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G: Aw man that stunk,

G said while walking with his hands in his pockets, It had been an hour since the battle with Angelrika, and after coming back from class The Rogers and Lovehearts were walking back to the Red Hondon to go to bed, they were going to need it with the fight that is coming tomorrow Lance also let Shelda take control of their body because he wanted to chill for the rest of the night so Shelda was walking with the kids

Shelda then asked the boy: what does G?

G then looked back at Shelda and explained: You know what?

Mome then interrupted: Is it the class come on G it wasn't that bad

G, however, shook his head: what heck no I'm not talking about the darn class I'm talking about Rod and Becks being from the future!

both Lance, the Lovehearts, and The Soul Guardians all looked at  G when he said that

Red: The future, why would you want to know that?

Jester then looked at his Soul Guardian: Hey I was going to say that

Red looking at him with a chuckle: You were sweet guess you owe me a drink then

Jester looked annoyed: That's not how that works Red you're supposed to say it at the same time

Tigera then looked frightened as she then crawled up in her ball again

Mome annoyed: Jester, Red look what you've done!

both Jester and Red then looking sorry: Whoops our bad

Jester then quickly: Jinx now you owe me a drink

Red confused while Jester chuckled: What, hey no fair

Jester then rubbed the side of his face trying to calm himself down: right, well sorry Red but...[Jester then looked at G and asked] But anyways why do you want to know what's going on in their future G, you know it's not our timeline

G with a sad look: Yeah, but think about it, if Rod and Becks never came back to this timeline, their future would have been ours, aren't you guys just a teeny bit curious about what happens to us in the future in the slightest

Shelda: But you do know, what will happen if they tell you don't you

G heard Shelda

Shelda: If they tell any of us what will happen in the future, then they'll be wiped from existence

G nodded with a serious look: I know that sis, but not only do I want to know what happened to Clare, but I also want answers as to why ......[as he then looked at his hands] why I have Dalcoshion blood running through my veins, maybe I would have gotten the answer in that timeline there

the Loveheart Twins then had a concerned look on their faces as Tigera then popped her head out to see this

Red just turned his head slightly to the right: Hu?

Shelda then had a sympathetic smile: I can see that, But you gotta know this can't be helped, But not to worry I'm sure like in that timeline you'll find the truth

G then turned back with a smile: You think, wow thanks Shelda haha

Jester then tapped G at the shoulder: Yep Sheldas right you also have us backing you up right Red

Red then had a smile:rrrrrrright

Mome with a smile of her own: Hey don't forget me and Tigera are here as well we will help you two if you want to that is

Tigera then had a smile herself: If Mome well then I'll help you out as well

G then had a shock: You guys thanks it means a lot

as all three of them started to laugh in a friendly way Shelda however had a sad look she then heard Lance say in her head

Lance: why the long face?

Shelda then turned around and saw Lance in his green ghost form she thought sadly

Shelda: Sorry it's just I'm worried about something

Lance confused: what?

Shelda explained: I watched the same movies as Mome when it comes to time travel, and in most of them the said Time traveler does not come back in time unless something bad happened in the future .......I'm worried that in the original timeline we......

Lance then finished for her: Failed, that's what you were going to I guess it is a good thing those time travelers traveled back here it comes  another chance to punch this evil right in the face whatever it is

Shelda nodded: yeah.......we've got another chance to stop it [as she then looked at the kids and thought ] and this time, I'm not going to waste .....

Suddenly her eyes then opened up wide She was not the only one however as Lance did the same Shelda's look caused the kids all to look at her

Jester confused: Huh, Hey what's with the weird look?

Shelda then turned around and looked all around: I can sense it we're being followed

the kids looked puzzled by this

G: wait so someone is following us, who is it I thought everybody wanted to hurt you and Bro tomorrow?

Mome then looked up: Um I think I Have an idea

she pointed to the roof everyone there looked up as there was a person who was hiding on the roof someone who Shelda recognized

Shelda worried: Alnna!

