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Continued from Part 1

Scene 2 [Lance,Shelda,Dammy,Cammy,Good Luck Serah,Bad Luck Buck,Desmond,Mai,Leo,Geno,Lucy,Lacey]

Back to Lance he still had a crossed look gripping his hand into a fist thinking about how he was tricked into losing to Terra he couldn't bear it, it was almost the same trick he used on Madd Gar and he fell for it, it tore him apart however to his annoyance

Shelda looked at him as if she was trying to cheer him up: so what you lost a fight, it’s not that big of a deal [Lance stopped and looked at Shelda with a crossed look as Shelda looked a little bit worried] something tells me this is more than just losing isn't it?

Lance crossed his arms: Maybe but you're not getting a peep from me

Shelda curiously as she then got something: wait I get it, this has something to do with that girl you're looking for right

Lance looked shocked and took a little step back at that: How did you guess that?

Shelda tapped her head with a smile: You keep calling me Bookworm, I may not be as smart as Skylett but I’m still pretty smart so mind telling me what happened and who is she?

Lance looked crossed while also crossing his arms: I thought I told you and the others already I'm not telling you anything

Shelda sighed putting her hands on her hips: You're really stubborn with this[ explained serious] Look Lance it’s obvious we don’t like each other but at the same time we need to start working with each other to have these Soul powers so we can’t keep secrets from each other

Lance serious and crossed: says you, you're the one who wouldn't tell me why the heck you got that large scar on your back

Shelda then remembered that and look down in sadness as she had to admit Lance had a point

Dammy: Hey come on we don’t want any trouble

Lance and Shelda looked confused as they heard a guys voice

Lance: Hey did you hear that Bookworm?

Shelda looked with her eyes slightly closed: Lance, were in the same body everything you hear I can hear as well, and what I hear is that someone’s in trouble

Lance then quickly moved as he moved behind a wall and looked over it slightly he saw someone about seven people, in fact, three of the people were surrounding the one man with three kids, the three were the bullies from Green Serpent Spike and his two sidekicks who were surrounding the Guy and little girl with the Dammy and Cammy top, Bad Luck Buck and Good Luck Sarah as it looked like they were going to do some bad things to them

Spike cracked his knuckles: Haha, Oh you may not want it but you're going to get Trouble you Kissat Trash

the little girl who was Cammy held onto the Guy Dammy’s leg

Serah crossed: Oh come on, what did we ever do to you?

Spike and his two sidekicks smirked: nothing personal just want to thin the herd kid

Serah confused: Thin the herd?

Dammy then spoke out getting in front of the kids: I get it you're up to your old dirty tricks hu Spike, you and your lap dogs Spots and Skull want to beat up other group members in the shadows so then your team Serpent can win isn't that right?

Spike with a smirk: Haha, you get the picture but don’t worry I'll leave your little niece Cammy alone [ as he then turned to Spots the one with the curly hair and Skull the one with the Scar guy] alright then let's decide which of these three were going to beat up

Skull smirk in a high squeaky voice: haha I'll call the short girl, she seems fiery enough


As the three Bullies held their ears

Spots: well I guess that leaves me with the Kid with bad luck[ he then looked at Buck] uh what's your name again?

Buck annoyed: The Name is Buck [he sighed] Great the tubbies going to try to beat me up, why do I always get bad luck

Spots annoyed: wha…..Tubby, I'm not fat I'm just big boned

Spike then clenched his fist together: so I guess it's your lucky day then pal, you're going to be beaten up by the Magic Lamp winner this year

Dammy looked serious: You're not going to win the Magic Lamp wish Spike you tried the same thing last year and it backfired as it always does

Spike put his hand up in a crossed fist: That was a fluke and even if I do somehow lose, that won't save you now

he then nodded to the two sidekicks and started to walk over to the three of them, Buck, Serah, and Cammy all looked worried at this however Dammy had his eyes turned purple as if he was going to do something until

Lance: I don’t think so Big Jaw Freak

Dammy and the Kids heard a voice as did the Bullies

Spike turning around: wha........who SAID THAT ?!

Lance: I did

Lance stepped forward while crossing his arms as the people there looked confused at who he was

Spots: UH who the heck is he?

Skull remembered: I think I saw him at the Hall yesterday

Back with Dammy and the kids they had a curious look

Buck asked Sarah: hay you think he wants to help us Serah

Serah confused: how should I know Buck, but by the look of him he seems to be a freshmen

Spike looked over at Sarah when she said that: a Freshmen ha [ He then chuckled looking over at Lance who still had a crossed arms confident look] Ha got to give you credit you little punk for stepping up to me must have taken a lot of guts

Lance looked at Spike: Hm really, do you think I'm scared of a coward who wants to beat up kids get real I can tell just by looking at you, you're weak

Spike looked crossed

Skull shocked: did he just call The Boss weak

Spots: simply saying: YEP

Skull looked annoyed: That wasn't a real question !!

Spike who had a redhead because of the anger: How dare you, you little Punk do you even know who I am I’m Spike third year student and the future winner of both the House games and the Magic Lamp now show me some respect or else

Lance had a smirk: Let me think about that. No

Spike looked crossed: Grr that's it I may not know who you are or why you're trying to get in our way but right now I'll show you why the hell I'm named Spike [as he then yelled] Gaaaaa

while this was happening Spots and Skull had smirks while the others were looking with shock well except Dammy and Cammy who have seen this before yet

Lance just stood there crossing his arms board thinking: Hu Deja vu

Shelda: Dejavu ? How is this Deja Vu ?

Lance: This happened just before I knocked Madd Gar out and somehow I get this strange feeling it's going to be the same again

Shelda: Oh um can you not try to Break Spike's Jaw?

Lance: right I thought you were a Kind girl Bookworm, letting kids and that guy get beaten up does not seem like a nice thing

Shelda worried: No, I'm just saying don’t break his Jaw I know you're going to have to fight him to save them but promise me you’ll hold back

Lance: Pff fine as long as it will make you shut up about it

With that Spike started to change a little bit as two Large spikes appeared from his shoulders and eight other smaller spikes running down his back with two Sharp wooden spikes appeared out of both his wrist he then had a smirked look as Both Buck and Serah looked shocked

Buck and Serah: what the heck?!

Buck added: Ok pretty sure people don't normally grow spikes

Dammy then looked at them with a curious look

Skull smirk: haha looks Kissat are clueless well we get back to you once Spike finishes off this freshman punk

Spots chuckled with a smirk however Dammy seemed to notice something that shocked him a little as Spike walked over Lance looked as doe he kept Looking at Spike board like and was not impressed

Spike had a smirk and said: ha I see you're so scared of me that you are speechless at the fact that I have super almighty powers, But not to worry once I stab you with my Spike I won't kill you no I shall leave you on the ground ya little punk for not messing with the Greatness of Spike [as he walked even closer to the board looking Lance as Spike looked as doe he was relishing this] see you're not speaking because you know it's only a matter of time before I show you how beyond my powers are so take a taste of the mighty Spike's …….

Suddenly out of nowhere

Lance punched Spike sending him flying while saying: SHUT UP ALREADY WELL YA!

Spike yelled as he was flying through the wall and broke through wall after wall: Waaaaaaa!!!

everyone there looked amazed and speechless after what just happened

Skull looked shocked: B…..Boss oh crud

Toad looked worried as well: no one's done that to Spike before “

Dammy looked serious and thought: I was right, I sensed it before inside of this Guy is powerful energy more powerful than Spike even in his transformed state, Spike probably thought whoever this was, was the one walking into a trap however it was the other way around and he didn’t even realize it

Cammy looked amazed that she had a peek from behind Dammy’s leg as Serah and Buck were speechless

Serah: Buck did you just see that?

Buck nodded: this guy punched Spike he went flying and went through the wall, got to emphasize with the Bully here because of my luck I know what that feels like

Lance was dusting his hands off: well that was something else

Shelda however freaked out a little: Lance I told you to Holdback

Lance looked at her and thought: Not going to believe me when I tell you I was hu

Shelda looked at Lance: wait you were then why……

Lance Thought: Super Strength, that's all

Spike: Gaaa you're going to pay for that you little runt

Lance quickly turned back as he saw that Spike was running towards him crossed

Lance then got into another fighting position: Ha well then bring it Spiky

Spike then looked crossed as he fired two spikes from his waist as he replaced it with two identical ones Lance however dodged that one this kept repeating

Spike was getting closer: Now I got you

as he then summoned spikes on his hands for a punch

Mai: No I got you

Everyone in the room looked confused until they saw someone else was holding Spike by his arm Lance looked confused as he realized it was a girl who looked a little older than him or Shelda as Spike, Spots, and Skrull freaked out about who it was

Shelda confused: wow who's that?

Lance looked so clueless he couldn't speak but looked over to Dammy who had a sigh of relief as the Kids did the same it was telling Lance that he knew Dammy knew who this was as he looked over

Spike freaking out: M…..M…..Mai uhhhhh

Mai had a small smirked: Now what have we here, you're not planning on breaking the rules again aren't you Spike

she tightened her grip

Spike: ow

Lance crossed his arms and thought: Mai?

Shelda realized something: wha…..wait a sec that's the woman who was sitting next to Desmond last night

Lance looked at Shelda and thought: You're serious?

Shelda: well I’m ninety nine percent sure I've got a Photographic Memory

Mai then had a small smirk: well Spike I’m waiting for my answer

Spike then tried to lie his way out of the grip: um no worries haha we were all just having fun that's it haha now if you let me go

however, instead of letting go, Mai tightened her grip even more: Well what do you say to that Desmond

Spike then freaked out even more as did Toad and Skull Lance looked shocked at this as the other group there looked at each other

Serah: Desmond

Cammy nodded cutely: yeah he's coming I can see it

Desmond: Ha Smart Kid

As everyone there turned to the corner and saw someone walk out of the shadows Spike and the other bullies looked worried as if someone was going to take their head off, Dammy and Cammy looked happy to see one of their old friends, while the two other kids were amazed as was Lance

Mai smiled as she held the grip: well nice to see you turn up Desmond

the man in the shadows was Desmond he had a small smile

Lance was shocked and almost speechless: so that……

Shelda finished for him: Is Desmond

they both couldn't feel why but they seem to sense how strong he was by looking at him

Desmond walked over putting his arms down: still pulling your old tricks Spike sad

as the bullies were shivering their legs

Desmond walked closer explaining: you had months to think about changing your ways yet you chose not to [He then crossed his arms while putting one hand up ] But I'll give you one last chance, and I mean it your last chance if me or Mai see you torture anyone else again. You won't like what I will bring to you [as his eyes went red for a few seconds] do I make myself clear?

The Bullies still scared nodded as Spike then turned back to normal form he and his sidekicks ran as fast as they can

Skull shouted: let's get out of here

as they all ran away With that Desmond and Mai turned around and faced the group while not paying attention to Lance yet as they looked over at Dammy and Cammy, as well as Good luck Sarah and Bad Luck Buck

Mai in a kind mother like tone: everything ok Dammy?

Dammy nodded: right thanks you two were fine now

Cammy interrupted: Yeah Thanks to the three of you were all fine now

Desmond curious: Three of us Hm? [Desmond turned around and saw Lance who was crossing his arms Desmond smiled and walked up to him] well well, Lance Roger so now's the time we meet face to face

Lance had a curious look: How do you know who I am?

Desmond looking at him with a smile: Ryu told me, besides I heard about you being a Savior of the Streets back in your hometown

Lance looked with a confused tone: Ryu told you?

Desmond nodded: That's correct, Ryu's my younger cousin

Lance shocked: cousin!

Shelda adding: wow, never saw that coming

Lance looked at her and thought: Makes two of us Bookworm

Shelda was getting annoyed: well you stop calling me that you meathead

Lance thought annoyed now as well: says the girl who just called me a Meathead

Shelda looked crossed: You're wrong I only call you meathead sometimes, but you keep calling me Bookworm all the tim……

Suddenly out of nowhere, Mai chuckled a little as Lance and Shelda looked at her with confusion Mai saw she was getting looked

Mai: sorry I just thought of a funny joke that's all [as Mai had a smile] anyways nice to meet you as well Lance

she put her hand out

Lance crossed his arms: Thanks but I’m not one for shaking hands

Mai looked took little offense: I can see that [ she then sighed] Guess it’s a freshmen thing

Lance then questioned something: But there is something I like to ask you two

as both Desmond and Mai looked at him

Lance, as he explained pointing to where the Bullies were: those three were shaking their legs when both of you showed up so by the looks of it I guess you two are powerful aren't you?

Dammy: ha guess you're a freshman after all [The three of them heard another voice as Dammy with the Kids walked up ] Desmond and Mai are the most powerful students here at Tengoku High “

Good Luck Serah and Bad Luck Buck surprisingly: SAY WHAT!

