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This is a new Star Wars Fanon-Made Roleplay named Star Wars: The Force Reborn. This is the official page for the RP. This RP takes place in an alternate Star Wars Universe where it is the Republic vs Empire. There are many Jedi and Sith around though.  

If you want to join this RP, please ask in the comments and you will need most of my approvals to RP in here. Also, you need to have a Star Wars OC (Original Character) submitted to this wiki and must share it with us so we know who we are RPing with. The key of the RP that we use:

  • Normal writing is the dialogue between the characters.
  • Italic writing is a special writing type uses for any type of long distance communication or a change in voice.
  • Bold and italic writing are the actions that characters do.
  • Writing in between the *asterisk* means that the character is talking in their heads.

Currently, these people will be RPing in this series

  • Infamoussnakegang 
  • Thecryingwolf3553 
  • PyroHunter16
  • Ghostaree
  • TheSuperiorOne

If you want to join, make a character on this wiki with Force Abilities or Bounty Hunter or whatever you want. Then put a link to your character down in the comments and we will look it over. First, we'll determine if your power is Over-Powered or not. Then, we'll review your character. Afterwards, your character will be modified according to your instruction. Now, let's begin.


It's 17 ABY and our main characters Naethan Gai (16), Rowan Jotok (14), Sayn Falkov (15) and Tyr Cadash (19), are all young and training to be great Force-Users. They are on paths to become great Force-Users, some knowing each other at a young age at the moment. Right now, there is a focus on 16 year old Naethan Gai, who is currently training on a Jedi coated planet, called Squinton. He is at a Jedi school with Tyr, learning the basics of becoming a Jedi.

At school[]

A 16 year old Naethan Gai, a regular human, is called to the room where the students are training with lightsabers. He lets out a light sigh and floats to the ground. He was meditating and learning the floating meditation technique. He just barely gotten off the ground when he was called. He walks quietly to the room, and when he enters, everyone doesn't bother to turn their heads but keep training. The Jedi teacher, a Chiss named Ting Puk is now speaking to Naethan.

Ting Puk: Now, Naethan, we will begin training again with lightsabers. Can you handle this, without getting into any trouble?

Naethan: Of course Mr. Puk. He nods as Ting Puk walks him outside and hands him a lightsaber. Naethan takes a second to inspect in, then ignites the lightsaber by activating it. It hisses to life, a bright green glow. He looks at it, and swings it around a couple of times. Okay, I'm ready. He looks at Ting Puk as he holds his lightsaber and ignites it as well.

Ting Puk: Don't let your guard down, Naethan. He gets in an open Form II stance.

Naethan: Got it. He doesn't find a comfortable way to hold it, so he holds it in a reverse grip style. As he does this, Ting Puk shakes his head and sighs.

Ting Puk: Whenever you're ready.

They circle around each other slowly as Naethan then starts to jog a bit at him then, spins his lightsaber into a normal grip, striking at Ting's abdomen, quickly. He blocks it easily and squints his eyes in concentration. Naethan pulls away and spins his body to the left, swinging the lightsaber again, striking at Ting's side, but he blocks. He then pushes Naethan away, trying to confuse him and runs at him holding the out to his side, ready to strike.

Naethan: Gwah! He turns to face Ting as he's running at him and hits his lightsaber on his, pushing Ting's arm away a bit, then tries to stab the saber into his chest. Ting ducks quickly and spins, sweeping, Naethan's legs in the process.

Ting: Too n- Naethan almost hits his back on the ground but his hands reach it first, catching his fall, pushing him back up and high-spin kicking at his jaw. He dodges slightly to a safe distance and gets into another stance that seems defensive.

Naethan: Hm.. He runs at Ting as they engage into fierce clashes, without the slightest bit of hesitation or mistake from Naethan. Ting Puk is surprised at this as they come into a standstill with both sabers, burning against each other, a desperate struggle. Naethan doesn't look affected at all and then jumps away. He breaths out heavily once, as he spins the saber in his hand a couple of times while walking in a circle. After he completes that, he looks straight into Ting Puk's eyes and runs at him again, zigzagging in a calm way, leaving a slight after image, and engaging into more clashes. Naethan strikes lower twice, then spins to strike at Ting Puk's neck, but he blocks with the lightsaber facing up.

Ting Puk: Good... But killing isn't always the answer. It's dis- Naethan separates his lightsaber from his as he jumps and does a 360, then slams his right palm onto the ground, using Force Push, using it to push everything out around him, including Ting Puk. He slides back a bit as Naethan runs at him once more. Ting Puk sets up a block but Naethan Force Pulls at his lightsaber, making Ting's lightsaber shy away from the blocking position. Naethan instantly strikes with great speed, forcing Ting Puk to use Force Push on Naethan, making him fly back far onto his back. He is breathing slightly as he almost got bested by his student.