Alnna then did a backflip landing on the ground with her hand touching the ground setting she then turned around

Alnna: Hm, So I see you've gotten stronger since the last time I attacked you ......Shelda Loveheart [Shelda and the kids all looked nervous at this while the Soul Guardians looked puzzled they never heard of This Alnna before as she then walked forward ] at least in the sensing department

Shelda looked at her with a serious look: Let's just say I got taught by one of the best here since I fought you

Alnna in a taunting way: You mean Maria Hikings that little fight you had with her when she told you that Perfect is just a word hm I guess you do pick up skills from someone who Gift can increase her senses

Shelda confused: wait you were there how and what do you want now?

Alnna crossed her arms: How I know is none of your business, however, as for what I want, I'm sure you know right

Alnna got into a fighting stance as Shelda and everyone there knows what the Female Ninja wanted

Shelda looked down shaking her head: I get it, you want to fight me, well join the club me and Lance got a lot of people coming to finish us tomorrow

everyone there looked at Shelda surprised by her response, not more than

Alnna who then had her eyes in a shocked like faction: what?

Shelda looking at her serious: you heard me, It's not worth fighting you right now, many people are wanting to fight tomorrow so why don't you wait till then[ as she then walked over to the confused children and said while all of them walked beside Alnna] This is one battle that's not worth it

suddenly she then heard Lance say

Lance: Shelda, what are you doing .......You know she might be Levy the girl who did all those things to you, why wouldn't you want to kick her head off?

Shelda however replied focus: Lance, I don't want to get injured before we have to take on all those threats, plus even after everything Levy did to me it's not worth putting the kids in dan......

Alnna: You Idiot ..........[Shelda heard Alnna say as she slightly turned her head to look at her as the Ninja replied] even after everything you went through so far you think you can just walk away .......[Shelda then saw slightly that Alnna pulled out a dagger as the female Ninja then tried to strike Shelda with it however Shelda then blocked it with her leg and as if the Leg was like a Sword she knocked the Dagger out of her hand back To everyone's surprise even Sheldas as Alnna asked] what impossible

Shelda then looked at her leg

Jester stunned: wow That was awesome I didn't know you can do that

Shelda then looked at her leg smiling: you know, Never did I, Jester, I guess it's my half of the Soul Warrior Power activating

Alnna: that did give me a shock but I'm not done with you Shelda

Shelda then heard Alnna say as Alnna then tried to kick Shelda who then ducked it as the Ninja then repeated this over and over again

Shelda looked like she was getting a little annoyed with this: I thought I told you, I don't want to fight right now

however in that split second Alnna then managed to hit Shelda with a kick to the gut as Shelda fell to her knees as the kids looked at this

Mome cried out: Shelda!

Shelda was on her knees

Alnna looked at her: So you don't want to fight me, well too bad there are some fights that You don't simply avoid there Shelda

Shelda however then got up shaking the cobwebs looking at Alnna while hearing

Lance once again: call me crazy, but I  agree with the Crazy Ninja girl

Shelda sarcastically: Wait wanting to fight wow that's so not like you Lance

Lance: Hey no need to be sarcastic Shelda, look I've got a reason this time if you just hear me out

Shelda: Ok I'm listening

Lance: Look I'm sure you've picked this up, but Little Mrs. Ninja here is not going to go away unless you fight her plus you got all these new abilities like that sword leg attack, so you might want to take her up on her offer

Shelda then had a thought about it

Alnna crossing her arms: well, are you done being a coward, or are you going to fight me like a good girl

Shelda looking at her serious: why do you want to fight me so badly.....and why only me and not Lance

Alnna looked at her with a tut: Tut, and what Blow my cover I mean hello I'm a Ninja our covers are our things but I'll make you a wager [she then tapped her head] I'll tell you who I am If you can beat me, hun, I'll even let yours and Lance's kiddos leave for them to be safe deal

Shelda then looked at the Kids for a moment and then turned back to Alnna with a sigh: alright, I guess I've got no choice but to fight then [she then turned to the kids yet again ] You five better get going back to Red Houndon you don't want to get hurt now do you

G then nodded first: Right, then let's go

as G then started to run

Jester who was right behind him shouted at her sister: Good luck Shelda go kick her butt

Red then ran beside him: why would she kick the Red Ninjas booty butt?

