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Narrator: Last Time on Soul Warrior X: As they were hiding from Sun Bu Timaeus reveals that Sun Bu is the brother to The God of fighting who went mad. It was then when Sun Bu found them and battled everyone there almost winning, however Angelrika and the Amalgamates four warriors who wanted to help the Soul Warrior then came and trapped Sun Bu in iron. What are the aftereffects of this? Find out now on Soul Warrior X

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Scene 1 [The Director and The Taskmaster]

The Director: No darn it, darn it, DARN IT I did not calculate this!

the annoyed Director in the shadows who was watching the battle with Sun Bu typing on his keyboard annoyed

the Taskmaster who crossed his arms: What's the big deal, it's just a guy who goes around fighting people I thought a guy of your intelligence would figure out he could help us without him noticing it  

The Director: YOU IMBECILIC IDIOTIC SWINE [The Director then bashed his Keyboard shouting while adding] Sun Bu could not fit are ideas, We need souls he destroys them to install a power like him for our side would be a Dog without a Tail utterly useless

The Taskmaster Understood: Hm I get it, so that's why you're so worried well I well deal with those children on New Year's eve then I’ll deal with Sun Bu myself

The Director: no, you would be throwing your life away and I prefer you throwing it for our plan to be complete no it would seem that we shall need to gather data on these students a lot sooner than usual .....

Taskmaster looked confused by what the Director was getting at: so you're saying you want me to pay them a visit before the end of the year

however, a light suddenly shined down under the  lower halves of the Directors mouth revealing a thick beard and rotten golden teeth

the  Director then chuckled: ha, ha you no you had your turn......I wonder how would they do against a being who is their superior let's find out then shall we

as then from out of nowhere a giant metal claw smashed one of his Monitors

Scene 2 [Shelda/Lance, Jester, G, Mome, Maria, Timaeus, Oumijia, Vita, Geama,  Ipushion, Sun Bu, Raven, Terra, Ryu, Cookshi, Xeon, Master X, Natura, Figla, The Wise Warrior, The Sting Warrior, The Amazon Warrior, The Youth Warrior, and Angelrika]

Back at the area around Sun Bu who was trapped in iron, the group had finally had a chance to relax

G lying down on the ground: phew finally that guys down I can finally take a rest

Jester then took a deep breath of relief: yeah no kidding phew I got sunburned even without being stuck near the beach ow, ow, ow

Mome then pointed out: Um he didn't touch you, Jester

Jester however then explained touching his back: I know that I meant the beam at the  back it  still stings owow

The Sting Warrior: hey we resent that !!

the group all looked at who said that as it was the Sting warrior as the other three warriors put their hands on their helmets

Jester replied: whoops, sorry guy....or are you guys you sound like two people talking: the Sting Warrior yelled

The Sting Warrior: because we are two people talking!

Jester looked confused by this

Lance then spoke: I get it you're the other Amalgamate's

Ryu looked confused: a what?

The Wise Warrior explained: an Amalgamate is when two beings fuse into one you see here you think is four people, however, in reality, we are eight people

Cookshi: So in cooking terms it's like mixing one dish with another to get a better flavor?

The Wise Warrior nodded: exactly

Natura then looked confused with a branch scratching her head for her: hm wouldn't it get crowded with those voices in one's head?

The Youth Warrior in a friendly way: kind of we may talk as if we are fused but in our heads were still two people

the Amazon Warrior then explained: not only that but we can see other Amalgamate Souls

Shelda looked at this: other souls you mean like me?

The Wise Warrior nodded: yes we can see you Shelda

Lance: hold everything [the group looked at Lance who asked curiously] if it is true your Amalgamate's and so are me and Shelda then why don't we look like we're playing dungeons and dragons?

Shelda: ok this would be the normally the time I end up annoyed Lance would insult people who saved us but he has a point

the Wise Warrior: We understand your confusion but the fact is your amalgamate powers are greater than ours that you don't need soul armor yet but when you do you well know when the time comes [The Wise Warrior explained] anyways we better take our leave but before we do there are a few things we must cover

Terra however looking at Sun Bu who was still in iron: Right let me guess one of them is taking Sun Bu away from Tengoku high correct

the four Warriors, however, spoke in silence and uneasy sounds as

The Sting Warrior: sorry there hot-headed princess but it's not quite that simple

Terra annoyed: why, if he stays here then, his power, add to that of all the others who were after Lance and Shelda that we'll Call Vorvalli here

Timaeus curious: Vorvalli hm?

