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Narrator: Last time on Soul Warrior X: The heroes were trapped in the Director's flying fortress to complete each task to try to save their friends. One by one they completed the tests while meeting Ryu’s other side Yami. However, this was what the Director wanted to collect data for something called Project Alpha?.......yet that is not important right now, for now, it is time for the match that was set by Angelrika. Can the Soul warrior Halves beat him or we'll Angelrika's power be too great to defeat, find out now on Soul Warrior X

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Angelrika: Are you ready Girl?

Shelda heard a familiar voice say as she was near the Swimming Pool of Tengoku High she was looking around at the stands where everyone who had figured out she and Lance were the Soul Warrior with their Siblings G, Jester, and Mome the latter two had their Soul Guardians Red and Tigera Near them, next to them was Maria, Figla, the Kim sisters Lucy and Lacey, Terra and Xeon Below them were Ryu, Rodney, Rebecca, The Great Timaeus, Master X, Natura, Cookshi, Raven, Kate, Polly, and Vanessa they had all gathered to watch this fight with The Soul Warrior's vs Angelrika

Shelda looked embarrassed looking at that many people Saying Sarcastically: Wow we did a pretty good job at keeping this a secret right Lance haha

she then looked down sighing

Lance annoyed: Worst Secret Ever

Angelrika: Yes that is true you didn't do a good job at keeping this a secret but at the same time you haven't answered my question [Shelda then turned around and saw Angelrika walk up crossing his arms saying ] Are you ready to face me, Girl?

Shelda looked nervous: R.....Right, We are ......

Angelrika looked cold: You don't look like it, In Fact by the looks of you. You don't seem like you haven't fully recovered from the fear Sun Bu put into you young one

Shelda then took a step back a little in fear: Maybe a little bit, but you know what somebody did tell me that Perfect is just a word

Shelda then looked at Maria who had a smile and a thumbs up motion while Mome was waving: Hey Good Luck Shelda!

Tigera then yelled out as well the two boys G and Jester looked nervous by how Both Shelda and Lance are going to be able to defeat Angelrika by how fast the latter defeated Spike and the others,

Angelrika then had a cold emotionless smile: Hm true, that word is not the truth. So often have I seen humans and Tengokuens want to achieve Perfection but truly such a word we'll never reach ever. So do your best Girl [Shelda then nodded and got into a fighting pose while Angelrika reveals] Now then before we truly begin I'll go over the rules [he then pointed to the swimming pool as Shelda turned her head around to see as Angelrika explained ] Your goal is to put me into that Swimming pool once, However, I, on the other hand, must put you in there three times One with you In control Girl, then one with the Boy in control

Shelda looked puzzled looking at the pool: I got it one time for me and Lance [she then asked looking at him] But wait what about the third time?

Angelrika then explained crossing his arms: Hm, The third time is for both you and Lance to work together to see how much your partnership improved since the battle with Zhon those many months ago

Shelda then looked at Lance who crossed his arms in his green ghost form asking: as a Team?

Angelrika then nodded: Yes now with that covered let us finally begin Girl

with that Angelrika then teleported away to both Shelda and Lance's worried looks back at the stands the three red Hondons were talking about that

Ryu was shocked: he teleported?

Xeon: That's not teleportation

both him and Terra then looked at Xeon who said that calmly as then Angelrika appeared right behind Shelda who was caught off guard as Angelrika then hit her with one of his chops just as Shelda turned around as the Chop then sent her flying near to the poolside to everyone worried l

G, Jester, and Mome all shouted out worried: Shelda!

Shelda who was near the Poolside just stopped as she then did a handstand just before she was going to be sent into the pool as everyone then took a sigh including Shelda while still handstanding

Shelda: Phew that was a close one, I nearly fell into the water

Lance: I'll say but can you stand up on the other side already this is making me feel a little sick

Shelda feeling bad for Lance: Whoops sorry about that Lance

Shelda finished as she then turned around and then jumped back up to her feet looking serious

Angelrika then crossed his arms: You were careless Girl, You must be well prepared for an opponent's attack at any time even when you don't see it

Shelda looked at him and nodded: I got that, thanks it won't happen again

Angelrika then looked back at her with a small crossed look: It better

as he then looked ready to strike again, while this was going

Ryu looked at this and asked Xeon: Xeon what did you mean when you meant that this is not Teleporting?

Xeon crossing his arms: It's just as I've said before Ryu, it's not Teleporting it's more along the lines of traveling between worlds

Terra looking at Xeon again: what are you talking about Xeon?

Xeon was about to speak

Timaeus spoke instead: Hold it there Xeon

Xeon looked at Timaeus as the latter explained with

Timaeus: no offense My little bud, but I the Great Timaeus unlike you did not lose all of my I think it's best if I the Great Timaeus reveal the rest to your teammates if you don't mind

Xeon then nodded: No problem go ahead

as he said that Angelrika then disappeared again to Sheldas confusion as she looked around Angelrika then appeared over and over again punching her everywhere in a matter of seconds

Timaeus: Angelrika from Tengoku legend is said to have the ability to travel to any world and back in a matter of seconds for you see this World has a link area to Tengoku, Angelrika firstly teleported to Tengoku gets into that spot that has a link with this world and then teleports back to the spot, so yes it is in a way Teleporting but at the same time it is not and is just plain luck,

Ryu then understanding what he meant: so what you're saying is all the areas that Tengoku high has, also has a Tengoku World counterpart and he travels to it at that speed if that's the case then how can Shelda and Lance beat him

Timaeus then asked putting his hand on his chin: Hmm Good question young lad, but at the same time [he then pat Ryu's back saying while chuckling] It will be mighty interesting to see if they can counter this indeed ha ha ha

Terra: I wouldn't worry about that

three of those who were talking heard Terra say that as she had a smirk on her face

Xeon interested: something tells me you know something we don't hu Terra?

Terra then nodded as back with the fight after Angelrika then stopped Shelda was surprisingly still standing

Angelrika admitted crossing his arms: I'm Impressed, so it is true what the legends say of your pain threshold due to the Sickling one

Shelda was puffing: You mean Levy, Huh yeah that's the only good thing Levy give me instead of all the pain

Angelrika then crossed his arms: Hmm if you want to complain about pain then you should try to make a counter to this one, remember you may absorb more damage than others Young one, but this Pain Threshold won't last all the time

as he then went back into a fighting pose

Shelda looked nervous knowing what's coming she then thought to herself: this is bad, but it looks like the right opportunity

Lance: You mean for that trick Terra taught you earlier huh not bad thinking about using it right now

Shelda heard Lance say that she then remembered her meeting with Terra just before this fight began it was over one hour ago she and Lance were getting ready to fight Angelrika and talking to each other

Shelda: Lance, you think we're ready for this?

Lance teasing: Ha look at you being all scared

Shelda annoyed: I'm NOT SCARED![however Shelda then went back to being nervous and said] I am Nervous though, there's no telling what tricks Angelrika has up his sleeves, Heck G and Jester mentioned he beat Spike and his Two wackos in a matter of seconds

Lance crossed: You do know you're talking to the guy who put Spike through the wall right ......

Terra with a smile: so you two ready to fight that Angelrika guy hu

both Shelda and Lance heard a new voice say as they both saw Terra walk into the room with a rare smile on her face

Shelda looked at her: Terra what are you doing here?

Terra explained with a sigh: Pff, look I know I maybe a little bit Late but I Just want to say I'm sorry about getting cross at the whole, you know people like Xeon knew about Tengoku all this time thing, I just got annoyed because ..........