Jester however then started to chuckle: Haha Booty Butt

Mome than with Tigera all ran back as well shouted: Shelda, Good luck

Tigera looked back in concern as well before continued to run

Shelda then looked at the Kids: Keep safe

she then went back to face to face with her foe

Alnna: Ready to dance now then?

Shelda then nodded

Alnna: Glad to hear that now let's get started[ as she then jumped up and tried to hit Shelda with a diving kick however Shelda then quickly moved out of the way and then tried to land a roundhouse kick however Alnna then caught it to Sheldas shocked Alnna then connected with a right to Sheldas face not putting her hand saying] way Too ea...... [however she then felt at something was holding her hand as she suddenly saw that Shelda had caught the hand before it made contact with her face, Shelda then had a smile and then used her free knee to kick Alnna as the Ninja then felt it Shelda had a small smirk as Alnna then looked crossed as she then tried to land a sequence of punches and kicks with Shelda somehow managing to block them all the time Alnna then jumps back and asked with a small smirk] How the heck did you do that?

Shelda then looked at herself with confusion: be honest I don't even know  [she then looked more serious admitting ] But what I do know is Alnna is that I'm not as weak as I was when you first ambushed me, and even though I'm still not a fan of fighting......I have got to admit I've come a long way so you won't beat me by pulling your punches

Alnna then looked at this: You're right, It would seem that you have gotten a lot more powerful over these five months......better top up my game then

Shelda then looked at this with a puzzled look as Alnna looked like she reached for something on her belt and then throws it down creating smoke around the area covering Shelda in a cloud of smoke as she then felt like she was cuffing a little because of the Smoke

Shelda: Cough Cough

Alnna: now let's see how you improved

Shelda was trying to look around

Lance unimpressed: Smoke, Really doesn't she know about Soul Sensing?

Shelda: Atchley I think she might [Shelda said as Lance looked at her with an odd look she continued] for some reason I can't sense her Soul Energy

Lance looked completely in shock: The What Now?

Shelda looked serious: I'm telling the truth, I can't even get a slight sense, and because of this Smoke I can't even see her so how ......

Lance: Shelda behind you!

Shelda then turned around and saw as three Shurikens were coming towards her Shelda then dodged two of them however the last one did manage to cut her knee

Shelda then yelled: agh

she then felt her knee

Lance: damn it I can feel that.....that stings

Shelda holding her knee: It does

Alnna: Aw are you hurt well two bad there's more where that came from

Shelda then saw as Alnna then jumped out of the smoke and ran towards her while throwing daggers at her but Shelda while feeling the sting at her leg she then jumped up digging the Daggers she then got ready to kick her

Shelda:  Shouldn't have blown your cover [ however as she hit the same kick Alnna suddenly turned into smoke and a log was in its place as Shelda kicked that ] What ow? [Shelda then, however, landed on her feet but at the same time the pain in her leg she fell to her leg as she then stared at the log asking]  Um Lance am I crazy, or did Alnna just turn into a Log?

Lance answered annoyed: It's a dumb ninja trick the real one must be here somewhere

Alnna: You're right about that [suddenly behind Shelda Alnna then kicked her as Shelda then tried to Roundhouse kick Alnna but her leg give out as then using this to her advantage Alnna then delivers many attacks and this time Shelda couldn't block it and felt all the pain Shelda then while still, awake was flat out on the floor gripping the ground tightly in pain Alnna looked at her unimpressed] is this the best you can do .......Pathetic

Shelda desperately trying to get up: Pathetic, I .......I was doing good until you had the idea of surrounding this area with smoke

however, Shelda then fell back down

Alnna then smirked behind her mask: Grow up, you think your opponents as the Soul Warrior wouldn't do the same thing, Heck some of them already did so how am I all that different when it goes to the number one rule of fighting Shelda, there are no rules [Shelda then looked up crossed] Alnna then turned around and said"but then again you always were soft, after all, you didn't fight back when I Give that scar on your back didn't you [Shelda then looked up shocked so it was her all along Alnna was Levy, however, Alnna then walked away saying] weakness, you always had it so how's about a cost this I know hows about I Take the lives of those Little brats that sounds fair [Sheldas eyes then went terrified when she heard that however she then had a crossed look as slightly pink lightning appeared around her Alnna however then chuckled ]Good looks like that's a brilliant idea we'll see you Lolle.........