Terra sarcastically thinking he asked it as a question: nothing just an out of control monster who eats souls and absorbed all the students who were going to leave last year

Natura then spoke out: that's right, I remember a lot of lives were lost to it

Xeon finally: yeah, but at the same time that's the past [ Xeon then turned to Sun Bu asking] but by the looks of it that Metal was sealed even to its bottom half so that's why you can't move it right

The Wise Warrior nodded: yes once we cast it the opponent is sealed tightly, only the strongest can break out yet as we all know by the beating Sun Bu give us he is one of them and well break out of this new year's eve

Ryu curious: The beating he gives us?

The Youth Warrior spoke out: that's right we are all students that go here

some of the people who were not told of this looked stunned

Lance crossing his arms: so guess that solves that but that does bring up the question who are you?

The Wise Warrior: we would like to tell you, but unfortunately most of us must remain a mystery

Maria curious: most of you?

The Amazon Warrior then explained: yes, unfortunately, one of the two of us give away our ability to see other Amalgamates so when the rest go We will show which two we really are

Figla: so one half of you messed up

Lance annoyed: ok so which idiot messed up

Shelda with a smile: I think I have an idea

Lance then heard Shelda say that with a smile while The Wise Warrior then said as They and the other two other Amalgamate start to disappear

The Wise Warrior: well before they do reveal who they trust us when we tell you, we will be by  your side at the end of year brawl

they disappeared the Sting Warrior put two fingers in the air with a smile

the Youth Warrior was waving happily: bye see you again

as both of  them disappeared leaving only the Amazon Warrior there who said looking at them

The Amazon Warrior: alright We guess it's time for us to show you who we are

With that, the Amazon Warrior disappeared in purple light, and then as everyone else saw they split up into two then in a flash of golden light the two who were the Amazon Warrior......

Terra shouted: Lacey!

G,Mome and Jester :Lucy !

Lacey put her hand on her forehead in embarrassment

Lucy in a happy way: hi guys bet you didn't expect me

both G and Jester nod their heads

Jester: nope,  no sir

Shelda however then spoke out: he might not but I did [the group excluding the ones who can't hear or see Shelda looked at her as Shelda explained] Months ago you said you could see me, I know you could have had some kind of power to do that

Lucy then looked down in sadness: that's my bad I didn't know we had to keep it a secret before that Angelriapara guy told us who we were [she then looked at her sister apologizing] Sorry Lace

Lacey then just sighed: you got a big mouth so I don't blame you for not shutting it once in a while

Figla: just like I said you should really keep her on a leash

Lucy then looked at her: A leash hay I'm no dog!

Figla chilled: it's a figure of speech it means your sister has to keep you in check,

Lacey putting her arms down in boredom: pff and I have told you that it's impossible

Terra: Hey Lacey [ Lacey turned around and saw her Rival crossing her arms annoyed] when were you planning to tell everybody you're one half of The Amazon Warrior

Lacey looked at her rival: hm what does that mean I'm not the only one keeping secrets Terra

Terra looked crossed: yeah you ain't the only one no first I got told Lance and Shelda are this Soul Warrior, Timaeus, Bemastra, Xeon and Figla are from Tengoku the latter being a damn Vampire Now we got a brawl at the end of the year involving all these people I don't know why you guys need to keep this all a secret wouldn't you think nobody's going to figure all this out did I also mention the fact that Raven here is a Darn Husk!

Raven looked sad: half husk.....there's a difference.  