Lance then blotted out: it's because that Vorvalli thing ate your friend soul hu

Shelda freaked out: Lance she didn't know we knew yet

Lance then admitted: Oh right whoops

Terra then looked crossed with fire in her eyes: YOU KNOW ABOUT ROCKLA ......OK WHO TOLD YOU!?

both Shelda and Lance looked at the rage of Terra

Shelda admitted: Ok, It was Ryu but that was because he wanted us to know why you were so sad about all this with Vorvalli

Terra looked as if she calmed down saying: Hm is that so, [she then smirked a little saying while strangely blushing a little ] Ha that Ryu what a guy

Shelda looked at her:  why are you, Blushing Terra?

Terra then freaked out: no no I'm not in dare you say I'm in love I am NOT IN LOVE WITH RYU DAMN IT!

Shelda however looked nervous: Um I didn't say you were in love Terra I just pointed out the fact you were you know Blushing

Terra then realized this and said putting her hands on her head: OH CRAB CAKES![ she then crossed her arms] alright you caught me, I ......Sorta like .......Ryu ......[she then quickly said while whispering ] more than a friend

Shelda then smiled saying: ah that's so cute see even though you got a fiery Temper you got a heart somewhere in it

Terra then looked crossed: WATCH IT SHELDA!

Shelda then took a few feet back in shock: um sorry about that

Lance: so wait you're in love with four eyes .....Isn't that going to be a problem [ both Shelda and Terra heard Lance say that as he continued] Because I'm Guessing if you been with him for two years  already before we meet that you know of someone called Yami right

Terra then calmed down and admitted: Yeah I know him, That Imaginary Friend of his is nuts but ........[Terra then gripped her fist while holding her sword saying] I'll  work with even him if it means Killing Vorvalli and freeing all the darn souls that are inside of It

Shelda looked at her with concern remembering: Vorvalli [she then looked serious and asked], Terra, I hate to remind you of this but it's more likely it's going to Show up at the end of year brawl with all of us students, The Gateway Movement, The Anti Warrior, Alnna, Sun Bu  and Zhon Gear so me and Lance need to learn more about it so can you fill us in  more on Vorvalli

Lance however interrupted: Pff why do we even need to, we got the background already so when that fight happens Let's just smash it

Shelda looked crossed at Lance: Lance!

Terra however looked crossed: Oh I'm sorry who beat who again in a fight?

Lance looked crossed at her: Hey I didn't know you had flipping Earth powers and besides what the heck does that have to do with anything?

Terra looked at him crossed: everything because  Vorvalli is stronger than anyone you've ever faced ..........even me by eons

as both Soul Warriors halves looked at each other

Shelda gasps: Eons, Terra you gotta be kidding me, you're one of the strongest people at this school and yet this thing is that far ahead ......even with all your training

Terra nodded and said turning around remembering it: Yes, Trust me I can still sense Vorvalli's power every day even when it's so far away from this School

Lance then asked this time while questioning: Wait how can you sense this thing Soul energy from all the way over there

Terra explained turning around: Soul Beckon

Both Shelda and Lance asked, confused: Soul Beckon?

Terra explains: It's something Rockla taught me when I first came to this school, with it you can take a small part of your Soul Energy and place it inside the being of another .......with that you can tell how powerful they are even with that far distance but ......[she then punched the wall putting a hole through it saying] It's still not enough,  I've been training for two years now and I maybe at half its strength if I only had another year maybe I could do something [Shelda then saw tears drop from Terra's eyes while the latter was saying] I don't want to lose anyone again

both Shelda and Lance looked at Terra and both had a look of concern for her while Shelda then looked at Lance curious if he was thinking the same thing but then he tried to shrug it away

Shelda then looking at Terra now with a small smile: Terra I know how you feel about losing someone

Terra then turned around

Lance also looked at Shelda: Wait, wait, wait, you do but I'm the one with the lost sister Shelda

Shelda then looked at Lance and apologized: Lance there is something I haven't told you or anybody about the story about Levy

Lance looked interested: What?

Terra then interrupted: Levy, who the heck is Levy?

Shelda then looked down with sadness in her eyes: It's a long story........pretty much she was a bully from my past who absolutely hated me and didn't want anyone to be friends with me or Jester and Mome just because My old headmistress Lollette favorite us because we didn't know are parents like the others

Terra crossed her arms stunned: Wow.......I heard of Jealousy but that's sick, to be honest, you're one of the nicest people I Know

Shelda then smiled: Thank you, Terra, but that's, not the full story [Shelda then explained sadly] You see Levy managed to scare almost everyone off but one person wanted to be my friend .......Her name was Amber

Lance crossed his arms: Amber huh why didn't she save you when you got that scar on your back

Terra looking confused: Wait, wait hold on here a scar on your back did this Levy do that to you?

Shelda nodded but with sadness: Yeah, but what Levy did to Amber was much worse see what Amber did for me was giving me a friend we played together, played tag, and even did each other's hair [she then grabbed her hand in a fist ] but Amber had a fear of heights and then Levy found out. She knocked her out took her to the roof of the orphanage and then just as I came out She.......[then with Tears in her own eyes Shelda admitted] She tossed Amber off the roof with an evil grin

as tears then overflowed her eyes

Lance looked annoyed: You have got to be kidding me how messed up in the head is Levy?!

Shelda looked down again: I don't know but it's like I told you before Lance, Levy has killed before

Terra confused: And she got away with it?

Terra crossing her arms

Shelda looked at Terra nodding with a sad look in her eyes explaining: yeah the problem is that Levy is very good at covering her tracks I'll give her that much but......[She then held her hand into a fist while saying] It does not mean I'll forgive her for what she did to Amber

Terra admitted with a small smile: I see why it has to be you two were chosen after all [Both Shelda and Lance looked at her confused as Terra admitted crossing her arms saying] First off to you Lance, don't go bragging about this but yeah you have gotten a lot stronger than last time, also I can tell you do have a fiery drive to be the best fighter so don't lose that [she then looked at Shelda and said] also Shelda for someone so kind you are pretty strong emotionally

Shelda looked down: You think so but Terra I'm not as strong as you are

Terra: Maybe not now but maybe someday soon  [Shelda heard Terra say as The sword welder then put her hand on Shelda's shoulder saying] Look you may still not believe in yourself yet and I understand that .......But being this Soul Warrior thing means that you may have some power locked inside you that you can't possibly dream just yet but I'm sure it well in due time meaning it has to be you two who has to end Vorvalli so just believe in yourself Ok Shelda

Shelda then smiled at Terra While: Right, I guess you're right about that

Terra then crossed her arms annoyed: You're saying it as if you're having second thoughts about it

Shelda then had a freaked out look: Wait what no that's not what I said that

Terra however then chuckled: Relax I was just kidding

Shelda looked down sighing as Lance admitted laughing a little: Ha she got you good I could feel you being scared

Shelda then looked annoyed at him: Shut up Lance it's not funny

Terra then had a small smirk: anyways I guess I should teach you something if you are to face Vorvalli and the others who you've faced over the year to better yourself with

both Soul Warrior halves looked at Terra

Shelda: Teach us something?

Terra then explained looking at Shelda serious: It's like I told you before Shelda, Lance Vorvalli is a monster who can think if he grabs you and you look straight into its eyes your soul well leave your body and it will eat it [both Shelda and Lance looked uncomfortable thinking about that possibility as Terra explained again] However there is away for that not to be caught heck if you want to you can test this power out in that fight you have with Angelrika so here I'll show you .......

Back in the present

Lance: Better time now than never I always say

Lance told Shelda that.

Shelda who the latter then took a deep breath: Guess you're right well better to test it out then

as to the others from the stance and even Angelrika  himself but Terra, Shelda then closed her eyes

Angelrika looked odd at this: Hm it isn't smart to take your eyes off of your opponent girl

Shelda however remind quiet as the people in the stands looked on

Tigera asked Mome oddly: Um Mome is there any reason why Shelda closed her eyes like that?