Shelda shouting thunderous: NO

Alnna then heard a voice say as she then turned around and suddenly saw Shelda get back to her feet looking down while she was surrounded by Pink Lighting

Alnna was flabbergasted by this: what?

Shelda then said in an echo like voice: Yo...You won't hurt them.......

this was getting so chaotic that even Lance looked shocked

Lance:  Shelda?

Shelda then kept repeating: No more......No More .........No More

while looking at Shelda Alnna then changed from having a worried look to a smile like look thinking

Alnna: Now that's what I'm talking about keep it up Shelda

Tears started to form from Sheldas eyes

Shelda crying yet crossed: all the pain you caused me.......hurting me ........killing my friend .......I won't ........" she then looked up revealing her eyes were completely Pink she then shouted,] STAND FOR THIS AGHHH!

suddenly in a blink of an eye, Shelda then hit Alnna with a powerful kick sending the Ninja flying to a nearby wall with her stuck there

Lance admitted to himself: Wow!

Shelda then took a few deep breaths to calm down as her eyes then went back to normal she then looked at Alnna who was heavily damaged from the kick

Shelda took a few steps back and asked herself: wait, I did that .......

Lance: what you don't remember?

Lance asked her in his green form

Shelda explained: Of cause I remember but ......I'm still shocked I can't believe I just did that

Amber: Hahaha You got me good [Shelda then heard Alnna say as the Soul Warrior half then walked up to her as the Ninja] Now I guess you're going to finish me off then huh?

Shelda looked at her: Finish you mean Kill you?

Alnna then sarcastically: Hu no dough, come on I know you want to kill me because of all the things I did to you

Shelda however turned around: No, I don't

both Lance and Alnna then asked unknowingly in unison

Lance and Alnna: You don't?

Shelda then looked at Alnna: I'm not like you, I don't hurt people or give them scars both Physically or emotionally. and I also believe that it is never right to take a life no matter what they have done with it, it just shows you are better than the person who did it to you...[Shelda then looked back at Alnna] and besides you look like you're done anyway, and when the staff here find you you're going to jail for all you did to everyone. So I guess this is goodbye Levy

suddenly as soon as Shelda took a step she heard clapping

Alnna: all I needed to hear

Shelda then had a puzzled look as she saw Alnna who was clapping and seemed to have a smiling way

Shelda: Um .......Levy?

Alnna however shook her head: Ok I guess the first thing I need to clear things up I lied to you, I'm not Levy I just said I was so you can get angry after what she did to you

Shelda then took a few steps back: wait so you're not Levy?

Lance: Pretty sure that's what she just said

Shelda crossed: Hey give me a break and besides Lance, you thought she was Levy two [Shelda then however asked] But wait then If you're not Levy then who are you Alnna, and why have you been trying to make me angry and how are you following me no matter where I go and ......

Alnna then took a sigh: wow Shelda why do you always have to ask so many questions at once take a breath

Shelda then did but then asked sadly: Ok but you understand why I'm asking this, Just tell me Alnna who are you?

Alnna then crossed her arms: right that was the deal, But I'm sure someone as smart as you would get my real identity with that bracelet I give you on your very first full day just before Zhon attacked to you know to locate you

Shelda then awkwardly pulled her bracelet down and then got the idea: Missy?

Alnna then had a teasing look: Yep,

Shelda then scratched her head: wait, but you don't.....You look nothing like Missy so how .....

Alnna then reached for her own bracelet and pushed a button and suddenly Alnna looked exactly like Missy before turning back to Alnna

Shelda then looked at this: Wow what is that?

Alnna explained in a friendly way: It's something we Tengoken Ninjas created a Cloaking device, That Snake Zodiac whoever it is isn't the only one who can remain hidden well

Shelda again looked puzzled: You were there how?

Alnna then tapped another button: Like this [as she then seemed to of disappeared] Tah Dah Invisible mode

she then went back to normal Shelda admitted shock taking a few steps back

Lance: Guess that's a good gadget to have if you want to play hide and seek

Alnna then laughed: not a bad joke, truth is when I was as Missy or as me Alnna I have been watching you, Jester and Mome for a while now Shelda

Shelda looking puzzled: You've been following me, But why?