Terra however annoyed: pff bet not by much

Raven looked down in even more sadness, however, Xeon walked up and put his hand on Terra's shoulder saying

Xeon: Terra I get this is a lot to take in but we need to keep this secret

Terra then knocked his hand off of her shoulder annoyed: really looks like you don't need me to keep this secret [she then looked annoyed] all this time you were a Tengokuen Xeon, that means you had the full power to stop Vorvalli from Absorbing all those souls two years ago including Rockla!

everyone who was not in their second or third year looked puzzled by this

Xeon looking down: sorry but even with all my power I could not stop that from happening

Master X also added thinking: hm that's strange so that's what happened to those missing students,

Maria  looking stunned by this some students went missing but her father never told her that

Terra looked crossed: fine I get it  I'll keep my mouth shut [she then looked right at Lance and Shelda saying] as long as you two don't fucking mess up got it

Lance looked crossed at her saying that as Shelda was upset about how Terra was sounding  as she then walked out of the room

Lance then annoyed: what's her problem?

Ryu with a sad look: well it's a sad story, Terra is only mad at herself because of that day

the group all looked at him

Mome: what day?

Ryu: over two years ago when me and Terra came she was a nervous wreck until the third year student Rockla took her under her wing in swordsmanship she decided to open up but when Vorvalli attack it ate Rockla's soul with the others since then Terra wanted to be the best to one day kill Vorvalli but she knows she's not ready to fight him yet so that's why she wanted Sun Bu moved

Lance confused: so she only wants to be  stronger to free her  friend

Shelda: wow that's almost like you just the fact she's more open to people [however Lance just stood there with a stunning face as Shelda then admitted] right sorry wrong time to say that poor Terra

Lacey had her stunning look: so that's why I ....I...I didn't know it was because of that

Ryu apologized: sorry it's just Terra wanted me not to tell you because it was personal to her but you might not want to bring it up to her she'll get angry

G pointing to Angelrika : um you mean like that Angelrika he's still here with that crossed look

G pointed out as Angelrika was still there as he opened his eyes to look at them

Figla spoke first: hm you know I didn't think we would meet him or forget him

Cookshi pointed out: I guess being in a room full of people can do that to you

Mome confused: so can I ask who that guy is?

Angelrika walked forward to the others and looked around before answering: my duty young Mome

Mome gasp at how he knew her name

Angelrika explained looking at Lance as well as talking to Shelda: it would appear that you two brothers haven't told you

Shelda asked as both she and Lance looked odd at this

Shelda: told us what?

Angelrika explained: you two......vs myself..... December 30th be there

as he walked away the remaining members looked at this and looked stunned until one single word spoken by Lucy

Lucy: well you're boned

Scene 3 [Lance/Shelda,G,Jester,Mome,Crimson,Ruby,Maria,Kate,

Later on 11 :30pm

Mome shocked: Wait what ?

Mome who had just been told by her brother Jester about how Angelrika saved the eggs both her and him have as she, them as well as G, Lance who was still in control because G wanted to make a call someone over so he went into the hall Maria was still in the room as well for some odd reason

Jester looking at her again: look it's just what I've said Angelrika saved the two eggs that Spike was going to eat in his mind would make Shelda fall in love with him

suddenly everyone there had an ugh like look

Mome: blah that's so gross

Shelda in her pink Ghost form in an unpleasant like tone: UH why me?

Lance looked at her: good question who would love you when you make a face like that

Shelda then had an angry look: real mature Lance

Shelda then looked confused: but wait why would Angelrika do that now of all times hasn't he been quiet all year so why is he starting to speak and act now?

Maria with an unsure look herself: that's a good question but that's not even the weird part

Lance looked annoyed: oh great then may I ask what the weird part is?

Maria explained putting one finger up: Angelrika's a third year and this is the first time he's talk ever

Both Lance and Shelda then looked stunned: Say what!

Maria then nodded: it's true my best guess is something big must have come up recently that he has to intervene but what?

Jester looking at Lance and Shelda: well no offense but I don't want to be in your shoes when he beat up Spike and his two cronies he beat them so fast me and G couldn't see him

Shelda was shocked: really that fast!

Lance however had a confident look: ha sounds like a good fight ok now I'm excited

Shelda then looked at him: Lance, I'm never going to get this fighting spirit your always going on about

Maria looked close at this

Lance responds: that's because you've never fought properly before

as the two of them started to argue again the other three in the room then sighed until they heard a voice shout

G shouting: I'm back!

as the rest of the group, even Lance and Shelda got distracted by this as G walked in but with a nervous look as he ran up to His Bro as the group saw who was looking at him wondering why he was looking this way

Lance asked looking at his brother: G why are you looking like that fa......[he suddenly stopped and got a crossed look ] grr.....