Naethan: Heh... He looks up with a calm smile Almost got you there, master. He gets up and brushes himself off as he spins the lightsaber once more, before deactivating it and putting it on a holster, on the side of his waist.

Ting Puk: Great battle, Naethan. He also deactivates his and puts in a holster as he walks to Naethan, looking impressed. You've got great knowledge on the battlefield, and you were never wavered by my skill.

Naethan: Yea. But I could work on my striking, it's too weak.

Ting Puk: It's excellent to me, but strive for more strength. The Force, is the key. Alright now we go back inside. He heads inside as he looks back, Naethan is following him. They both head in as the lightsaber lesson finishes. Naethan heads to then back of the room, away from everyone else as Ting Puk speaks again.

Ting Puk: Alright everyone, since we're ready, we'll be starting lightsaber duels against each other. Excited? The room starts to get into a chatter. Alright alright, calm down. We'll get started in a minute. We'll need to prepare first. Everyone starts to get up and prepare for the duels.

At a boy named Rowan Jotok...[]

Rowan is on a planet he had crashed into, the natives there nursing him back to health before he had begun his training. He's currently looking through the Dark Jedi Temple he found for materials to make his lightsaber.

Rowan: Hm? What's this...? He taps a panel that features a carving of two people in a lightsaber duel, opening up a hidden vault containing various lightsaber components, and several pre-made training sabers Hm... He picks two single-bladed sabers, igniting them to show the pure red plasma blade I'll start training here first, then make my sabers later.

He walks back out into an open area, where he takes a deep breath before getting into a saber fighting stance. Once he focuses his mind and believes himself ready, he rushes forward and swings his right blade outwards, stepping forward and stabbing with the left before spinning the right saber around and slashing behind him. As he stands still, he holds his right blade in a reverse grip, charging Force energy into the blade. He then swings the blade forward once, launching a flame in the shape of a crescent before launching two more flame slashes. After switching his right sword to a normal grip, he slashes several times in front of him in rapid succession, using the momentum to increase the next strike's power. He jumps into the air once and slashes downwards with both blades in unison, landing in a kneeling pose with both blades pointed out.

Rowan: Not... Pants Bad... Breathes a little heavily then retracts the blades and stands up, looking at the inactive sabers' hilts I'll need to train in some other saber styles though... He goes back to the saber construction vault, looking for my sabers to train with...

In the Vamourian Kingdom on planet Vamid[]

Sayn is in the training court of his kingdom. It is a raised, desert like platform, outside a sand-coloured kingdom. It is day time as the sky is clear. Besides Sayn is Jedi Master Gondo Yuu, an old bald man wearing sand colored robes, holding a white lightsaber in a fixed stance holding the saber horizontally forwards, one leg back, other leg front.

Gondo: Now, Sayn, assume the stance of Vaapad.

Sayn: Hey, can we just start?

Gondo: Sayn, one must master a proper stance before they begin a duel.

Sayn: Fine. He copies Gondo's position, then uses the Force to ignite his dark purple saber, as its glow lights up half his face

Gondo: Now we will begin with-

Sayn quickly steps forward while doing a 360° spin and slashing the saber at hip height. Gondo is supsrised and holds the hilt of his own saber upside-down to block as the sabers clash

Gondo: Prince Sayn! Patience! Sayn ignores then then puts force into his hilt, pushing back Gondo's saber, then repeating the spin several times, as he steps towards Gondo, Gondo steps back, slashing his saber to block Sayn's slashes

Sayn crouches for the last slash as he aims for Gondo's legs, Gondo reacts with a backflip then simply walks towards Sayn, accompanied with several swings of his white saber. Sayn walks back, using Force Speed to, in slow motion, dodge the swings as they are mere centimeters away from his neck and torso. Sayn then holds his saber in reverse grip and uses it to hook Gondo's off to the side. He then kicks his stomach to push him back, then runs at Gondo, rapidly spinning the saber like a blade. Gondo runs backwards, using Force Speed to block each attack, as Sayn tires out.

Gondo: Your Force Speed is weak. This is what happens when you rush training.

Sayn: Panting Shut up...he swipes his saber left to right, right to left, repeatedly at Gondo, who in return dodges easily, Sayn dashes off to the side, curving around Gondo, leaving a blur of purple and black due to the saber and his clothes, creating a semi circle around Gondo. Sayn is then instantly behind Gondo, and thrusts his saber forward at his back. Gondo jumps forwards to dodge this sudden attack, falling over as it happens. He then turns on his back to look at Sayn, his robes burnt from the lightsaber

Gondo: Very good Sayn, you successfully performed a Vaapad technique. But it was still sloppy.

Sayn looks angry then stabs his saber down at Gondo, but Gondo uses Force Push to push himself back, the saber nearly hitting his chest

Gondo: Prince Sayn! Control your emotion!