Lance looked like he was a little surprised: You don’t say?

he then turned to Desmond

Desmond: well not to toot our own horn or anything but yeah we are

Lance smirked: No wonder those Bullies ran for the hills, but at the same time does that mean you're both stronger than Terra?

Dammy: confused You know Terra?

Desmond understood: yes I know you're in Red Hondon aren't you, well don’t get us wrong Terra’s pretty powerful herself. Only she’s not as strong when she's not angered but even then she's not that close to us

Lance is curious: so in a number how strong are you compared to her?

Mai decided to answer as she rubbed her chin: Hm let's see [as she then put up five fingers and touched her first one] I would say when she's not angered, Terra’s power would be about ten, when angered it goes up to thirty while me and Desmond are on Fifty

Lance took a step back shocked: You're kidding, you're still twenty times stronger, even when Terra’s angry?

with that both, the seniors nodded

Lance crossed his arms and thought: Hm looks like I've still got a lot of work to do

Shelda: Smartest thing you've ever said

Lance: Can it Bookworm

Dammy: Hey your Lance right [ Lance quickly turned to his right and saw Dammy and the kids who all had a friendly smile to him as Dammy with a kind tone] I know you said you're not the guy who likes to accept this but I just want to say thank you for saving us

Lance looked away: No problem but let me get this straight I didn’t do it to save you, I did it because I needed to cheer myself up, and kicking those Serpents behinds did the job right [as he bashed his two fists together while saying] I’ll enjoy it more if it turns out that all of those Green Serpents are like this

Shelda looked like she had a crossed look crossing her arms at what Lance said however something else caught their attention

Cammy: You're wrong MR not everybody from Green Serpents is bad just those three

Lance and Shelda looked down as Cammy walked up for some reason Lance had an uncertain look

Shelda eyes went wide: ahh she so cute

Dammy looked down: Oh sorry to not introduce her, you see this is Cammy my ……

Lance put his hand up trying to hide his face: don’t have to tell me she's your sister right?

Cammy had a confused look: Sister, I’m not Dammys sister, Dammy my Uncle

Lance looked shocked: Uncle?

this news also shocked Shelda doe she noticed both Buck and Sarah didn’t freak out at this so they must have known

Dammy continued where he left off: That's correct, Cammy my Niece say hi Cammy

Cammy then had a really cute smile: Hi

Lance was speechless at this as Shelda couldn't help but look at the Cute face of Cammy until after a couple of minutes she turned to Lance and realized what was going on with him

Shelda: Lance?

The six others were also looking at Lance with a confused look

Desmond decided to ask: Is something the matter?

Lance then got out of his train of thought: N…..Nothing anyways is it true that not everybody in Green Serpent is a Jerk to everyone?

Mai nodded: Yep you could say that, pretty much all students besides them and the Outsiders get along with everybody

Lance looked interested: Outsiders, what are they a bunch of clowns?

Desmond explained crossing his arms: well they don’t act the same as the Bullies but they still cause trouble of their own the four members are Geamā Ceangail who's the kindest one but still goes along with them, a Lazy Guy Ipushiron Dìmǔ who goes along just to not get bored, a Troublemaker in her way Víta Kardiá and finally there leader Ōumǐjiā Hóng who's the most deadly the only one who is friends with them doe is Maria Hikings the daughter of the person who runs here

Shelda looked shocked: wait, Maria’s friends are troublemakers

Lance responded thinking: That's what she said Bookworm you got a problem with that?

Shelda looked down sad: sadly I do, Maria’s a Kind girl Lance she took me here remember, so I couldn't imagine her being friends with people like that

Bad Luck Buck: Great then I know who I got to avoid here

The group turned to look at a Happy Bad Luck Buck who Good Luck Serah was looking a bit embarrassed

Lance: What do you mean by that Kid who are you anyways?

Bad Luck Buck explained with a smile at first: My name is Bucky Davas [ as he then looked down ashamed] But people just call me Bad Luck Buck

Serah next to him: same with me My name is Sarah Davas and people call me Good Luck Sarah

Mai looked curious: Bad Luck Buck and Good Luck Serah, why are you called that?

Buck explained seriously with a bit of an annoyed tone: It's simple for some odd reason Serah gets all the good luck while I Get ……..[He suddenly tripped out of nowhere with everybody looking with an ouch like look] The Bad luck

Lance is curious about this: Hmm you're just like one of the Red Hondons Students yet she’s just clumsy but how does that work?

Good Luck Serah just shrugged her shoulders: Don’t know, one time a Cookie Jar broke on Buck's head, and then a Cookie fell out and landed in my hand so it's that kind of thing

Buck got back up: yeah it wasn't even fair I didn’t even get a crumb from it

Sarah looked at her brother: Hey I wanted to give you half of the cookie but you refused

Buck looked down: Knowing my luck, it would have broke I guess that’s how the cookie crumbles

he then sighed the others besides had a sympathetic laugh until they heard

Lucy: Hey Lace I think I see the other guys

The group heard a new voice as they turned around

Lance looked confused: anyone else hear that?

Shelda: They have ears two Lance I’m pretty sure they ca……..

suddenly they got caught off by a familiar girl who jumped right in front of Lance who said

Lucy: Haiya

as it was Lucy who was standing in front of them making Lance and Shelda uncomfortable as the others looked worried about it as

Lucy happy: My name's Lucy Kim what's yours, wait don’t tell me is it Johnson, No Nigel wait maybe …….

Lance looking crossed: Hey what's your deal Kid?

Lucy annoyed a little: Hay I'm not a kid I’m fourteen [as she then had a curious look] But by the looks of you I bet both of you are about sixteen right

both Lance and Shelda had a confused and shocked look

Shelda: wait both of us you can see me?

Lucy didn’t say anything but then winked to Shelda who looked confused as to how Lucy can see her until her and Lance saw that someone grabbed Lucy by the ear and pulled her away

Lucy: ow, ow, ow

as she turned her head and saw who it was, it was Lacey, Geno, and Leo

Lacey: Lucy what did you get me into this time

Lucy responded: Fun that's what Maybe you heard of it

Leo laughed at that: ah she's got a point

Geno however looked over to the left: No I think she does not

Mai looked at the four of them and said “ well well nice to see you again Lucy and Lacey Kim [She turns to Geno and Leo ] you must be Geno and Leo right

Geno looked confused at that: How in Barbas did you undercover our identities so fast?

Mai smiled a little: Call it a hunch, I've got a pretty good memory besides the Kim Sisters being third years helps

Lacey crossed her arms: anyways we were just here to find out where the rest of the Kassits went off to looks as we found them

Lucy then jumped in the air: yeah Tag you're hit

Lacey then looked crossed at Lucy: Lucy we are not playing tag

Lucy teasing a little: Your right, we're not playing Tag but I’m sure am

Lacey put her hand on her head: It's not easy being an older sibling

Lance looked at her: Tell me about it

Lacey looked at him curiously: HM I see, you're a Freshman right who are you?

Lance crossed his arms: Not that it's your business but it's Lance Roger

Lacey looked surprised a little: Lance Roger? you mean the guy who runs around beating up crooks on the streets I thought you were just a myth

Lance then pointed to the other Kassat students: well a myth can not beat up the Bullies who were hunting your pals there

Geno’s eyes went up: Hm?

Lacey had a smirk: Good point and it doesn't look as doe myth are not in flesh and blood well then nice to meet you, Lance Roger

Lance looked at Lacey with an awkward look as Shelda looked like she was still trying to figure out why Lucy could see her as the girl in question asked

Lucy confused: Hey hold it so it’s true that The Red Tomato saved everybody

Lance then turned red with Shelda couldn't help but chuckle a little as a Tomato


Lucy looked at Lance: G whose that sounds like a cool boy can I meet him

both Lance and Lacey the latter not wanting to find another version of Lucy

Lance and Lacey: NO!

Lucy looking down: ah come on I only wanted to meet someone new

Leo jumped out of nowhere: Hey you saved them then sweet put it their buddy [as he put his hand out expecting Lance to shake it as Leo asked again] Uh come on dude, don’t leave me hanging

However Geno then secretly elbowed Leo’s side

Leo: ow, what the heck did you ……

Geno then pulled Leo by the arm: well catch up with the rest of you later

as he took Leo away the rest of the group looked confused about this

Dammy: wonder what that was all about?

Desmond crossing his arms with a smile: I don’t know, but at the same time it is almost class time so we better get to class we don’t want to lose any points

Mai smiled: that sounds like a good idea, [she then put her hands on her hips] If I remember out of the were both going to different classes, so who from your house is going to be in the next class

Lance looked confused at what they mean by this: who, wait so we don’t need to go to the same class

Dammy answers with a smile: you're right, you see they make up a list of people to go to each class at certain times of the day and as long as two students go to each class who are on the list then everything would be fine[ as he then looked up] If I recall, two classes happen at the same time, I was taking both Buck and Serah with Cammy before Spike and the others showed up

Lacey while crossing her arms: funny how minds think alike, Me and Lucy were going to take Geno and Leo to the class they need to go to but they just walked off

Lucy looked crossed: How rude, it's just as rude as the rudest rude or Lace when she just wakes up on the wrong side of the bed

Lacey crossed her arms: You know, for once Lucy’s not making things up

Dammy was thinking as he was looking at Lance: You know I think I saw Lance on the list of people with your names on it you know you could take him to wherever you have to go, you are second years

Lance crossed his arms: what get real I don’t need no babysit…... Gah

Lance suddenly felt a pain in his stomach as he gripped it the others looked at him

Serah confused: wow what the heck are you ok?

Buck confused: You know this normally what happens to gah [ he then looked at his right foot and ]SORE FOOT

he fell over with Serah looked down with a sigh

Unknown to the others it was Shelda who punched herself in the stomach but because she was in her soul form it only hurt

Lance looked at Shelda and thought: You know for being a Paceifeck you're really hurting me a lot

Shelda put her hands on her hips: Not really I only did this twice but that doesn't matter [she then looking serious ] look we need to get to that class with the Kim sisters

Lance looked curious while crossing his arms on the ground: why I can find the classroom myself I don’t need a babysitter

Shelda shook her head: That's not the point Lance [she then had a serious sad look and looked at Lucy] Lucy can see me, we have to know why or if her sister could as well

Lance had to admit that was a good idea while thinking “Fairpoint alright then “ [as Lance got back up Lance then looked at Lacey] alright then I'll let you take me to the class but don’t think your baby setting me because you're not

Lacey had a smile: Fine, alright then Let's go [ as she then turned to Lucy] come on Lucy

Lucy then saluted: Yes mam !”

Lucy ran away

Lacey then looked down and sighed: ah, well you take things seriously [ Lacey then looked at Lance] well aren't we going?

Lance nodded coldly however he then felt like something was pulling his leg as he then looked down to see Cammy

Dammy looked shocked: Cammy what are you doing?

Cammy looked at her Uncle I Just want to say thanks to Lance Uncle Dammy before he goes after saving us [ Lance had an uncertain feeling as Cammy looked at him with a happy smile] Thank you for Helping us Mr haha

Lance again looked at the cute girl's face before looking away with Shelda in her spirit form looking at him with a confused look

Lance finally: No mention it Kid

this gives both Shelda and Cammy the earlier the most stunned at him, she never thought that Lance would say something so kind as Lance then walked away from the group Back with the group

Dammy had a smile: well that guy does seem to be hard but I guess it's just attitude thing he did save us

Mai with a smile and looked at the kids: well it think it's time for you to Take these kid to their Class Dammy, [as she then looked at the Kids ] don’t get into any trouble now

Buck, Serah, and Cammy nice voices: we won't

Dammy then nodded: right let's get going you don’t want to go into your first day late for class right

Buck and Sarah: Yeah let's go

however, while walking Serah Notes that Cammy was standing with her eyes wide open…..and orange

Serah stopped: hey Dammy, Cammy’s standing in place and her eyes are orange

Dammy, Desmond, and Mai all looked worried by this

Dammy: what oh no not again

Buck and Serah looked confused: again?

Cammy emotionless: He is drawing near, [ the group were looking worried by what Cammy just said as an Orange Aura appeared around her ]The Ice Avenger, is seeking to find the warrior with two Souls, the one who is said to free both the worlds to find them, to find them is his mission to kill is his goal that must not happen or else the worlds well fall to the dark

with that said the Aura was gone as Cammy fell over knocked out

Dammy worried “ Cammy “ as he held his niece in his arms

Buck confused: wow what the heck happened to her she's knocked out

However, Desmond and Mai on the other hand looked at each other with a worried look. You see they know what this meant as well as Dammy for they know many times last year that Cammy’s gift is to see the Future.

