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Space Wars is  is a manga series which follows Ako Yagami, female space ship commander. The plot is partly based on the Legends of the Galactic Heroes manga, Mass Effect videogame series, Honor Harrington Books, Firefly/Serenity TV series and Guardians of the Galaxy



Main characters[]

Ako Yagami

Commander of the armed forces of the United Confederation of Humanity. She is titled officer and Captain of CSS Yamato. The character is based on Commander Shepard (female paragade)

Eric Sugimoto

Captain of the Pulsar space frigate and veteran of Galactic Civil War. Former captain of Manticoran Spacemarine Corps. By birth - half Anglo-Australian, half Japanese. The character is based on Malcolm Reynolds.


CSS Yamato pilot born with osteogenesis imperfecta. In love with the ship's artificial intelligence. The character is based on Jeff "Joker" Moreau.

Uriel The Vigilante

Alien mercenary of race, reminiscent Turian (Septimnians). This character based on Garrus Vakarian.

Mike "Sentry" Allen

Yamato crew member and love interest of Ako. The character is based on Kaidan Alenko

Maria O'Murphy

Confederate special forces officer. Suspicious of the aliens. Convinced Christian. The character based on Ashley Williams

Anna Nakamura

Former JORMUNGANDR operative, Eric's love interest and Yagami team member. The character based on Miranda Lawson

Darius The Warrior

Septimian officer and former henchman of Lucius, the one of villians. This character based on the Nihlus Crick.

Allies and supporters[]