Sayn: A true master of Vaapad would express emotion, embrace the joy of battle. You don't know a thing about it. I need a real master. He deactivates the lightsaber then walks off

Gondo: Sayn! Prince Sayn! Return here at once!

Sayn: Nah...Sayn continues walking until he reaches the Vamourian space hanger. He approaches one of the sheds, as several Vamourian guards halt him

Guard: Stop! Prince Sayn, this is a restricted area.

Sayn: Hey, I'm the Prince, I declare this area not restricted anymore. Grins

Guard:...Uh King Sidh himself told us, your father, you can't bypass his restrictions yet, not until you're of age to be king.

Sayn: Holds two fingers up, then waves them left to right across the air in front of the guard's face as his voice changes to a more sinister, yet pleasant tone I am allowed into this hanger with zero restrictions.

Guard: His face goes blank as he speaks in a monotone voice You are allowed in this hanger with zero restrictions.

Sayn: Thank you. He walks into the hanger and enters a random space plane. He takes off, albeit scrapping the ground with his wing a bit, but manages to leave orbit. He sets a course for a nearby planet *Holy shit. What am I doing? Of COURSE I want a green lightsaber! Red sabers are too dark...*

Back at the School[]

Tyr and Master Hewley were having a practice duel more vicious than any other. Tyr takes a great leap from a nearby platform, steps out from the shadows behind him and lunges, turning on his saber in midair. sabers clash between them in a crackling frenzy. they press against each other's strength, but neither of them give.

Honora: Does that tactic usually work for you?

Tyr: What are you talking about?

Honora: That whole sneaking up from the shadows thing.

Tyr's eyes narrow into a glare.

Honora: Laughs I guess you can have a rest, go train the initiates, maybe you learn something from them.

Tyr's face turns scarlet.

Tyr: Sigh okay.

He gazes around him, all the young Jedi were separated in groups of two, sparring each other with training lightsabers, except one. The initiate was attempting to lift a small metal ball with the force but failing each time. Tyr decides to help him.

The apparently thirteen year old Jedi gave it one more try, this time successfully levitating the ball five feet in the air.

Initiate: *I did it!*

Tyr: Not quite. I did it.

Initiate: Wait, how did you? Whoa?

Tyr: Telepathy, it's a very basic ability, you'll learn it soon enough. Can you tell me your name young one?

Initiate: Ackley, Ackley Alden.

Tyr: Very well Ackley, can you tell me the reason why you couldn't levitate this ball?

Ackley: I don't know, it's so heavy.

Tyr: How about you start by practicing the basics. Try to force push and pull before complete levitation, get an idea of the basic of telekinetic function. To be honest I'm no expert in this myself, this ability is very difficult to master.

Ackley: I'll see to that.

Tyr: Thank you. Now, how about some sparring? Leave all the mental work for later?

Ackley: No thank you. I prefer this over all that.

Tyr: Well it's your choice. Keep in mind though, in combat, sometimes the saber is no inferior to the force.

Somewhere on Mandalore...[]

On a simple farm house, an 18 year old Jace was training with his father (Charlie) in Echani. Charlie in his old Clone Trooper armor, and Jace in average training armor.

Charlie: Alright son, let's see if you can still keep up with your old man. Throws a strong right jab at Jace.

Jace: Blocks with elbow and makes a difficult grin Maybe my old man is getting too slow. Punches Charlie right in the visor stunning him.

Charlie: Tries to reestablish his sight, but sees Jace kicking him right in the face knocking him down. Alright kid Gets back up You learned how to knock a man off his feet, but... Sweeps Jace off with his leg. Do you know what his next move will be?

Jace: Well, I know mine. Jumps back on his feet and Brawls his father more, until they heard a ship come in.

Charlie: Well your mother's home, now go on to your shooting with her.

He runs into the forest signaling his mother, who just sighs.

In the forest...[]

Jace was wearing rookie made Mandalorian armor, not as strong as the real one, but good for training, he was also wielding a simple Blaster Pistol. But suddenly a droid came out of the bushes, which he shot in quick succession. Then all of a sudden a bisected droid grabbed his foot which he shot in the head. But two more appeared, but he used the remains of the last droid he destroyed as a shield, as the droids kept looking for a spot to shoot he threw the droid at them and shot both, until a B1 droid fell on him and he was struggling to get it off.

Then all of a sudden, his mother landed in with a jetpack and sighed watching her son struggling to get it off, she wrapped a Fiber chrod whip around it from her wrist bracer and pulled it off.

Jace: Gets up and dusts himself. Moooom, I had that under control.

Luna: No, you didn't, if that was a real droid you'd be dead, which is the last thing I want.

Jace: But mom, I'm a Mandalorian, one of the most fierce types of Bounty hunters you can find. He said punding his chest.

