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(A ghost appears) Oslek: Hello everyone, you may call me Oslek. I entered here to warn you that this anime contains mild language and violence, if you feel uncomfortable with these warnings, then do not watch this, if it doesn't matter, then please enjoy the pilot of Soul of Fate!


(A brown-haired boy is walking in the desert)

Ryan: Damn sandstorms....Never help your sight.....(Looks at a cave that is glowing) Hmmm....Maybe it's there....(Walks inside) It's gotta be here somewhere...(Looks down and sees a turquoise glow covered in sand) There it is! (Digs with hands and picks up a glowing orb) So this is a Soul Sphere.....Just like the swordsman's journel said.....So that makes me ahead of father....I got to get them all before he does or I'll expect hell to break loose...

Opening thumb|right|200px|Opening Theme: Futatsu no Mirai

(Three days later, Ryan returned to Greene Gate and is talking to a white-haired boy and a light brown one)

Frost: So this is what a Soul Sphere is, huh?

Jack: It's marvelous...

Ryan: Yes it is...But we got to keep this away from my father...

(Red thunder appears)

Ryan: Speaking of my father...

Lucius: Those Soul Spheres should belong to me....Hand them over or I will not hesistate to kill you three quickly...

Ryan: Like I'm gonna give it to you, father....

Lucius: Fine...But since I'm not really mad as usual...I'll let my Heartless take the fight...And don't think these shadows are the only one to fight... (He snaps his fingers as shadows appear and he disappears)

Ryan: (Takes out Raitou) Frost! Jack! Ready?

Frost: As always! (Freezes some)

Jack: (Kicks one into another)

5 Minute Break

(Ryan slashes five of them and Frost freezes three as Jack finishes the last ones with his Power-Fist attack)

Ryan: That's the last of them.... (Sighs of relief)

(A shadow forecast them)

Jack: (Looks up) Uhhh, I think this is the last one, Ryan...

(A Guard Armour falls down)

Frost: That's a big one!

(The Guard Armour raise it's hand and swoops it's arm and hits Jack and Frost)

Jack: Ah!

Frost: Ugh!

Ryan: Frost! Jack! That's it! (Raises right arm showing the Amethyst Soul Bracelet and a purple aura covers Ryan)

Frost: What is this?

Jack: Never seen a power like this before....

(The aura shatters like glass as a black-haired and amethyst purple eyed, boy appears out of it)

Frost: R-Ryan?

Jack: I-Is that y-you?

???: Not exactly, I go by the name, Leon... (Faces towards the Guard Armour) Time to put an end to this hunk of scrap metal... (Hands covers in purple and black beams) Death Cannon Wave, fire! (Blasts it to pieces)

Frost: ......Wait a minute, you're Ryan?

Leon: Yes...I'm his real nature...thumb|right|200px|Ending Theme: Hikari

Jack: So...You're his split personality?

Leon: That's correct....Now if you excuse me, I have to go somewhere... (Dashes off)