Mome then shook her head: I have no idea why

Shelda eyes remained closed

Angelrika crossed his arms thinking: hm, she does not seem to be sleeping, what is she planning here?

Angelrika looked at Shelda one more time before thinking to himself: better to see for myself then

as he then looked like he was going  to attack again as he disappeared

G shouted out: he's disappeared again

Jester then looked worried and shouted: Shelda open your eyes!

Shelda, however, kept them closed as Angelrika then looked ready to strike

Shelda: now!

suddenly Shelda then glowed in a bright pink light which was so bright

Angelrika then held his eyes in a state of shock he couldn't see a thing as he yelled: gah, eyes

Shelda looked amazed: wow I can't believe that worked

Lance: yeah me too but remember volcano head said this would only work for a couple of seconds so what are you waiting for get  back on the attack before he can recover

after Lance told her that

Shelda then blinked: right

as Shelda then tried to knee him right into the pool however Angelrika moved a small step as Shelda then continued kicking him trying to get him to go to the Swimming Pool but Angelrika just kept moving in those small steps

Jester then cried out: yeah she's got him on the run

Terra crossed her arms with a smirk: Yep, It's a good thing that I taught her that skill just before this fight

Maria questioned looking at her: your skill, I get it now that's why you were so confident before right

Terra nodded: yep it's a technique I wanted to give them in case if Vorvalli shows up at the end of year fight then they can counter his soul eating eyes of its

Mome confused: Soul Eating Eyes

Lucy then jokes: Pretty much IT looks at you with those scary eyes of it's your soul well leave your body and then it gobbles your soul up

the three kids and their Soul Guardians all freaked out as Tigera then crawled back into her ball again

G: Ok so that's something that will give me nightmares for weeks

Red then looked at Tigera in a ball: Hu you ok?

Tigera scared:.....N.......No I'm scared out of my mind Red

Mome then stroke her Soul Guardian: hey it's ok, Lucy's story scared me as well you're not alone Tigera but don't worry we will stop this Vorvalli Monster promise

Tigera then got out of her ball in a now cute kind of way: Thanks Mome I ......I Needed that

when this was going on

Lacey then crossed her arms: Lucy why did you have to make a joke about this it's amazing concerning You nearly lost your soul to that thing last year

the group all then looked at them with the newcomers freaked out

Ryu admitted: Oh yeah that did happen, hm kind of strange how two years ago on the same date that Beast attacked and ate eighty percent of students souls

G, Jester, and Red: THAT MANY!

Lucy however then with a positive attitude: ah come on guys look on the bright side [ she then put her hand over Lacey's shoulder] last time yeah I was scared when the big troll tried to gobble us up, but last time was before we had all the Amalgamates after what Angelrika told us this there's no way we can lose to Mr troll, the Gateway Movement or the other creeps who showed up are going to get there butts hurt

Lacey then looked down sighing: again how can you put a positive spin on that

with everyone else chuckling a little but Master X, Xeon, and Kate who all continued to watch as Shelda was delivering kick after kick closer and closer to the pool that Angelrika was nearing the edge of the pool

Shelda then thought to herself: ok just one shot has to do it now

as she then went  for a great powerful kick however in that split second Angelrika then grabbed Shelda by the leg to her shock as well as the stunned look of all those watching Shelda then saw that Angelrika then had his eyes opened he then tossed Shelda right into the pool to everyone's stunning look

Jester looking: he beat Shelda

Terra looked shocked at this: but how That blinding light attack should have even blocked Soul energy so he couldn't even sense it

Master X then stroke his beard: not a bad power girl but yet so foolish

Terra then looked at him crossed: what did you say, Old Man?

G then told Terra: um better not make Gramps mad he's got an attack that nearly destroyed the entire room and mutated Husks just so you know that

Terra admitted looking at him surprised

Master X explained: it's no issue with the blinding attack young one but it's who it was delivered to for if it was a normal Human or Tengokuen problem is Angelrika is no Human or Tengokuen

the group around him all but the beings from Tengokuen looked puzzled by what he meant as then they saw Shelda emerged out of the water puffing while crawling out of the water shaking the water off of herself

Shelda: Ok you got me

Angelrika crossed his arms: Pff did you really think that would work Mortal?

Shelda looked up puzzled getting back to her feet: Mortal?

Angelrika crossed his arms: That is correct, I have two mothers one is a Goddess of Light while the other is a Goddess of Darkness so I guess that would make me a Demi God if they created me in the form of you humans

Shelda and the beings who were not from Tengoku looked shocked

Shelda asked: a Demigod?

Angelrika then nodded: way to state the obvious mortal, I will give you credit however you are a lot stronger than you were when you first came here, but that is still not enough you are still way too weak to face the great evil that haunts you so after this I suggest you train to get stronger fullest young one

Shelda looked at this with a sad look while Lance looked at her feeling a little he can't care, He mustn't care however it was indeed his time to switch as Shelda then turned to him and nodded as they both switched with each other in that green light as now it was Lance who was going to face Angelrika as he started to crack his knuckles

Lance: Alright then Mr. Demigod time to show you how strong I've gotten over this year trust me. we'll send you off crying to your mother

Angelrika looked at him curiously: Ok which one

Lance then put his arm in the air before: Ughhh

Shelda: You don't have a response to that am I right

Lance: Grr can it Shelda .......I was just grr fine you were right  [as Lance looked at Angelrika thinking] However, I better be on my guard He is super fast and that blinding attack isn't going to work because he's a Demigod so I better keep close [Suddenly he heard a moment of silence before asking confused] Uh Shelda what's with the sudden silent treatment

Shelda: Sorry I Just can't believe you thought about and not run in like a maniac

Lance then looked crossed while thinking: Hey I can think, I just do it rarely

Angelrika then looked at him: Well now are you ready Boy

Lance then looked at him with a crossed look: did you just call me Boy?

Shelda: Uh Oh

Lance: Nobody calls me boy!

as Lance then tried to deliver a right hand however Angelrika then Caught it to Lance's shock Angelrika then tightened his grip as Lance held it in pain

G shouted from the crowd: Bro!

Angelrika then said looking unimpressed saying: hm such weakness you've shown at this rate you will never be able to defeat the Great Evil or find your lost sister

Lance: yeah we'll see about that

Angelrika then looked interested as Lance then hit Angelrika with another punch and hit him with right and lefts before delivering an uppercut skyward as Angelrika then landed straight on his back

Lance was then looking down: oh and by the way don't you dare talk about Clare

G then shouted looking down: Yeah way to go Bro!

Figla however nearby: Don't count your chickens before it hatches because this does not look like it's far from over

the kids then all looked down as they Saw Angelrika was getting back up and looked like he didn't feel that much damaged while dusting himself off to a crossed Lances look

Angelrika: Hmm, so it is true what my mothers say. You fight not only for fun but for your lost sister Clare Roger isn't that right?

Lance looked crossed: so what if it is.....Clares none of your business "Demigod " So you stay out of it

Angelrika crossed his arms with a smirk: so it is true then hm, your stubborn aren't you Lance Roger that devotion to your sister is impresseth but remember that fine that Rehcaet told you after the business with the Director of the Gateway Movement

Lance looked shocked by this: You were watching that!