Luna: I know that, but you're not yet ready.

Jace: But I am---

Luna: Smacks him on the helmet. No you aren't, the moment you are ready is the moment you understand what a bounty hunter really ks.

As Luna lead him out of the forest, he looked down intensely.

A few days later...[]

Jace finally knew all the basics, and he was just out playing with one of his Blaster Pistols.

Jace: Twirls his Pistol and aims it at nothing. Time's up Scum, you've been cornered by me, Jace Bradwen, The most Versatile---

Luna: Jaaace? Stop playing and go finish your armor already!

Jace then looks and sighs. He went to where he kept his armor and started to fix some things, He touched its wrist bracer, and as he pushed a button, and fire spat out, and he turned it off, next button was a quick Blaster shot, he pushed another button and an marmalade came out, he pushed it again and it retracted.

Jace: *Right arm weapons systems, check.* Holds the right knee pad and watches a gun emerge, and retracts. *Lethal/Non-Lethal Dart based weaponry, check.* Goes to the helmet and moves the “antenna" a few times and ceased. *Helmet, check.* He puts on all his current weaponry on it, perfect looking like a statue. *Perfect.*

He puts it all on quickly, and as he did he stepped out, and ran into the forest, as he saw the training droids he had he quickly took out each one in sync, faster, than before, much more precise, parts were everywhere. And he stood victorious.

Jace: *Wait until I actually go on a hunt.* He then trained alone continuously punching trees with Echani, leaving marks on the,. He then proceeded to shoot the heads of droids all in one line. Then he knew, they all knew...Jace was ready.

Leaving Mandalore...[]

Charlie was saying his goodbyes to Jace, as Jace was about to enter his starship.

Charlie: You be careful alright.

Jace: I will.

Charlie: Also Salutes Do us clone proud, and kill as much of those Stormtroopers as you can.

Jace: Sir, yes sir! Salutes back.

Then Luna went up to him.

Luna: You remember your training.

Jace: I will. With that he entered his ship, and flew it out as he entered into light-speed, leaving Mandalore. *I wonder what's in store for me?*

4 days later...[]

A select few students, including Naethan, and the Jedi Palawan, Tyr are with the Jedi Master Teacher, Ting Puk.

Ting Puk: Alright. I chose you lot because you're all qualified to become Jedi Padawan. I'm sure you're all very excited. I've got you ready to become Jedi Padawan in a second, BUT you must do one final task.

Everyone stays quiet and looks around, intrigued.

Ting Puk: You all must construct your OWN sabers. Everyone seems amazed and chatter starts up in the crowd. Naethan smiles and imagines his own crystal. Okay, everyone settle down! You will go in groups to search for your perfect saber crystals and parts. Okay? Now we will head out in groups once everyone is ready. Now partner up so you can know where you all, are going.

A week later..[]

The group is heading to a planet called Khoona, an nice, plain planet containing many different colors of lightsaber crystals. They land there, and the group explores their new surroundings. Ting Puk leads them to a cave where the crystals are all located.

Ting Puk: You may now separate to find the perfect crystals for yourselves. May the Force, be with you all. He holds out his arm indicating for them to go. Naethan heads out looking around, feeling something tugging on his body.

Naethan: *Hm, what is this feeling?* He heads down a certain path in the cave.

Honora: You should watch the initiates Tyr, lest they fall to their deaths or something. She laughs as if her statement was actually funny.

Tyr: Nobody watched my back when I underwent the gathering.

Honora: As you wish.

One of the initiates trips and almost fell toward the edgy rocks below.

Tyr: On second thought, maybe I should watch these kids.

Over in the distance, a small dot is seen in the background of the sky. It grows larger and larger, revealing it to be Sayn's space plane. It lands by sliding into the dirt and nearly burying itself in it. Suddenly, the hatch opens and a Sayn Force jumps out, performing a frontflip then landing several meters in front of the plane, crouched down and looking down. He then stands up straight, with a serious face.

Sayn: What a dump. Looks around. *I guess a crystal will be here somewhere. Hopefully a green one. Because I'm not leaving without a green lightsaber, whether it's mine or not.*

One of the Jedi Knights who came along with Honora and Ting Puk spots Sayn while walking around.

Jedi Knight: Hey you! Who are you?!

Sayn: Quickly turns head to look at him, then in a flash, his saber is ignited and in his hands A man looking for crystals, so stay out of my way.

Jedi Knight: You're not one of the Initiates. Where did you come from?

Sayn: I'm Prince Sayn of the Vamourian Empire. That's enough info. I'll be off now.

The Jedi looks shocked then allows Sayn to leave as Sayn deactivates his saber and holsters it, walking off. He carries on walking, searching caves only finding blue crystals. He sighs then continues looking in other caves.

Naethan is walking to Tyr.

