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Spices is an anime containing art from Hayao Miyazaki that was sponsored by Pizza Hut in order to get more attraction to it. It ended up turning into one of the most successful anime in America and Japan, and Pizza Hut renewed their license to sponsor the show, claiming that their customer rate was up 45% because of it. The uncut DVDs are rated TV-PG, but the show contains minor edits on The Hub and is rated TV-Y7-FV.


Four completely opposite teens; Princess Luna, goody princess who gets whatever she wants; Sakkai, emo shut-in kid; Exel; off-the-wall teenage girl; and Saka, the only normal one of the group! They have found themselves coming together, wanting to make battling their career choice, due to the fact that it will free them from adulthood. In between battling, they often go to Pizza Hut in filler scenes/episodes.


(from episode 2, "Battling Is My Career Choice!)

Exel: Oh my gosh, this is so weird! I mean, we have a princess with us! A princess! Silly princess, princesses aren't supposed to battle!

Princess Luna: Don't call me "princess". I have a name.

Exel: Sure thing, Princess Zelda.


Princess Luna: You (bleeeeep) game addict. Are you kidding me, writers? Are you (bleeeeeep) kidding me with these pop culture references?

Note: On The Hub, the bleeps are dubbed over with "flipping."


(from episode 12, "At The Beach!")

Princess Luna: Ah, it's nice to be here...and relax...

Dirty Old Man: I know, right?

(Princess Luna opens her eyes and sees him staring at her.)

Princess Luna: Ahhh! Get away from me, you unclean beast!

(Princess Luna begins beating him with her purse.)


(from episode 5, "Cheer Up, Sakkai!)

Exel: (singing) Cheer up, cheer up, come on, Sakkai, quit being emo, so we can go, battle some monsters...

Princess Luna: That doesn't even rhyme!

(Exel gives Luna the bird off-screen as she continues singing.)

Princess Luna: Did you just flip me off? You do not flip me off, lower life-form!

Note: On The Hub, the last line is cut.


(from episode 9, "Cats and Dogs")

Princess Luna: This episode is called Cats and Dogs?

Sakkai: Oh, gosh, not that movie again. It caused me physical and emotional pain. (smiles) On second thought, I really enjoyed that film.

Saka: Do you guys wanna quit breaking the fourth wall now so we can go to Pizza Hut?


(from the outtakes of the first season)

Sakkai: Sup, I'm emo.

Exel: Hi, Emo. I'm the Cookie Monster.

Sakkai: (pause) What does that even mean?


(from the outtakes of the first season)

Sakkai: My miserable life has been plagued even this terrible movie, this terrible movie that could be used as a torture device in the future...

Saka: (enters) Sakkai, are you watching Baby Geniuses again?


(from the outtakes of the first season)

Saka: (to Exel) Go away. I'm too busy being mad cuz Crispin Freeman isn't in this show to deal with you.


  • This show aired on The Hub because the Pizza Hut logos would have to be censored otherwise, because Pizza Hut in America wouldn't sponsor the show unless it had a TV deal.
  • This show was rated PG by the OFLC and BBFC.
  • Spices: Afterstory is an upcoming sequel set to come in late 2012, and the original series is set to end the week before Spices: Afterstory premieres in Japan. Pizza Hut will also sponsor this show.
  • The show is edited for mild language, mild blood, and some innuendo on The Hub, however is uncut in the Australian and UK airings.
  • A fighter video game entitled Spices: Battle-On was released in Japan and America. In America, it is rated E10+, and the CERO gave it an all-ages rating.
  • FUNimation Entertainment first announced the license on January 3, 2011. Previously, from November 8, 2010, it had been streaming on Crunchyroll. The first season was released on June 3, 2011, and the second season January 14, 2012. The third season has a set release date of July 16, 2012.
  • The first season DVD contains outtakes, as seen in the quotes.