Angelrika admitted with that cold look again: That I was you remember what happened, don't you mortal

Lance looked at him crossed: yeah I remember that

Lance did remember what happened just after the attack of the Director or more like one hour after it  Lance, Shelda reunited with their siblings at the dead of the Night Lance was outside  training punching the air while crossed he was thinking back to what both the Taskmaster and the Director said about this Project Alpha with a serious look until he heard a tired Shelda voice tell him

Shelda: Yawn Lance why are you still up I know you're feeling tired just like me

Lance however looked serious: Yeah, well I don't care.....I've got no reason to sleep now that I Have a clue as to where Clare is

Shelda then looked more awake: I get it, it has something to do with this Project Alpha thing. That the Taskmaster said that Clare is tied too man I Hope she's ok whatever this thing is

Lance just ignored that: Yeah well I don't care, I'll find out what this Project Alpha is even if I have to beat the snot out of that metal butt to do it

Shelda more understanding: I get it now, but is it worth staying up this late I mean you can't save Clare tired you know that right

Lance then stopped: Wake up Shelda [Shelda looked odd at Lance as he explained] you know there's a brawl coming soon at the end of the year, That darn Gateway Movement, That Copy Cat Warrior the Anti Warrior, That Jerk that slammed G's Head into the ground Sun Bu, The Creep that attacked us since we got here Zhon Gear, That Alnna ninja who wants to only fight you and that Beast who eats souls that Terra mentioned there all coming for our heads this isn't the damn time to just set back and hope for the best I've gotta be stronger to even match those guys......So I won't rest until I am

as he then continued to punch the air Shelda looked down until they heard a voice say

Rehcaet: a bit late to be here hu Lance

both Lance and Shelda turned around and noticed Rehcaet who was right there with a small smirk

Lance looked at him calmly: Rehcaet?

Shelda however then started to freak out: oh no it's beyond bedtime and he's seen us so we're going to lose points for Red Houndon

Rehcaet walked to Lance with a small smile: you know it's funny when you and G showed me that Newspaper article about that missing person I didn't know who that was, to be honest......But now I know it's your sister Clare isn't it

Lance looked crossed: Clare isn't your business so stay out of this!

Shelda then told Lance as if she could not believe what she was hearing: wait I can't believe you just.....I mean do you even care about the Points here Lance?

Rehcaet then told Lance in a kind father like way: hey wow it's ok Lance I understand it is personal to you I guess

Lance looked odd at Rehcaet who then turned around: In truth, I know what it's like to have someone taken away from you. It still worse than any Bee sting or Mosquito bite ever wife Salvina meant the world to me not a day goes by when I don't think of her

Lance then pointed out: but your wife's dead right, while Clare is alive somewhere so how can this be the same?

Rehcaet revealed: you're missing the point wherever it's not of how Lance it's the impact left behind after losing someone you question why they were taken from you in the first place personally I would do anything to get Salvina back not just for me but my Daughter Maria [Lance looked at this with a stunned look this was somehow reminding him of himself wanting to reunite him, G and Clare together as Rehcaet then put his hand on Lance's shoulder saying ] look Lance I also know that it may make you feel like the whole world is against you but in reality Lance it's not. There are many people here who want to help you find Clare. You just need to let them [as he then took his hand  off of Lance's shoulder he reveals] now normally, I would deduct points from you for staying up this late but because I know your reasons I'll let it slide on one condition

Lance looked confused: what condition is that?

Rehcaet then turned around with a Smile admitting: You remember that end of year Party I'm organizing right to bring in the new year correct well that's ........not the whole story [both Soul Warrior halves looked odd at this as Rehcaet explained] It's true that I treat every student who goes to this school as if they were my Children, But by doing so I have been neglecting my own Daughter whose birthday is on new year's day so .....

Lance looked stunned by this as he understood: I get it that Party's really for Maria isn't it and you want me to keep my mouth shut until the day right

Rehcaet then chuckled: Wow I didn't know you had brains

Lance looked crossed while hearing

Shelda's voice say laughing in her rights: You have to admit he got you there Lance

Lance then thought as if he was grinding his teeth: Not .......Funny .......Shelda

Lance then remembered something: wait but what about all those people who say they will come to take down whoever that Soul Warrior person is, that would ruin it won't it?

Rehcaet then crossed his arms with a serious look: Not to worry I've taken every procession to keep the party safe, even from Sun Bu who's still sealed up in the hall [Lance then had a look as if he doubted that would look until Rehcaet then looked at him again while yawning saying] well I better hit the hay myself good luck with that training you're doing  [as he walked near the door he then looked over his shoulder stating] Oh by the way if you do find Clare, Just know we at Tengoku High well welcome her with open arms

this stunned Lance as he saw Rehcaet enter the building with a smile

Back in the Present

Angelrika crossed his arms: you do know Rehcaet is right about what happened with Clare and his wife is one in the same problem Mortal. The stains of loss can pass through to live [Angelrika then tried to land a kick at an unexpected Lance who then quickly ducked it and continued to block as Angelrika then continued to talk]  But You are not alone in this battle young boy there are many people here who want to help you

Lance however board: Yeah, Yeah I heard all about this Old news before [as he then delivered a hard punch to Angelrika as Lance realized he has him on the ropes and then charged at him ready to land a hard punch yelling ] Yaaa [however out of nowhere Angelrika disappeared again as Lance realized this thinking] Oh crap

then he realized that Angelrika was now right behind him as the son of the two Goddesses quoted to a sweating Lance

Angelrika: then stop Listening and start doing

he then chopped him at the back of the neck which then sent Lance flying straight into the swimming pool causing a splash as Angelrika then crossed his arms back in the stance

G looked worried: Bro!

Maria then put her hand on G's shoulder: don't worry I can still hear their heartbeat so There all right

Kate: that makes Sense Angelrika is only using ten percent of his power in this fight [ The group then looked at Kate who was looking closely at this as Lance was getting out of the Swimming pool with a crossed look while Kate continued to explain] It's like Angelrika said before he is a Demi God after all and with no offense, it still looks like Lance and Shelda have along way to go to battle the great Evil

Cookshi: say Kate you're from Tengoku right, so do you know more about how Angelrika is created

Kate nodded while looking at Master X and Timaeus who both nodded back telling her this was ok to explain

Kate then looked at the group and explained: Sure, well it's a long story handed down in Tengoku by generations, There are two Goddesses of the afterlife who were created by an even higher god to watch over the dead in Tengoku first there was a Goddess of Light who watches over the purest of souls who died Thgil Justice while the other the Goddess of Darkness Krad Madness, However, both Goddesses realized that they also needed an eye to look into Tengoku, so they created a New being, They combined their small parts of their Soul energy and transformed it into a seed that they then planted into the ground

Natura looked confused by this: a Seed, you mean Angelrikas like a plant then

Kate nodded: well yeah but not exactly you see the Seed grew into a Cocoon, The Cocoon then waited for nine hundred days and nights before it hatches, and thus Angelrika was born to help maintain the balance of Light and Darkness

Mome with a confused look: so is that's why he's so powerful then?

Kate nodded with a smile: but nothing to worry about like I said Angelrika is holding back a lot so he wouldn't kill them

Raven as if it was no big deal: hehehe gotta say that's a pretty weird birth.......But I bet mines is weirder

everyone there then turned to her even Lance and Angelrika as the latter asked

Angelrika: ah so have you finally decided to tell everyone here what created you half husk

Raven then nodded and explained: yep Well everyone might want to hear the truths about Husks if that's ok with Mr. X here

Master X then nodded: yes it is time, To tell everyone the true identity of the Husks that be honest, I do have a hard time to bear the truth of

Lance then looking confused: Bare the truth of

suddenly he then saw as did that others who were not from Tengoku saw that Figla, Xeon, The Great Timaeus, Master X himself, Kate, Raven, Polly, Vanessa, Rodney, and Rebecca all looked sad or crossed judging by their Character traits as

Red  confused: Huh why the long faces

Jester: I'm guessing it's something we may need to Tieasy after

Lance then looked at Raven: so wait you're going to tell us where those Glue Zombies come from then spill it

Raven looked crossed: Hey I'm Half glue Zombie in case you forgotten [however Raven looked down and explained] and you wouldn't be saying this if you know what Husks really are

Shelda looked confused by this by the look on Raven's Face it looked like she was not proud of it herself

Lance then crossed his arms: so what are you waiting for, what the heck are those Glue Zombies?

