasquatch looked with a smile: you want to offer Sasquatch job well Sasquatch agrees

the Kids who were taken by Sasquatch yelled in glee as

Cammy said jumping happily: yay so I can play with both Uncle Dammy and Mr. Sasquatch

Rehcaet then looked embarrassed: yeah about that [the group then looked at him as Rehcaet explained tapping his arm] as much as your intentions were good you still broke the rules so you still need to be punished so unfortunately, I have to cut half of all your Genie lamp points

the group looked a little dramatized by this but then...

Jester: I don't care about that [as a shocked Rehcaet saw Jester say that he said ] I don't care if I get my points cut in half just the fact I know my sister's cool means I can Tieasy till Christmas

Mome looked shocked at first but then smiled back

Dammy added to that: I agree I'm happy I just got Cammy back that's all that matters

Rehcaet smiled back: good to hear anyways I think it's best to head back to the school now everybody else is waiting

with that Matt, Mandy, Good Luck Sarah, and bad luck Buck all looked at Sasquatch

Matt, Mandy, Good Luck, and Bad Luck Buck: bye Mr. Sasquatch

they moved forward

Sasquatch then waved back to them with a smile saying back: Bye see you when Sasquatch sees you

with that, The rest  followed Rehcaet

Cammy with a sad look: Sorry Uncle Dammy if I made you worried about Me

Dammy however had a smile: Ah you don't need to apologize if you were having fun with Sasquatch I understand

Cammy looked up confused at her Uncle: hu?

Neal said to her: you know Cammy you have a Very good Uncle there

Cammy then looked at both Him

Zexion who the latter added with a smile: yeah he tried everything to save you when he thought that Sasquatch was a bad person you should be happy about that right

Cammy smiled  holding her Uncle's arm while with a cute smile: yes I am

while this was also going on Rod and Becks were talking to Athron and Rale

Becks explaining with a smile: don't worry about the secret you told in there we'll keep it

both the prince and princess smiled

Athron bowed: thank Thou, my lady

Rale also bowed: and also as repayment, I'll keep the secret that I Wouldst know about Thou and Thy own brother

both Becks and Rod looked surprised as even Athron was looking at his sister odd and

Athron questioned: Dear sister, what secret Wouldst that be?

Rale looked at him: a dire one dear brother, however, I shall tell Thou and only Thou once we Art not in a crowded anymore

Becks understood: I get it you heard our secret because you messed up that spell right

Rale nodded: That's correct but Nay worries like I said me and my brother well keep it secret dough with a request to show me how to Dost my spell's right

Becks smiled saying: sure

Lencelotto was watching them with a small grin he however then heard a voice say

Figla: hey rose guy [Lencelotto then turned to see Figla looking at him crossed a bit asking] You were Offley quiet in there something you're hiding

Lencelotto then looked at her with a small smile: whatever do you mean my silver haired Rosey

Danny was also walking up

Figla looked at him annoyed: do you think I'm an idiot? You have been calling the Prince and The Princess there this Rom thing so that means you know them before coming here right does this mean you are a Tengoken?

Danny looked stunned however

Lencelotto just smiled with that Grin on his face: ah a curious little bird aren't you not or should that be a bat?

Figla looked at him with a shocked and stunned look however

Lencelotto then chuckled: but as much as I would love to answer your question my little Batbird I must decline because regardless of where I am truly born like I said we must all trust each other to the better end to cancel out opposing threats

with that Lencelotto walked up ahead with a Puzzled Figla looking on but she was not looking at

Danny had a really sad look thinking to herself: why this can't be true but .......

Danny then thought back to what Vanessa said to her what happened and to what Brotomore said about her "Mother " she thought to herself

Danny: Is this true, Mother, why are you doing this to those Innocent people? [while she was looking at her hand she thought to herself ] am I even really your Daughter or am I just another Victim?

however unknown to her Geno was looking at her with a strange grin on his face while his partner

Leo who said putting his hands on the back of his head: well that whole thing was a waste of time hu

Geno however laughed: haha Atchley that was more than enough information to use in the future

Leo looked confused by what his Partner said as he asked: huh hay what are you talking about Geno Man?