Meanwhile back with Geno and Leo, the latter was holding his right arm as Geno was crossing his arms

Leo looking at Geno: any reason why you were pulling my arm, Geno? [as there was a slight crack noise as Leo yelled a little while ] I swear you may have pulled it out of its socket with that

Geno looking serious: I needed to get away from the others in this group

Leo was curious while still holding his arm: alright let me change my question then Geno, why did we need to get away from the group?

Geno explained looking serious and cold at Leo who got an idea that whatever Geno was about to say was important

Geno: Leo didn’t you hear what Dammy said about that guy called Lance?

Leo nodding: Um pretty sure it's that he saved everyone from Spike or that's what I picked up, you know I don’t have a perfect photographic memory

Geno: well get this memorized, how can a freshman be powerful enough to take down a senior easily

Leo had to admit his Partner had a good point and said rubbing the back of his head: You got a point but aren't we, you know Freshmen two?

Geno: Yes but remember we are not from the earth they come from, it would appear that somehow this “Lance Roger “ may have more to him than what meets the eye [Geno had a small smirk under his scarf saying] It would appear that what our master have told us maybe true after all

Leo looked shocked: wait you mean that Legend that’s been passed down, it's happening now?

Geno with a serious tone with his eyes closed: we do not have any valuable data to state to that claim, however with the small data that we have I can guess that this Savior of the Streets could indeed be the one ……[ Geno then opened his eyes] Soul Warrior

Scene 3 [Lance,Shelda, Lucy,Lacey,Skylett,Angelrika,Raven,Bobby,Shanna,Glawny,Syllectis,Cookshi,Natura,Miss Mettilica]

Back with Lance and the Kim sisters were walking to the class as they did Shelda had an uncertain look

Shelda: UM

Lance looked at Shelda while thinking: what's your problem?

Shelda said nothing but pointed to Lances left as Lucy was looking close to him as this made

Lance looked at Lucy crossed: hay why are you looking at me that way Kid?

Lacey turned around to see this

Lucy pointed to the side of Lance's face: Don’t mind me asking but why do you Have a scratch on your face?

Lance looked confused: what are you talking about, I've got no sc…….

Lucy pulled out a small pink mirror revealing to Lance he indeed had a small scratch on the side of his face

Lance took the mirror and looked at it saying touching it: how did I get this?

Shelda looked as if she was about to say something when

Lacey interrupted: That depends, were you in one of those “Street Fights “ Before coming here?

Lance crossed his arms: No, the only people I fought was a weakling Gang leader, that Bully leader, a couple of Husks …..

Lucy looked surprised: wha… fought Huck’s ….so guess the cat's out of the hat

Lacey sighed: It's out of the Bag Lucy

Lucy with a crossed look: No I’m pretty sure they pull Cats out of the hats

Lacey annoyed: No that's Rabbits

Lucy smiled: I Know just kidding hehe

Lacey just looked down: well seeing as you know about the Huck’s you know about the weird stuff going on I bet?

Lance nodded with his arms crossed: Yeah and one of them I’m stuck with

Shelda looked annoyed at that knowing Lance was talking about her

Lance had a small smirk: yet I will admit the gifts as they're called do seem cool I guess. Give me more of a hype when I was fighting Terra in her rock form

Just then Lacey stopped as both Lance and Lucy with Shelda looking at them with curious in her eyes as to what was going on

Lance crossed: hey why did you stop moving?

Lacey crossed: You fought Terra !?

Lucy: Uh oh I know that look

Lance looked confused: what’s the matter?

Lucy scratching her head: Um let's just say Lace and Terra have a score to settle

Shelda looked confused putting her finger under her chin: a score, I wonder what it is?

Lucy: ah it's just to be more powerful Pinky

Both Lance and Shelda looked yet again as if they could not expect that

Shelda: You do know I’m here how?

Lucy smiled and giggled

Suddenly Lacey was right up in Lance's face

Lacey annoyed: where the heck is she then, tell me now?

Lance who looked uncertain: Hey calm down, I don’t know where she is now because she was with the other group when I left them

Lacey then bashed her hands together: That teaches her, she's hiding from me, she knows I’m way stronger than her I'll prove it when I find Terra and fight her she won't beat me again

Lance with Shelda were both speechless

Shelda shocked: Um what a way to Hold a Grudge

Lance just nodded when Shelda said that Lacey then shook her head with all three walking again

Lacey: anyways I’m off topic we're almost to the Educational Importance class

Lance asked crossing his arms yet again turning to the right: well then how far is it

Lucy: We're here !!

Lucy was pointing to the blue door that had a black sign on the top that said Educational Importance Class in yellow writing

Lance looked at the door: So this is it hu, can I question what kind of class this is?

Lucy: ah Maths, English, and Science rolled into one no big deal

Lance looked crossed: WHAT!

the Kim sisters looked at him

Lacey curious: what's the matter?

Lance looked crossed turning away: Grr nothing [as he then thought to himself] can’t let them know, If they figure out I’m not good at that kind of stuff

Suddenly Lance heard a chuckle as he saw that Shelda was chuckling at something

Lance thought to her: what are you laughing at Bookworm?

Shelda trying to stop but couldn't help it: I heard that

Lance freaked out while thinking: You did!

Shelda still laughing: guess being this Fighting Meathead cost you some smart points

Lance crossed his arms and thought: Grr we got to find a way to make more personal ones quiet beside's the Lost person and the scar

Shelda finally stopped laughing: You're right but you got to get to the class [however remembering what class it is made Shelda laugh friendly again ] Ha ha ha ha “

Lance looked crossed out loud: IT'S NOT THAT FUNNY

Lacey: Uh what is?

Lance heard Lacey’s voice as she was opening the door slightly with a confused look

Lance was trying to think of something realizing he said that out loud: Um it's…...wait it's what your sisters doing

Lacey confused: Lucy

Lucy: Hay Lace look what I can do

Lacey then saw that Lucy was hand standing while juggling four balls in Red, Blue, Green, and Yellow with her feet while playing a fiddle good as well

Lacey was shocked and confused: Lucy what …..where did you get all that stuff…..wait [ she realized something] That's my stuff you've been going through my bag again haven't you!

Lucy smiled taking the fiddle out of her mouth with one free hand still manages to stand: UH duh how else did you think I get that mirror from before

Lacey looked like she was crossed while putting her hand in a grip: If you weren't my sister you wouldn't be getting away with any of this, now stop whatever you're doing so we can finally take Lance into the class

Lucy then jumped up and landed on her feet board and crossed: Fine but this class better not get boring as MR Tomato is

Shelda seeing this to Lance: That Girls allot like Jester and G when you think about it

Lance looked curious and thought: strange thing is that you're right she is but that doesn't make sense [Shelda looked at him with a curious look] G and Jester are Ten years old, but Lucy’s fourteen. Why would she act like them at their age and also why the heck can she see you, so there might be more to her that she lets on [Lance then notest that Shelda had a confused look at him as Lance crossed his arms ] what’s that look for Bookworm?

Shelda looked with an unsure look with one eye open: how can you figure all that out and still not be good at Maths and English

Lance then seem to fell over in embarrassment as he then got back up he just crossed his arms Just forget about that, I'll just be going to this dumb class

as he opened the door to enter it

As he entered the classroom he was now in a big blue and white room, were just to his right there was a giant high tech board that had the colours of a normal chalkboard green on the inside and just on the outside was brown,to the left there seemed to be steps with three different platforms going right and left on each platform there was a Table with the logos and teams members on each of them two seats in fact Lance could see people sitting on those seats in the bottom Platform to the right seemed to be Brown Cavallo members Bobby and Shanna, right above them was desk with the Black Karasu were strangely one member was sitting, the guy in the black jacket that G was curious about earlier [Angelrika], right on the next level platform was Blue Kissat logo were Lacey and Lucy were taking their seats with Lucy looking board , right across from them to the left was the green serpent table were Glawny was doing some push up a little, while across from him the girl who Spike pranked earlier [Syllectis] was counting her pencils

Syllectus: One, two, three……

just below them was White Bar where Cookshi who seems upset about something looking down sighing while the Nature Girl [Natura] was seemly talking to the Plant she brought with her

Natura: NO way, it’s a sunny day and you can’t go outside how terrible, I promise you Mr. Leef well go outside once this class is over promise

Lance was looking at them with an I don’t care look thinking: Pff Bunch of weirdos

Shelda who heard that scratched her head a little: I would say more Unique haha [suddenly something caught Shelda’s eyes while smiling ] HU hay

Lance turned to her and thought: what?

Shelda then pointed: I think I know who from Red Hondon is our partner

Lance looked over he saw who it was Skylett who was already getting to work writing things down as Lance realizing he needs to sit down soon just so he does not create a scene sat on the next seat next to Skylett who looked up and said realizing who sat beside her

Skylett: Hu oh Lance glad to see you made it

Lance crossing his arms: Yeah well let's just say a little voice had told me what’s been going on so what the heck are you doing, the class hasn't even begun yet

Skylett in a calm voice: Nothing much, just the key to time travel

Lance looked shocked: Time Travel, you're kidding

Skylett shook her head: Nope, it's like I told the others from Red Hondon, the gift here must have given my IQ a Maximilian boast of knowledge and intellect or you could say it just made me smarter [as she then looked at Lance and questioned] speaking of have you gotten a gift yet?

Lance crossed his arms and legs: Yeah but it's nothing much

Shelda looked a little crossed at that saying: Nothing much hu?

Lance looked at her with a layback look and thought: what I thought we were supposed to keep these shared powers a secret

Shelda annoyed a little: we are, but nothing much, you could say that it was great powers, or yeah but I don’t want to talk about it but no Nothing much I mean how can you be so…..[suddenly Shelda notice something] hey nobody else is sitting beside the guy in dark caught at Black Karasu

Lance looked interested by what Shelda said as he turned to the table where the guy was sitting at the wall with his eyes closed

Lance: Those guys sitting by himself?

Skylett heard that and had a confused look: Wait where did Raven go?

Lance looked at Skylett: Raven?

Skylett nodded: she was the one who came in with that guy. I think his name was Angelrika but she seemed to desa…


Suddenly Lance, Skylett, and even Shelda freaked out as the girl who told the Girl from before about what tables are made of wood popped out from under their desk creepy like

Lance asked, looking shocked “ where did you come from?

Raven with a creepy yet seemed controlled tone: Hehe from under the Table, just wanted to give you a fright he he [ as she then went up the stairs back to her table] I'll go now hehe “

she did just that the guy Angelrika seemed to not notice Raven went back to her seat nor not even caring

Shelda: She seems a bit odd

Lance thinking back to her: No kidding

Syllectis: Ah No way this is unacceptable

Everyone in the room heard a loud yell as they looked up at the Green Serpent as they saw the girl sitting there next

Glawny who was holding his ears: did ya need to speak that load Sylektis, that hurt my ears

Syllektis still crossed: no, this is truly unacceptable there are sixty three pencils I brought with me and I brought sixty four meaning I had dropped one

Lance who was getting crossed with this: yeah so what it's just a stupid Pencil

Syllectis at the top of her lungs: IT'S NOT EVEN THAT'S THE PROBLEM

everybody else held their ears

Skylett worried: um no need to sound rude but do you have OCD?

Sylektis looked as if she calmed down a lot: wow that's smart, yes I do have OCD

Lance confused: OCD what's that?

Shelda: Obsessive compulsive disorder it's what happens when someone can’t help but be obsessed with something that they can’t change

Lance: Funny I don’t remember asking you Bookworm

Shelda pointing out: Atchley you asked everybody, I Just so happens to be the one to answer it And stop calling me Bookworm

Glawny had a smile: alright I forgot comrade, you and Skylett are the freshmen of this year right

Lance had one eye open at him: Yeah so

Glawny: Then how about this for a good idea. Hows about we each introduced ourselves in case ya haven't heard our names before

Lance tried to put his hand up: no that won't be ……….

Glawny: Great ya may promise me as Glawny Muskul second year student and soon to be the greatest wrestler in all of Russia and the world

Syllectis::Sorry for earlier my name is Syllectis, I’m a third year collector so that's why I've got an OCD Problem

Cookshi :[Sigh] My names Cookshi, I'm a cook and a second year

Raven: HeHe, Raven’s my name and a third year is my age hehe

Bobby: Hey yo what’s up The Names the MMA champ in the making or Bobby

Shanna: And I’m the Sister of this overconfident Fighter Shanna by the way were both second years

Bobby looked back at his sister: Hey not cool Shanna it's not cockiness if yo can back it up as I would say

Shanna: whatever

Natura then while hugging her plant: my names Natura and this is my friend MR Leaf, be worried he's quite shy

Lance with one eye closed halfway: You know you're talking about a Plant right?