Raven explained looking at everyone worried: Ok you know normally a Husk would want to eat a soul right ........Wellbeing a Half Husk lucky for me I don't have that problem but .......The reason why the Husks want to eat souls is because that's something they're missing for you see ........Husks are Humans who have lost their souls

everyone who was not from Tengoku freaked out at this

Ryu looked stunned by this: all this time we've all been fighting .......

Raven looked at him: That's right, former humans who unfortunately lost their souls by means of getting it swiped or eaten get transformed into a Husk......and I'm a half one

G then looked like he freaked out as he turned to Master X: so that's why you felt bad for the Mutated Husks right Gramps?

Master X then nodded sadly looking at him: Yes that is true each one of those Husks, each use to be contained a soul and was a human before they lost their souls

Mome worried like: But is it possible to return a soul to its body before it gets turned into a Husk?

Master X then nodded however with an uncertain look: Yes young one it is possible, yet it's not as easy as you think. When someone is turned into a husk they only have fifteen minutes for their soul to return to their body if not their body will remain a Husk, However, there is also a loophole of if the Soul is Strong enough then they can return to their old body however that has indeed only happened rarely

Lance: then why the heck did you keep this info away from us

Master X then looked at Lance who called that out as The Soul Warrior half continued

Lance crossed: so you mean to tell me all these Glue Zombies are normal Zombies without souls why didn't you tell us all sooner?

Master X then stroke his beard:  Simple you never asked

Lance then put his hand on his head crossed like

Shelda told him: He has a point

Lance: wait are you kidding me that's a dumb point so what If we didn't ask

Shelda: That's not my point, I think it's his way of saying they were two heartbroken to tell us

Lance then took a moment to think about that for a sec and remembered yeah everyone from Tengoku didn't tell the truth about The Hucks guess they were all beside Raven and Angelrika too heartbroken to tell them this,

however, a noise then cut their attention away from it

Angelrika: Enough! [Lance then turned to Angelrika who said crossing his arms again ] This is not the time to talk about Husks Mortal this is the time to continue our battle with you and the other half working as a team

Lance then looked at him cracking his knuckles: That so then why did you want to stop the match so that girl can explain what Husks are?

Angelrika then went into a fighting stance explaining: Because it was important for you to know truly what the Husks are, however, we have wasted enough time now let's see how far you come

Lance then looked at Angelrika serious: alright then come on Mr. Demigod give it your best shot

Angelrika then disappeared: your call

Lance then tried to turn around to see where Angelrika would come from when he heard Shelda say

Shelda: Lance let's do it now

Lance: Right

as Lance replied to that Angelrika then appeared behind him, however, Lance then glowed pink, and then Shelda was standing where Lance was and Blocked the Chop with her feet which Angelrika while shocked managed to grab however Shelda then used her other foot like a bullet kicked Angelrika in the gut while then she glowed Green switching to Lance who then hit a powerful left hook to a Stalled Angelrika who was now still stalling

Lance then thought: Great he's finally looking like he's in pain....your turn then

he then glowed Pink as Shelda appeared yet again in Lance's place as she yet again delivered a powerful roundhouse kick upwards making Angelrika stuck on the roof just over the pool

Shelda then looked up and thought: If he falls down then we win, but what if he's faking again?

Lance: I'll make sure of that Tag me back in

Shelda then nodded: right

she then glowed in a Greenlight Lance then switched with her as he then jumped up

Lance: Ok now it's time we finished this

he then put his hand out in a hand stance that some of the people recognized

The Great Timaeus: That's the?

Master X then smirked while thinking: so you've decided to do the attack that I showed you and Shelda yesterday hu Lance

Lance then shouted at Angelrika who was still on the roof: Supiritto!

as a smaller blast than Master X's version went towards Angelrika who then put his hand out oddly as the blast hit him it caused a titanic explosion which made many of the people in the stance go

people in the stance: Wow

as smoke was what was left Lance was puffing as everyone was looking at the aftermath

Vanessa admitted looking at this thinking: that is a really powerful technique, Good thing Danny's not here that traitor would scan this for "Mum" which would be really really bad

Becks quickly: so that's where they got it from

Rod looking at his sister admitted himself this power was incredible

G then got cocky: Ah Yeah, Bro beat Angelrika, funny how Angelrika was created to be the Ultimate Judge and now Bro just knocked him down way to go Bro!

Xeon: don't get cocky G

G however then looked puzzled with the other Siblings

Xeon admitted: It's not over yet I'm afraid

G looked clueless as to what Xeon meant until: Oh you have got to be kidding me

G heard his Bro say as he then saw a look of shock on his Bro's face as from the smoke Angelrika appeared from it flying in the air but the group knows something odd about him, for the blast did destroy Angelrikas top revealing angel like wings one pure of light while the other one was pure Darkness everyone looked at this with a surprised look except those who came from Tengoku

Lucy looking shocked: wow he's an Angel, I'll admit it I did not see that coming

Lance looked up stunned

Shelda in her pink ghost form: He's an Angel!

Angelrika then crossed his arms flying to his feet: Not bad Mortal, you destroyed my top but on the downside, you have revealed what I am .......[he then pointed to both his wings starting with the white wing saying ] The Wing of Creation [and then the black wing saying ] the wing of Destruction [he then Flapped his wings back saying while both Lance and Shelda had a confused look at it] How's about you get a taste of my real power

as he then flapped his wings and suddenly Lance was blown into the swimming pool causing a splash meaning that Angelrika had won to everyone's shock even the Great Timaeus who said

Timaeus: My word Angelrika is even stronger than The Great Timaeus Thought

Maria admitted looking at him: If that gets that kind of Reaction someone who takes pride in his strength just hopes there ok after getting knocked in the pool hard three times

the siblings all looked worried as then they saw Lance's hand pull himself out of the pool as he did look banged up a little he thought crossly

Lance: three times knocked into the pool, not a proud record

Shelda: yeah and we have the Bumps to prove it

As then Lance got to his feet while Angelrika Smirked while laughing

Angelrika: ha, ha, ha

Lance however then looked crossed at this: hey what's so funny?

Angelrika turned his back explaining: I have lived a long life Mortal Even longer than that Master who your brother called Gramps, what's funny is that you're only the second person to get to his feet after a battle with I"Lance and Shelda both looked stunned by this

Jester pointing out: wait he's older than Master X?

Master X then nodded which surprised everyone there but Timaeus

Figla admitted: Ok I knew Angelrika was old but not that old

Master X: What Was That ?!

Everyone heard a thunderous annoyed sound as Figla saw a crossed Master X

Figla at first looked embarrassed and then said crossing her arms knowing herself to not say something this disrespectful again:u.....Uh nothing

Lance, Shelda, and Angelrika the Male half of the Soul Warrior looked at Angelrika with a smirk

Lance: So I'm only the second then who's the ........Ouch [ Lance felt his foot in pain as he saw Shelda in her pink ghost form had her back turned annoyed as Lance looked at her crossed] any reason why you stood on our foot Shelda?

Shelda looked at him: oh now it's our last I checked it's both of us who were pulling ourselves up, Lance

Angelrika: The Girl has a point [they both then turned to look at Angelrika who crossed his arms explaining to them ] it's not just your power Mortal it's the power of both of you, separate you did decent, together your dangerous but even then you still have a long way to go to defeat the Great Evil and his servants

everyone there heard that last part as they all had an odd look

Shelda asked for everyone: Servants?

Lance then continued: grr what the heck so we had to deal so far with an Ice Cold Assassin, a Darn Ninja, that Ripoff Warrior, that Sunburned warrior and that Group who had my sister abducted, and now you tell us there are servants to the great evil as well who the heck are they?

Angelrika looked at him admitting: I see you're a little upset

Lance then shouted crossly: A Little!