Geno said nothing but turned around staring at a sad G for odd reasons, while this was going on Mome was talking to Jester

Mome:: wait so you guys all fought a group of Husks to try to save me and the others?

Jester smiled back happy: yep then Ponytail blew them up, but it wouldn't matter I didn't care how many they were I was going to go through all of them to save you, sis

Mome had a smile: wow we may not get along as much as Matt and Mandy, I guess we still really care for each other thanks Jester

Jester smiled :no problem Mome

Mojo: hey Uh Kid I think there's something wrong with your friend there

Jester heard Mojo Mention said that Puzzled he then looked at G who Mojo was right looked so bummed out this of course caught Lances Attention

Jester then asked him: hu G why are you upset, you got Mome back as you promised

G then however depressed: I don't want to talk about it ......I.........I need some time alone

G then said looking like he was starting to cry with the rest of the Group

Lance asked himself: what's his Problem?

Shelda pointed out: wow Really Lance [Lance heard Shelda's voice as he suddenly looked to the Right and saw her in her Pink Ghost form ] isn't This Obvious?

Lance then thought to her: what is so Obvious about running away crying since leaving that darn Hut

Shelda sighed: wow you don't pick up much don't you remember what Brotomore said about Dalvation and the Dalcoshion's?

Lance looked confused: yeah, and I also remember me wanting to punch this Dalvation guy in the face but what does ......Wait

Lance then remembered that he had heard Dalcosions before from his battles with both Zhon and Taskmaster and they said that G rage out's was caused by  Dalcoshion Blood in him

Shelda who read his mind: Now you get it.......G heard the story about Dalvation and is scared of becoming something like him because he is also a Dalcoshion somehow

Lance looked crossed thinking: you gotta be kidding me, I'm pretty sure I'm not one of those things so how the heck did G get Dalcoshion Blood !?

Shelda looked at him Puzzled: how the heck should I know, but whatever it is G might want some alone time for now with all this stuff going through his head so I think we should give it to him

Lance looking crossed yet worried for G, Shelda looked at him understanding this because G was the only person besides himself and Clare that Lance Cares for

Shelda then took a deep breath: but I think I should grateful to you

Lance looked at her and thought Crossley: grateful to me for what?

Shelda with a smile:  well I know you did it only for a fight but you also got Mome back safe, so I've got to thank you for that

Lance however turned away crossed: yeah well, I didn't get that fight so this was all Pointless and that's all I'm saying

Shelda looked sad and sighed thinking to herself in secret: just as I thought, I just wish Lance would just learn he isn't the only one suffering from.......

Lance: Pff hoped the Lie worked [Shelda heard Lance say as she turned around by the way he was talking she could tell he was trying to talk to himself but is accidentally doing it in his and Hers shared thought as he continued ] If Shelda even finds out the real reason why I did this was just so she wouldn't lose her sister like I Lost Clare I'll never hear the end of it

Shelda's eyes went wide in shock, did she just hear that right, did Lance really just say he did it to help her?

Lance however just continued thinking: oh well she'll never find out don't want her or anybody to think I'm soft

Shelda couldn't help but giggle a little, she was thinking about telling Lance she heard that but then stopped and said to herself

Shelda: no maybe I should leave that for later [she then had a kind smile and thought to herself ]Thank you, Lance

cliffhanger: what's this? Lance did something nice for Shelda ?....... Now with all the advice of Brotomore and Sasquatch told everyone over the war of the five kingdoms. How will the heroes prepare for this?.  Find out next time on Soul Warrior X.

After the credits

G: ah yeah it's our turn to say next time right Jester

Jester: Yeah…….um what are we supposed to do here?

G: Hu

Jester: I don’t know what to do here. This is my first time

G: Hey it's my first time to Jester but we better give the clue to what happens next before

Shelda: Next time on Soul Warrior  X“ Happy Halloween, and have a Crazy Birthday Too “

G: That ….

Jester: Haha sorry Man.