Naethan: Hey, Tyr, is it okay for you to come with me? I feel something strong... In this cave, and I'm going to need help getting through. He has a worried look on his face

Tyr: Honora is a traditionalist, she would be so furious if I assist the initiates on finding a crystal, she clearly instructed me to only watch you... let's do it!

Naethan: Thanks. They start to head deep inside of the crystal caves. Naethan follows the directions based on instincts alone and looks around when deep. Hmmm.. Where is it... Suddenly a giant spider-type creature crawls out slowly. T-Tyr...

Tyr: Let's see here calmly ignite his saber eight legs, possibly poisonous fangs, where were you all my life.

The insectoid creature lunges toward them giving Tyr the opportunity to effortlessly and swiftly kill it.

Tyr: That's one less beast in the world, you okay Naethan?

Naethan: No. I am not! I hate spiders... They continue on as Naethan lights his saber to light up the way. He sees a path that they both go down, seeing a glow. Yesssss... He deactivates his saber and runs down the path and goes into a large clearing in the cave, with lots of crystals everywhere. Dude.

Tyr: I'll just watch out for any spiders while you enjoy that crystal bouquet. Hurry though.

Naethan nods and turns around to a certain growing crystal cluster, stuck to a wall. As he walks to it, it glows brighter and brighter.

Naethan: I've heard of this type of crystal... The Meetra Surik crystal... It resonated only with her, and augmented her physical prowess and Force connection about her. As it formed its bond with her, it acquired its character and strength from Surik's own relationship with the Force. That's what it's doing with me right now. I can feel my connection in this crystal, growing. The cave suddenly rumbles as another giant spider comes crawling out of an entrance. Naethan turns around and sees it, using Force Pull. Unexpectedly the giant spider flies at him. He then lunges in the air at the spider, ignites his lightsaber and slices it, landing on the ground, feeling a stronger connection with the force. He looks at his hand, then up at Tyr and smirks. Dude, this crystal- He jogs to it then puts his hand on it which makes it glow bright. I was meant to have this!

More students and a teacher enter the cave that Tyr and Naethan are in, still searching. That's when Naethan focuses on the crystal with the Force. It then shatters loudly and all over the ground. Naethan steps back a bit then crouches to inspect some crystals.

Back to Rowan[]

Rowan steps into the Lightsaber vault, looking for materials to make a Lightsaber.

Rowan: There's a surplus of materials here, I should find what I need in no time! He looks through the vault, finding pieces for his sabers, taking the parts out of a bin piece by piece and placing them into another bin Rowan is carrying around Now that I have the parts for my hilt, I need the crystals... He looks further into the vault, finding an area sectioned off exclusively for saber Crystals, Various crystals are held in separate bins, each labelled for a certain crystal: Adegan, Kyber, and much more. Rowan settles upon a bin of Lignan crystals, and takes out several of them Got them. Now I need to meditate on these... He goes to the meditation hall and sits down, preparing to construct his lightsabers...

In Sayn's position[]

Sayn continues walking across the area, slouching from utter boredom and playing with his lightsaber. After reaching a certain point he notices something strange.

Sayn: Wait. Takes a few steps back. This feels weird...*I feel so heavy...* Sayn looks down at the ground, he thinks for a bit before concluding that the ground is hollow. He holds his arm up, then slams his palm on the ground, using Force Push. The ground caves in, dragging Sayn down into a pit of a cave. With only the hole he created to reveal his path, he notices faint glows from further in the cave. He uses his lightsaber as a light source then travels further down. What he discovers is dozens of green lightsaber crystals, just hidden within the rocks, their lights rebounding against the rock-hard walls. Woah...I wonder which one I should take... Sayn then sees one particularly odd crystal, it has a hazy murderous glow, and resides at the end of the cave tunnel. It was bright green, looking like a rock composed of pure light than an actual physical object. It was a Nextor crystal. A highly volatile, yet powerful crystal. Sayn stared in awe, before running up to it. This is it, this is my crystal...

He punches the crystal, shattering parts of it, then levitates a shard of it in the air with the Force. He sits down cross-legged, then places a scroll of parchment on the empty floor in front of him, between himself and the crystal. He unwraps the scroll, as there lay several parts and components that make up the hilt of a lightsaber. He constructed these after making a few stops on his way here. He then closes his eyes, and breathes in and out, he reestablishes his connection to the Force. Suddenly the parts of the hilt levitate to head-height, then the crystal shard follows. They arrange in an exploded-diagram-style as Sayn focuses on embedding the dark side if the Force into his crystal and saber. The pieces join together, along with the crystal inside, and stay joint. Sayn opens his eyes to darkness, seeing his newly constructed lightsaber. He grabs it, then stands up. He presses the activation stud, as a thick bright green stick of plasma ignites, with slight sparks emanating from it, the glow nearly lights up the entire cave. Sayn smiles then laughs maniacally. He runs towards the entrance of the cave, then Force Jumps out. He holsters the saber then runs back to his space plane.