Angelrika then admitted: Ok maybe a lot, but that does not matter [ he then turned to the group and shouted ] Listen up, everyone here needs to hear this as well as the Soul Warrior about the twelfth who follow the great Evil [ the entire group then paid close attention to what Angelrika was saying as he continued ] Many years ago, This Great Evil once ruled over Tengoku for one thousand years, after it this Evil was challenged by a great warrior who lead a rebellion against the Evil......after one hundred days and one hundred nights of war the leader of the rebellion disappeared but luckily they managed to seal the Evil away however the Evil's soul to everyone's unknowing created twelfth fragments of his darkness to twelfth beings each bearing the mark of what you call a Zodiac animal

G confused: Zodiac what's that?

Mome explained: there are Animals of the Chinese New year. Each animal has a year represented by it, so whatever year you're born in is what animal you represent. The animals are Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Snake, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog, Pig and ......

Momes eyes then went into a state of shock as everyone there looked at her oddly

Tigera curious: Mome are you alright?

Mome then sighed: Huh and Dragons

Jester then looked happy: I knew it, Dragons do exist see I told you Mome!

Mome looked at him crossly: How was I meant to know they do in another world Jester

Jester then looked like he was going to answer: I've got nothing

Red curious: Hu but Jester you got clothes?

Jester explained looking at Red: it's just an expression Red

Red then turned his head confused: what's that taste like?

Jester then give out a hopeless sigh until he then heard Angelrika call out to him

Angelrika: Boy this is no time to be stupid, now set tight and allow me to continue my story

Jester at that moment sat down while nodding: I'm sorry

Angelrika admitted: that's better like the Girl mentioned each of the fragments then took the mark of one of those Zodiac animals, these fragments scattered and went inside  people with a powerful evil desire in their hearts, causing them to want to help free the great evil from its chains granting them powerful abilities and had turned these Humans into half their animal hybrids forms

Shelda admitted shocked: wait so they get turned into monsters because of the evil in their hearts

Lance: I get it now [Shelda then heard Lance say as he then pointed out talking to Angelrika ] You wanted to fight us not just for us to prepare for the brawl that's coming tomorrow but also to see where we stack up against these Zodiac things right

Angelrika then crossed his arms admitting: Impresseth yes that is true and I would say that you Lance are at equal levels with three of them.......However, you Shelda still need some work to do as you are just below the weakest of the Zodiacs

Shelda's eyes went into a state of shock: there really that strong?

Lance admitted to shock himself: I'm only on equal grounds with three of them then which three?

Angelrika then turned around: The Monkey, the Ox, and the Snake the latter is the one who Shelda is close to in strength

Shelda looked at this serious: then I guess I'll have to train myself if I want to fight this Snake thing equally then

Angelrika then crossed his arms yet again revealing: Your welcome to try, however you don't have much time

Shelda looked puzzled at this as were the others in the stance

Angelrika explained: Because the Snake Zodiac is somewhere in this school  everyone then freaked out

Shelda confused: You sure?

Angelrika revealed serious: Trust me, Mortal, I am hardly wrong I sensed the Snakes Soul energy here but I can't pinpoint it to where or who

Lance then asked this time: who, what do you mean who?

Angelrika then looked at the stage: the Snake Zodiac in question has a Shapeshifting ability, for all we know this Snake in the grass is walking among us right now as a student, waiting for the right opportunity to cut you down

that did shock everyone there yet again as

Natura spoke out shocked: so for all we of us could be the snake?

with that, the group in the stance besides Master X, The Great Timaeus, Rod, and Becks had a worried look on who to trust

Angelrika nodded and explained: Unfortunately that's the truth, the Snake Zodiac is also an amazing actor so you all must keep guard

Shelda then thought to herself: anyone could be this Snake, Its ......It's like the whole year started all over again we can't trust everybody to their fullest

Lance however reminds quietly: wait, if this is true then couldn't you have sensed the Snake's energy and find out who it is?

Angelrika revels shaking his head: No good, Like I mentioned Mortal the Snake is good at acting, even coping the former beings Soul Energy level perfectly to the point where I can't even sense it anymore

Lance then looked puzzled himself as he crossed his arms: I see, No matter when this Snake finally decides to show him or herself I'll smash their face

Angelrika admitted chuckling a little: Good  because tomorrow in the battle of the end of the year you need to be

as he then flew up and flew away to the outside of the room to both Lances and Sheldas surprised both saw how fast he was the group in the stands looked down

G: Hu I guess Class is over then

Jester added: Guess so, I think we better head back to our Red Houndon and Tieasy for the rest of the .....

Mome however reminded them: Ugh you do know we used most of our break so we're going to have to go to Mr. Robstrongs class next Jester

Jester then looked down in shock: What, Hey no fair I hate that MR Robstrong guy

Timaeus: Atchley The Great Timaeus must correct Thee there lass [Mome and Tigera then turned to The Great Timaeus as he pointed to his watch ] If the watch of The Mighty Timaeus says you still have fifteen minutes to get to your class

Mome however then checked her watch: hey you're right I guess I just read my watch wrong

with that Jester then sighed with relief as G however chuckled a little until then Master X spoke while stroking his beard

Master X: Good because we could use this time to call an even smaller meeting with Lance, Shelda, their Siblings, the Guardians, Rodney, Rebecca, and Timaeus everyone else is, however, free to go

everyone else besides Timaeus, Rod, and Becks all look odd at this

Lance looked annoyed: Great Now what?

Xeon then calmly bowed to Master X: I will take Terra and Ryu back to Red Hondon Master if that is ok?

Master X then yet again stroke his beard: Of course do what you want that is if they want to be treated like kids

Ryu puzzled looking at Him: Like Kids um Master X with all due respect were no......

Terra then crossed shouting: Hey old guy, we don't need escorted like kids we only wanted to go with Xeon because he can teleport

Master X however then chuckled: why of course I know the real reason haha, it was just an old crack this old fool likes to say now and again

Terra looked like she calmed down a lot now: Oh .......Uh I knew that I was also kidding

Lacey: No you weren't

Terra heard Lacey say as she replied: Can it Lacey

Lacey then looked crossed at her: No last I checked you don't get to boss me around Terra

Terra then replied saying crossly again: why do you think that, is it because you don't want to admit I'm stronger than you are

Lacey then did a comeback by saying: You're stronger than me, Please who's the Amalgamate here Terra that's right me

Terra, however, had a smirk: Just proves my point, you need your sister to get stronger, on the other hand just need my sword and the earth for me to win a fight

Lacey then got up at Terra's eyes: Oh is that right hu

Terra then looked back at her super annoyed: Yeah it is, you got a problem top cap  

the two of them then stared at each other as if they were going to get into a fight however luckily for everyone there both Ryu started to pull Terra away as did Lucy with her older sister

Ryu did look a little annoyed: Terra now is not the time for this

Lucy then told her sister: Yeah Lace, Save all that anger for the big fight coming tomorrow, you know the one that well Atchley matter at the end instead of all these annoying rants you and Terra go on

as they managed to push them back far enough

Xeon looking serious: I guess we should take our leave now touch my shoulders

as both Ryu and Terra did unknown to the three of them they were all thinking of something at this moment Xeon was thinking at the end of the year, if they all survive he well get the answers to his questions from Zhon Gear for who he is, Terra, on the other hand, had a fear that of The Beast Vorvalli, the damage It could cause this year and worried if in case It eats anyone else's souls Finally Ryu who was worried about Yami who might end up killing people tomorrow something he did not want as then all three of them then disappeared

Master X then spoke: as I mentioned, you are all excused except for the ones who I called, However before you go I must warn you tomorrow we'll have a great battle. and I hope and pray all of you do survive it however I'm not sure if we will be so lucky

the group that is left looked worried until

Master X with a chuckle: however that would not be the first time I have been wrong so prove to me that it won't be oh and have a good day

Nearly everyone except Figla, Raven, and Vanessa all bowed to the Master X before leaving.......while they were leaving in the order of feet away from each other

they were in three different smaller groups Kate and Maria were far in the front, Natura, Cookshi, and Raven were right in the middle and finally, Polly, Vanessa, and the Kim sisters were far in the back, however with the group in the front

Kate was looking back thinking: I hope Shelda is truly ready for this

Maria: Hey Kate [Kate heard Maria say as she then turned to her right and saw Maria with both of them having a puzzled look like the latter] I didn't want to say anything back there because I didn't want to interrupt the training but I've noticed You got a bandage on both your hands why is that?