Alnna explained with her hands on her hips: Well I noticed you were always a pacifist for as long as I knew you. So I set up my mission to help get you angry enough that your sleeping powers then you can soon learn to control them and then Boom those bad guys won't know what hit them

Shelda still looked puzzled: Ok......But again why do that for me Alnna?

Alnna then crossed her arms: well it's a long story, but I just want to tell you Shelda you and Lancehead here know me by two names Alnna and Missy however you Shelda know me with having three names

Shelda still looked puzzled: three names Alnna ugh Missy sorry but what do I call you, one of them or this third name of yours?

Alnna then turned her back to Shelda said with a smile as she then pulled down her bandana with that her eyes started to change into a more human like Amber Color

Alnna: I'll let you pick when you find out what my real name is with your Soul Eyes

Soul Warriors half's looked puzzled and asked in unison "Soul Eyes?

Alnna shocked: what, come on you mean to tell me that no one told you of it agh fine I'll tell you but first [she then turned around] Do you recognize me Shelda?

Shelda looked at her with a confused look: um do I recognize you, sorry I can't

Alnna then smiled sadly: didn't think so but I guess I'll tell you about a handy trick you and Lancehead can do called the Soul Eyes

Lance annoyed: hey why do you keep calling me this Lancehead thing !?

Alnna then laughing a little: Because you still need to use your head there Lance [Alnna then explained more serious] But anyways, the Soul eyes Technique is a useful skill, legend says that with those Soul Eyes you can look into the other person's soul to see their true identity so why don't you try it with me Shelda

Shelda at first then scratched her head: alright then just tell me what to do?

Alnna looking into Sheldas eyes: It's simple just look into the other person's eyes and concentrate then you'll see the answer

Shelda then nodded as she did just that suddenly her eyes then glowed in white as she suddenly had some flashbacks of her younger self playing with Jester and Mome helped by her closest way it can't be

Shelda who can't believe it in glee: Amber !?

that caused even Lance to jump in his green ghost form

Lance: the What now?

Alnna then tapped Shelda on her forehead: see I knew you remembered me

Shelda couldn't believe this as she was so happy she had tears in her eyes: But.....but this should not be possible.....L...Levy threw you off the top of Thosendale Orphanage. Lolette even buried your body in the Garden but how .....

Amber revealed crossed: That's right, Darn crazy girl throw me off the roof all because I was the only one who wanted to be yours and your sibling's friends she was freaking insane brat if you ask me

Lance looked just as confused

Shelda: alright so pretty sure this is you so how the heck did you survive then?

Amber explained just as confused as everyone else: I didn't Levy did kill me but I kind of ......alright I'm not a zombie or anything but it's a pretty weird story

Shelda admitted with a friendly laugh: You're telling us, everyday here is a weird story for us so it can't be that weird right

Amber then explained with a friendly laugh: Right, well I'll tell you, you see when Levy through me off of the roof I was scared out of my mind but ......before I hit the ground I closed my eyes then when I opened them I .......well here comes the strange part I started crying, realized I was about one foot six and woke up in a Ninja clan next to a just turned mother

both Shelda and Lance looked puzzled

Shelda: Wait, are you telling us, your soul went into a newborn baby of a Ninja village?

Amber looked at her again: hey I told you it was weird didn't I

Lance looked at this: so If by going by your names nonsense I take it that this baby was named Alnna correct

Amber nodded: yep, the strange thing is I don't know how it happened, and I still had all of my old memories of being Amber to boot

Shelda looked puzzled: That's so weird, wonder how that happened but then how did you end up here?

Amber answers looking at her: well that's another long story when I was growing up as Alnna, I liked my new home because I had a new family which, to be honest, is everything we Orphans wanted right [she then looked out of the window ] But I'll admit every day and night I was worried about you and your sibling's now that there was nobody who was there to defend you from Levy, I wanted to find a way back to earth to help you but [she then looked at her hand and said] Its seems that in my new body I had to you know grow up again so speaking was a problem, and I kind of got worried revealing who I was

Lance  guessing: Guess that makes sense if you say your soul was Atchley from another world then They would be creeped out by it

Amber nodded with a freaked out look: I know right, But that didn't help when I learned you and my old pal here are the Soul Warrior and your history before you came to Tengoku High [she then looked at Shelda and said sadly] Including that Scar Levy gave you, I cried that night when I learned of that

Shelda then touched her back: Amber you didn't need to feel bad about it Levy got what she deserved in the end

Amber then smiled: Glad to hear it, man I don't get what was going around in her head, However, Back to my story, I guess Xeon told you already about the War of the five unions and it not being fit to live in

Shelda then nodded: Yeah he did tell us that, so what happened?