Back to the Initiates[]

Tyr: I've seen that most of you has found their crystal already. Brilliant! For those who did not, I kindly ask you to halt the search and pay attention to me. You can see the boxes on my left, these are raw materials necessary to make a new lightsaber, some of these boxes are a cache of color crystals, you may pick any color you fancy, although you would notice the absence of all shades of red within this collection. We avoid using this color in respect to traditions, for it symbolize violence and aggression.

With a gesture of his hand, some bits and pieces of metal zoom from the box and levitate steadily before him.

Tyr: I'm now going to construct a curved-hilt lightsaber, this design is rather old fashioned and uncommon, but it's a fascination of mine.

Tyr concentrated, closing his eyes in silence. The rather pristine materials before him were slowly shifting, rearranging themselves and steadily taking the form of an odd looking lightsaber. There was a small vacant space in the core of the saber left untouched by his telekinetic conception.

Tyr: You see here, this vacant spot I left is where we place two crystals, the color crystal and the lightsaber crystal. First, we install the color crystal. This Viridian color crystal is a rarity of a sort, you won't find any equal in the collection we have in there. We shall proceed.

The crystal fits itself in the chamber, producing a silvery-green glow when it rested.

Tyr: Green is a very praised color in the Jedi society, unlike red, it symbolize growth, harmony and freshness. Wielders of this color are known for their wisdom, this shade is also associated with wealth and happiness. I greatly encourage the use of this color, for may it help you uncover the mysteries of the force and fight the dark side at its heart. Where were we? Oh yes. Next step is to fit in the core lightsaber crystal, which focuses the energy. This is an Adegan pontite crystal, a gift from Master Honora. Those who found a crystal should follow me in the next steps.

Tyr crouched in a meditation position as the incomplete lightsaber descends to face him.

Tyr: Be very careful now.

The crystal shakily zoom toward its chamber and halt halfway through, it seems that Tyr himself is nervous. The crystal then steadily rests itself in the chamber on top of the other as the metal encloses and locks it inside.

Tyr: If you followed the steps correctly, congratulations, you have constructed your very first lightsaber. For those who did not, no rush.

Tyr grips the saber and focuses his attention on his new piece of work. Examining it for any flaws.

After Tyr finishes constructing his lightsaber, Naethan is still looking for a piece of crystal to use as he grows indecisive.

Naethan: *Alright... If this crystal really enhances my Force abilities then...* He gets up putting his training lightsaber on the ground. He sits down with his legs crossed, in a meditation position.

As he starts off to a slow breathing as he feels a rush of relaxation. All the commotion and distractions begin to quiet as he gains of peace of mind. His body starts to lift 5'0 into the air, attaining floating mediation. As he becomes deeply emerged in the force, the pieces of his hilt start to rattle, then float off of the ground. The two separates pieces for the two hilts float on each side of him. Suddenly, everything in the cave that Naethan, Tyr and the students were in, started to float as well. Everyone looked in wonder as Naethan's force skills lifted everything around them. Subconsciously, his two hilts started to piece together, piece by piece, very slowly. As the pieces of the crystal that Naethan broke started to float to him, two very small chunks came to the two hilts steadily and went into position. Naethan breathed out heavily, which made both hilts finally connect completely around the crystals. The bright glow of the crystals, disappeared inside of the newly constructed hilt. Naethan then let his feet drop as he dropped to the ground, standing. Everything in the area dropped to the ground except his two new lightsaber hilts which he caught in his hands.

Naethan: I did it. He quickly spins the lightsabers in his hands then ignites them via activation button, which it does, but backwards, holding them in a reverse grip. The blade is a clean, yellow blade that looks long and strong. He smiles widely and inspects them, swinging them a few times. It's really light! He deactivates it and puts it one both sides of his holster.

Naethan and Tyr wait for everyone else to finish, then they go to leave the cave. As Naethan is walking through the cave with everyone, someone taps his shoulder. He turns around and sees his best friend Kaya Swanic, a Togruta. She smiles and Naethan turns around to walk backwards.

Kaya: Hey bro! Did you get your lightsaber?

Naethan: Yea, I got my lightsaberssss. He puts emphasis on the S, then she looks a bit confused.

Kaya: Wait, you made two sabers? She wrinkles her face as she squints at him What are you up to...

Naethan: Nothing! Look, He takes the sabers from his holster and ignites them, a bright yellow light, lighting up everything around him. He then puts the ends of the hilts together, making them connect into a saberstaff. Cool huh?

Kaya: Whooa bro... That's prettyyyy. She takes hers out and ignites it, an arctic blue which she spins a couple times.

Naethan: Oh wow, I like that. We should fight a bit, when we get back.

