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Narrator: Last time on Soul Warrior X: The Director has kidnapped everyone at Tengoku High and wants to do some tests with some of the students on each floor. Can our heroes save the ones that are captured by completing these Tests find out now on Soul Warrior X

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Part 1

the Group on the first floor were looking at their opponent was the Taskmaster who was crossing his arms with a smirk saying

The Taskmaster: what's the matter? Did a cat bite all your tongues? why isn't any of you talking

Rehcaet then spoke first: so you're this Taskmaster of the Gateway Movement that's been harming the school

The Taskmaster looked at Rehcaet: Hm so you're the headmaster, guess I finally meet you face to face but yes I am the Taskmaster who is all of your opponents so come and try to make me say that word to earn your freedom and beat me unlike you didn't do last time [ he then looked at Lance and said] or your worthless little brother

Lance then looked annoyed: Ok that's it[ as he was about to attack The Taskmaster, to everyone's surprise, the Taskmaster then disappeared into lightning as Lance looked around saying] what the, where the heck did he go?

Spike looked around as well: for once I agree with Mr wall breaker where did he ........

Taskmaster: What agreeing with someone besides those two you hang with Spike

Spike then heard The Taskmaster say behind him as he turned around seeing him

Spike: what the, wow you're fast

The Taskmaster taunting: and you're too slow Hm for shame, that it will cost you your two buddies Skull and Spots but don't be afraid you'll be reunited as experiments for The Director and our plan

Spike then looked crossed while he heard that: Grr you watch your mouth you overused Lightbulb [as he then sprouted out a spike from his wrist and to the surprise of everybody he Atchley then fired it out of his wrist and it stabbed the Taskmaster as Spike who looked crossed then kept firing Spikes one after the other all hitting the Taskmaster and it got stuck in until Spike calmed down and looked stunned] wait, I actually got him sweet

Lance, however, shouted out annoyed remembering: no you didn't get him, Idiot

the group members then all looked at Lance

Ryu: what are you talking about Lance, he's got all those spikes in him now?

Spike then looked at Lance like he was an idiot: yeah Dumb, Dumb he won't survive getting stabbed by I don't know how many sp......

Taskmaster: Ha,ha,ha way too easy

The Taskmaster said as the group all looked confused besides Lance he suddenly turned into electricity and sank back into the ground

Spike looked stunned: what the. You gotta be kidding me the guy just turned himself into Lightning,

Lance annoyed: that's what I was trying to tell you he can turn into Lightning and he can heal from any wound

Ryu as he understood: I get it, so that's why he covered the cage with electricity with it he can be anywhere at any time

Taskmaster:  clever Ryu [the group turned around and saw the Taskmaster who appeared there and crossed his arms saying ] too bad you can't team up with more smart beings tisk tisk

Spike knowing he was insulted he shouted annoyed: How dare you nobody mock me!

Taskmaster replied: you're right, you two good at mocking yourself boy

Spike then annoyed again: Grr why you Gah[ as he again looked like he was going to attack the Taskmaster with his spikes however he then suddenly got electrocuted shouting] GAAAAHHHHH!

he then fell down hitting the ground passed out

Geama stunned: what, what happened?

Becks admitted surprisingly ok: It's the lightning, he shocked Spike from his feet because we're also standing on the Electricity

Geama looked worried: wha, that's not fair, how are we supposed to beat this guy if he can knock us from anywhere?

Taskmaster: Good question

Geama then freaked out as she turned around to see the Taskmaster move that quickly yet again behind her as this even surprised Lance as he saw  this

the Taskmaster started to mock Geama: poor Geama how sad you and your Outsider friends were so close so sad because you owe them and Maria saved you from the streets becoming a happy family we'll be happy for your family will be reunited as experiments for the Director [ He then tapped Geama's nose saying in a cold way] softy

Geama then all of a sudden got angry and her eyes went green losing control of this rage she then tried to strike the Taskmaster however her punches just went right through him however she didn't even notice as she was lost in her anger to the confusion of the others

Shelda confused: why, why can't she hit him, He never did this when he fought us before?

Lance: Personally, I Have no idea

Lance replied to her, however, the group then saw something odd as there seemed to be a second Taskmaster  from behind her to the shock of the others

Becks called out to Geama: Geama, there's another Taskmaster behind you

Geama then turned around:wha.......

Taskmaster: Tag

the Taskmaster then slightly touched Geama causing her to get shocked yelling

Geama yelling in Pain: Gahhh!

she then two passed out from the pain and fell to the ground

the Taskmaster then turned around to face the group: Two down, one to go then the real games can begin

The rest of the group questioned this as there were four still standing

Lance even questioned this: what are you talking about you buzz head?

Taskmaster crossed his head: As I said, I know there's only four of you left however besides your headmaster the rest of you know your little Secret Roger Boy

Rehcaet then looked at the three left: Secret?

Taskmaster then looked at him: that's right, You don't know Lance's secret, but that's fair, he does not know the other two teammates also have secrets they don't want to tell

Lance looked odd at the other two: wait both of you have secrets as well

Becks looked down in sadness as Ryu looked confused by this: Secret wait I don't have a secret

Taskmaster then curious: Oh is that so then I guess you have a bad memory, see I know about what happened to your family and Yami

Ryu looked stunned by this as did the rest

Shelda confused: Yami what's that?

Lance looked puzzled by this as well until he heard

The Taskmaster: and that's not all[ the group then saw as The Taskmaster then raised his hand and pointed at Beck's saying ]the greatest Secret here is that girl, for you see Becks and her brother Rod shouldn't even be at Tengoku High in the first place

Becks looked horrified by this

Lance asked her a little confused: what does he mean by that?

Becks looked down in fear saying: I.......I can't say ........

Taskmaster coldly: or what, Oh I know you two scared in case everyone will shun you because you could have helped prevent the attacks recently

Becks looked annoyed: that's not it at all...

Rehcaet: Enough [the Group then heard as their Headmaster Rehcaet spoke in a serious crossed tone as he said]  I'll tell you this once, Don't insult my student's secrets

Taskmaster looked interested: HM you look unfazed by the fact your students are keeping secrets from you

Rehcaet then looking serious again: Like I keep telling people, These students are my family because they need it and a family does have secrets in so I hold no anger[ Rehcaet then got annoyed] However what does make me angry is you trying to tear this family apart with your lies and the fact you KIDNAP MY DAUGHTER I'll MAKE YOU PAY FOR THAT!

the students were shocked by how mad their headmaster was getting that they couldn't find words

Taskmaster however then walked over calmly and said looking down on Rehcaet: Hm you please, last I've checked you were frozen by Zhon Gear and Sun Bu trapped you in that cage so easily, I can beat you no ......[suddenly Rehcaet then punched Taskmaster out of nowhere causing him to disappear back into the ground as Rehcaet looked like he was tired as The Taskmaster then chuckled a little while saying] well, well it looks as though there is more to you than meets the eye than just being a nice Father, however, make no mistake, you're in my element now and before we're done you'll be the one saying that word

Rehcaet however smirked: trust me there is more to me to be seen in fact .......

he then grabbed Taskmaster by the shirt as The Taskmaster again tried to attack him from behind to everyone's shock how was Rehcaet this good

The Taskmaster admitted, confused and stunned: How?

Rehcaet then smirked: You remember Maria's Gift don't you hm well you never learned where she got them from

The Taskmaster then looked stunned Rehcaet then kicked him to the other side of the room while walking as he then turned around saying

Rehcaet: you three stay back I've got this covered

Ryu and Becks nodded Lance crossed his arms annoyed as Rehcaet then walked over to try to make the Taskmaster say, Uncle

Lance looked crossed: guess it's like everyone in this school can fight

Shelda: Um Atchley no [as Shelda then appeared in her pink form while counting her fingers saying] I can name three people who can't fight Lance

Lance looked at her as if she was wrong thinking: ha I'll take that bet, if you guess right I'll let you control our body for Christmas if we get the heck o.....

Shelda pointing out: Skylett, Buck, and Serah there I win

Lance looked annoyed at her: hey that's,.....grrr

Shelda then smiled: sorry, you put up the bet and you snooze and you lose

Becks then chuckled a little which caught the attention of everyone

Ryu admitted to Becks: I think they heard you

Becks looked confused by this at first

Shelda shocked: Hey you can see me Becks?

Becks then realized: oh snap

Shelda looked at her with a smile: I knew it, that's why you saved me before because you know me and Lance are the Soul Warrior right?

Becks was so sad she could not speak and she just nodded as back with the fight

Rehcaet was moving in front of Taskmaster: been a while since I had to use my gift guess in a way I've got to thank you [he then delivered countless right and lefts while saying] HOWEVER WHAT I CAN'T TOLERATE IS HOW YOU'RE HURTING MY CHILDREN, AND YOU EVEN DARE TO PUT YOUR HANDS ON MARIA THERE ARE THINGS YOU DON'T DO AND ONE OF THEM IS MESSING WITH A MAN'S FAMILY!

Rehcaet kept punching him over and over again however unknown to anybody the Taskmaster had a small sick smile as back with the group Lance looked at this with interest he never can understand why Rehcaet was fighting for them they weren't their family, dough he does admit some of them did grow on him can't care, I can not care as he thought that he then heard

Ryu then asks: so going by what Taskmaster said, then I guess Rod knows there the Soul Warrior as well?