Amber clenches her hand into a fist: well, My Village the Hyboto Ninja clan suffered dearly, I was the only one who lived because of the many forces who wanted us to join one of their sides, I ran and then suddenly I found Xeon who went into a cave, so I followed him to both The Gateway Movement HQ and then boom I came here as Missy and there you go

Shelda sadly: wow I'm sorry that your Village got destroyed

Amber looked down in sadness: tell me about it, I loved my new Mother, Father, and the others but I'm also glad I know you, Jester and Mome are all right [Amber then looked at herself] still have to admit it was strange how I got sent from my old body to this one or how time seems to flow differently from Tengoku and Earth

Shelda confused: well I don't know however but I'm just glad you're still yourself even after all those years

Amber then smiled and said while pulling her bandana up: Glad to hear it glad to see you're still yourself temper and all

Shelda then looked crossed: Hay!

until then Amber chuckled a little as Shelda then saw her and joined in the laughter as Lance then looked turned his head however he then secretly had a smirk until

Amber: Well, I better get going, Don't want you to be tired going into tomorrow

Shelda then had a smile really happy to see her friend was back until

Lance then spoke: Wait just a sec [Amber looked curious as was Shelda at Lance who then responds] If you want to know how you went from one body to another you might want to check into Old Man Bemastera he might have the answer you're looking for

Amber then looked like she was thinking about it

Shelda agreed saying: Yeah that's not a bad idea Atchley, Master X does seem to have a lot of knowledge on things like this so asking him might be the best idea

Amber then herself agreed: Wow not a bad idea indeed, Ok well that's what I'm going to do [as she then was about to leave as she then had her back turned to Shelda saying ] Don't worry this time I won't die  [Shelda looked at her as Amber then give her a thumbs up]  I've always got your back tomorrows no exception

Amber then jumped away as Shelda then looked at her friend with a small tear in her eye because someone who she thought was dead turned out to be alive again, Lance however then looked down again trying to hide

Later on at Night when both Shelda and Lance were fast asleep  they However then also seemed to be back in their Soul World in a white force they both then heard a familiar voice say

Ten: It's nearly time now you two  

both the Soul Warrior half's then saw as Ten walked over

Shelda then spoke out slightly: Ten

Ten: tomorrow is the most important battle you will take since becoming the Soul Warrior, You both have to be ready to save everyone  [she walked in front of them as she then looked at them with a small smile under her hood] also I've got to say you two have changed a little bit in both Power and Personality it maybe not allot but I can see some improvement

Shelda then gives out a smile: You're right, I may still not of you know got this fighting spirit thing down but at least I can fight, that counts for something right?

Ten in a friendly taunting way: are you sure, I knew you were enjoying the fight with Maria that one day

Shelda then freaked, no, no I didn't I mean I .......[she then saw as both Lance and Ten stared at her awkwardly as she then took a sigh] fine you caught me, I did enjoy it a little

Lance taunting: Ha I knew it. you did enjoy yourself

Shelda then looked at Lance annoyed: Grr, yeah so what if I did [she then looked at Ten with a smile] Maria's really helped me get back on my feet after the battle with Sun Bu  and she's right, I was too concerned with if I was the perfect pick, but her telling me that Perfect is just a word helped me wake up and just be the best I can be

Ten then smiled again: that's good to hear but .....[she then looked at Lance] It looks to me that you're not the only one who is hiding feeling's isn't that right Lance

Lance then looked stunned by this as

Shelda then blinked twice: Lance has been keeping more secrets?

Lance then turned around looking like he was sweating: do.....don't be ridiculous I Have nothing to......