Kate then thought looking shocked: Snap [ she then tried to lie and said] I scratched my hands in the kitchen with Knives

Maria then looked at her with an odd look eyes: Did you just try to lie, you do know one of my gifts here is that I can sense the heartbeat of people and when one of their heartbeats faster I know they're lying

Kate then sighed: Pff, yep......I knew that but worth a try in case there was a weakness but I should have guessed not you're a bright girl Maria

Maria then had a friendly yet awkward smile: Thanks but that still doesn't answer my question, Kate, why do you have Bandages on your hands? What's going on?

Kate with a serious look while Maria watched her look back as well

Kate then looking at Maria while explaining: Ok if you want to know, I'll tell you but as long as you keep it a secret from the others until I tell them myself so you keep your lips sealed right

Maria looked nervous about this first but then nodded: Right no worries I've kept Shelda and Lances secret haven't I

Kate then whispered: Alright then, the reason why I have these Bandages is ........

Kate then whispered something Maria looked as do she was starstruck with the group behind them saw the reaction but not what was said

Natura confused: say, am I the only one who's you know curious about what those two are talking about

Raven then giggled a little: Hehehe Nope

Cookshi: Sigh

Raven and Natura heard Cookshi sigh

Raven then asked her: Hey yo Cookshi what up my sister?

Cookshi: Did you try to act like a Gangster there?

Raven giggled: Hehehe I guess it worked but seriously note why you feeling so down?

Cookshi reveals looking to the left: It's just, I don't feel like I'm doing my part to help those two Soul Warriors. I mean Natura you slammed a tree into Sun Bu and Raven you saved them from him before ......but what did I do get beaten up by him

Natura however looked like she corrected her: Atchley Grandmother Oak wanted to slam herself into the red Hot guy but then that fire thing burned her to death stupid sun heat guy

Cookshi then sad: But you still did that, all I can do is heal people, and Cook there's nothing else I can do

Raven: Then why don't you just focus on that while Training to get better then ?" [Cookshi heard Raven said as she giggled a little] hey before you Walk you gotta crawl right hehehe

Cookshi then smiled: you know for someone whose half Husk your Atchley good at giving advice

Raven however had a smile: well there's a reason for that .....But it's pretty complicated hahaha

Raven started to laugh again for some odd reason Polly was looking at Raven while looking down with sadness

Vanessa saw this: Hey Polly you ok there?

Polly looked at her friend while nodding uncertainly Vanessa however knew her friend more than that, for some odd reason Polly seemed pretty forecast on Raven, she wondered why however her concentration was broken when she heard

Lucy: Hey Polly I'll give you a cracker if you speak, [said Lucy who was pulling Polly's robe begging] Come on why don't you speak, it's not that hard you just open up your mouth and talk simply simple [Vanessa and Polly looked like they both were getting pretty annoyed about this however Lacey then quickly swooped in and pulled her away by the ear while Lucy said crying out] Hey Lace what you doing, this hurts?

Lacey looked annoyed: well sorry but you did that to me earlier and besides  [she then had a sympathetic look and admitted looking at Polly] Vanessa already told us that Polly for whatever reason can't talk which is something I wish you would do from time to time sis

Lucy looked stunned: well I can't help it I have to speak [she then had a serious look[ But I Just got curious as to why she can't that's all

Figla: You know for being a loudmouth your sister does have a point there Lacey

Lacey then turned around to see Figla who crossed her arms looking at Polly

Figla: how come that Polly girl can't talk care to express why?

Polly then looked at Figla while shaking her head was unperturbed by a crossed

Vanessa: What's it to you?

Figla revealed looking serious: nothing, it's just you heard what Angelrika said ......there is a snake in the grass here and her being quiet is very suspect

Polly's eyes went wide

Vanessa annoyed: are you kidding, you think Pollys the snake you've got no prove Vampire

Figla looked intimidating: until proven innocent, everyone is guilty and I won't let anyone take the chance at Killing both Lance or Shelda like you are Cyborg

Figla and Vanessa looked crossed as Polly just looked away not wanting any part of this

Lucy: Oookkkky everything just suddenly went a little Awkward

Lacey: you think not, come on little sis it's not that complicated

Lucy then heard her sister's voice in her head, which didn't shock her after all that Angelrika guy did say all Amalgamate half's have a telephonic link to each other so they can think to each other with that

Lucy responded by asking, thinking: Obviously what is Lace?

Lacey explained to her sister: I'm sure the Snake is not one of those two, but I think they hate each other for another reason .....remember Vanessa's a Cyborg and Figlas a Vampire, and who of those two are the leaders of that war going on in Tengoku right now?

Lucy then understood and thought: I get it, so Figla works for Dracula and Vanessa works for Trish right

Lacey responded: that seems to make sense but at the same time we don't know the whole story as to why they won't attack each other and who is that snake, but it's our job as Amalgamates and as the Amazon Warrior to help the Soul Warrior so we don't intervene until we need to get it, little sis?

Lucy then nodded as Lacey then smile in a big sister way but the Younger sister still looked nervous as to who this Snake is

Back at the Swimming area, Lance who was still in control was standing near it with the siblings and the Guardians facing Master X, The Great Timaeus, Rod, and Becks who both looked nervous about this

Master X stroked his beard: alright, I'm sure four of you seven know why I said you needed to stay back right

at that moment Lance, Shelda in her pink ghost form, Jester, and Red all nodded at the same time while the other three looked puzzled

Mome confused: Ugh Sorry but Master X I don't know what's going on here and why did you ask both Rod and Becks to stay back

Tigera then popped her head out of her ball: I'm not......not sure if I can understand ether

G then added himself: Yeah what the heck Gramps, what's going on?

Master X then had a small smirk: well I think it's best if they tell you themselves

as he then slightly nod his head to Rod who then as a nervous

Becks: well while We were all Kidnapped By the Director him and The Taskmaster spilled out a secret we have been keeping from all of you that Lance, Shelda, Jester, and his dog Red heard so we thought it was time to tell you who are not informed should be as well

Mome as her and G were puzzled: Informed about what?

Becks in a kind tone: that me and Rod are not from this time, were Atchley from the Future

G then shouted out while falling over: The.....The FUTURE!

Mome and Tigera were in a state of shock over this discovery

Rod admitted: sorry that we kept this secret from you, it's just that we .........

Lance: Hold on [everyone there looked at Lance who asked in a Calm way]  if you two are really from the Future then tell me one thing .......well I save Clare?

the Future Siblings both looked down in sadness

Becks admitted: we're sorry we can't you know tell you that

Lance crossed: why not if you're from the future then why don't you tell me?

Rod however then spoke next explaining: Trust me, Lance we have heard of how much you wanted to find Clare and if we have a choice in the matter we would tell you on the spot but sadly we don't have a choice

Lance looked confused as was the others

Shelda: you, don't have a choice how come?

Master X: It's the rules and crimes of time travel I'm afraid to say

everyone then turned to Master X who had a serious look

G looking confused: Hu Gramps what are you saying what rules?

Master X  looking at the siblings of the Soul Warrior: Tell me, children, have you ever heard of time travel before in your old orphanages?