Kaya: Oh really? She points it at him, then the blade suddenly grows in length until it passes his neck.

Naethan: Is that a dual-phase??

Kaya: Hehe, yes! She deactivates it as she laughs. It's awesome...

Naethan: Wow, I bet...

The group goes outside and is heading to the school ship. Sayn is running past as he is heading back to his plane, passing the group, seemingly unnoticed by many.

Naethan then notices Sayn running past and senses the Dark Side from him. He then turns around and shrugs going into a jog toward the ship.

Back to Rowan's meditation[]

Rowan is sitting in the meditation hall of his Dark Jedi Temple, focusing on a pair of lightsabers. Two of the crystals he selected are being carefully fitted into the slots where the crystals go. Once the crystals are slotted in, the lightsaber parts fly into position in quick succession without damage sustained. Once the parts are sealed together, Rowan opens his eyes and takes up the sabers.

Rowan: Hm... Ignites the blades, showing a strange, one-edged lightsaber blade for each saber, with a black blade outlined in a red color *Good...* Two down... Two to go... He sits back down and goes back to meditation

A few weeks later...[]

Rowan is STILL meditating, this time on another lightsaber. This design is of the crossguard style, and as the crystal is slotted in, Rowan pours in extra Force energy into the crystal and modifies the focusing system of the saber to withstand the excess energy of the saber. The saber becomes complete as the crystal fits into the slot and the other excess parts fly onto the saber in quick succession once again.

Rowan: Let's see... Rowan leaves his meditation position and grabs the saber out of the air, igniting the black blade with an orange outline. As the main blade ignites, the two lateral vents ignite a smaller blade in each vent, forming the saber's crossguard Excellent... One to go... Rowan goes to meditation once more

Another few more weeks...[]

Rowan has finished making his final saber, a double-bladed lightsaber with a spinning hilt design. The crystal fits into its slot and the parts fly up and assemble themselves in rapid succession, at a faster speed than the other sabers. Rowan leaves the meditation position again and grabs his new lightsaber from the air.

Rowan: Last, but not least... He ignites the saber, then ignites the other blade, then activates the spinning hilt, the bronze blades spinning at a fast speed before Rowan deactivates the spin, then deactivates the saber Oh yeah. I'm all set now... I should train with these sabers first though... He picks up the four sabers, and heads to the training hall to try the new sabers out in his fighting style.

Jedi High Council, six years later[]

Masters of the Order: With all of us may the Force be, and may the peace of this temple be ours, a place open to thought and speech, a realm of mutual respect, and a haven of shared noble purpose. Let us take these seats together, with no one above the others. May we work together, free from the restraints of ego and jealousy, at this gathering and all others to come.

Master Uyhesuuf: We are gathered here today for a very sensitive matter. Siv Vekarr, one of the Order's brightest Knights has committed a foul deed with no equal punishment but a life sentence. He has murdered an innocent for no valid reason, simple out of spite and hatred.

Siv: He wasn't an innocent! I swear!

Master Uyhesuuf: Silence! We as a whole, decided to sever the bond between you and the Force, followed by life-time imprisonment. This is as compassionate as we could be.

Siv: Damn you and your laws. *I won't give up without struggle.*

Siv escapes the grip of the Jedi Padawan that was holding him, head butting the other and stealing his lightsaber, second, he evades the armed Jedi's saber with a graceful dodge, performing a successful wrist-lock on the unarmed Jedi and forcing his ally to slash through him. Retrieving both their sabers and fleeing the council by jumping through the windows.

Honora: Telepathically communicating with Tyr at the exit- The rogue Jedi has escaped, you know what to do.

Tyr: I'm on it!

Siv managed to get out of the Jedi Temple to the gardens below, successfully killing multiple guards in the process, the delusion of victory consumed him until he lock eyes with Tyr.

Siv: Look who is here, it's Hewley's little prodigy.

Tyr: Are you going to cry now? I know that your Master never liked you Vekarr, in fact no-one ever did.

Siv: Siv attempts to conceal his anger but failing- I HAVE NO MASTER!

Tyr: Poor Siv, how about we end this now and give you up to the Council, maybe you would receive a fair trail, hmmm? Because if you oppose me now, you are not walking out of this alive- Tyr assumes a dueling stance.

Siv: We will see Cadash, we will see.

Siv eagerly charges at Tyr, the sabers he stole earlier positioned behind him in a reverse hold. He swings the left one toward Tyr's throat, which he simply blocks with a swift movement of his curved-hilt saber. Tyr evades the second attack and force pushes Siv to earn himself some breathing space, playfully spinning his lightsaber in the air.

Tyr: You can still walk away, it's not too late.

Siv: Don't you understand! I killed these guards, I will be executed!

Tyr: The council- He blocks Siv's unexpected attack when he suddenly boosts at him.