Shelda looked at what Lance was looking at seeing who it was: oh no

as the rest saw it was none other than  Crimson who had  an upset look while his sister Ruby was nearby

Ruby while saying: hi there

Lance looked extremely crossed: what are you two doing here?!

he said it with such anger that it  caused nearly everyone there to shake even Shelda

G said to him: I brought them over, Bro

Lance annoyed: what why ?!

Ruby interrupted: he invited us over because Christopher here's got something to tell you about the Gateway Movement and where Clare might be right

She then looks to her brother

Crimson nodded nervously:r.....right

Mome confused: he doesn't seem like he's in his normal attitude

Jester admitted: yep, he was like that before when G mentioned Clare personally at least he not hitting on Shelda anymore

Shelda: hey

Lance said annoyed to Crimson: and why should I believe you?

Crimson looking serious at him: Listen, Lance, I admit when I made an agreement with the Gateway Movement It was the worst mistake I made, I sold you out, took your sister Clare away from you for a Job and money of all things I want to set things right and tell you who the boss that I worked for was so you can find her

Lance looked annoyed at what to think about this

Maria stunned: work for the leader, Crimson you used to work for the Gateway Movement and you knew the leader all this time and you didn't tell anyone after the Taskmaster attacked why?

Crimson looked serious saying putting his hands in his pockets: I was going to tell everyone later but after what I did I want to tell Lancey first

Lance gripped his hand into a fist looking down: grrr you've got five minutes to tell me but that's all you're getting

Crimson then nodded: thanks well when I worked for it there were  two people who I worked mostly for, one was the Taskmaster who little Hikings mentioned however he also had a boss he worked for The Director

Maria asked for the group: Director?

Crimson nodded: yeah that guy is the brains of the operation who has an Iq over three hundred,

G confused: you mean like Skylett?

Crimson nodded: that's right kiddo, but at least your Four eyed buddy thinks like a human that Director guy is one crazy wacko if you asked me

the group looked at this with curiosity when

Maria asked: what makes you say that?

Crimson looked at calm: oh well he's just so smart that he thinks everybody else is just test subjects ready to be experimented on so you could say he's one of those Mad Science types or so I heard him say over nine thousand times when I worked for them

Jester asked curiously: so does this mean that guys the leader of the Gateway Movement?

Crimson then frozen for a few seconds before answering: yeah I have no clue [as everyone but Lance there sighed Crimson continued saying] but even if he's not the leader I know for certain he's the planner of the Gateway Movement which means he would Keep all the abductees they kidnapped as genie pegs so.....

G Freaked out asking: Clare's one of them!

Crimson nodded: I think so The Director might keep her as a test subject for an experiment later

Ruby then finally asked: But wait, Christopher, why would kidnapping all those people and experimenting on them open a portal to Tengoku?

Crimson shrugged his shoulders: got no clue but trust me I don't lik........

however in the next second Lance then Punched Crimson square in the face

Lance shouting: you idiot!

Crimson fell down due to the force of the punch which even shocked Shelda why Lance did that

Crimson was rubbing the side of his face:  ow what the heck man

Lance looked square in Crimson's eyes annoyed: you really asked that question, you didn't just sell my little sister out but you give her to this madman on a silver platter [ he then gripped his fist in anger] so why did you tell me this, just to make up for what you have done thinking that I WOULD FORGIVE YOU ! [he then looked even more crossed] well guess what no matter what you say or do even when I get Clare back I'll never forgive you for what you've done!

Crimson looked a little upset by this as he then got back up with his hands in his pockets

Crimson: alright I see how it is

he then walked away

Ruby looked at him: Christopher [she then looked at Lance ] hey not cool Lance, Christopher only wanted to help you find Clare and that was the thanks he gets?

Lance then looked at her: listen, this is none of your beeswax Ruby, I'm kind enough to let you and G hang around together  because you had nothing to do with what happened but if you stick your nose where it doesn't belong then I'll change my mind got it

G looked shocked by this: what Br.....