Skylett then put her glasses down and then up: I think a more pronounced way of calling that is a small tree

Lance confused by the way Skylett pronounced that: The what now?

Natura nodded: I am, I know that's he's a Plant, but his full name is Leaf PM Green

Lance and even Shelda found this weird a little however they were cut off by another sigh from Cookshi again as she was leaning on her hands Lance and Shelda looked at her with a curious look as did Skylett

Skylett: Hey Cookshi are you alright why the long face?

Cookshi with a board like a manner: Nothing really that special, just that I wanted to go to Cooking for my first class [she sighed] all well guess you can’t get what kind of flavor of the day you want

Lance looked away crossed until he heard a voice

Bobby: Hey yo Mr cross

Lance turned around and saw Bobby

Bobby: we've all said our names to you and yet you say diddly Scout so mind introducing yourself or else…..[ he then punched both his fist together] I'll make ya

Lance looked at Bobby and had a smirk: Ha I like the way your thinking but it looks like you'll have to make me big guy

Bobby also had a smirk as the two looked at each other

Glawny: hay can I get in on this brawl?

as both Lance and Bobby looked at him as the latter smirked

Bobby: want to settle a score hu Glawny well then I'll let join in the fun if that's alright with this guy

Lance smirked: Not at all the more the merrier

Shanna, Sylektis, and even Shelda in her ghost form said at the same time in unison: ARE YOU SERIOUS ?!

as the others also looked uncertain with Shelda even adding putting her hand on her head

Shelda: what's with everybody here wanting to fight?

as all three were going to get into a fight

Raven in a creepy way: oh this is going to be good, [as she looked over at Angelrika asking ] wouldn't you agree?

Angelrika however slightly opened his right eye to see what was going on

Lucy: Hey

Everybody else heard a voice as they looked at Blue Kissit were Lucy who said that was putting her arms over the desk saying

Lucy: If you want to know who the tomato is, his names Lance Roger

Everybody else who did not know that freaked out: LANCE ROGER!

Lacey looked at her sister: Lucy that was none of your business

Lucy then coffers her mouth: oops sorry it slipped out

Bobby is absolutely shocked: You're kidding, your Lance Freaking Roger?

Lance nodded crossing his arms: yeah what's it to you?

Bobby with a smile: I heard you kicked thugs on the streets, good job man

Glawny: Yeah I'm sure wherever you came from is a savior to the streets, great job comrade

Shelda in her soul with a curious look: Looks like you made a couple of Fans here

Lance just looked away while coldly: I don’t need fans

Glawny: sad so I think we may sadly need to cancel our fight

Lance heard Glawny say as he then turned to Bobby

Bobby: yeah sorry but if the myths are about you are so Legendary I think me and Glawny need more training to fight you no offends

Lance however just looked away crossed

Shelda while touching her head: well that's a relief

Lance just looked at her with a crossed annoyed Growl

Lucy looked confused: Hold up, so there's no fight then?

Lacey nodded: I guess it's for the best, knowing how Miss Mettilica can be sometimes if she saw those three fight, she would have taken points off of everybody so you pretty much did us a good deed.

Raven just above them board: ah I was so looking forward to this fight he he [However she then got her eyes on Angelrika who had his eyes slightly open Raven had a curious look] Hey what's that look for Chicken Wing?

Angelrika: Nothing

Angelrika said finally saying a word as this surprised Raven

Raven took a step back saying: wow talk about character building you finally talked hehe

Angelrika however kept his eye on Lance thinking to himself: Lance Roger…… the Legends are true then

with that, the door opened as all twelfth students saw it was Miss Mettilica who replied with a concerning look

Miss Mettilica: Sorry I’m late, there was just something I need to take care of [ as she came in with her suitcase and put it on her desk as she sat there she said with a smile] Hi as Rehcaet mentioned last night I am your educational involvement teacher Miss Mettilica, and today we are going to do a Maths test, a sixty four question math test for half and hour. [as she then opened her suitcase showing different pieces of paper as she started to hand them over she said with a kind tone] You can start the Math Test at any time, how good you rank well also determine the amount points your team well get, the biggest score is sixty four, you can not look at other students pieces of paper if you do such I will take the totals away from you ] as she finished] Now if you fail to score right before the hour is up you get no points, of course, you don’t need to rush, I mean who can be able to complete…….”

Skylett yelled: DONE !!!

Skylett yelled which surprised everybody in the room but Lance and Shelda who knew about the gift

Shanna surprised: wow that was fast

As Skylett handed in her papers to a shock Miss Mettilica

Skylett: Can you check them

as Miss Mettilica took the papers she looked amazed and had a smile

Miss Mettilica: I'm very impressed Skylett all the questions are answered correctly [she said continued with another smile] I think we may have a star pupil here

Skylett had a smile: Thanks

Miss Mettilica: anyways that's sixty four points for Red Hundron, now it's time for you other teams to beat it or for you Lance to add to it while Skylett can be excused after winning the points

Everyone in the room then picked up their pencils as they were ready with each of them thinking of things

Glawny scratching his head: how in the white bear of Russia did Skylett do that so fast never mind I'll have to do my best for Green Serpent and get some points while scratching his head with the back of the pencil

Syllektis: Let's see nighty divided by two would make forty three [looked as if she was trying to calculate in her head before coming to her number and then thought while holding her head] Ah it's not even!

Natura: What's that MR Leef [as she held her plant near her ear as she] Eight times by four is thirty two alright you've never been wrong before ]as she wrote the number down on her paper]

Cookshi: Let's see, sums are like whinging food so seventy two and sixty nine would be one hundred and four [while writing it down on her paper ]

Raven thinking creepily: Hehe, fifty seven take away ten easy it's forty seven like the number of people I scared the cake out of this week alone [ writing it down on the paper]

Angelrika thought nothing important but did write some of the answers down on his maths sheet

Bobby shouted: DANG IT. I CAN’T PICK UP A DARN THING WITH THESE GLOVES [ trying to pick up his Pencil ]

Shanna got annoyed: Look ill help you write it out once I'm done with mine so quit yelling

Lucy thinking: Haha that's funny better than stinky Maths [Lucy thought to herself as she looked at her sheet and thought scratching her head] this is so hard, how should I know what seven times they meet

Lacey kept quiet while writing even doe Lucy was freaking out about her test

Lacey sighed thinking while her eye twitching: darn it, don’t listen to her screams Lacey better if she did it herself

Lance: Hey Bookworm mind helping me out

Shelda who freaked out annoyed Lance would ask her something like that: what but that would be cheating!

Lance looked at her and thought: so Skylett used her gift, and that Nature Girl is using her darn Plant now isn't that cheating

Shelda putting one finger up: First off, I’m not a gift or a Plant Lance, second I rather die than cheat on a maths test or any test for that matter

Lance just shrugged his shoulders and thought: alright but it’s going to be your fault if we don’t get any points

Shelda looked crossed at him: No, it would be your fault I wouldn't ………[suddenly something else caught her eye as she saw over at where Angelrika was he seemed to of finished but was looking at the window with a serious look on his face with that looking at why he was like that ]Strange why does he look like that?

Unknown to everybody else in the room Angelrika was sensing something, he picked it up just when he finished the test …...something was coming, something powerful, unlike any power he had sensed before in the mortal plane.

Scene 4 [Gaurd 1, Gaurd 2, Zhon Gear]

Meanwhile back outside of the school at the gate to enter Tengoku High stood two police guards in dark blue uniform both looked in their twenties, the only difference between them is the color of their hair as one was black while the other was brown who was standing by the wall of the gate the one who was the entry to the entire park of Tengoku as the one with

Guard 1 with a glad voice: doesn't seem like there’s any problems today

Guard 2 had a small smile: That's good to know, to be honest, I’m glad that there aren't any freaks that came here today

however, as he said that they both heard footsteps as they both turned to see someone walking slowly toward them

Guard 2 looking annoyed: me and my mouth

as the man walked closer it was Zhon Gear who was walking towards them as the Guards held their hand’s out trying to tell the Ice Avenger not to come

Guard 1:Now back up Old man there’s nothing for you to see at this school unless you are a student or a Teacher

However, Zhon Gear continued to walk towards them

Guard 2: didn’t you hear what my partner said back up before somebody gets hurt

however, Zhon Gear just continued to walk forward that he was now in the middle of the two Guards the

Guard 2 one again: Sir this is your final warning back off now or else we will be forced to use lethal force

Zhon however looked unfazed by that as he turned to face the Police guard as The Police Guard didn’t know what to think of this as he saw Zhon’s cold piercing non pupil eye then at the next second he then grabbed the Police Guard by the mouth

Zhon Gear: Does it look like I care?

Guard One then pulled out a gun: Hey let him go, I’m warning you

Zhon turned to the other guy: My apologies but I can not do such a thing

Guard One looked scared

Zhon: I've come a very long way to be here to complete my mission, My mission can only be completed while at this school and it seems you two are in the one of said mission so now I must make sure you don’t intervene

Guard 1 looked scared out of his mind as Zhon then with the hand he had the Guard 2 spread out the same white air that had the bear was around the other Policeman as he screamed as he was getting turned to ice

Guard 2 “ ah, ah…..ah...ah”

Guard 1 looked in horror as his partner was turned into Ice in front of his ferry eyes Zhon looked emotionless at the now Frozen solid

Guard 1: What did you do to him!?

As he turned around to see Guard, Zhon looked at the hard emotionless as the Brown Police guard held his gun up but was shaking in fear

Zhon: Forgive me, that was indeed rude, however, I will stop at nothing to complete my mission, a mission for justice as you would with that uniform you wear

Guard 1 stepped back as he saw

Zhon stepped forward: and those unfortunate souls who wish to stand against me in this mission shall feel the Vengeance of the Ice

Guard 1 worried: Your nuts

as he then fired bullets from his pistol however he then looked in horror as the bullets before even colliding with Zhon froze and fell to the Guard 1 shock

Zhon looked at the Guard with a slightly crossed look: That was a mistake [as he moved even closer] what good are bullets against the cold As Zhon put his right hand out it sprouted the cold air onto the Guard

Guard yelled: Ah!

With the now frozen Guard fell to the grass he looked down on the frozen Guards Zhon then continued to walk

Zhon: won't be long now, now the Soul Warrior well pay for their injustice

Scene 5 [Lance,Shelda,Lucy,Bobby,Metttilica,Maria,Missy,Zexion,Matt,Mandy, Rod,Becks]

Back in the Classroom, There was a change, most of the students in the class had finished the test so they got to leave early only Lance who was doing a few questions that were left do he didn’t know how good or bad he was doing because the Bookworm was keeping her word of not answering for him as the two looked at each other with crossed Unfortunately for Bobby his sister was not allowed to help him so he still could not pick up the Pencil even as much as he tried he thought to himself

Bobby: Damn my Darn MMA Gloves damn it, damn it, damn it

The last student was Lucy who was indeed struggling yet at the same time she was getting there as she scratched her head before happily putting her hand up and feeling it

Lucy: Maths is quite easy when I put my mind to it gee who knew

Miss Mettilica looking at the clock: alright this is your five minute warning, if you don’t pass this test in the next five minutes, your points are all unaccounted for

Lance thought: Hear that, I’m on the last ten questions and I don’t know how much I got right still not thinking about helping me out Bookworm

Shelda who turned her back to Lance: I told you before Lance, no way I’m cheating even if it means getting the points so focus on the test

Lance: Pff fine but pretty sure I won't get a single score right

he went back to writing however something Shelda notice freaked her out

Shelda: wait on second thought I will help you with the test

Lance turned around confused and thought: why the change of heart? [ he then smirked] Oh I get it [while Lance was thinking all of this Shelda was freaking out about something while Lance finished what}The Bookworm does have a cheating side to her, Hu I knew since your a drop out there had to be something wrong with you [Shelda was now getting crossed while Freaking out at how Lance could not see it ] I see even you have your bad apples sometimes ha I find it funny that you keep pretending to be nice when you are really a B…..