Becks then nodded sadly: yeah we knew about it for a long time

Lance looked annoyed: Gah that's just great, this has to be the worst kept secret in the history of kept secrets. OK how did you know, are you a darn Tengokuen, are you an assassin or did somebody forget to shut the door again?!

Becks looked down again: No it's none of those, it's more complicated than that

the three others looked at her

Shelda: more complicated, what do you me.......

Rehcaet shouted: agh what the?

Rehcaet shouted as the Students then saw stunned that the Taskmaster had stabbed Rehcaet not all the way through electrical wires created from lightning stuck into his arms and legs to Rehcaet shock

the Taskmaster smirked: Hmph, no worries. You'll live Mr. Headmaster, but this will hurt a lot

he then snapped his fingers and Rehcaet was electrocuted by the Taskmaster

Ryu shouted out: Headmaster!

as the three students ran over to his side

The Taskmaster: Now he's down it's just you three vs me

Lance looked crossed at this: Grr, Now that was a cheap shot you give him

the Taskmaster then chuckled: Cheap shot, no I was goading him to try to hit me [ he then crossed his arms looking interested asking] but is that a look of caring in your eyes I thought you don't care about anyone but your sad little family Lance

Lance then started to sweat a little before lying: no I don't care only cowards use cheap shots to get the advantage

Taskmaster then crossed his arms saying: and that's why you won't survive in a true battle playing fair and square heck I may not agree with them but That is something I Have in common with The Anti Warrior and Sun Bu [ he then gripped his hand into a fist and said ] and it is this that I wanted I want you to be the one to utter the word that will cause you to fail and become experimented on by the Director

Lance however then got into a fighting pose: is that so, well sorry buddy but you're not going to make me say that word any time soon

Becks then got into a fighting pose of her own: neither will I besides I have the advantage

Lance looked at her: Advantage?

Taskmaster then smirked: is that supposed to mean because you heard of this moment before? Haha, silly little girl, this timeline is different from the one you and your brother came from [Becks looked  at him with a confused look tapping] or have you not been paying attention

Lance confused: Timeline?

Becks looked down again: Ok since the cats out of the bag I promise I'll tell you and Shelda but first we have to deal with the Taskmaster

as she then ran at The Taskmaster while trying to land a kick to him who then turned into electricity and disappeared then reappeared from behind her to fire lightning shots but Rebecca then dodged again and again, however, the Taskmaster then teleported right before Lance was going to deliver a punch that's he saw coming Lance looked around before the Taskmaster then appeared behind him and fired an electrical blast, however, Lance then ducked under the blast and then hit The Taskmaster with a right which made the Taskmaster smirk Lance then remembered he can't feel any pain inflicted onto him Lance however then heard someone say

Becks: My Turn

as then from behind Lance Becks then jumped from his shoulders as and delivered a huge kick which did cause the Taskmaster to disappear Becks  was puffing a little until she heard

Shelda in a friendly way: Nice Kick Becks

Rebecca then turned around while brushing her hair with her hand while having a small blush: right, Thank's Shelda


Becks then saw a crossed Lance who was annoyed by the fact that

Becks asked confused: Um no offense but I don't see the problem here?

Lance looked crossed: the problem is I had him and then you just had to butt in by Jumping over me

Shelda: Atchley you were remembering you can't hurt him because he can regenerate thanks to his lightning abilities

Lance: Grrr you stay out of this Shelda

Shelda: what It was more of a benefit than annoyance Lance

as the two of them started to argue again  

Becks asked them: Um guys is this really the time to start arguing?

The Taskmaster: she has a point!

suddenly Lance heard as he turned around getting hit by an electrical shot sending him  to the wall

Becks looked at them: Lance, Shelda

The Taskmaster looked at her: they should learn to keep their mouth shut, to think even at times like this they still argue ha guess old habits are hard to kill [he then put one finger out and said] but why don't you try your luck.........Future girl

Becks then got back into a fighting pose: Cute, but that's not going to make me scared of you so bring it shocky pants.  

as Becks then tried to deliver another right to Taskmaster

Back with Lance and Shelda, the latter eyes went wide as she heard what Taskmaster

Shelda then replied stunned: Lance, did you hear that?

Lance then getting out of the wall: grah, hear what I was too busy getting knocked into the darn wall after we had one of our argument problems

Shelda: guess bad habits do die hard, we better stop doing that but that doesn't matter now the Taskmaster just called Beck's future girl you know what that means?

Lance looked at her clueless: Cute Nickname?

Shelda sighed: no, not a nickname think about it Lance, She has known who we are for a long time, how she didn't know what Ice Lollies or countries were or how the Taskmaster keeps  saying she's not from this time do I need to spell it out for you

Lance's eyes went in a stunning look as he then looked back saying: she's from the Future

Shelda added glad Lance got it: Exactly

as back with Becks and The Taskmaster, the so called future girl was looking around trying to find where the Taskmaster had disappeared to this time

Becks then thought to herself: Man, this guy is a fan of hide and seek [ she then closed her eyes and again thought to herself] still, this isn't the time to joke I've got to calm down and strike back [ she then tried to sense The Taskmasters energy as lightning started to form behind her The Taskmaster then tried to grab her from behind however Rebecca was aware of this as she then thought] There!

she then fired a soul blast at him which surprised

the Taskmaster as it caused a hole in the middle of his chest however he then suddenly healed it saying with a proud smirk: not bad, it seems the future does hold some decent fighters I must admit

Becks looked annoyed: well hate to tell you this sparkly but .......[she then went into a fighting pose] there's hardly anyone in my timeline, that's something I wish to change here and I'll burst through you to save the future of this Timeline

The Taskmaster then dusted himself off: Cute Goal, however not all of me agrees with you

Rebecca then turned around and then saw behind her was about fifty other Taskmasters who all were smirking

Becks looked concerned: Oh snap

as Lance was finally getting out of the wall

Shelda looked concerned: Oh no, Becks Lance you need to help her

Lance annoyed: Yeah, Yeah I'm on it but only so she can finally explain why she went back in time

however, as Lance was about to go and join the fight

Ryu: Lance wait  [Lance heard Ryu's voice as he turned around as he saw a determined Ryu asked seriously: have you got a sec, I need to tell you and Shelda something important

Lance annoyed: can it wait four eyes I need to beat this guy until he tells me where my sister is

Shelda looking at him: also as importantly Becks can't win against that many Taskmasters heck one nearly killed us

Ryu: you're correct but don't you see since we're stuck in this cage were all in his world which means we can't win on normal conditions however I've got a plan

both Lance and Shelda asked in unison: plan?

Shelda confused: what Plan?

Ryu sweating a little: my plan is to let him out

Lance questioned: him are you talking about that thing Taskmaster said about you  

Shelda understood: Yami?

Ryu nodded: That's right Yami, as much as I hate to admit it he's the key to stopping the Taskmaster

Lance looked crossed: then why haven't you brought him out yet,

Ryu looked crossed: because I'm scared, you don't know Yami he's well a loose cannon there's no telling what he'll do when he gets out so I need you two to promise me if he goes too far [he then looked at  them serious] finish me off got it[Lance and Shelda looked confused at this but then they both nodded as Ryu then reached to his glasses and said taking a deep breath]  Here we go

as he then took them off and then looked as if he was sleeping standing up again to Lance and Shelda's confusion the latter asked

Shelda: R......Ryu?

Yami: hahaha,Hahahahaha hahahahhaha

they then both heard an evil laugh coming from him which scared them both back with the fight Becks duck two Taskmaster lightning shots as then kicked another five seemingly destroying them

Becks then jumped back and tried to focus thinking: this is bad [she then punched one of the clones and elbowed another one and continued to fight while thinking] I can't hold a grip on these guys so I can't copy their abilities hu, hu, [she then fired a giant soul blast at ten ones that were running towards her and then held her arm] and because this Cage is him, he can create as many clones as he wants...[Becks then looked at all of the Taskmasters that were smirking at her she then looked down sadly] I'm.......I'm trapped

Taskmaster Clone 1:Don't you see girl

Taskmaster Clone 2:there is no escape

Taskmaster: and you will pay

Taskmaster: and you will never save your future and pay as the next experiment for the .......

Yami: Hahahahahaha

suddenly Becks and the Taskmaster's all heard that same cold and dark voice that Lance and Shelda heard as they all looked at Ryu who was now chuckling in a Violent  tone and a dark with Red aura started to surround him

Lance then thought to himself: what's, what's going on he's Soul Energy increasing thi.....this is nuts

Shelda was so stunned she could hardly speak as then everybody noticed while this was happening to Ryu he started to change, his hair started to grow longer that it covered his face and was the bottom length, however, the wind that blew also revealing his face as he continued to change

Becks noticed:g......this is .......this Soul it's powerful ........

the Taskmaster didn't even flinch as one of them: so you finally have woken up ......[ then as Ryu now opened his eyes revealing to of also gained a third eye each had black outlines and red pupils as the Taskmaster said] so this is your true self Ryu

Yami: Ryu Boy [then chuckled a little asking ] Ryu Boy?, Sorry but he's not here at the moment [ he then pointed to himself with a smirk saying] I'm Yami how you doing?

he then walked forward in front of the others

Lance: so that's this Yami guy, getting a lot of flashbacks to the Anti Warrior here

Shelda admitted: I doubt he's an Amalgamate[ however she then looked nervous and said] but I get what you mean, does this mean Ryu and this Yami are like us, two souls in the same body?