Ruby serious: crystal

Ruby with a similar look to Lance but then decided to leave the room after her brother at the same time Kate walked into the room while looking at the crossed Ruby

Kate asked herself thinking: huh wonder what happened here

before the rest could see Kate walk in Shelda said annoyed a little at Lance

Shelda crossed: Lance what was that for you were being more angry than usual

Lance then looked at her: so you're taken his side you know what Crimson did to me right

Shelda looked sad: I wasn't taking his side I know you're upset about what he did but he did seem to be sad about it

Lance looked at her: Shelda trust me I know more about Crimson than everyone else

Shelda confused: even more than Ruby?

Lance explained: yeah because Ruby spent fourteen years in the hospital so Crimson spent more time with me, G, and Clare

Shelda looked at him stunned: really, wow I......didn't kno.......

Kate: hey is everyone ok

Kate walked over to the others as the kids all looked at her

Mome: hi Kate

Kate looked at them with a smile: phew thank goodness I thought since Sun Bu was after you guys I was assuming the worst but thank goodness I was wrong

G feeling his face: well we did get beaten up by Sun Bu but at the same time we survived

Jester looked hyper: yeah and now you can see he's all Iron now

Kate looked confused at first before she saw in shock that Sun Bu was covered in iron: is......Sun Bu covered in Iron?

Lance explained looking at her: yep, the other Amalgamate's sealed him in there however he said he will break out on new years eve

Kate looked at Sun Bu: I see, so they decided to show themselves after all [ She then walked over and said] it's a good thing two, were going to need their help if we want to defeat him

Shelda: I hope so

however, the others noticed something in her tone

Maria asked: Shelda you sound down, what's up?

Shelda apologized: I'm sorry it's just, the more these new threats show up, the more and more scared I get knowing they would target the kids and I......[she then held her hands together before ] I'm not like everyone, I was a Pacifist so I don't have a fighting spirit

everyone there felt bad for Shelda even Lance who tried to hide it until

Maria: I can help you with that

the group heard Maria say

Shelda said looking shocked:wha...

Maria explained with a faint smile crossing her arms happily: what don't think just because I do it just to defend myself  does not mean I didn't enjoy fighting strong people [she then explained looking at Her and Lance ] and besides I guess this is me doing my part in helping you take down that great evil so yeah I'll help out so let's spar tomorrow

Shelda looked as if she didn't know what to think

Kate looked at her: I guess it's a blessing that you found out the secret after all [Kate looked at Shelda in her pink ghost form saying] I guess you would agree right Shelda

Shelda with a smile: right thanks, Maria I appreciate it

Maria with a smile: you're welcome

Lance: ahem aren't you forgetting somebody

the three teens then turned around to see Lance there standing with his arms crossed

Maria then rubbed the back of her head: whoops, sorry but I request that you don't you know switch with Shelda doing the spar it won't be so good to help her if you butted in

Lance just looked away: fine but only if you give me a match against you myself later

Maria then looked awkward

Shelda pointed out: Lance like's fighting strong people

Maria then nodded after she understood: oh ok then sure

G: ugh guys  

the group beside the kids all heard G's voice as they turned around to see for themselves, The eggs that Jester and Mome were holding started to crack and glow in lights red for Jester and White for Mome's at the same time with both of them freaking out about it so did the rest

Shelda: wait this it Midnight already?

Maria confused: Midnight?

Lance then crossing his arms: pretty much Jester there got those oversized eggs from a stranger claiming to be from Tengoku and they said that when the clock strikes midnight those eggs were going to hatch

Kate's eyes went wide as if she knew something: They got those Eggs from Tengoku?

however, then there was a giant flash of light that made them all cover their eyes as

G: agh I knew I should have brought my shades [as the light disappeared Lance, Shelda, G, Maria, and Kate all then opened their eyes but then looked into shock as Jester and Mome also did the same as they both saw in their arms they were each no longer holding eggs but were each holding an Animal Jester was holding a cute Wolf Pup, which had a black fur overcoat covering its top and a red undercoat covering its underbelly and legs, The pup also had blue eyes and a brown nose, the one that Mome was holding was a small cute little Tiger Kitten, that was pure white fur with black stripes and blue eyes both Jester and Mome were so shocked they couldn't even speak however G responded] wow, the eggs transformed into Animals