Lance looked confused: Glowing Pink? [ as Lance looked at his hand as it was slightly glowing more Pink this told them both that Lance’s time in control was coming to an end and it was Shelda’s time to take control as Lance thought trying to be a tough guy but was showing a worried look on the inside] Oh that's what you meant, darn it why did it have to be now

Shelda agreed with Lance: as much as I did want my body back I wouldn't have wanted it here but ……[as she looked at the three around them did not pay attention in the slightest as Lance understood] I see it must be only us and our siblings that see the change before it happens [Shelda trying to rush Lance] Then hurry up, I'll give you the answer as soon as you show me it

Lance quickly did just that he showed Shelda the page so that Lance could hear the answers and write it down as they did so fastly while Lance was glowing more and more Pink to Shelda

Lance: Done

Lance ran over to Mettilica and handed her the Peace of paper as Mettilica took it she looked at it with a curious look

Mettilica: Hm this isn't that bad [as she turned around to congratulate Lance saying] “Congrat…...Hu ? '' as she noticed that Lance had left

Lucy joked: It looks like Lance Roger has left the building or the room in this case

In a long red corridor outside of the class which was empty Lance who was nearly covered in Pink was running fastly as he asked speaking this time

Lance: alright any reason why I’m running

Shelda with a serious tone: You have to find someplace where somebody won't see you and me change places

Lance looked around and pointed out: there’s no one else here

Shelda pointing out crossing her arms: That may look like it but that's just for the now who knows if someone might enter

Lance then while almost being covered in Pink: I doubt that would happ…..

Shelda: Lance Look out for that Ball!

Lance looked confused by what Shelda just said

Lance: Ball?

with that Lance then tripped over something and began to fall down however while Falling Lance body was completely covered in a Bright Pink light after the light faded it was now Shelda who was falling as she landed on her backside as she rubbed the back of her bottom while still on the ground

Shelda to Lance: Great that I’m back in control and all but you should've watched where you were going

Lance in his green soul form looked at her with a sarcastic look doing the same motion: Oh I’m sorry Bookworm, after all, you were the ONE who told me to run in the first place besides I still felt the pain

Shelda crossed her arms: well excuse me, but I for one want to keep this a secret [however she then looked at the red ball that Lance tripped over]weird where did this ball come from?

Lance crossing his arms: Hey don’t look at me Bookworm, the ball was there when I showed …….

Matt: Hey my Ball

As Both Shelda and Lance saw both Matt and Mandy run over however they were not alone as with them were five fellow students as just behind them was Zexion who had a confused what was going on look, Rod who was was looking surprised at this, Becks who then had a nervous look, the woman with the amber eyes who had an interesting look and finally Maria

Maria: Shelda?

Shelda: Maria?

Shelda confused looked up at her

Maria felt the same with a small chuckling: Shelda why are you on the ground?

Shelda rubbed the back of her head with a small chuckle: Um sorry I tripped on that Ball

Matt and Mandy looked guilty of that as witch give Shelda the idea as she looked at them

Shelda: I take it that ball belongs to you two?

Matt and Mandy nodding

Matt in a kind tone: sorry I and my sister Mandy were playing Kickball and then I kicked it too high and it landed over...

Mandy worried look: don’t feel bad Matt, it was as much my fault I should've blocked it

Shelda looked at them: don’t worry about it

as both Matt and Mandy looked at Shelda with a curious look

Shelda: I've got a younger brother and sisters about your ages so I've been through worse so you don’t have to worry about me

Matt and Mandy had a friendly smile

Maria then walked over and extended her hand out: at least you're ok, need a hand?

Shelda looked curious and then took it while she was pulled up with both a glad look: thanks but what are you doing here

Maria had a smile while pointing to Zexion who had a smile and the woman who the amber eyes who had a small smile

Maria introduced them: sorry me and third year students Zexion Matelda and Missy Valentine were introducing the four new students to Tengoku high

Zexion and Missy both put their hand up in a kind manner with

Zexion with a smile: Hi

Missy however put one finger up with a smile of her own: what's up

Shelda had a smile too: Hey it’s nice to meet you

Lance: Wow this is getting cheesy

Shelda looked down in anger as she heard Lance say that, however, she quickly noticed something

Shelda:wait Zexion Matelda ?

Zexion nodded looking curious: Yep that's my name?

Shelda with a smile: as in Strelitzia Matelda the famous singer I loved her music so any relations to her?

Zexion rubbed the back of her head: Yep she was my mother

Shelda then remembered and had a sad look of her own

Lance: Was?

Shelda heard Lance say again Shelda looked sad revealing to Lance

SheldaLYeah was, Strelitzia died three years ago [ Lance looked surprised by this news Shelda turned back to Zexion] I’m sorry I didn’t mean to bring her up if it still upsets you?

Zexion had a smile revealing: It's ok, my mum might be gone but at the same time, what she left we'll never be replaced, that's why I'm here now in the Ten Goku High like everyone [she was looking up to the sky ] Not sure if I should sing myself

Shelda confused looking at her: why not if your mum was good at singing then why wouldn't you at least try?

Zexion had a small smile: It's complicated

While this was going on Becks had a sad look with how much the word “Mother “ was getting thrown out the guy looking at her with a sad look

Shelda: Hey? [They both then noticed Shelda was looking straight at them as she asked in a kind way] you wouldn't mind me asking this but, what are your names?

the two of them looked shocked for some odd reason however Rod sucked it up and said extending his hand out

Rod: Right sorry, my name's Rodney but call me Rod

he looked over to Becks who still had a nervous look

Rod: and the Scaredy cat next to me is my sister Rebecca but she likes to be called Becks

Becks then got annoyed: Scaredy Cat come on Rod, I’m just nervous that's all

Shelda looked curious and interested: Why are you Nervous Becks?

Becks turned to see Shelda

Shelda who had a kind smile: There’s no reason to be nervous around me or anyone else if you open up to them

Rebecca looked at Shelda with a nervous look but she then was looking down with a tear in her right eye, both Shelda and Lance looked at this with confusion in their eyes as to why she was crying however that was then got cut off

Becks: I’m sorry but I can’t do this

Becks ran away with tears in her eyes

Rod tried to call for her: Becks!

Rod had an upset look himself as he turned around: I’m sorry about this [as he ran after his sister]

Lance seeing this confused: UH what did you do?

Shelda thought back confused as he was: I don’t think, I did anything?

Lance crossed his arms: Well whatever you do it made the cry baby ran away alone I mean who does that with these Hucks going around what idiot does that

Shelda: Cough Cough Hypocrite Cough, Cough

Lance: What did you say Bookworm!

Shelda teasing with her arms behind her back: oh nothing

Maria confused with one hand under her chin: what was all that about?

Zexion looked confused just as much: I don’t know, but Rebecca does seem like a shy girl. Guess it doesn't help that her brothers in another house than her

Shelda looked surprised by this news: what, so she's been separated from her brother?

Zexion nodded: sadly yeah, Rodney’s in Black Karasu while Rebecca's in my house Green Serpent with Matt and Mandy

Shelda remembered: Green Serpent, isn't that the same house as this jerks Spike, Spots, and Skull?

Zexion looked surprised as Missy answers for her

Missy: so you meet those three bullies?

Shelda rubbed the back of her head: am sort of it's a long story

Matt: Gr those three are nothing more than Bullies who just like to pick on the weak

everyone looked at him

Mandy: Matt?

Matt crossed: they never shown respect for everybody from ever there own house or the others, we want to play fare but they want us to cheat and they punish us for it, [looked crossed as his hand got into a fist as he explained] they keep stealing my video games, broke Mandy’s hairband, Reck Syllektis collection to an uneven number, burned Glawny's wrestling pants, hay they even smashed up every single one of Zexion’s mother's albums

Shelda looked horrified at this they did

Zexion looked upset as she nodded sadly

Matt continued: and finally, they keep mocking Rebecca for being separated from her brother constantly

Shelda gasped as she heard that: That’s, that's heartless

as she looked down with a sad yet seemingly crossed look which Lance took note of that with a curious look

Matt: I don’t get why we don’t just do the same things to them that they did to us

Zexion: That's because if we do, we all be as bad as they are and the Outsiders [Maria had a nervous look as Zexion remembered that Maria was friends with the Outsiders] I mean not to say they are as bad as The Bully Club I know there your friends as well Maria but they have done some bad things here

Maria sighed: Yeah I know, but they're still my friends

Shelda confused and curious: Maria, can I ask, if they are bad then why are they your friends?

Maria rubbing the back of her head: it's complicated there not as bad as everyone says

Missy crossed her arms: Really, funny how people say that their leader Ōumǐjiā Keeps beating people up for no reason is somebody making it up?

Maria looked embarrassed and sighed: alright most of the things but they're nice people when you really get to know them

Missy shook her head: No there not

Maria looked back at her: yes they are

Missy: No there not

Maria: Yes they are

they kept arguing over this Zexion looked embarrassed Shelda had her eyes opened up with how they kept going back and forth

Shelda asked the kids: do they always do that?

Mandy smiled: well, sort of it only seems like that when it comes to the Outsiders

Shelda crossed her arms with a confused look asking herself: Strange, why does Maria defend these guys if everybody else makes it seem like they are bad people

Lance: I don’t know however that Oumijia guy sounds like a guy I want to fight when I take back control

Shelda: really uh…..remember how you acted like this when it came to Terra and she beat you before do you want that to happen again, Lance

Lance: Look I don’t care Bookworm, when I’m in control I’m taking this guy on

Shelda: well by that logic Meathead, when I’m in control you won't get the chance to, I like to keep our body in one piece thank you

Zexion: Hey Maria, Missy Stop it!

Both Shelda and Lance heard Zexion’s voice as she pulled the two girls off each other

Zexion: Maybe you should let, Shelda make up her mind about them herself

as both Maria and Missy looked at each other as if they told each other that Zexion has a point as

Missy: Not a bad idea [ as she looked at Shelda ]so what do you think of them Girl?

Shelda scratched her head in confusion: I'M not sure, I guess if I meet them then I would have an idea of what they're like

Maria is curious: so you want to meet them?

Shelda nodded: well yeah, maybe I get to see the side of them that you see. Or there could be jerks like what Missy says so I want to see for myself if you take me to them Maria

Maria who stood there with an unsure look: I like to but, I’m kind of doing a tour with the others here for the freshmen

Missy however had a smile while saying: ah don’t worry about that Maria we got it

Maria looked at both Missy

Zexion who both had a smile: we'll take good care of Matt and Mandy so no fusses, just go and meet up with your other friends

Maria had a smile: ah thanks guys,

Matt and Mandy both had a smiles

Matt: hey hope you enjoy the other students Shelda

Shelda with a kind look: why thank you [with the two twins smiled Shelda thought] ah they're so cute

Lance: what is it with you and getting all mushy when it comes to kids?

Shelda: come on, even someone like you would get mushy when it comes to cuteness, I mean look back at Cammy

Lance: That was for a different reason Bookworm and no I don’t get mushy around kids

Shelda just looked annoyed at Lance however something caught her attention

Missy: Hey Girly catch

Shelda heard Missy’s voice as she throws a golden bracelet with some kind of square red gem in the middle as Shelda caught it she looked at it

Shelda curiously asked: A Bracelet?

Missy who had a smile: call it a gift, and something tells me that you're going to be needing that

she said as both her, Zexion, and the Twins then walked away Shelda was left curious about what Missy meant by “You're going to be needing that “

Shelda: looked at the bracelet again: Strange why did she give me this Bracelet?

Maria shrugged her shoulders: Who knows, we may be friends but Missy is a complicated one yet it's a nice Bracelet

Shelda looked at it with a curious look not knowing what to think about this she then decided to just put it on her right arm and it fits her

Shelda: It fits hm

Maria had a smile: it does, but I think you better leave that, we better go meet up with the Outsiders

Shelda smiled: sure so where are they, Maria?

Maria explained pointing over the back entrance as Shelda looked at it with curiosity: a popular place is the back area

Shelda curious Back Area?

Maria: It's sort of a combined Playground, Garden and Pitch it's a fairly popular location I bet the Outsiders are over there

Shelda smiled lead the way then

Maria nodded: sure

they started to walk

Lance, who was still in his ghost form looked confused: Strange why would a stranger like Missy, give the Bookworm a Bracelet?

Scene 6 [Shelda,Lance,Maria,Geema,Vita,Oumijia,Ipushion,Danny,Neal,Tyler,Fiora]

A Little Later both Shelda with Lance in his soul form and Maria were walking down a hill which spread into three paths the center path lead to a huge pitch, the right path leads to a playground area with some swing sets, merry go rounds ex, while the path to the left lead to a white greenhouse looking at it they saw some familiar faces yet at the same time they saw people who they never meet before

Lance admitted to Shelda: alright, this place is big

Shelda thought to Lance: well you do remember what G said about the Hikings liking big things [as she put one finger under her chin in confusion] But I just wonder how they can afford all this stuff or how they got their money

Lance: well you're the one with the Mouth Bookworm why don’t you asked her

Shelda looked annoyed as she thought crossly: would it kill you to say my name once [she then calmed down] yet that does seem like a good idea [with that Shelda asked Maria] hey Maria, mind if I asked you something?

Maria nodded: Sure what is it Shelda?