Lance looked crossed thinking about that as he then turned back to the fight

Yami then was stretching himself: so I take it you're the wise guy who Ryu Boy needed me to help stop him, haha [he then looked up with his eyes closed saying with a crossed look ] you must have ticked him off pretty bad, you must be pretty damn evil hu

one of the Taskmasters: Hm, Evil ........fool what we're trying to do is right it is you idiots who are .......

suddenly out of nowhere Yami then fired some kind of finger blast that hit one of the Taskmasters through the heart area

Yami: Bored now

suddenly as he did it That Taskmaster then fell to his knees as the other Taskmasters then vanished into thin air Rebecca and both Lance and Shelda looked stunned when Yami did that

Becks stunned: They.......they all vanished so that means he hit the real Taskmaster

Yami then looked at her: Clever aren't you Becks girl haha

Becks then freaked out looking at him yeah she knew it was Ryu but darn it something feels off about his other half

Taskmaster in a painful way: how, how did you find where I was

Yami chuckled: Lucky shot I suppose oh .....[The Taskmaster then tried to get up as he did he held his heart area tightly with a crossed look Yami ] you don't look well did I hurt you too much [he then chuckled] Hahaha Good

Taskmaster then gripped his fist: You fool! [he then caught Yami off with a right and lefts with lighting covering his hands hitting the looks to be in pain Yami over and over as the others watched] I am made of electricity, and in this cage, you're in my WORLD BOY SO I CAN REGENERATE FROM THIS WOUND

Taskmaster then stopped punching as then with a Look of horror he saw that Yami caught it with his hand

Becks looked stunned: He caught it

Shelda looked also stunned: wow that was lucky

Lance: No, That was not luck

Shelda heard Lance replied as she asked him confused

Shelda confused: what do you mean, I mean Taskmaster did have the upper hand

Lance looked serious: It may have looked that way but I saw Yami's face, he was toying with Taskmaster all along

Shelda looked like she understood it now as then

Yami chuckled: Ha, haha, ha your world, well it maybe your world BUT WE'RE PLAYING MY RULES! [suddenly he then kicked The Taskmaster in the gut while saying] from the mind of a young youth experience the true face of evil at a young age [he then kicked the Taskmaster to the other side of the room while walking over to where he landed Yami said ] as revenge a friend is created from the ashes of the blood and shadows [as he was now In Front of the Taskmaster and pulled him up by the caller while also transforming his hand into some kind of sharp blade while saying] to strike down every EVIL WHO CROSSES HIS PATH!

as he then was about to stab the Taskmaster

Lance: Hold it wacko

Yami  then slightly stopped his blade attack just at the Taskmasters face when he heard Lance say as both him

Becks walked up the latter: don't kill him

Yami  then looked at her with a sick grin: and why should I now, he is evil, evil must face both Justice and Judgement in their actions which will be Death

Lance however interrupted: Because like little miss future here there are three reasons one Killing isn't right, two we need him to say a certain word so we can get the heck out of here, and third I want to ask this darn electrical socket where his little Gateway Movement has my sister

Yami still with a sick grin: HM, I guess those sound important, I wouldn't want to stay here but still  [he then placed his blade slightly closer to the Taskmaster while saying ] to spare this evil blood, for now, you must tribute equal Evil blood as a sacrifice for now or later

Becks looked at him: so wait to save this guy's skin we have to agree for you to kill somebody else in the future

Yami then nodded: exactly haha, so come on whose blood will I spill in the future so you can get those three things Lance boy?

Lance looked crossed

Shelda told him: Gez no wonder Ryu was so worried about letting him out he's just as nuts as the Anti Warrior is

Lance then told her out loud: he does act a lot like the Anti Warrior they could be twin brothers or something

Yami: Anti Warrior? [Yami said with a look of impressed] hm you say he's like me or if you and Shelda are the Soul Warrior then this Anti Warrior is another Amalgamate so I should really be saying they [he then let go of the Taskmaster while saying to Lance] Ok Lance Boy, I'll let sparky go as long as you let me have the first crack at this Anti Warrior when he comes to the School I shall show him there death in the name of justice

Taskmaster then held his chest area he was annoyed: That was not smart ......

he then tried to fire a lightning shot as Lance looked ready to defend himself however he then fell to one knee in pain

Becks: please stop, you're in no condition to fight anymore Taskmaster so stay down

Taskmaster looked crossed at first before he then stood up and saw the others then sighed: Fine, I'll give up, It might have been dumb but you did spare my life [Taskmaster then pointed to Lance saying] so I will tell you one Clue Lance Roger of where your little sister is but only the one clue

Lance looked annoyed: wrong you'll tell me where she is not some kind of riddle

Taskmaster smirked: it's my only offer, I'm still on the side of the Gateway Movement so well you take it or leave it

Lance then gripped his fist, however, he then heard

Shelda: Lance wait........[Shelda says his name as Lance then turns around to her in her pink ghost form replying] it's better than nothing

Lance then turned back to the Taskmaster: Fine what's this clue?

Taskmaster then crossed his arms: your sister has ties with one of our most important Projects, Project Alpha

Lance, Shelda, and Becks looked at him each thinking to themselves: Alpha?

Lance added looking serious: what the heck is Project Alpha?

The Taskmaster then turned around walking away: that's none of your concern for the moment but it will be for one day

Lance then started to be annoyed: like heck, it is not that day is today . tell me where my sister is or .......

Taskmaster: Uncle

The Taskmaster then uttered in a cold voice and then disappeared into a golden light

Lance looked at this annoyed: Grrrr

the others saw that Lance was getting annoyed at this, however, they all had their reactions Shelda was seeing with a surprised look she even saw Lance started to cry sadly as she felt bad for him and  thinking serious

Shelda: Project Alpha I don't like the way this sounds

Becks: Um I know this maybe a bad time but ...[Lance and Shelda then noticed Becks who had a sad look saying] Judging by what you called me Lance, I take it you and Shelda already figured mine and Rodney's secret

Lance looked serious: that you're from the future, yeah we guessed that when he called you Future Girl, the question is why did you and that brother of yours come back to this time period?

Becks explains sadly: sorry can't say if I do I might get wiped from existence  

Lance and Shelda looked puzzled

Lance: wiped from ......existence?

Shelda: is it like one of those things where if you were never born?

Rebecca rubbed the back of her head: It's.......more complicated than that...It's just something that Master X and Timaeus told me and Rodney about time traveling, turns out it's not as simple as we thought

Lance then looked up sarcastic: really geez of course Time Travelling is one of the most simple things ever

Shelda looked at him with lazy eyes: You do know we can all tell you were being sarcastic right

Lance then crossed his arms  while saying nothing

Becks couldn't help but chuckle a bit before: Well, maybe after all of this me and Rod tell you with Master X and Timaeus about the theory of time travel

Shelda looked at her: sounds like a plan

Yami: Ha, Ha, Ha cute [the group then heard a familiar voice chuckled as they saw Yami who was stretching himself saying ] such a performance of weakness almost makes me Cry pff cute

Shelda looked at him and sounded a little bit more crossed: hey that's not cool

Yami than jokes: Cool hahaha what a comeback from a little softy Shelda girl

Shelda looked sad at this

Becks: hey that was rude, I can't believe someone like you is sharing a body with Ryu

Yami crossed his arms: Hm yes Ryu boy is soft, too soft to kill the evil in the name of justice and righteousness

Yami then looked up: for shame two after what happened to his entire family tisk tisk it was so sad I nearly spread a tear

the rest questioned this

Lance curious: his Family?

Yami looked to the sky: yes, it all happened when Ryu Boy was about eight years old, doing a family gathering Ryu boys' entire family Father, Mother, Brother, Sisters, Aunts, Uncles, Cousins like Desmond and his grandparents were celebrating however then five Animal human like creatures a Tiger, a Snake, a Monkey, a Pig and finally an Ox attacked and killed all but Ryu and Desmond

Lance and Shelda then both looked like they were freaking out while Becks just looked sad as she had heard of this tale

Shelda was as shocked as stoned by this: his family was wiped out,

Yami then looked calmly at her: Correct, Luckily for Ryu Boy and his cousin someone managed to save them. Desmond was twelfth you see so he was already ok with what had happened even though he swore his revenge unfortunately for them two Orphanages took them away separating them. [he then had an insane look and said]  better pay attention here this is my favorite part Ryu boy was traumatized by this event that he created an Imaginary Friend to cope with the Pain, however ever since he came to this Unique School his Imaginary Friend can possess his body while he takes those glasses off [ he then smirked and said] and in case you haven't figured it out yet that friend is me, and in my name, I shall smite all evil that I shall encounter none will escape me not even this Anti Warrior [He then reached for the glasses] Until then, I can wait

He then put the glasses back on and his hair started to get back to normal, his third eye disappeared and his eyes went back to their normal color

Ryu took his place he then looked at the three of them embarrassed: so, yeah......I heard all of that

Shelda nodded: You did, I guess you and Yami  are sort of like me and Lance in that way but is he sick

Lance crossed his head: Yeah I mean Shelda maybe a pain in the head due to her nagging

Shelda shouted annoyed: HEY!