Maria, however, looked confused: wait Wolves and Tigers don't come from Eggs how's that......[she then had another thought] but then again Tengoku that's why I guess

Shelda then said with a smile in her pink ghost form: Well I think they're so cute

Lance to her: Pff girl

Shelda responded madly: come on they are just look at them

G walked over saying to Jester: Man looks like you got yourself a Dog there Jester

Jester then scratched his head while holding the pup who had a happy smile looking down at something in the other: I guess, I've always wanted a Dog but what kind of breed is it?

G then also scratched his head: Hmm you're right, [he then snapped his fingers and said ] I know brain food we'll help me out good thing I got my Choko Bar in my pocket [however as he then reached for it suddenly he felt nothing but leftover Saliva as G then looked at his hand and saw it was all slobbery asking] Blagh what the heck happened to my .......[suddenly both him and Jester saw the Pup had it in his mouth, it then chewed then swallowed it to G's crossed look saying ] gah that Mutt took My Choko Bar I'm going to kill it !!!

Red: Huu Did I do something wrong I was just hungry

G and Jester freaked out at the same time in Unison: the DOG CAN TALK!

the group all heard the voice as well the Pup looked around

Red: was it something I said

Jester happy with this: cool the Dog Can talk it's what I wanted [he then looked at Mome ] hey can that Cat talk as well Mome?

Mome then looked confused about it: I don't know [she then put the Kitten down as the Kitten was shaking a little Mome had a smile saying kindly] hey no need to be so afraid I won't hurt you, so what's your name?

Tigera then was shaking: a....a.....a Name I....I.....Don't think I have one of those

Mome looked shocked by this: you don't have a name, why's that?

Tigera said, still scared: I.....don't know I don't even know w.....who you are, who I am or what I am?

Mome looked at the Kitten: Oh then sorry well if you want to know my names Mome Loveheart

Tigera then Jumped in shocked: M......Mome so tha.....that's you?

Mome nodded in confusion: what so you do know me?

Tigera nodded still a little bit scared: Y......Yes but I.....I'm sorry I .....Only know your, not sur.......sure why h.....however

Jester Looking at this asked the Pup: Hey My name Jester Loveheart, do you know my name as well?

Red looked at him for a few minutes of silence: Oh you're that Jester Loveheart  I know your name like kitty there I don't know why?

Kate: I know why  [the group all looked at Kate who explained serious] those two are  both your soul guardians

Jester confused: wow hold up what's a Soul Guardian?

Kate explained: think of them as Spirit Animals, in the afterlife, the twin goddesses create Soul Guardians for those who need them to protect themselves and it is normally given to them in a flash of light

Maria asked looking confused: I guess that's why they're Called Guardians then

Kate nodded

Shelda then looked down thinking: So, They are only given to people who can't defend themselves......

Lance: ugh You Know I can still hear you right

Shelda heard Lance thought to her as She then looked annoyed: hey need some me time Lance so I appreciate it if you don't hear

Lance shrugged his shoulders: hey can't blame me for being nosey

back with the group Mome: so she's my Soul Guardian?

Tigera added just as confused: I'm her soul Guardian?

Kate nodded: yep so is that Pup to your brother Mome

Jester however sighed: you know calling him a pup is getting old so how's about if I come up with a name for him

Red looked at Jester excited with his tail wagging: oh boy a name I've waited all my life for a name, all five minutes of it oh boy oh boy oh boy

G asked his friend: so what are you going to call him man Furry friend, Butch oh wait I know the chocolate bar criminal

Lance sighed: really G?

G looked at his brother: come on Bro that dog ate it can't help it

Jester then shouted it: I know I'll call him Red

everyone else looked at Jester

Shelda asking: Red?

Jester explained pointing at Red: yeah my favorite Colour is Red and he's red so why not call him Red

Red looked at Jester with a smile: Red yippee I got a name now Red, Red, Red!

as he started to say Red over and over the others looked odd except Lance who looked crossed as Shelda sensing this tried to change the subject

Shelda: Um, Mome what do you want to call that Kitten?