Shelda was curious as she and Maria went to the right path: How did your family become so wealthy to make this School so huge?

Maria looking down: well it's…'s a sad story, you see my father was given founding trying to do a Test, however, it failed and well it blew right up in his face so to speak

Shelda still Interested in what the Test was: what was the Test about?

Maria with a small smile with a small chuckle: sorry Shelda that part I have no clue, hehe

Maria chuckled a little as Shelda: uh why are you laughing?

Shelda with a smile: sorry, it's just I remember the times when I was so young I always asked my dad what the Test was over and over again But he never told me [ she then looked sad as she remembered ] even when after the test, it took my mother's life

Shelda looked down and apologized: I’m sorry, I didn’t know about it I wouldn't have ….

Maria had a smile: No need, like my dad when he considers everyone to be his children, I consider each orphan to be my siblings, like you guys from Red Houndon [ as she then rubbed the back of her head in embarrassment] however between you and me I do think Lance may have a problem with his anger

Lance then shouted: WHAT YOU TAKE THAT BACK!

Shelda sighed to Maria while looking crossed at Lance: I know, and he shouts even doe the other person can’t HEAR HIM

Lance crossed his arms in anger trying not to prove Shelda’s point

Maria understood: oh right I forgot I heard you have to stay in the same room as him with G, your brother and sister how’s that going?

Shelda annoyed: Oh lovely I never felt closer

Lance looked at her with a cross as they got in each other's face which was confusing to Maria as by what she was looking at Shelda was just looking to her right uncertain by it

Maria: OK [she then turned around and saw ]wait there they are …..

as Shelda and Lance stopped looking at each other

Maria ran up: Hey guys!

Shelda ran after Maria as they got to the Playground, Geamā who was standing looking at them with a smile

Geama: hey guys look it's Maria

the others were on different things VIta was on a swing looking to the right where they were coming from while Ipushiron was leaning on the tree looking interested, while finally, Ōumǐjiā was on a merry go round he had his knee up tossing a stick up and down while catching it all four were looking at Shelda and Maria who was running over as

Geama looked at her friend: Hi Maria, Done showing the new freshmen around

Maria: well not exactly, Two of the Freshmen ran off, so both Missy and Zexion took over when I wanted to show one of my new friends Shelda you guys

Shelda rubbed the top of her head

Geama looked at Shelda: so I take it your Shelda then?

Shelda nodded: Yep my names Shelda

Geama had a smile: That's a lovely name nice to meet you

Shelda looked a little bit confused at how kind Geama was treating her didn’t the others say that the Outsiders were bullies like Spike, Spots, and Skull none alas

Shelda decided to say back: Thanks nice to meet you two Geama so I guess you're a fourth year like Maria?

Geama smiled: Yeah we are, but I don’t mind it…….

Vita: Hey!

The three girls looked over and saw Vita and Oumijia as they saw that Vita said in an annoyed tone

Vita: what the heck are you two doing talking to this tramp Geama, Maria

Shelda looked at them with a crossed look: Tramp, Hey

Maria just put her arm on Shelda’s shoulder giving her a look that said "Don’t worry I'll handle it “ however it was Geama who spoke first and

Geama: I was just wanting to say hello to Shelda guys

Vita had a chuckle: haha say hello, Geama haven't you forgotten your talking to a Red Hondon member where White Bars

Maria: So what's the problem with that Vita?

Oumijia quiet and calm: The Problem is that we're in two opposing houses in both the house and Magic Lamp rankings [the others besides Vita looked at him] If we all want to win the ultimate prize, we have to win and that does not mean we should make friends of our enemies because we would slip some fatal information

Shelda looked at him crossed: you're wrong sure we're all in a competition but that's only the fun part everybody else can be friends in the other houses

Oumijia crossed his arms: So you say, unfortunately, I don’t see that, you are freshmen so we don’t know you that well

Shelda looked determined about something: Just because you don’t know much about somebody doesn't mean they're all bad people, if you give them a chance to open up to you, you'll know they do care

Unknown to Shelda Lance was listening to this and had a curious look as he saw how determined Shelda was to prove her point.

Oumijia had a small smirk: you've got guts girl I'll give you that

Shelda still had a small crossed look at Oumijia

Vita chuckled: Uh oh Oumijia I think you upset the big baby [as she then looked at Shelda with a sick grin ] are you going to cry well boohoo “

Geama then got in the middle: That's enough 'she then looked down saying] If it means you'll stop mocking her then fine I won't talk to her anymore

Shelda looked at her Geama?

Vita laughed a little: ha good girl but now what about you Maria are you going with us or against us

Maria shook her head annoyed about this herself: No Vita, Shelda’s right you can have friends in other teams, and I'll do it, weaver, you or your boyfriend like it or not

Both Oumijia and Vita had crossed

Vita: Fine be friends with the girl with the stupid hat

Shelda looked crossed again and thought: How dare she!

Lance: Wow you're getting this worked over a hat

Shelda crossed: I’m not joking right now Lance so shut up

Lance looked at Shelda’s eyes this was the angriest that he had seen Shelda ever it even scared Lance a little and he's supposed to be the tough guy of the Soul Warrior however before Shelda could say anything else

Fiora: Gaspt STUPID HAT !!

The group heard a new voice from behind them as the group see Fiora who was familiar to Maria and the Outsiders looking at Shelda’s hat with amazement with Shelda having a what the kind of look

Fiora: My dear Vita, you have no idea what Kind of things good clothing is why I have never seen any kind of material in this hat [as Fiora looked at Shelda who the latter had a confused look not that somebody was finally standing up for her besides Maria but still this was confusing her while Fiora questioned it ]Oh you must tell me darling where did you get this hat, did you buy it from the shop, did you get it as a gift come on tell me “

Shelda was getting unsure: well I Um,

Neal: Gez way to make a bad first impression Fiora

Fiora turned around as she and the other four saw three other People walk up first was the guy who sang in the hall Neal the second was Danny and finally was the Kid who was talking to Timaeus Tyler

Maria who recognized only one of them: Neal

Neal there who said in a kind voice: Hay Maria, guess you're just showing these new guys around

Maria had an embarrassed look: This oh sorry, I've done with my freshmen tour this was a Request than a tour for a friend Shelda here

Shelda had a smile

Neal looking at her: Hu Shelda, well nice to meet you I’m Neal, me and the fashion model there were showing the place to our new Freshmen Tyler and Danny

while pointing to both Danny and Tyler respectively

Tyler in a smile: Hey there Shella nice to meet you

Shelda looked at the kid: Nice to meet you two Tyler

Lance: Not going to say anything about him calling you a different name

Shelda: Looks like you've still got to learn Australian Lance, Shella means girl

Lance: Ok then

Fiora then finally stopped looking at Shelda and apologized

Fiora sorry about the hole looking at your hat Darling it's just I never seen the substance it’s made out of before

Shelda had a smile again: No problem

Vita: Ah well you stop with the cheesy stuff and get to your point

The group heard Vita who was getting bored

Neal looked serious: well long time no see Vita

Vita looked at Neal: Long time no see weakling

Suddenly they both looked at each other crossly as Shelda and Tyler looked clueless

Tyler: hey why's that Sea Hair lady looking crossed at Neal?

Fiona looked like she didn’t care Nothing much only that those two used to date

With that Both Shelda and Tyler with Lance even joining said in unison

Lance, Shelda, and Tyler: Date!

Vita then with an annoyed tone remembering it: Yeah well, times change [as she then grabbed Oumijia right arm] I’m with a stronger guy now and not someone as weak as you

Neal had a cross look

Vita taunted: I bet if you two fought Oumijia would destroy you in an instant haha wouldn't that be fun to see

Danny: Not really [Vita looked surprised as Danny spoke] a cool fight if it's a one shot ko, you know like if we fought it wouldn't be fun

Vita looked crossed at how she was getting insulted: How dare you, you little Freshman

Danny smirked: I maybe a freshman, but ooowee I would mop the floor with you

Vita annoyed: Then why don’t you prove it four eyes why do you wear those stupid things anyways “

Danny: First off reason I where this is for everyone's protection and second I don’t feel like it there’s something I like to see happen but this little chat’s getting in the way of it

Everybody else was looking at her with confusion besides Neal, Tyler, and Fiora

Shelda: wait what is it you want to see?

Neal: It's the record that’s about to be broken

The group then turned to Neal as Maria looked shocked putting her hand on her face

Shelda confused: Record

Maria: Ah I can’t believe I forgot

Shelda heard Maria say as she turned to her with a confused look in her eyes

Maria explains looking at Shelda: One of the third year’s Tammy’s about to break the record for longest running time around the Pitch, so how long has she been doing it now?

Fiora: why, do you need to ask Maria she has been running for nine hours and fifty Minutes

Shelda looked shocked and said in Unison with Lance

Lance and Shelda: Say what!

Shelda held her head: sorry can you say that again Fiora?

Fiora nodded and explained: Nine hours and fifty Minutes and she's not tired or sweaty or anything

Shelda was thinking with a confused look: Must be her Gift, maybe it's unlimited Stamina

Lance: Uh why are you thinking it and not saying it out loud

Shelda: Because Tyler and Danny are freshmen so they might not know what a Gift is yet

Lance: Gr why do you always say these Logic things

Shelda: That's because I'm smarter than you, you meathead

Neal then finally: that's the reason as to why we came over, everybody else who is in this school is already over there so I like you to come and see it

Shelda first with a smile: sure I mean when am I ever going to see a Record break so I’ll go

Maria added: I’ll go two, Like I said before everyone here are family members to me so I've got to support a sister

she smiled while Shelda smiled back

Neal looked at the Outsiders: You know that still counts to you if you want it

Geama was about to speak: Um well …..

Vita interrupted: we do not want anything to do with your stupid World Record thing’s were happy to stay here as WHITE BARS and win this competition

Ōumǐjiā just looked away wanting no part in this

Danny: So that's how it is huh, Guess the Outsiders are a bunch of downers

Vita looked crossed at her: what was that you little Freshman idiot why don’t I just exterminate you like a bug to my shoe or …..

However Danny all the while decided to walk away: Ops looks like some of your down syndromes is starting to rub off on me so I better go and hit the hay, The hay being the record breaking

As the others were starting to walk away from the Outsiders Vita was looking crossed at Danny who then sicked her tongue out on the Blue haired girl as Vita was getting annoyed at how Danny was showing her disrespect back on the tree Ipushiron was leaning on the tree as he had his arms up Ipushiron: there she goes again[ looked up in the sky he thought to himself ] why do I always get caught off in the other two messes, Just because I'm in the area I also get blamed for Oumijia’s and Vita’s darn pranks. I only take the blame because Vita scares me now I won't get to see the record broken

he then looked up near the sky as a breeze passed Ipushiron however notices something strange ……..The Air was a lot colder than Usual

Scene 7 final scene of the episode [Shelda,Lance,Maria,Neal,Danny,Tyler,Fiora,Figla,Athron,Rale,G,Jester,Mome,Kevin, Kyle,Spike,Spots,Skull,Lencelotto,Crimson, Ruby, Dan the Man,Timaeus,Tammy,Mojo, Sophina,Desmond,Mai]

While walking back from the path Shelda and Maria were at the front with Neal just being by the back while the latter three were walking behind

Shelda: why are you friends with those two Maria, I Get Geama and Ipushiron wasn't talking but why Oumijia and Vita?

Maria explained rubbing the back of her head: It's a long story, Let's just say those two were different people once

Shelda looked confused: really how?

Neal then interrupted: well when me and Vita were going out she had a kind and thoughtful yet joking personality but now ever since dumping me for Oumijia she’s been …..[He then looked confused ]“what's that word that rhymes with itch again?

Shelda looked down in embarrassment and shock however back with Danny she had a smirk, she felt good about telling Vita off dumb Blue haired cow deserved it after all however while she looked to her right she saw with shock thinking

Danny: what no way it can’t be!

She was looking at the hill as she saw two women on top of the hill the two women were the one with a patched arm and the woman in the hood, Danny was looking at the one with the patched as she and her looked at each other

Danny was the first to think: Vanessa alive How?.......... I thought she was.....

while this was going on Tyler asked her: Hey Danny why ya lookin bloody upsetting

Danny looked away: Um it’s nothing kid [ as Tyler had a confused looked at her Danny thought to herself ]aw man, just my luck

On Top of the hill

Vanessa had her hand in a grip with a crossed look saying: Danny gr ……[as she looked down at them Vanessa was about to move down however the Hooded Girl next to her put her arm in front of Vanessa to try to stop her from going Vanessa who was angry ]what do you think you're doing Polly. I need my Revenge on her

Polly however just shook her head and pointed over to the sky with that

Vanessa turned around and looked at the sky as she looked at Polly again: I don’t get it. What is it you're trying to tell ….[however before Vanessa could answer she then felt a breeze, the same one as Ipushiron felt before Vanessa looked at it again and admitted] Now I get it, now I sense it as well as feel it something is coming isn't there?