Shelda shouted annoyed at the insult with  

Lance continued to calmly: but she not a freaking nut job seriously man it's gotta be annoying with that Psycho inside your head

Ryu looked at Lance nodding: you're correct, Now you see why I have to keep my glasses on all the time [he then gripped his fist and said] Yami can't be reason with, he wants to kill anything he sees as Evil and does not give them a chance to change [ he then looked at Lance and said] and now, I know I have to take my glasses off again at the end of year battle, with the Anti Warrior [Ryu then looked at all three of them and said] anyways sorry for keeping it from you guys the Dark about it

Becks then while pointing to herself: Um hello Ryu, Future Girl here

Shelda then added while Becks looked odd: Beck's right, It's ok to keep secrets just as long as you .......

The Director: Hahahahaha [the group heard a familiar voice say the Director's Voice  as they all then turned around to the hologram appeared again saying ] Excellent work

the rest of the group Rehcaet, Geama, and Spike were getting up the rest of the group started to get up to face it

Lance looked annoyed: Great what now

Part 2

Dan the Man: NO SERIOUSLY HE CALLS THIS THING TINY![shouted one of the shocked Dan the Man who him and the other Dan the Man's were trying to keep the giant Tiny down holding his legs and arms while one of them shouted ] Hey, anyone got a plan, Because this Dead Rex is breaking Dan the Man's grip

Glawny shouting: Just hold it a bit longer comrade [Glawny then looked to the others] Ok so which ones of you can fight back against this giantasurius rex  

Sasquatch answers firstly saying looking at his friends: Sasquatch does not like to fight, But if Sasquatch must save his friends, then Sasquatch shall fight on

Syllektis however looked displeased: sorry to say, I can't say the same thing. My gifts can only possess things and you can't pay me enough to possess that rampaging beast head

Cammy with a sad look: sorry, I can't help ever my Gift is to see the future I don't see how that can help in a fight

Glawny then had a smile: Ah that's ok

Cammy then shook her head: No it's not Ok, Uncle Dammy took care of me since my parents died I .....I want to help him

Mome: Hey

Cammy heard Mome say

Mome: I understand where you're coming from, My sister Shelda's taken care of me for most of my life, so finding a way to help her would make me happy[ She then looked at the roof that was slowly lowering] but I know, as much as I want to .........I'm not ready yet so all I have to do is play my part each baby step at a time you know what I'm saying right

Cammy nodded with confusion: I Guess

Glawny looking at Mome: um it's kind of creepy how mature you are for someone your age

Mome looked at him confused: hu hey are you saying I don't act like a kid but I'm not sure if I can help ever the only way I can is Tigera and I'm unsure if a little kitten can beat that beast

as she then pointed to Tigera who was still curled up in a ball because of the look of "Tiny " as Mome sort of sighed

Syllektis signed for another reason: Gah just what we need a scaredy Cat on our team

Tigera then popped her head out: I Can't help it

Glawny: Huuuu.....guess it's something ya can't help. [he then looked to Sasquatch saying] alright harry looks like it's you, Me, and the Socially Awkward guy who's holding that Big Rex

Sasquatch with a confused tone: Herry me not Herry me Sasquatch, Sasquatch friend

Glawny jokingly chuckled: it's a nickname [Glawny then looked at Syllektis, Mome and Cammy while ] This is the plan, while us three handle Big Rex you three well four if you count the cat find those Key Cards to get the heck out of this room before we all become Pancakes

Syllektis then with a small smirk: Not a bad idea Ok then let's do it just don't end up as this things Lunch

Cammy then questioned looking up: this room is so big, How do we find the Key Cards in time

Syllektis then Pushed up her glasses up explaining: Simple the three of us must split up

Cammy confused: split up?

Syllektis nodded looking up at her: what seems to be the problem, you said you wanted to help your Uncle by any means so why not we can cover more ground that way

Glawny admitted crossing his arms: ok I know the Socially Awkward guy is going to call me a hypocrite for this but come on she's just a little girl don't you think it's cruel to expect her to go alone?

Syllektis then said annoyedly: DO YOU WANT TO GET OUT OF HERE OR NOT!

Dan the Man: Hay Hate to tell you but the beast is loose guys [the group heard Dan the Man shout as he was correct Tiny had got freed from The Dan the Man Clones and started to bite, slam and stomp with its Tail and feet Dan then said] Dan the Man hopes you've come up with a Plan because Dan the Man needs your guys help like now would be nice

Glawny then looked uncertain: fine you win, you can separate Comrades into three groups.....

Mome:  No not three .....[Mome looked serious saying that with all of the rest looking at her questionably as Mome explained] If Cammy wants to she can come with me and Tigera, I maybe a kid as well but I'm sure with Tigera we can manage to get those three Key Cards

Both Cammy and Tigera looked at her each with confusion but for two different reasons with Cammy wondering why Mome wants to help her and Tigera had questions as to if Mome thinks she can do much

Glawny then smiled: sounds like a plan, alright well meet the rest of you comrades when you get the Cards and we kick this Monsters tooth so let's go  

as he then put his hands up and beat them together running towards Tiny,

Sasquatch then happily running: Take care Sasquatch's friends

Cammy smiled waving: You two MR Sasquatch

Syllektis: hey you two [both Girls then looked at Syllektis who replied] don't mess up

as the two kids stared at her with confusion Sylektis then ran away on her own

Cammy looked confused: why is Miss Syllektis being so mean?

Mome looked puzzled herself: Good question but we can't ask that now, let's go get the Key Cards with  Tigera, Cammy

Cammy nodding: Right

as with that the two girls then started to run away from the fight Glawny and Sasquatch went over to one of the many Dan the Man

Glawny explained: hay Comrade we're here to fight


the two newcomers to the fight saw Tiny slam about ten Dan the Man's into the wall with his tail,

Glawny: wow Bummer man, but no worries with the three.....ugh maybe counting the rest of the Dan the Man's fifty-six of us this Tiny Rex does not stand a chance

as he then ran at him turning his hands into hurricanes with Sasquatch also following

Dan the Man: wait hold on Dan the Man forgot to tell you something

Tiny was grabbing a mouthful of Dan the Man's and throwing them to the ground as they turned into smoke

Glawny shouted at him: Hey Tiny Rex [as Tiny then looked at him with his reptilian eyes he then got hit with  Glawny landed one of his hurricane punches at the giant Tiny as it hit the wall Glawny then put his hand out with a smile saying] Ha that wasn't so hard saving Bobby, Shanna, and the others will be a piece of cake if this is [Suddenly Tiny then got back out of the wall and looked at Glawny and then stepped on him trapping him under its foot as Glawny said annoyed and in pain] Gah guess I've got a little bit too confident here

One of the Dan the Man's walked up as other clones of him were trying to push Tiny's leg off of Glawny: that's what Dan the Man tried to tell you this Tiny Rex thing, has some sort of healing ability gah guess we should expect this shouldn't Dinosaur's be extinct

Glawny then tried to lighten the mood: well that would be the case if we haven't you know facing a mad scientist who is testing us sooo not that way out of the ordinary Comrade

Dan the Man: are you really joking about being crushed by an overgrown chicken?

Glawny then replied trying to get the leg off of him: hey got to lighten the mood somehow it's when you got this only........your chest Gah [he then looked at him realizing something while asking ]Hold on Dan where's the where's herry?

Dan then looked around: you mean that overgrown fur ball haven't seen him

Sasquatch: hey you overgrown lizard

The two of them heard

Sasquatch voice Dan the Man looked at him who was riding on Tiny's neck while looking annoyed punching the side of the dino's head over and over again viciously while shouting: LET GO OF SASQUATCH PAL

Tiny looked like he did not like that and so tried to shake the Sasquatch off of him which moved the foot off of Glawny

Tiny roaring: RAAAAA

Sasquatch, however, kept doing it until Tiny hit a nearby wall but Sasquatch then jumped off of him before Tiny crashed through it

Sasquatch did he then beat his chest: OWAH OWAH [he then turned back to the other two while back to normal saying looking happy] did Sasquatch do good?

they both looked embarrassed by what just happened

Glawny: um yeah you did thanks if it wasn't for you I would have got crushed like a bug Comrade

Sasquatch then did a salute: your welcome Sasquatch friend

Dan The Man: Dan the Man thinks we shouldn't celebrate yet

Glawny and Sasquatch heard what Dan the Man said as they turned around they saw Tiny was looking at them madly as it charged showing off its sharp teeth and fangs Saskrotch then looked ready for the rematch as well as he then charged right back trying while beating his chest as Tiny was  trying to eat him Sasquatch grabbed Tiny's jaw wide open then closed the Jaw with his hands while headbutting Tiny but then Tiny lifted his head up and then hit his head with Sasquatch still holding onto it to the ground over and over again, however,

Glawny then landed a punch to it made out of a tornado knocking him away: get off you overgrown Geko

Dan the Man: this is crazy how the heck can we beat this thing if he can regenerate?