Mome then answers feeling as she was right: well I watched a couple of movies that if somebody from the future goes back to the past and changes something that never meant to happen then the future will change as well which also includes if someone's in the future parents were killed they would cease to exist is this what's going on with Rod and Becks?

Master X shook his head: Just as I thought that is not truly what happened if someone goes back in time young one however I can understand your confusion about that false time travel theory

Mome then looked puzzled as did the Abbie Brothers, Soul Warrior halves, and the Soul Guardians

Rodney explained: It's alright to be confused I mean ha were the ones who did it and it turns out we don't know the first thing about real time travel

Becks added explaining: before Master X and Timaeus told us we thought that old theory of resetting the future is if we change something here but it's like we can't do that now

again the group all looked puzzled

Jester looked super confused: Ok I'm super confused now, if the time travelers can't change the future then how does time traveling work exactly

Master X was about to speak suddenly Timaeus grabbed his shoulder

Timaeus: Master X, if it is alright to you I will tell the young lads and lasses of the true effects

Master X then nodded

Lance realized thinking: Hm strange he didn't call himself the Great Timaeus there

Shelda: That's probably because what he is about to say is important so mind being quiet I want to hear this

Shelda told Lance as both of them as well as the siblings, Soul Guardians and Future Teens with Master X watched

Timaeus explained with a serious look: Now it is easy for beings to think that traveling to the past would affect the future however that is not true, for you see it is impossible for a time traveler to change the future because when a Time Traveller travels to the past they instead create a new timeline

Most of the group besides the kids and the Soul Guardians looked confused

Tigera asked: Um excuse me sir Timaeus but I don't get this

Red turned his head: Kitty's right I don't get it ever what timeline?

the siblings like mentioned looked just as puzzled as the Soul Guardians

Timaeus then chuckled a little: No worries, there's a simple way to think about it think about a stream running down a hill [The kids still looked puzzled as Timaeus continued to explain] think of one great stream running down the mountain, now think of that stream representing the main timeline unchanged and uncorrupted. However now think of it when a time traveler traveled back in time that the stream creates a crossroads, two paths the stream goes into one of the paths represent the timeline where they travel to where even if their parents die, they still exist because the other path represents the original timeline that even with the events of the changed Timeline it still flows normally

the kids looked like they got it

Jester: Now I get it, so if the time travelers do something here like destroy the gateway movement sooner when they travel back to their normal timeline nothing's changed

Timaeus nodded: That is correct

Lance crossing his arms confused: so then what's the problem if it won't affect their timeline then why can't they tell me where Clare is?

Timaeus explained looking at him: the problem lies in the twin Goddesses Thgil Justice and Krad Madness they do not like time travelers who had come from the future to the past

Shelda looked odd at this: so why's that?

Timaeus then explained: Most beings who had come to the future who travel back come from an apocalyptic future who think just by traveling to the present they can change it the twin Goddesses think it as a form of blasphemy

Becks then spoke out: Um you haven't explained it to us, why do they think traveling here would be a form of Blasphemy?

Timaeus then sounded a bit crossed: It's because you thought you can change the future, that is only a job for a god to do [Becks looked shocked at how Timaeus reacted nobody has seen him this angry since the battle with Sun Bu however Timaeus then put his hand on his forehead and apologized] forgive me, lass, I have respect for the twin Goddesses and this is indeed annoyed me but I Understand why you traveled here even though you can not say yet you do know your curse for doing this right

with that both Rod and Becks nodding, however, the rest looked puzzled

G: Curse?

Master X explained: unfortunately for our time traveling duo here both Thgil and Krad know of their time traveling sin, yet they allowed them to exist for a set of rules That I think they should tell

the group all looked at them

Rod explained with a serious look: Right the three rules are these, First, we can not tell anyone of the threats that we have to face until they show themselves, Second, if somebody dies in this timeline we can not help them come back to life only somebody else has to and third, we can not tell what will happen in the future including secrets

Becks added with a smile: however, we can say that we are from another future and what the people of this time meant to us but.....[she then closed her eyes and said near her heart with a sad look ] If we break all of the first three rules then we get erased from all timelines

everyone there looked shocked by this news

Mome: Erased so you'll disappear

Rod nodded and explained: It's not as simple as that, if we break these rules we will be erased from everything, it will be like we were never born in ours and your timeline, so you would then forget about us as soon as we disappear

the siblings all looked surprised by this

Shelda then asked Becks: So that's what you meant back at the Directors tower right

Becks then nodded: yeah pretty much

Lance: Pff useless [ everyone there then heard Lance say as he then continued to say ] what good are people who come from the future if they can't tell the darn future it's pointless [with both of that both Rod and Becks had their reactions both anger and sadness respectively as Lance turned his back annoyed saying] you two should never have come your worthless in this timeline so just go back already

Shelda shouting crossly: Lance!

Shelda shouted annoyed at how he was acting to them

G was also looking at this nervous: Bro

Lance was about to speak back to when he suddenly felt a hand on his shoulder as the person then pulled Lance to face him and then punched Lance scare in the face knocking him down revealing to be Rod to everyone's there shock even Master X and Timaeus couldn't believe what they saw as Lance then felt have Rod punched him at first

Lance crossed: what the heck was that about Future B......

Rod looked crossed and said to him: You know darn well what this was about Lance so shut Up and listen already [Lance looked at Rod who said annoyed at him] I get the real reason why you're mad, You hate us because we can't help you find your sister because we're from the future well you're wrong about that Lance, we can help you find Clare the normal way. But what you got to know Lance is this is not all about you and your missing sister, it's about everyone for every soul matters because together there is nothing the Soul can not accomplish

Lance then looked at him with a slight lie like a smile: ha where did you hear that Fortune Cookie?

Rodney, however, looked at him calmly crossing his: Funny, it's something you told people in the future,

Lance was completely shocked this time: The What now?

Rod explained seriously: You heard me, It's a code I lived by all my life too bad the person who said it in this timelines a jerk right now [Rod then started to walk away he said] well I guess we got everything sorted, so we better go Becks [ Rod then looked like he remembered something ] Oh and sorry about hurting you Shelda, just had to get that off my chest

Shelda who was feeling the same area that Rodney punched Lance as she then nodded Rodney and Rebecca were leaving

Becks bowed: Sorry about all of this, Thanks for your time

as she then walked away leaving everyone else there

Timaeus then asked: Master is it best if we go as well?

Master X then looked at him: Hm it seems so, however, I can sense a feeling of desperation from you Timaeus, is it to do with Sun Bu?

Timaeus then nodded: yes it is, Master I need to get stronger when he breaks out of that Stone prison

Master X then stroked his beard again: that is indeed understandable, however, remember Timaeus it is not just Sun Bu you have to fight you know this already don't you?

Timaeus nodded: Yes I do, do not worry Master I am ready to help the Soul Warrior halves in this great battle for I am the Great Timaeus

Master X then chuckled: Glad to hear it [as both Tengokuens were walking away Master X turned around and looked at Lance square in the eyes and told him with a serious annoyed face]  I can see right through you, You know that don't you boy

Lance looked at him with a surprised look as Master X and Timaeus took their leave the Loveheart siblings and their Soul Guardians both looked puzzled

Jester confused: Ok, now I'm really confused

Red added looking at his master: I'm also confused ......and hungry

Tigera added looking at Mome: You know what I'm in the mood for some fish can we get it when we get back

Mome then slightly: um yeah sure

by her tone it made the siblings all go quiet while Mome was looking at Lance/Shelda because she notes that Shelda  was not talking however she was not the only one talking, G was looking at his bro as well and knows unlike the other times when Lance insulted something, there seemed to be some nervus in his voice, Shelda noticed this as well as she also felt that Lance was if he was hiding something