Polly nodded as Vanessa looked confused and curious she felt that a doe she did not know what or who this was, it was something powerful so powerful she has to put the grudge with Danny on halt

Meanwhile the Group they got to the pitch they all saw many different familiar faces to watch as the Girl who was counting her record and starting again was running around the Pitch to break the record

Shelda looked around: wow, it looks like everyone in the school is here.

Maria explains “ That's what the record means to everybody here, did you know just in her first year here Tammy broke one hundred and fifty records in her first day

Shelda had a look as if she could not believe it: wha….ok now I’m officially Shocked

Danny with a laugh: Ha you're shocked have you even see her talk….she goes Ten Thousand Miles per second

Shelda had a hu like look

Figla: Gah get out the way, I’m trying to see the Record Breaking

Shelda heard a voice as she turned around and saw Rale who asked Figla who was putting her jacket in a hood while Athron was nearby with a concerned look

Rale: I’m sorry if I am disturbing Thou Verily I am, I just curious as to Wherefore Thou're wearing Thy hood upon such a Den like this

Figla: Because I want to that’s why!

Arthron then noticed Shelda and the others looking at them while: Um girl’s I think Thou created a scene Hither

as both Rale and Figla looked at them with curiosity in their eyes

Rale: My word, I Dost believe Thy right Athron [Rale then out of nowhere bowed and said which made the other’s feel embarrassed ]Forgive me for making Thou feel unpleasant my name is Rale foreland may I ask what Thy names Art ?“ “

all this was going on Arthron was freaking out about something while Figla just looked away crossing her arms the group had a confused look at first but then one after the other started to introduce themselves

Tyler: why you're a shocking Shella, my name's Tyler if you want to know

Neal: My names Neal nice to meet you

Maria: I think you already know me but I’m Maria Hikings, Daughter of Rehcaet Hikings

Shelda: Well I guess I should say my name to end this, My names Shelda Loveheart “

Figla thought to herself: did that girl just say her name was Shelda

Fiora: Wow your outfit is so beautiful [ Rale’s turned to her right she saw Fiora staring at her outfit and said while Rale freaked out a little ] Wow This dress looks to be made of the same material as Shelda’s hat now you must tell me, Darling, where did you get it?

Shelda took close attention to the part where Fiora mentioned the same material was in her hat and the dress

Rale put her hands on her hips: How rude, it's not nice to touch people’s clothes

Fiora then stopped and apologized: whoops sorry, I do say I overreacted there

Rale had a smile: that's ok, but I Dost say that was frightening [ Rale was looking at the group] anyways it is nice to meet Thou all” she then turned to Athron] Dear brother wouldn't Thou mind introducing yourself“

Athron nodded kneeling: My lords and ladies my name is Athron Foreland a pleasure to meet Thou

as the group looked at him

Neal confused: Um why do you act like that?

Lance: Good question

Shelda heard Lance say as Athron admitted nodding: I’m sorry, it's just the way I was brought up me think it's just a habit

While this was going on both Tyler and Danny seem to recognize those two from somewhere but could not put their finger on were

Shelda: well it's nice to meet you as well [as she looked over at the White Hair girl] so what’s your name?

Figla crossed her arms: Figla [she then smirked and said] I take it like me and the other two here some of you are freshmen

Shelda nodded: Pretty much me, Tyler, and Danny are

Figla smirked again: well I maybe a newcomer myself but I like to say good luck

Shelda smiled: Thanks you two

Mome and Jester :Shelda!

The group heard a voice as the group turned around as they saw three familiar faces run up to them who were Jester, Mome, and G who had friendly smiles finally with two also familiar guys walking being Kevin and Kyle walking behind them

Dammy looked confused: why are a bunch of Kids walking over here?

Shelda with a smile: Two of those Kids are my little Brother and Sister Jester and Mome

Figla confused pointing to G: Then who the heck is that third Kid?

Shelda rubbed the back of her head: Um let's just say he’s the brother of somebody close

Lance: Smoove Move Bookworm

Shelda: Like you could do better and we wouldn't have left them behind if you didn’t go into a temper tantrum after losing to Terra

Lance: Gr well …..Uh say’s you

Mome while running over: Shelda!

as they were finally over to them G and Jester followed looking at the group

Jester: wow looks like you meet a couple of people while we were separated, Looks like a weirdo circus

Danny, Tyler, Figla, Athron, Rale, and Fiora: WEIRDO CIRCUS

Jester then looked at the Group: what I like a Circus?

G popped up from behind: Bet My adopted Bro likes them weird then

Shelda on the other hand put her hand on her face Lance had to do the same thing to Shelda’s confusion however something else was on her mind when she asked Mome

Shelda: Hey Mome who are these two Guys with you

Mome shock her arms: don’t know they didn’t say their names but they did help us find you

Mome then turned to face Kevin and Kyle: so what are your names anyways?

Kevin and Kyle looked at each other with a smirk

Kevin: You want to know our names

Kyle: we'll gladly tell you

as the Group looked at them Kevin and Kyle took a few steps from each other as Kevin put one arm out to the right while Kyle did to the left

Kevin: two names that bring words awesome, rocks, and Cool to new meanings

Kyle said: to answer the question those names are ….

Kevin quickly moved his arm to the left: Kevin

Kyle doing the same thing but going to the right: Kyle

as they put they grabbed each other's hands in a Goofy Handshake

Kevin and Kyle: THE DUDE BROS!

The group looked at The Dudebros with a confused look as to not know how to answer

G however blurred out: Lame

The Dude Bros fell over as they got back up

Kyle: ah come on little Dude me and Kevin worked our butts off on that

Kevin nodded: yeah do you not know how many hours it took me and Kyle to work this out

G shrugged his shoulders: Sorry just telling it like it is

Both of them fell down in embarrassment most members of the group had a sympathetic laugh until Shelda heard a voice from behind her

Spike: When I find that dumb idiot who punched me in the jaw, I'll repay him the favor

Shelda turned around and sees Behind the group was with her surprising was Spike who had a bandage on his Jaw with his two sidekicks Spots and Skull were talking to him

Skull looking at Spike: Yes he just sneaks attacked you like a coward he is ha I bet when you two face off again he won't stand two seconds [as Skull turned around and looked at Spots asking] you agree don’t you Spots

Spots in a goofy way: Yep that poser won't stand two seconds against someone with your power

Spike then got into a taunting pose: yes when I see that fool it well be him who is sent into three hundred walls and Mai won't save him like a mummy

Spike then kissed his Muscles

Shelda looked at this and thought sticking her tongue out in disgust: Blah why's he kissing his own Muscles that's so wrong

Lance put his hand on his face: I knew I should've punched him more but you were the one who said to hold back

Shelda looked at Lance thinking: oh so it’s my fault, come on Lance we don’t know the limit of the Soul Warrior power. If you never held back you could've killed him [ as she then thought putting one hand under her chin thinking ] ever that or he would suffer some serious brain damage

Lance asked: He has a brain?

Shelda couldn't help but chuckle a little thinking: alright I’ll give you one thing Meathead that was a good one

however, while Shelda was chuckling Spike and the two sidekicks saw

Spots looking at her: Hey Boss, there’s a chick laughing here

Spike asked confused turning around and saw Shelda

Skull who the latter looked crossed: Gah the nerve of that girl to be laughing here let's make her not …….[Skull however noticed that Spike wasn't talking as Skull asked looking confused] Boss?

Unknown to Spots and Skull as Spike gazed at Shelda, he felt something was clicking in his head, his heart started to move and pound fastly, he then began to get hot and sweaty what was this feeling he felt was it …... Love? Spike then decided to walk over as Spots and Skull who were clueless as to why their boss was feeling like this as they were walking over the group were distracted before

Danny looking at the incoming bullies: uh oh we got company

the group looked at the bullies with most of them looked at them with anger at all the bad things they had done

Neal surprised yet a little bit crossed: It's not good Company Spike what are you doing here?

Spike smirked: whatever I want ya Guitar playing weakling I do what I want when I want

Maria sighed: and most of the time it falls on your face literally

Spike looked crossed: Gr if you were not the heading man’s Daughter I would so teach ya a lesson you little girl punk [as Spike then explained] as to why I’m over here is simple I want to ask that girl with the hat what her name is?

the group looked at each other with confusion

Shelda: Me well since you asked my name is Shelda Loveheart but why do you want to ……

Spike's eyes then went into lovestruck: ah Shelda Loveheart the perfect name for the woman I have been searching for …….

Shelda looked confused and thought: Searching for wait could he and his sidekicks from TenGo…….

Spike: To be my girlfriend !!

Lance,Shelda,G,Jester,Mome,Maria,Danny,Tyler,Neal,Athron,Rale,Figla,Kevin,Kyle, Spots and Skull: GIRLFRIEND !!!

Spike with a smile still love struck: yes it appears to me when I looked at you it is love, at first sight, you could feel it to we are made to be together like a Handsome Prince and a Beautiful Princess in one of those fairy tales

Rale: Huh this is completely disrespectful

Athron: me think this so called Prince is more of a beast

Spike then looked crossed at those two: Quit you idiots and stop talking in that stupid whatever it is your speaking as! [Athron and Rale looked crossed ]so what do you say lovely Shelda well you be my girlfriend

Shelda had an embarrassed look: Um thanks, I'm flattered but I’m not looking for anyone at the moment so um no

Spike his eye twitched he did not take kindly when someone tells him no however he tried to hide it

Spike: ah come on is it just because of the face not to worry about that it's just a bruise from a weak fool who's in for a pounding when I get my hands on him after he knocked in through three hundred walls “

G: Pff you beat Bro that will be the day

The group turned around and saw G said that with a goofy look as

Spike looking crossed: what did you say you little trig I didn’t hear you from down there

G however had a joking smile: Oh OK [as he then reached for behind him and brought out a megaphone and shouted in it ]YOU CAN’T BEAT MY BRO IN A FIGHT THERE HOW'S THAT BETTER?

everyone held their ears all but Figla who didn’t need to

Fiona: Goodness where did that Boy get that Megaphone from?

G just shrugged his shoulders: Oh I stole it from the Dudebros

the Dudebros both looked at this shocked

Kevin and Kyle: WHAT

Kevin: Kyle check your pockets

Kyle did he freaked out as he understood: How the, G’s right that little Dude stole our Megaphone

G with a smile: Beats me but you can have it back, Catch

he then through it both at the Dudebros who barely catches it

Kyle rubbed his head: Phew that was a close one

G with a smile: sorry about that?

Kevin shout back: it's alright little dude just don’t do it again

G smiled back until he heard Spike say

Spike: Bro ha? [as G turned around back] so that Jerk who punched me through three hundred Walls was your brother ha, well the next time I see that coward I’ll send him to the hospital bed

G however was lathing a little: Pff Three hundred walls geez how weak are you

Spike looked crossed: Grr

Skull: Weak see here boy this is the most powerful guy in the Tengoku high

Spots added with a smile: Word

Spike with a smirk: yeah and I will also have a girlfriend once Shelda says yes

Shelda looking crossed: Hay I have a mouth thank you and No I won't be your girlfriend

suddenly Jester and Mome ran up in front of their sister

Jester looking serious: Yeah she said no so leave Shelda alone

Mome looked crossed: You won't lay a hand on our sister

Shelda looked down and smiled at how her siblings were defending her but she couldn't think of how awkward this was

Lance himself: ok this is getting disturbing

Shelda agreed to look embarrassed and thought: I Know Spike hates you but has a crush on me

Lance crossed his arms: Pff could be a lot worse

Shelda confused and annoyed: How?

Crimson: Hey is there a party over here or what

As a new voice was heard

Lance got crossed as he saw who it was even in his ghost form: Crimson!

Crimson walking over with his hands in his pockets while having a smirk with his sister Ruby who looked down

Jester looking over: hay it's Crimson again

Spike looked clueless with his two sidekicks

Shelda was thinking: what do you think he's doing here?

Lance: Grrrrrrr

Shelda turned around and saw that Lance was so mad his nose seemed to breathe out smoke as

Shelda looked with a surprised look: why are you so mad at Him what did he do?

Lance crossed his arms while looking away: I don’t want to talk about it

Crimson however looking at them: so what seems to be the problem dorks, did one of you get into a fight with this big Frankenstein wannabe

Spike looking crossed: wannabe how dare ya you stupid little punk do you not know who I a…..