Glawny however smirk: do not worry Comrade, we don't need to beat him we just need to stall him until the others get the Key Cards

Dan the Man annoyed: what come on Man you can't expect those kids and that girl to complete it in that amount of time before the roof crashed down on us

Glawny smirked looking serious: ha you got to start trusting in people comrade I have faith that they can as I did my brothers and sisters and until then I will keep fighting for Bobby, Shanna, and the others freedom

with that, he then shouted charging at Tiny with Sasquatch and all the Dan The Man's

Meanwhile at another area of the room luckily far away from the battle with Tiny both Mome with Tigera and Cammy were looking around for a Keycard while they were looking

Mome herself: Now if I were a Keycard where would I be?

Cammy then confused: I don't know but ........

Cammy's eyes glow in orange yet again as it scared Tigera  as she then crawled back into a ball

Mome's feet as the latter then looked at her soul guardian with her hands on her hips: Tigera, I thought you were supposed to be my Soul Guardian why do you always get easily scared?

Tigera  while she was in a ball: I'm sorry, but I Can't help it her eyes are scaring me

Mome looked confused by this: Her eyes?

as Mome then saw Cammy's eyes glowed Orange as her eyes turned back to normal

Cammy shocked: wait there?

Cammy then walked to a nearby wall to

Momes confusion: Cammy what are you do.......

Cammy: There

Cammy said as she found a hole that looked like someone could fit their hand in as she then bent down and pulled something out to Mome's shock  it looked like some kind of red flat disk drive in her hand which must be the keycard Mome thought as she and Tigera had a loss for words

Cammy then had a small cute smile with her eyes closed: Got it

Mome in a friendly way: Oh right now I remember you can see the future right so that's how [she then walked over while still in shock saying "but still it's a shock doesn't that hurt ?]

Cammy however shook her head: nope besides getting a little tickle and me randomly saying words to do in the future

Mome with a smile again: good to hear so that means one down two to go

as the two of them walked Tigera crawled up to Mome's head

Tigera: Oh right forgot to say sorry for getting scared Mome and Cammy

Mome then looked at Tigera with a smile: hey you don't have to worry about it Tigera it's ok to be scared

Tigera then looked down: Not when you're a Soul Guardian, it's our job to protect the master but how am I supposed to do that if I'm what that woman called me a scared cat

Mome looked up at her Soul Guardian feeling bad because she knows that Tigera felt like she was not doing her job,

Cammy then interrupted: I'm like that

both Mome and Tigera looked at her

Mome nodded remembering: Yeah you said you wanted to help since we got here, You must really care about your Uncle

Cammy nodded with a happy: ah ha [ however she then looked down saying] after all he did take care of me since Mummy and Daddy went to sleep

Mome looked at her: went to sleep. You mean your parents died? What happened?

Cammy looked down sadly saying: Uncle Dammy Said that daddy was put to sleep by some kind of Horsey man while Mummy died giving birth to me since then Uncle Dammy has been taking care of me.

Mome looked at her and said with a sad look: so, you never knew your mother and Father?

Cammy looking again with a sad look: No Mome [however had a small smile ] well you're not the only one remember were all orphans here

Cammy is curious: so you never know your parent's ether Mome?

Mome smiled: Yeah well my sister Shelda has been like a parent to me and Jester when we were back at our old orphanage we never really knew who our parents are or were

Mome then looked down in sadness remembering what happened a few months back when Sasquatch took her away from both her brother and sister it made them worry of course unlike last time this is much more serious, she's starting to worry about their safety as well as hers with that T-Rex that her hands started to shake in fear,

Tigera: Mome

however, something caught her attention  as she heard Tigera say that

Cammy pointed up continuing: Another Keycard is up there

Mome looked up and saw shocked: Uh Oh [as she saw a green Keycard was on top of a climbing wall stuck in it Mome looked scared looking up] It's so high I know what Amber used to feel like

Cammy asked Mome confused: You scared of heights, Mome?

Mome then took a sigh: yep but looks like I'll have to get up there myself

both Cammy and Tigera looked puzzled

Cammy asked while Mome was stretching herself: You, but why you Mome?

Mome explained as she prepared to climb the wall: sorry to say but you're too young and Tigera's too small to step on the foot holes

Cammy understanding: guess that makes sense

Tigera looked worried: Mome be careful

Mome then nodded: right don't worry I'll be back in a sec [she started to climb up both Cammy and Tigera were looking at her with concern as

Mome was halfway up she then thought to herself] this is so….hi…..[suddenly she couldn't get a hold of one of the holes under her foot which caused her to nearly fall down to the two on the grounds looked really concerned however Mome then quickly then found it] I’m Ok [as with that both Tigera and Cammy took a sigh of relief while Mome thought to herself] “I've got to be more careful than that, it looks like a long way down [as she then climbed back up to where the Green Keycard was and reached for it and grabbed it saying ] yeah I Got it

while waving back down showing it off as

Cammy then looked happy: Yeah haha

Tigera then yelled back at her: That's great but you might want to celebrate on the ground

Mome then looked down: oh right that's a good …….[she then suddenly had a nervous look while shouting] UMMM

both Cammy and Tigera saw her with a worried look as it looked like she sprinted down the way back to the ground to both their confusion

Cammy: Uh Mome why did you sprint down here?

Mome looked nervous: I've got Good news and Bad news the Good news is that I got The Keycard,

Cammy looking confused: what's the bad news?

Tigera then said again crawled up into a Ball: Please don't ...s......say the Bad news ....the Bad news is always bad

Mome looked down: Yeah the bad news Is I saw that Tiny's heading over here

Cammy had a really scared look

Tigera then Popped her head up saying scared like saying with fear: I told you not to say the bad news

Mome looked upset: Sorry I've got to be honest [she then looked worried saying] I’m just worried about the others, I didn’t see …….

with that, the three of them heard the earth shake a little as they then turned to see Tiny was there looking at them as all three looked scared Tiny then roared at them

Cammy shouted: We better run!

Mome: You don't have to tell me twice,

Tigera also crawled to Mome's head as all three of them were yelling as Tiny was chasing them until

Cammy: ah

Cammy then tripped

Mome went back worried, checking on her: Cammy are you Ok?

Cammy shook her head: No I tripped...I...I Can't Move

Mome looked concerned about this: Oh no

suddenly Tiny caught up so fast the girl's freaked out in fear as Tiny then tried to take a bite however as soon as Tiny opened his Jaw it stayed open as the three of them then noticed two People were holding it opened

Cammy: MR Sasquatch

Mome: Glawny

the two of them were holding the jaw open wide enough

Sasquatch annoyed at Tiny: you won't make Lunch of Sasquatch Friends Lizard Breath

Glawny agreed with him: Yeah exactly what he said

Glawny then turned around: You kids get out of here right now it's not safe go with MR Socially Awkward

Dan the Man: Hey Dan the Man can hear you, you know

Dan the Man appeared beside them

Tigera freaked out a little: ahhhhh where did you ........[ suddenly Tigera stopped when something caught her eye ] Hey I see something

Mome then looked up: You see something, what is it?

Suddenly from out of nowhere Tigera then jumped into Tiny's Mouth

Mome freaked out: Tigera what are you doing?

she then pulled the Bottom half of Tigera and managed to pull her out  as a few minutes later Both Sasquatch and Glawny let go

Tiny then roared again: Grrrr

Glawny then Punched Tiny again with his hurricane hands while saying: Not getting away with that you dino bone

As he, Sasquatch, and Dan the Man started to fight Tiny again

Mome then not looking at her Soul Guardian yet: Tigera why did you jump into Tiny's mouth, your way more cl......[as she made eye contact with her Soul Guardian she then said surprised ] WHAT ?!

as she saw Tigera now she had a Blue keycard in her own mouth holding it

Cammy then shouted shocked: It's the... the final Keycard!

Mome looked stunned: it is, but where did you get that?

Tigera explained as she passed the Keycard over to Mome saying that's what cat eyes are good for, I saw this stuck to that bottom tooth so I needed to get it and I was the only thing small enough to fit in and grabbed it

Mome then understood: wow smart thinking it was also brave too

Tigera looked at this asking with her eyes up as she was stunned: Brave

suddenly they all then saw Glawny, and Dan being knocked back by Tiny's tail landing on the ground  just a few feet away from them as all three of them looked at the three on the ground while Sasquatch still fought Tiny with right and Left strikes and kicks  

Dan the Man admitted: that's one mad T-Rex

Glawny held his arm in pain: no kidding but we have to keep fighting

Mome: Atchley we don't

To everyone's but Cammy's and Tigera's confusion Mome held the Key Cards up with a smile Glawny and Dan The Man both give smiles of their own

Dan the Man admitted: well I'll be you Atchley did it Dan the Man is Impressed

Glawny nodded: yeah well done now all we have to do is get the Door out of here while escaping Tiny

Syllektis: HEY ! [the group all heard a voice as they all then turned around and saw about ten miles away Syllektis was standing next to a Yellow Door that seemed to have three square like shouting holes as locks as she shouted] I found the Door you might want to get over here if you don't want to be Dino Chow

the group then looked happy to see that as

Dan the Man then had a smile: Yeah looks like that woman finally came in handy

Glawny then told him: wow that's a little cold but anyways [Glawny then shouted out] hey Herry, we've got our way out comrade you might want to wrap that up

Sasquatch nodded looking over: sure thing Sasquatch do [as then he punched Tiny's two eyes with his fists temporary Blinding Tiny as Sasquatch then grabbed each of them holding them under his armpit] Sasquatch well jump all the way there

the five others questioned: JUMP?