Mome then looked at the Kitten: I'm not so sure  [she then opened her eyes wide as she had an idea ] wait that look she looks like a white tiger like White Tigera my Favourite Superhero

Tigera asked, still a little bit scared: S.......S........Super He........Hero?

Kate interrupted: that seems right, Soul Guardians take the appearance of the protectors dreams so that Kitten may have looked like that because of your love for that Superhero Mome

Mome looked at Kate saying: is that so?[ she then looked at the Kitten again snapping her fingers: hey would you like the name Tigera ?

Tigera asked: T......Tigera ? [she then looked as if she was thinking about it before having a smile saying] I think I like it thanks Mome

Mome then started to stroke Tigera making the latter purr

Mome: no problem, I can tell we're going to be the best of friends

she then giggled happily while Jester and G were looking at Red who started to chase his tail

Shelda looked at them: looks like they can defend themselves now

Lance rolled his eyes: Yeah well I'm not looking forward to it

Shelda annoyed: Hey come on my brother and sister have Guardians now why are you not looking forward to.......

Lance pointed out: what do you think will happen once Red and Star Meet?

Shelda shocked: U.........ok you got a point there

however, suddenly both of them felt as if there was somebody who softly elbowed their side as Lance looked to his right he saw it was Kate as she whispered

Kate:  hey mind if I talk to you two and Maria over at the far corner

Lance and Shelda then looked at each other

Lance: Alright

as the three grown ups then sneaked away from the kids who were playing with Red and Tigera as they were far away from the kids but at the same time not too far because they wanted to keep an eye on them for their safety

Shelda asked Kate: So what do you want us here for Kate?

Kate answers seriously: it's about those Soul Guardians, there is something I need to tell you about them That I haven't told your siblings Shelda

Shelda concerned: what haven't you told them?

Kate explained looking with a concerned look of her own: a Soul Guardian and their master have the same link as you two, once hatched the Guardian and Master share the same life meaning if their Soul Guardian dies, so well there Master

Shelda then had a look of shock as was both Lance and Maria

Shelda: What, so if Red or Tigera die so well Jester and Mome !?

Kate nodded: yes unfortunately that is correct I didn't want to tell them that because it was their birthday and the whole Sun Bu incident it would rip this day apart so I think you should tell them tomorrow before you spar with Maria

Shelda nodded: alright I'll do that

Shelda then took a look over at her two siblings with a worried stare

Kate asked again: but there's still something that does not make any sense here

Shelda looked at her with the others

Maria: What is it, Kate?

Kate confused, crossing her arms: how did they get the Soul Guardian Eggs in the first place? Was there a flash of light?

Lance: no G told us that some guy with Brown Hair, a white sleeveless top, black trousers, and Black boots with yellow laces give them it

Kate's eyes went wide in shock and a gasp  as if she remembered something

Maria looked at her: Kate are you ok?

Kate who was trying to hide her true emotions then ran away: um I'm fine just need some fresh air

as the others looked at her they all had confused looks


am outside of the School Kate was standing on the pitch looking down concerned  

Kate: So you've shown your face again the question is why.....[She then looking up saying] Zhon Gear, The Anti Warrior, The Gateway Movement, Sun Bu, and Vorvalli if all these foes do show up I guess he would have turned up as well but still why now?[ She then put her right hand out and looked at her palm which strangely looked like it was starting to Crack like a rock before it stopped causing a crack that took up most of her palm Kate then  put her hand on her body] I just need this body to hold just a little bit longer so I can help them before it fades away

Kate then walked away with a small smile

Cliff Hanger: Kate knows who that stranger is ?........ Or is it someone who took that stranger's form and what will happen in the spar with Shelda vs Maria find out next time on Soul Warrior X?

Maria: ok Shelda time too spar

Lance: Her skills. There impresseth I think you have a very good sparring partner

Shelda: I hope so, I can’t let everyone down.

Shelda: Next time on Soul Warrior X “find your fighting spirit, Maria's Advice”

Shelda: I have to be ready.