Crimson flicked Spikes Nose which knocked him down: man somebody needs to tell you to shut up

Spots and Skud both looked at their boss in unison

Spots and Skull: BOSS

Crimson dusted off his hands: That's your boss huh, looks like you two need a better employer

Ruby just sighed as she thought: Great Crimsons mocking his foes again [However Ruby then turned her head as the others were looking at her with confusion G for some reason was smiling in a happy way but then Ruby had a smile of her own] Huh so you're at this school two G. Didn't see you last night but that's good to know.

G had a smile: yep glad you're here as well Ruby

Shelda looked confused and thought: Hey why's G glad Ruby’s here, if you and Crimson don’t like each other

Lance: Pff It's a long story short,

Ruby: Hey wait a sec [Shelda looked confused as Ruby’s got her out of her train of thought as Ruby was looking at her saying] I think I recognize you

Shelda looked at Ruby: You have, where?

Ruby pointing at her: Your Lance's girlfriend right

When Shelda heard that it was as if a glass bottle smashed in her head as Lance looked with the same emotion

Shelda looked embarrassed: what no way, Me and Lance aren't gah I would never date someone who always has fighting on the mind

Spike on the ground heard that: Lance?

Crimson looked at Shelda: So wait you're not dating Lancey

Shelda looked crossed: For the last time no!

Crimson then puts his arm over an Unsure Shelda saying

Crimson: well good to hear [he then put his free hand up explaining] I was in the neighborhood trying to find myself a Girlfriend so if you want to that is I'll even throw in my phone number while I'm at it [ as he even joked more] I mean Lance wouldn't be a good boyfriend for someone as hot as you, I mean he's dumb, lies and his fighting skills are what's that word oh yeah stinks

Lance that told Shelda while really crossed: that's it once I take control again I’m going to kill Crimson!

Shelda after hearing that then pushed Crimsons arm off of her: No way, I don’t want to date a fighter

Dan the Man: Not a fighter you say hu [The group heard a Voice say as someone ran up and stood with his back turned while with a smile ]How about a Man [as he turned around it was revealed to be ] as in Dan the Man

as his teeth shined the group looked at Dan the Man with a confused look

Figla then put her hand on her head with an annoyed look: Great this Idiot “

Tyler: You know this bloke Shella?

Figla annoyed: first my name's Figla, not Shella second unfortunately yes I do know this Idiot he's in my house

Dan the Man with an insult: hey there lady, that's no way to talk to the Man Dan the Man so can it before Dan the Man tells you

The group looked at him with a confused looked again

Jester looking at him: I think he just gave me a headache

Mome looking at her brother: You two?

Fiona: count me as number three children

Dan the Man looked at Shelda who with a cocky look: Well back to the point, you're not looking for a Fighter for a boyfriend. Well then I Dan the Man will be the perfect boyfriend for you my Shelda the Woman so take it as you may I would accept you as my girlfriend

Spike annoyed: No way Buddy, I saw the chick first so she’s mine

Crimson smirked: You did, get real I saw her with Lance Roger and those three Kids

Skull said looking shocked: did he just say Lance Roger, as in the Savior of the Streets?

Spots confused: was that guy the one who punched the Boss through three Hundred Walls

Spike looked crossed: So that’s how, gr well next time I meet this darn Lance Roger I well beat him up and then I will become the stronger fighter between us whatever that stupid punk got lucky I will end him then

Dan the Man: Why do people keep ignoring Dan the Man?

As this was going on

Maria looked at Shelda and joked: looks like you got a fan club

Shelda then sarcastically laughs feeling a little embarrassed everyone of them was having a crush on her that was until ….

Lencelotto: Well well it looks as doe three guys are after the one flower of beauty

Everyone else was looking at the corner as saw someone else entered

G: Oh come on what now!?

Lencelotto: allow me to introduce myself [bowing] forgive my interruption my name is Lenceiloto Fee Revanto at your service “ [as he then picks up a rose while smiling it ] a the sweet smell of a rose, born from the purity yet stings like the thorns at its side [as he then walked over to Shelda] For you darling

Shelda looked at it and then took it: Um thank you, but I’m not …..

Lenceilotto with a smile: not looking for a boyfriend ah I can see how, with idiots like these three Skunks who wish to claim your hand by force. I on the other hand shall take all the time we need if you one day reconsider this

Shelda looked nervous at this Athron and Rale looked at each other as if they told each other that this Lenceilotto was familiar to them however the three so could Skunks then interrupted and said each

Spike: Hey who you calling Skunk and that babe belongs with the most powerful being here

Crimson: why thank you Frankenstein so you're saying Shelda belongs to me for I am the strongest one here

Dan The Man: You haha, no way you are going to beat Dan the Man

Lencelotto: You three bore me, it is sad that your ugliness we'll never spill on the Daisy of Shelda

Shelda looked even more embarrassed

Lance: How is it that these Four are into you?

Shelda thought embarrassed: I guess they think I’ve got a cute face haha?

Spike was fed up: That's it I've had it let's settle this in a fight and when I beat you three That girl well be……..

Timaeus: Haha a fight you say don’t mind if I do

The group heard a new voice as they looked around they suddenly saw someone behind Spike a familiar big guy who then grabbed Spike from behind

Spike turned around: Huh who said …..what the?

Timaeus: who grabbed him threw him into the air making Spike go flying and landed a few miles away to everybody’s shock

Spots and Skull both shouted worried: Boss!

as they ran off after him

Neal asked, looking at this new figure: who's that?

Athron, Fiora, and Tyler all said in unison: Timaeus!

Timaeus smiled as he turned around: aye it’s great to see you my friends however it appears you have forgotten to say my name It is The Great Timaeus

Lencalotto and Figla had shocked looks as they thought to themselves

Lencelotto and Figla: Timaeus. It can’t be

Timaeus then turned to the three others: You heard the lass you three there leave Shelda alone or else you shall have me to deal with personally

all three looked at Timaeus

Dan the Man was the first to leave: Oops I forgot, I left some food over at my picnic basket so Dan the man must collect that now

as he ran for it

Lencealotto had a small smirk: hmm it seems that a powerful wind has stopped me from collecting a daisy oh well I shall leave[However while walking he looks at Athron and Rale with a smirk] well, well long time no see R.O.M

Athron and Rale then had an idea as they finally know who he was as he walks away

G looking at this confused: R.O.M that's a bad nickname

Jester nodded: Yep I mean what's that supposed to mean Read our Melons

Mome had one eye down: says the guys who call themselves Abbie

G and Jester fell over in embarrassment

Kevin confused: Abbie!

Kyle: and you said that Dude Bros was lame

G and Jester: WE DIDN'T MEAN IT

Crimson: Tisk fine I guess I’ll go two seeing as the cowards are leaving [The Group heard Crimson say as he turned away he then started to walk away] “Hey Ruby aren’t you coming?

Ruby sighed: Fine [as Ruby turned around saying to G] catch you later little dude

G annoyed: Little!

Ruby had a friendly smirk as she left with her brother Shelda looked confused as she also heard a voice say

Lance: Strange “

Shelda heard Lance say as she turned to him thinking: What's strange?

Lance: I know Crimson, as much as a troll he is, he does not back out of a fight unless it's a good reason [ as Lance looked at Timaeus who chuckled] meaning this Timaeus guy has to be strong, and somehow Crimson knew it and that's why he left

Shelda looked confused: you maybe right about it

Timaeus: You ok now Las

Shelda looked as he saw That Timaeus was now in front of her with a chuckling smile

Shelda rubbed the back of her head: Um yeah I'm fine, thanks your names Timaeus right

Timaeus again smiled and chuckled: Haha that it be however I like to introduce myself as the Great Timaeus, and no mention it, we first years must look out for each other [Timaeus looked down] I must admit however I do despise anyone who forces anyone to do something that they wish not to do ] looked at them again with a chuckle] then that's why I go around to correct their misdeeds as the Great Timaeus shall correct Ha ha ha [the group didn’t want Timaeus to see but it looked as if they all looked embarrassed however Timaeus then spotted something] wait is that our headmaster that I do see over at the side there

Maria looked shocked: Wait you mean dads here?

as Maria turned around she saw in the crowd with a smile as the others noted this

Rale looked confused: My dear what is he doing Hither that Hath to be surprising right

Mome however shook her head: not really Rehcaet treats everyone like family here so I guess he wants to see Tammy break the record

Rale looked surprised: my word that is clever from a young child to say, Nay offense

Mome smiled: non taken I get that a lot

Maria looked around with an uncertain look as she looked down sadly

Shelda notice this: Maria is everything alright

Maria however then she tried to smile but only got halfway: Not to worry, Shelda I’m fine really

however, she just looked around not wanting to make eye contact with her friend which made Shelda wonder more about what was up with her

Tammy: Almost there, almost there, yippee I’m almost there [That took everybody out of their train of thought as they saw Tammy was running towards the entrance of the Pitch as she exited the Pitch she was extremely happy] Whoooo I did it, I did it I totally did it [with that everybody around her started to clap as Tammy had broken the Tengoku record Tammy jumped in the air] Yes, yes now that's a record I will break tomorrow

Mome: Are you kidding me you just broke it

Tammy heard a voice behind her as she saw Shelda, the Kids and Maria walked over as she heard it was Mome who said that Tammy was looking at them with curiosity in her eyes

Maria had a smile and sighed: ha you always want to break the records after you set one you always break the others

Jester confused looking at her: wait you mean you know her before

Maria nodded: Yeah, Tammy's a third year student [she then crossed her arms] I don’t know why she does it but she keeps breaking records every single day in those three years

G looked confused at this as he continued with his fingers: wait so if she broke a record every single day then that would mean she's broken …..

Mome: seven hundred and thirty

with that G and Jester, both looked shocked at this

G and Jester: wha…….

Shelda looked surprised herself at Tammy: That was amazing how ……

However, before Shelda could finishes

Tammy interrupted and said in a hyper way, getting to her face strangely making Shelda unrecoverable saying: how I can do that, strangely I never figured this out myself I guess it's a gift. But hey who are you are they your friends, they look a little too young to be your friends well besides Maria. In another turn hi Maria. Anyways I guess they are your brothers and sister they're so cute by the way and ……

Shelda having a little uncountable thought: Uh Lance can you help me out here?

Lance: Even if I want to help how could I make this hyper fangirl shut up

Shelda: I don’t know, wow I’m usually the smart one out of us two

Lance: Hey I'm smart

Shelda: Lance you keep calling me Bookworm which means you admitted I’m smarter

Lance: Yeah well I'm stronger

Shelda: can’t use bran without smarts Lance

Tammy: Hey is it just me did everything just get colder?

Both Shelda and Lance heard Tammy say wondering while she was looking up in the sky as the others were looking confused

Shelda: get colder?

Maria shook her head: come on Tammy it's not ……..

however, before she could finish a breeze passed her as she hugged herself a cold shiver with the others as well doing the same motion

Jester: when did it get so….so….cold?

G shivering himself: I …..K…..Know I mean it wasn't this cold a few seconds ago

Mome looked worried: wha …...guys look!

as everyone turned around to see there with weird looks as the Grass itself was turning to snow and Ice Several students in the area looked at this with confusion said in their own reactions

Mojo looking around with the other Red Houndon students: wow this is messed up Bubs, pretty sure Grass does not turn into Ice

Sophina: You're telling me….me it's ….it's too cold to…….think Hachu

Xeon however was looking with a worried look as if he knew what was coming Desmond and Mai were looking serious at this

Mai: Desmond, I've got a hunch you could feel this right

Desmond nodded: This is no ordinary change, something is causing this, Something more powerful than us Mai

as they both looked worried With many other students around them

Timaeus on the other hand had a chuckle thinking to himself: something tells me, this shall be a fight that’s coming

Shelda then spotted something as she with a curious Lance beside her: I see someone

Everyone saw as the person who was Causing the storm

Zhon Gear: Finally …..[as he said threatening as one of his hands turned into an Icicle saying] Justice shall be served

As it had finally happened …... Zhon Gear has arrived at Tengoku High to complete his mission.

Narrator: With Vengeance as cold as he is the Ice Avenger himself Zhon Gear has arrived at Tengoku. Can Lance and Shelda survive his icy grasp find out Next time On Soul Warrior X?

Next time Message


Lance: ah yeah I’ve been dying for a fight bring it on SnowMan

Shelda: No Lance. Ma….Maybe we can reason with him.

Lance: Are you kidding me, this is no time to reason, this is time to fight!

Shelda: But I’m not a fighter you blockhead

Shelda: Next Time on Soul Warrior X “Justice as Cold as Ice, The Frozen Avenger Invades”

Lance: ha he might Invade but I’m sending his ass off to his mummy

Shelda: I hope we can get out of this peacefully.