Anime Fanon
Gender Male
Race Human
Type of Villain  Stalkers, Serial Killer

Boz Darcy (Twin Brother)                               Misty Tredwell (Sister in Law) Cillian Darcy (Nephew)  Kino Darcy (Niece)                      

Goal Take Kino Away from Cillian and Take over the World.
Ethnicity Irish-American

Stalker is Boz's Older Evil Twin Brother and the Main Antagonist Cillian Darcy: Season 2. He Became an Adopted Father to The Tenjouin Girls (Saki, Rin, and Aya)


He is a tall man with short unkept black hair and brown eyes. He wore a tailored business suit with a white dress shirt  and a dark purple striped tie. He also carried a dark colored briefcase.


He has typical stalker characteristics. He was following and stalking Cillian's Group and Kidnapped His Twin Sister.


Since Cillian Lorcan and Lilly are about to Born, He Use his Abusive Poitson on Boz And Misty to Abuse Cillian and his Plan Foiled after he Shot His Parents to their Coma. After Years Later, Cillian is now 17 and Arrived to Wellington with His Friends to Kill Him. At Night, Cillian Luke Ed Edd Eddy and Nick arrived to his Hotel room to Defeat Him.