Sasquatch then jumped high in the air while everyone else was ever screaming from fear however Cammy on the other hand was screaming from enjoyment and landed right near the door as everyone was let go

Dan the Man questioned: Blagh Dan the Man says you smell ever taken a shower or a bath?

Sasquatch scratched his head: Shower........Bath?

Glawny then looked serious: no time for that now Comrades, it looks like Tiny wants another piece of us

the rest, all saw what  Glawny said as Tiny shook his head and then charged for the group

Sylléktis then freaked out: ah ok who has the Key Cards, put it in the darn door already

Mome then nodded pulling out each of the Key Cards and placed them all in their respective holes, the door then slightly opened to everyone's grateful looks

Tigera saw Tiny again shouted scared: It's getting closer

Mome nodded: right we better move in quickly

everyone in order of Mome, Tigera, Cammy, Dan the Man, Sasquatch, Glawny and then finally Sylléktis entered the next room which looked like a small Cinema and then quickly pushed the door just before Tiny could get through in the next room everyone took a deep breath

Dan the Man sighed: That was easily the worst thing Dan the Man ever did

Glawny however chuckled: I don't know, it's not everyday you get to fight a T-Rex and live

Sylléktis then also smiled: Yep, it's a good thing it was three, it's both a Magic and my favorite Number

Mome, however, looked back confused thinking: what her favorite number, that can't be she's got OSD with even numbers why would that be her .......

The Director: Hahahahaha [the group then saw the monitor as the Director appeared on the screen] Excellent work

as the group all also looking worried by what he means by Excellent Work

Part 3

As the Experimented Husks were running towards them three of the students Zexion, Leo and Geno were all fighting them while G and Neal were at the back with a strangely calm and chilled Master X was meditating with his eyes closed  

Zexion then shouted, knocking a allot of them back: AGHHHHHHHH!!!!! [as the Mutated Husks were knocked back about fifteen of them Zexion then took a breather for a few secs before] Hu, Hu there sure is a lot of them hu, hu, hu [suddenly from behind Zexion was an orange Husk which then started to sneak up behind her and started to cough something up as just when Zexion turned around she saw the Husk spit Lava at her as she screamed] AHHHH! [as the Lava was spread on her, however, the Lava then went down to the ground like Water Zexion was still standing there in one piece annoyed she looked at the Husk saying ] You shouldn't have done that [as she then shouted sending that Husk flying and crashing into the wall and exploded into bits Zexion then quickly looked at her hand] Guess I Owe being this Drakon thing after all, if not I would have been a Skeleton

as then another Purple Husk tried to strike her with its claw like hands from its shadow Geno appears

Geno popped up and said while cutting it with his Knife: don't get two careless [as he then jumped backflipping into the air and cut everyone else thinking ] So many Husk,  he then took another Knife out] They can join the rest

as he then started to cut all of the other colored Husks one by one by one back with the two who were watching this

Neal surprised by everything: wow, things are heating up, but those Hucks aren't going down without a fight

G looked concerned: you're right, but man times not on our side

Neal looked at him remembering: That's right, we only got five minutes to beat them or else that Director guy well spread this poisoned mist at us Grah Man I wish I have a Gift or even a sword or something

G then asked looking at Master X: Yeah I know what you mean, but  Gramps is also fast asleep I wonder why he decided to take a snooze right now because I for one would like to keep my brain

Neal then looked puzzled: Brains hold on it's Souls they eat not brains

G: It was just a Zombie joke got to lighten the mood somehow

Leo: Hey at least you tried kid [ the two guys then turned to see Leo who elbowed two Green Husk knocking them back saying to G] But anyway I think it's finally time to reveal what My gift is so get.......

Master X a Thunderous voice: Enough !!"

as Master X voice had shocked the entire level up which caused everyone to flinch

G sounded shocked: Gramps?

Master X stood up with Electrical like eyes looking at the Mutated Husk: It is sad, you poor beings who have lost your souls have been experimented on by a sad little man who thinks he can play with life, who thinks he is a God [suddenly lightning shocking white aura appeared around Master X who put his hands together showing his palms on both of them while shouting] NOW IT'S TIME TO PUT AN END TO YOUR SUFFERING, EVERYONE ELSE GET BEHIND ME

Geno looked stunned thinking: that attack its...

he then quickly jumped into a Husk's Shadow and then popped right back out of Zexion's Shadow with her shocked

Zexion shouted: What the ......Creepy

Geno however just grabbed her and jumped back into another Hucks Shadow and then popped right out of Leo's shadow as they all ran behind Master X as the

Master X: Supiritto!

as then a gigantic Blast came from Master X and blasted everything in front of him and all of the Hucks disintegrated into nothingness which also created a bright light when the light died down and everyone took their arms down they all then saw in amazement, The half that Master X had fired at looked like it had been destroyed with only the floor remaining

G then shouted out looking shocked: wow it looked like somebody took a big cut out of this building what was that?

Master X crossed his arms explaining: Supiritto a powerful technique indeed, it is more powerful than any normal Soul Blast, and it's one of the only few techniques that can destroy a Husk completely [ he then looked sad thinking ]still, all those poor beings who had to suffer being used as tools for this Directors curiosity

Neal looked odd at this: You mean the Husks no offense Master X but they don't seem to have feelings

Master X looked at him with sadness: so it appears, you are a young fool with a big heart. But you don't know the sad truth to a Husk, But that day can not be today it must be a day that was I can give everybody the information once we head back [as he then walked away] Until then, I shall be at my own to relax

Zexion worried: But Wait Master X, what about the poisoned mist?

Master X then explained to the others: Do not worry, I saw the vent where the Poison would be released, it would have been destroyed so no worries young one

Master X walked off into the distance

Neal looked confused: You know for an extra powerful Master from a Land where all beings have super Gifts ......he sure likes to be alone allot

Zexion then chuckled a little: I Guess he is like one of those old master types. Can't really take too much noise

G looked curious about something: Wait a sec, I'll be back  

G ran off

Zexion then looked concerned: G where are you going?

Geno: No let him go

Geno said as Zexion then looked at him questioning it

Zexion: Huh why?

Leo answers with a positive look: ah it's just him wanting to see his "Gramps " Nothing too worrying so just let him

both Neal and Zexion looked at each other concerned as both of them nodded

Geno however had a small smirk thinking: So there's a Drakon and another Dalcoshion, Perfect that will work well for our plans

Back with Master X, he was meditating calmly in an area not close to the students, he was trying to think to figure out what the Director needs this plan for their powers and actions it can't be a coincidence he wanted to test them what could this mean that was until

G shouting: HEY GRAMPS!

Master X then heard a familiar voice as he opened his eyes annoyed: G what are you doing here I was meditating in peace?

G who was still standing looked awkward: wait you Meditate too cool Xeon does that as well haha

Master X then had one eye on G: of course, he does, who do you think taught him now what do you want G?

G took a few steps back: Ugh, wha......

Master X looked serious: I can tell in your soul energy that you want something so don't be an idiot who thinks he can hide it now tell me what is it you seek from this old man child

G looked at him looking nervous: wow you good but yeah um .......I was wondering can you teach me how to fight Gramps?

Master X looked at G with a curious look the young Roger boy explained

G: It's just I want to help in my way with Bro and Sis's mission to stop that Great Dark thing

Master X curious: Sis, are you talking about Shelda?

G smiled happily: Yeah well since she and Bro are sharing a body I thought I may as well call her that as a nickname but anyways can you teach Me, Gramps?

Master X however then shook his head saying to G's dismay: No

G then looked shocked:wha......N........No but why

Master X however then stood up and looked at G right in the eyes: Because you can never fight in this war with the Evil G I'm sorry but you need to stay out of it


Master X however shook his head: No that's not the reason G, It's because of that feeling you're going through, your Dalcoshion Blood running through your Veins

G then started to calm down as he looked stunned by what Master X said and then felt his cheek: That's right I have the same blood as that Dalvation guy

Master X Nodded: yes this is true G, Dalcoshions love the taste of battle, It what fills them the more you enter the fight the more and more your Dalcosion side will show, and then you will become a full Dalcoshion

G looked at Master X realizing something: Strange you're saying this like you've seen it before

Master X then turned around: I have been alive for a long time G, I have had many students, some go on to do great things and others well they fell to the dark, I did have a student like you who was a Half Human and Half Dalcoshion hybrid however when I trained her ......the more violent she became and I was forced to put her down

G's eyes went wide: So this did happen before ah man that ......that's just sad but the thing I don't get is.......How do I have Dalcoshion blood running through my veins and not Bro?

Master X looked uncertain himself: Hm, good question there are two possibilities one of which maybe that Lance is not your brother

G looked crossed saying as the aura appeared around him again: NO HE IS I KNOW HE IS

Master X smirked: Hm It would seem that was the case, I have felt yours and his Soul energy does have that Brother Aura around you so it might be the other but I'll tell you another date, not today for we have been through that battle so do you get me now G, You can't fight if you transform into a Dalcosion tell me is it worth losing yourself to help them

G then looked down: then can I asked you to do something

Master X looked at him: and what might that be G?