Ten: Ahum [Lance heard Ten say as he then turned around to see the hooded girl say tapping her head ] I can see inside your head, I know all your secrets so why bother to care about hiding them Lance, after all, caring about people  is the thing that you're hiding

Shelda's eyes went wide when she heard that

Lance turned around looking annoyed looking down: Fine you're right

Shelda still looked puzzled by this: wait so you do care about everybody at Tengoku high after all

Lance admitted looking down crossed: Yeah a little but that's the problem I don't want to care about anyone besides myself and G

Shelda started to look annoyed: why not, I mean why would you want to be that Selfish I thought you had changed more than that

Lance however then looked sad: no, I .....I ......Can't it's ......

Ten: It's because after he lost Clare [he then heard Ten say as he looked at her explaining the rest to Shelda ] he doesn't want to make new ties with people because He is worried about losing anyone else he cares about

Shelda then looked like she had an idea: I get it now [she then looked at Lance] You don't want to lose anyone you care about because you don't want  to feel the same as you did when you lost Clare before right

Lance looking at her again looking down: You're right, I .......when I lost Clare to the Gateway Movement I felt down, Me her big brother couldn't save her because I was stupid enough to Crimsons lie, I felt weak, and as you saw before Shelda I promised myself I wouldn't cry anymore, I didn't want to care about anyone else and try to be the tough guy [he then gripped his hand into a fist] But even with all of this, I am a little bit worried about what's to come tomorrow, and a little bit scared  [he then again looked at Shelda and admitted] To be honest, you were not the only one who was doubting themselves when it was revealed we needed to be this Soul Warrior, To not care about everybody to having to save everyone I needed to believe in my own abilities, to be the strongest and shun all these emotions for other peoples because that is what I have to do to get stronger, Strong enough to beat this Evil

Shelda could not believe what she was hearing, this did not sound like the Lance she had heard from all year and yet this all makes sense she then had a smile, however, and then punched him softly on the shoulder

Shelda: Hey [as Lance looked at Shelda  ] so you wanted to just be this, uncaring guy because you're worried about creating ties with people... I get that part, but you're not alone to save the worlds from this Evil [Lance looked at her oddly ] we're a Team Lance, and even if you don't want to care only a little about these people and me well I guess that's good enough for me

Lance then looked at Shelda with an amazed look, how is it that she is so .....kind to him after seeing Clares disappearance however he then smiled

Lance: right

Ten then spoke with a happy smile:  it's good to see you get on the same page instead of constantly yelling at each other you're going to need it .....[as Ten had her back turned she admitted as images of those she spoke about ] The Foes you face, Zhon Gear, The Anti Warrior, The Gateway Movement,Vorvalli, Sun Bu, and the Snake Zodiac, as well as the many spies still here they will be after you, wanting to destroy and kill you for many reasons, but don't give up for you have your sibling's G, Jester, and Mome with their Soul Guardians Red and Tigera, as well as your fellow students Maria, The Great Timaeus, Red Houndon Students, and the others as well as the Master X Bemastra who will all lend you a helping hand that you can take

Shelda looking at Ten: You're right, but before we wake up Ten I have to ask you .......

Lance finished for Shelda: who are you really?

Ten then turned around as she said with a sad look: I'm afraid's not the time for that answer but ......[she then put her arms behind her back ]you'll find out one day, No I know you well now good luck

as she then disappeared into a ball of light both Lance and Shelda then disappeared into two other balls of light as the next morning Lance who was lying in bed then set up, he then looked to the right as Shelda in her pink ghost form did the same motion as they looked at each other and without saying a word they know this is new year's eve, and what they don't know is that this is the day ......That everything Changes

Cliff Hanger: Lance and Shelda know that this is it. The time is now. Next time on Soul Warrior X the Brawl at the end of the Year begins who will survive and who will die?

Lance: This is it.

Shelda: yeah it's the last day of the year so all our foes are coming back

Lance: Bring them on I’m ready to kick all their asses

Shelda: I may not be able to have a fighting spirit. Yet I’ll give it my all. I won’t let Jester, Mome, or any of my friends fall today

Shelda: Next time on Soul Warrior X “  The End of Year Brawl Pt 1, Foes return”

Shelda: let's go, Lance

Lance: Right