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Space Lazer Daizelber Japanese (うちゅ れざ ダイゼルバー Uchu Reza Daiseruba) Is a novel created by Maarten Koster and later illustrated by an Anime television series by Ikaru Fuoka Maarten takes this story complete as novel after 15 years. 15 years before Maarten creates the Anime television serie Mobile Suit Gundam Overdrive.

It is first broadcasted into an Anime television series on TV Asahi in Japan and Adult Swim in North America on 12 Februari 2049 an year later the series launched on the dutch broadcast Netflix on 5 February 2050. And after the last episode the lazer war stays under an heavy war after Ryo's life as pilot and after that. The series comes in an final ending by the movie Space Lazer Daizelber The cosmetic of Nowhere (うちゅ れざ ダイゼルバー どこの化粧品 Uchu Reza Daiseruba Doko no Keshohin) that release on 18 April 2053


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The series begins in the Cosmic Century on theyear 121 at an beginning of an cosmic race during the universe the year 121 stance for an war betweens the Gallord Federation to the Zelbers Infiltration. Two Gal's mech climbing in to the Colony side and attacks the place of the Zelbers Infiltration. One guy the 16 years old Ryo Janata is mad an scared by the war between that and stealing an ZL-21 Zelber by the Zelbers Infiltration. Later at the defeating of two GG-18 Gal captain leader Yumiko takes Ryo at joining the Zelbers infiltration. After that Kim place his mission. And the two gives an first met of rivalry.



No. Title Release Date
01 'The beginning of the time(Part 1)'

Jikan no hajimari Pato 1 時間の始まりパート1

1 March 2048
02 'The beginning of the time(Part 2)'

Jikan no hajimari Pato 2 時間の始まりパート2

6 May 2048
03 'The Blue Leader'

Burūrīdā ブルーリーダー

11 August 2048
04 'the Battle of Loum Palace'

Rōmu kyūden no tatakai ローム宮殿の戦い

6 September 2048
05 'An place to fear'

Osoreru basho 恐れる場所

17 November 2048
06 'in the battle of brutality and infinity'

Zan'nin-sa to mugen no tatakai 残忍さと無限の戦い

6 December 2048
07 'The death of pure gold'

Junkin no shi 純金の死

3 January 2049
08 'The skylanders of Gallord'

Gyarōdo no sukairandā ギャロードのスカイランダー

31 January 2049
09 'Over to war (Part 1)'

Sensō e Pato 1 戦争へパート1

11 August 2051
10 'Over to war (Part 2)'

Sensō e Pato 2 戦争へパート1

6 March 2052
11 An end comes to spiritual memory

Reitekina kioku ni owari ga kuru 霊的な記憶に終わりが来る

17 June 2052

Maarten also wrote that this will be his last created Novel because of his retirety by creating Manga and Anime He has no other populair Sci Fi story to produce this. But on 31 January 2049 he says in a report Sunrise that Daizelber gets an idea to creating an new story where the cosmetic war comes into an end. And later he designed an new Mecha of the gears god and creates that this serie ended in a tragic ending.


Space Lazer Daizelber appears into an Manga named Space Lazer Daizelber War infinity that is released on Kadokawa Shoten and directed by Shinji Igurashi the serie mades an lucky ending and is published on 8 June 2048 the last volume is released by 19 June 2052 and Ryo is alive what the Anime never didn't


Space Lazer Daizelber logo

Space Laser Daizelber North American logo.

Space Lazer Daizelber appears into an Anime television series that aired to 12 February 2049 to 3 March 2050 that is directed by Ikaru Fuoka the series ended into an conclusion that the serie follows an movie after the Television series this idea that takes into an ending where both of the primary protagonist and antagonist takes into an died in the atmosphere where falling sky's takes the spirit of Ryo. The serie mades an statue of Ryo that mades that Yuki the love interesst of Ryo never forgives him as an reunion seen.

Video Games[]

Space Lazer Daizelber appears in Super Robot Wars LV later the series re-launched on Super Robot Wars O

Toys Models[]

An PVC figures of Daizelber is maded by Takara Tomy. The models are 150 sized. And there will be weapons to get the PVC figures into an full combat.


The Movie Daizelber The cosmetic of Nowhere has grossed ¥211 Million at making the movie director Ikari Fuoka describes that the movie has the expensive 3d qaulity of that time.

Anime news Network Brandley Scott gave the Anime television series including the Novel an mix of Code geass and Gundam 00 and set that series has ever be an rating to 'A' praising by the modernity around an mix between us. He said that the movie was powerfull to seen that. The same death as Char and Amuro during Char's counterattack but then by an crash from the atmosphere to fly backwards.