G explained curiously: can you teach Bro and Sis that technique you used to destroy all of those Hucks?

Master X however chuckled: Hm, Hm, Hm Now that could be indeed possible, they are an Amalgamate so they can learn it because Supiritto uses a lot of Soul Energy. However, they must use a weaker version to start with and work their way up

G looked down upset: Right

Master X looked at G while stroking his beard: G do not feel bad [ G looked up confused as Master X admitted] I do wish there was a way for you to fight, You may joke around but inside you have a heart of Gold like the God of Fighter I Trained many eons ago, If there was another way I would train you

G smiled: Right Thanks Gramps

The Director: Hahahahaha [suddenly the entire group all heard the Director's Voice again as his Hologram then appeared on the collar blue as he said] Excellent Work

the entire group looked concerned by what The Director meant by Excellent work

Part 4

the final group were faced with the Director himself as he then looked at him

Missy looking odd at the Director: so that's the big cheese I bet

Rod added concerned: The Director himself

The Director then spoke: Ha, Ha, Ha yes I am the Director a Handsome Bugger aren't I not

Jester then spoke annoyed: Handsome, you look like a Hippo with a robotic Butt

The Director looked crossed at that remark: How dare you, Imbecile Child you are dealing with the greatest mind in all of the worlds

he then used one of his robotic arms and showed a saw that he then tried to use on both Jester and Red as both of them quickly moved out of the way

Jester: Ok I get the point ahhhh

the Director then called it back: Hahaha it looks as if you have the same look of fear as you did when you were separated from your sister Mome [The Director then looked at Jester with a sick grin saying]  Hm Maybe I should Experiment her beside you yes Oh how would you react I wonder

Jester then looked annoyed at him: You keep away from Mome you sick freak

The Director then smirked again: haha such a brother and sister care, just what I the greatest mind in the entire world well .......

Skylett: You can't be.......Salvador Y, Tramon

The Director then turned his head and saw it was Skylett who said that

Brotomore looked at Skylett: what are you Talking about Broad?

Tammy butted in: Hey I heard about him wasn't he that Lecturer at that University something, something, something but didn't he look more human why does he have a giant metal butt made out of .......

The Director was annoyed: My Gosh do YOU EVER SHUT UP VERMIN!

Tammy in a crossed way of her own: Rude

The Director then smirked: Hahaha, well, well in case you want to know the reason why your friend Skylett there knows my full name is because she used to be one of my students back when she was at the age of seven to thirteen

everyone but Rod looked at her stunned

Jester and Red shouted in Unison: SAY WHAT!

Skylett looked determined

Missy asked: wait a sec, Skylett is that true?

Skylett nodded: Yes it is, but that can't be possible I thought he was dead

The Director then smirked: Ha so you think I'm a dead corpse haha well sad to say for you I am alive and better than ever and now you are all on my list for my experiments

Skylett then asked: But.......

Brotomore, however, looked annoyed: But, But nothing Las, I'm sick and tired of sitting here and doing nothing now its gun time Mr. Robot Hippo

The Director then smirked: Hmhmhm bring it, Bob

Brotomore then fired his Gun shouting annoyed: NOBODY CALLS ME BOB EAT LAID

however, as soon as the bullets almost hit

the Director one of the arms created a shield that blocked the bullets

Brotomores confusion: Wha......How the heck did that not hit

as the Arm went back into its hole

the Director explained: That my dear little pony is my A.A.D System

Skylett is confused by this: A.A.D?

The Director asked looking at her: My My it looks like my former pupil has not got brains after all so sad, A.A.D simply stands for Attack and Defence System with it I have over one hundred arms in my lower half that can do many things like shields, saws and a whole lot more than all your pea brain minds can't handle Observe!

suddenly more arms spread out into five directions trying to attack Jester, Brotomore, Tammy, Rod, and Missy all at the same time Jester was the first to see the arm coming at him he then tried to use a needle at him

Jester running away: No way Man I hate Needles

Red then went on after him shouting: Jester!

Brotomore then looked at the arms that were coming for him was one with saws  he then got out his guns: a Saw hu, not too big of a problem, [as he loaded out his gun and aimed it at the arms however the arm was then accompanied by allot more arms that suddenly showed up right beside it as Brotomore then loaded his gun and sigh] Guess I shouldn't of opened ma big mouth like that [as He then fired bullets at the arms but then other arms created another metal shield which ticked Brotomore off more as he then shouted ] Oui that aren't fare you darn winker Now your getting on my bad side [He then pulled something out of his belt while dodging the many arms coming into his direction which was revealed to be a grenade as he was about to pull it he suddenly remembered looking around to see everyone saying ] Crud I can't pull this it'll blow everything to dust [ as he then put it back in his belt he then pulled out some kind of beam katana swinging it and started to cut some arms off with a smirk saying] ha

Tammy saw this while jumping over two arms that were firing lasers: wait these can break, wow I never thought some kind of ultra mega, super, duper, Kupa, Blah, Blah could be that stupid and .........

Brotomore: For the Love of ........well you get to the Point there Girly

Tammy looked at him with a crossed look and then did a backflip causing one of the lasers to hit the other one

Brotomore Atchley then looked at her: Now why didn't you do that instead of just talking?

Tammy explained: well excuse me Mr. Unicorn horn but I can't help but constantly talk and talk and Talk, and Talk .....wait Coffee Time

Suddenly she then pulled out a cup of Coffee drinking while dodging more arms  

Brotomore eyes went wide looking at this while shooting some more arms in shock: OUI HOW CAN YOU DRINK COFFEE AT A TIME LIKE THIS!

Tammy then explained pulling out a red bag that looked to contain: Oh it's because Brainiac Skylett created this for me Um I don't mean to sound rude when I called her Brainiac we are friends but I never thought she would have been a student of this metal arm mania.......ARM

Brototmore then quickly dodged that while swinging with his beam Katana again: I think it's best if we do less talking more booming Now when answering just nod if you agree and don't go on a Long Chitty chat again

Tammy then nodded while this was going on a few miles away from it Skylett was watching this alone she started to wonder why The Director was not attacking her, however, the voice of Said

Director then was in her ears: Agh such a wonderful curiosity you have right now

Skylett then turned around looking at him

The Director had a smirk: is it true that you want some questions answers Little Skylett Génie from the greatest mind to ever exist in the entire Multiverse

Skylett looked at him reminding him of something: Greatest Mind, Last I checked those arms on your A.A.D System can break easily so you've made a mistake

The Director, however, looked at her pushing his glasses up: Fool let me ask you have you heard of the Hydra from Greece mythology

Skylett confused: wait yeah, when its heads cut off two more takes their place but what does ......

Her eyes then went wide when she remembered this as she saw the arms of The Director that both Brotomore and Tammy broke suddenly repaired and multiplied to their horror

Brotomore annoyed: Oh you gotta be kidding me

as on the other side of the room, both Rod and Missy were fighting about five metal Spike balls that were trying to hit them Missy luckily turned into smoke and then dodged it as Rod then grabbed the wire under it and managed to rip it off

Missy looked at him doing that: Nice moves

she then turned into smoke and let the spike balls through her while so she could sneak up behind the Spike Balls and grab their button while slamming them together

Rod then kicked a spear like arm replied: Thanks your not too bad yourself, but darn it I hate that I can't copy his abilities

as he then ducked a beam Katana

Missy confused: How come, can't you copy anyone's ability Rod

Rod replied dodging a needle one while then grabbing the metal arm under it and snapped it: That only works for gifts, The Directors A.A.D System is Science made which means I can't copy it

Missy looked concerned about something: Guess that makes sense [ Missy then looked worried while thinking to herself] Darn I can't spot Jester or his dog anywhere, I've got to protect him no matter what where are you, Jester?

back with Skylett and the Director, the latter continued to taunt

The Director: hahaha, Don't you see how pointless you attempt to defeat me. If one arm gets destroyed two more will take its place it'll never be enough to defeat me My arms are two tough

Skylett looked serious: Even so, even somebody as smart as you can't pay attention to everyone

The Director then smirked: oh and how do you plan to defeat me, You can't expect to somehow knock me and my A.A.D System off this Building, haha and that's the only thing you have to do to win

Skylett then asked worried and confused: what happened to you, my teacher would never do anything this Insane, you were trying to save lives before with your research. Not trying to end them

The Director however just chuckled: Hahaha, That was true however I now realize that the Truth is that I the most brilliant mind in the entire multiverse should instead of saving all these worthless worms like you they are nothing more than tools for me to create new life hahaha [Skylett looked at him as the Director then reached for the sky saying] But yet, they are still worms compared to my most brilliant project that no Scientist well ever reach, My perfect Creation

Skylett looked at him: What Project?

