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Spellbound is the second graphic novel in the mini -series, Terrible Luck by Manta-bee.

Plot summary[]


It is then the gang realize Coach Kahn is Lerich, and wonder why he's followed them. When they free themselves and meet the professors and Penders, as well as Taffy, (who drove there worried about them when Irrika didn't answer his phone calls), on the lawn in front of the Black Forest, to take their test, which they pass, but due to a circumstance, the gang is accused of murdering the new coach, and they are expelled on many counts, which include having underaged students (the school only enrolls ages 11-17), standing in front of the Black Forest, and for murder, (which didn't count because it was just an illusion.) After letting them have their moment of grief, Taffy assures them that he doesn't think they're murderers, saying they were good kids when they stayed with him and Irrika. He then tells them that he found a stub for one of the oldest hotels in the world and figured Irrika might be planning to stay there. They all get into Taffy's car and he drives them presumably to the aforementioned hotel.



  • Vice Headmaster Penders is based on both Professor Snape and Ken Penders, the latter who a number of fans dislike for his work on the Archie Sonic comics.
  • Professor Grimley appears to be in his early 20s, but is really 205 years old. Some magicfolk are said to have immortality, such as witches.


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