The Director then smirked: You wish to know old student of mine, well two bad you will never be able to counter my brilliance to figure it out  

Skylett however looked determined while pulling out her laptop: Yeah we'll see about that [as she then opened it up and thought while typing]if I can just hack into his Network I maybe able to connect the wires and Understand his motives, Maybe even shut that A.A.D system down or something like that

however, she then saw on the screen it said

Computer Voice: Access Denied

Skylett then looked shocked: What

typing up again however no matter what she did it kept repeating

Computer Voice: Access Denied, Access Denied, Access Denied

Skylett could not believe this as she said devastated: N......No way, there's no.....nothing I can't hack

The Director chuckled: Ha Such confidence would be your own undoing my fare former student, Remember I did teach you everything you know but not everything I Know

Skylett then dropped her laptop still stunned: I........

The Director then looked around with a smirk: Ha, Ha, Ha well now it looks like you're just about lost this Task Hm for shame well then ..........

suddenly from where the others were fighting or in his case Jester was running the other arms then wrapped around the others they all to try to struggle out of the grip of the arms

Jester hurt a little bit more than the others thinking: why, ah it feels like I'm crushed like twice agh, [suddenly he then spotted Red who was struggling two but was also biting his way through the wires of the arms Jester remembered thinking ]Oh snap, I remember now. What Shelda told me and Mome, were tied to our spirit guardians like her and Lance are, Darn it this isn't a good time I need to Tieasy

however, the arm that was holding Red moved forward

The Director looked at the scared little wolf pup with an interesting look: oh a Soul Guardian hm yes If I do recall this you boys soul is tied to this pup

suddenly he then scratched Red tightly causing the same pain

Jester who looked annoyed:h......hey stop hurting him

as the others looked at this horrified as

Brotomore looked annoyed: damn it I've dealt with mad  before but this insane Hippo takes the darn cake

The Director however then smirked: hm can't blame the grandest mind in all of the cosmos to be curious about what would happen if I had experimented on the boy's puppy what would happen to said boy but sadly [he then put everyone over the edge of the building as the group all looked down at the buildings below them with fear as The Director then admitted] you've got to take the drop soon

Missy, however, looked down thinking: aw man what am I going to do, somehow I can't escape by turning into smoke but it's too late if I somehow do it now I'll fall all the way down darn it

The Director then curious: now then before I sent you on your way I think you should know a little secret I know about one of you [ the group then heard that Tammy however strangely had her arms behind her back as if she was reaching for something

Skylett asked for the group: Someone has a secret

The Director looked at Rod who looked crossed: HM yes isn't it true Rodney or should I call you by the title you and that repose sister is "the siblings of the Future" because that's where you came from isn't it not?

Rod then gripped The Directors arms Crossley

Jester shouted out annoyed: wait Rod and Becks are from the future! the others hearing this looked stunning

Rod took a sigh with a small chuckle: unfortunately yes he's telling the truth we are from the future but haha

the Director then asked looking at him with curiosity: what's so funny?

Rodney smirked: Oh it's nothing. let's just say for the Greatest mind in this timeline you have no idea what really awaits you in the future

The Director looked crossed at this: You dare insult me, boy, well now it maybe true I do not know what awaits me in the future but sad for you have no future now any of you brainless idiots have any last words

Tammy: yeah I do eat Coffee

the Director heard Tammy say

The Director: what are you.....

Suddenly Tammy then threw  a cup of coffee at his face as it spilled over his eyes

the Director then was blinded by this crossed: my eyes you little rat

as he then turned around putting the group back on the ground yet  he The Director  was not so lucky as the Director then fell off the ledge to the ground below to his death with a worried Skylett look

the Director then yelled in fear: Ahhhhhhhhh

After a few minutes, the group all looked to have recovered

Brotomore crossed his arms: well what do you know it was good that you got Coffee after all

Tammy then had a smile: Ha told you so Horsey, maybe I can shout it out like an attack now what do I call it oh I know "Super Coffee attack " no that sounds boring, oh I know " alright? here's mud in your eyes" No wait I know "Cofemehameha " Nah that sounds too epi.....Uh hey why's Skylett upset

the two of them as well as the rest of the group saw Skylett who had a sad look looking down at the edge where the Director fell over as Jester and Red looked at each other before looking at her with

Jester: Hey Skylett are you alright?

Skylett looked at them and the others: Oh it's nothing to worry about personally it's just I felt bad for .....

Brotomore then crossed his arms: Hold up there, You're not seriously feeling bad for that Nut Job are ya because I wouldn't feel bad for somebody who just decided to try to throw us off the darn building

Skylett explained still feeling down: I know but he was still my Teacher, But at the same time the man we .....well the man you guys fought while I was trying to Hack, was not the man I remember, still, I can't help but be a little upset by him descending to his death like that

Missy put her hand on Skylett's shoulder in a kind way saying: it's alright dal, we understand it can't be helped let's just be glad he won't bring anyone with him to death

Rod: I'm not sure about that  

the group all looked at Rod who had said that with a certain look

Jester confused: Um Hey are you only saying that because you from the future you know something's upright

Rod then looked nervous as everyone looked at him annoyed he kept it a secret

Rod explained: Look hold on first off I'm sorry for keeping the fact me and Becks are from the Future a secret but it has nothing to do with this,[he and the other's then calmed down as he explained looking at Tammy's bag asking] Tammy can you give me a short answer by how long you had that thing Skylett give you?

Tammy thought about it and then put up ten fingers while also adding: Months

Rod then went on to say with uncertainty asking: and someone who says he is the greatest genius in the world somehow didn't take that off you without even realizing you can use that on him knowing the kind of person you are?

everyone then gasps

Skylett admitted looking surprised: Yes that would make sense, No offense Tammy but you're kind of out of control so he would have predicted you would have done that

Brotomore then added, crossing his arms: Hm it would seem that would have been the smart thing to do but the question is why didn't he?

The Director: Hahahahaha

the Group all heard as they could not believe it

Red confused: Huh that sounds like the metal butt doesn't it

Missy then turned around: Can't be as the Group then all turned around seeing the Hologram of the Director

The Director: Excellent work

as the group on the roof, all looked at the Hologram with them not believing the fact the Director survived the fall as then The Director continued with all members from all the floors were now listening in on this

The Director explained: Hm, You all did well and passed you're task, congrats to you floor one for defeating the Taskmaster, Congrats Floor two for Freeing yourself from being turned into Tiny's dinner, Congrats Floor three for destroying the worthless Failures and finally congrats to those on the Roof for beating .......[He then smirked ] My Robotic Double

the people on the roof all looked stunned at this

Jester freaked out: what that Director we fought was just some kind of Directbot talk about your cop outs

the Director smirked again: yes you could say that, hm what was it you young people call it, ah yes I trolled you hahaha [ The Director however then clapped his hands saying] however I must indeed thank you pea brained idiotic guinea pig for your part in my grand master plan to create The perfect being [the groups all looked curious what he meant as with it the Director who explained ] for you see as  you were doing your test I was looking at the former records of your students fighting each of the past foes over the many years of your little school [he then looked at his screen while pressing from his A.A.D System explaining ]so many powerful warriors at this school, however, there are some well trash which all of you are

Lance then gripped his hands together thinking: what did that idiot just say!?

Shelda just sighed at this but still had a nervous look worried by why the Director  was looking at the past battles as they were now looking at the Director who explained with a smirk again

The Director: now you maybe wondering why I did that well the answer is ......I wanted to know who was the strongest so I Can then take one of their hairs and create my perfect Clone,........Project Alpha hahaha

Everyone looked at this with aw however Geama on the first floor who was getting up thought to herself

Geama: Project Alpha .......why does that sound so ......familiar to me ?"

the Director yet again smirked he explained taunting like: now so I would like to thank  you for your part but now I shall be a Director of my word and send you with the prisoners all back to that school of yours so that I shall one day shine the perfect light on you hohohoho [with that the Director however then chuckled saying] however be warned we will return for that little brawl at the end of the year so see you later

as he then pushed a button with his metallic arm laughing all three floors and roofs then disappeared in a flash of light as the groups and  the prisoners were now being sent back to Tengoku High The Director then chuckled until he then heard

The Taskmaster: you sent them all back to the school?

the Director then turned around: yes, I need to test Alpha on something once it is completed and the rest of the students and the other's will be the perfect test subjects

The Taskmaster then smirked saying: hm fair enough but then why did you tell them about Project Alpha than Metal butt?

The Director then smirked with a disturbing grin: oh I was just gloating not like they can stop it once it is created however unfortunately we can not create Alpha until after the great battle for I still need data on Zhon, Sun Bu, and that disgusting beast that keeps interrupted my darn research so I would say you and our new recruit would need to prepare for the grand battle for it is drawing ever so closer

The Taskmaster again smirked: alright, I'll call him over ..........[he then exited the room and walked forward until he entered another bedroom that belonged to someone else...... their newest recruit to the Gateway Movement as he said to the new recruit ] hey you boy you better get ready because this great war is soon to come  

as The Taskmaster was not just talking to anyone but he was talking to a boy.......a boy who had been missing for months from Tengoku High........Tyler

cliffhanger: T...Tyler…..what is he doing here. as the Battle at the end of the Year is drawing closer and closer there seem to be more questions than answers. Can our heroes prepare for what happens next find out next time on Soul Warrior X “

Lance: you know with everything going on at the Hippos flying fortress. I forgot about this guy.

Shelda: I know we better get ready. HM

Lance: what's the matter?

Shelda: I can sense her energy. I want to know who she really is …..

Shelda: Next time on Soul Warrior X “ Wings of the Past, the True Face"