Tyr: Doesn't believe in execution- He parry two of Siv's incoming attacks, pushing against his right saber with enough force for it to escape his grip.

Tyr: Me on the other hand- He continued to dodge Siv's vigorous attacks until Tyr used the force to bolt his disarmed saber off the ground and pierce his abdomen. Siv collapses.

Tyr: Have a valid excuse to kill you.

Siv: What are you waiting for then? I'm a dead man anyway- He started weeping on the earth.

Tyr: I'm not willing to give you the satisfaction of a painless death, but I rather see you face justice at the hands of the council. See you, Vekarr.

On the Planet Rowan trained On[]

Rowan is walking back to a village set up by the natives who had found and healed him from a crashed shuttle, carrying a small backpack that holds his lightsabers, and extra components to repair his lightsabers should they be damaged off-planet.

Rowan: In the Native's language I have returned!

Shiten: Ah, welcome back young Rowan. We have dearly missed you.

Rowan: As have I. There's not enough in this world to thank you for all you have done for me.

Shiten: Rowan, it is quite alright. I assume you have completed your training if you have returned to the village.

Rowan: Indeed I have. This bag is full of extra parts, as well as my lightsabers.

Shiten: I see... And what will you do know?

Rowan: I must leave... I'm terribly sorry about this.

Shiten: I had a feeling this day would come... Follow me. Shiten leads Rowan to a ship hanger, containing various star-ships being repaired. There's a dark red Eta-2 Actis Interceptor in one of the hanger's storage units, with various other modifications

Rowan: So... what's all this for?

Shiten: We had this planned out for when you were going to leave. The interceptor you were trained in. We've taken the liberty to customize it for your personal use.

Rowan: But how? I've been training this whole time.

Shiten: All your suggestions to the interceptor that you made after each trial flight. We've taken them into consideration. The speed on the interceptor has been significantly increased, the S-foils have been slightly customized, an energy shield has been added, and a custom color scheme has been added.

Rowan: It's... it's perfect. Thank you very much, Shiten. I'll need to name this...

Shiten: It's quite alright, Rowan. This interceptor is all yours now. We have a Hyperdrive ring floating in the space for your use, the one you practiced with. All the equipment you practiced with, we've repurposed for your own personal use.

Rowan: ...Thank you... Thank you so much. I'll miss you all... A few tears run down his face, tears of joy for the things the natives have done for Rowan, and tears of sadness that he will be leaving the village behind

Shiten: Rowan, we will miss you as well. For those that do care for you, I mean.

Rowan: Right, the other don't approve of me...

Suddenly, another of the natives walks into the hanger, a sheathed sword hanging from his belt.

Shiten: Oh, it's Makuma...

Makuma: Is the rogue leaving? Good, he has no reason to be here.

Rowan: In English, which the natives don't understand Damn you, Makuma... Switches back to the native's language Yes, I'm leaving Makuma.

Makuma: Then off with you. There's no reason for you to be here.

Rowan: In English Asshole... In the native language If you'd stop talking, then I can get on with this.

Shiten: Makuma, let him say his goodbyes. Some of us here actually DO care for him.

Makuma: Whatever. I'm leaving now. Leaves the hanger

Rowan: He is so annoying...

Shiten: Agreed. It's best you leave now.

Rowan: I suppose so... He gets into the interceptor, putting his bag of lightsabers into a storage module in the cockpit, then starts up the ship. As the cockpit shield closes, the locks on his ship disengage, which then flies off to connect to the Hyperdrive ring to fly off into space.

Shiten: Goodbye, young Rowan... May good fortune be with you... *And may the Force be with you...*

On a distance planet named Zenin[]

Naethan set on a distance planet that was taken over by a government of Jedi Council. This a small council which is growing larger by the minute and to Naethan, they must be eradicated. Naethan is currently on the planet heading to the first meeting held by the Jedi Council. He is preparing his clothing as Azimuth. He finally puts on his hood and mask, then holsters his two lightsabers. He follows two other Jedi down the hallway and into the room where the meeting is taking place.

Jedi Master Curo: Now Serena, I know you think we should rebuild the old temple, but wouldn't it save more time for expansion over this planet to let it remain as it is?

Jedi Master Serena: Of course. But for the new Jedi arriving to Zenin, it would be be appropriate for no trace of the Sith temples.

As Naethan walks in and hears this conversation, he sees 7 Jedi around a table, in a circle. They seem to be in deep conversation even though the meeting has just started. There are 3 other blaster wielding guards on one corner of the room and 3 more on the other corner, diagonal from Naethan. He stands in an closed, "attention" position ready.

Jedi Knight Micah: As more Jedi arrive they will need to feel in the Light Side of the Force. Remnants of-

Jedi Master Serena: As what I'm trying to push forward.

Jedi Master Curo sighs

Jedi Master Curo: Fine then, if it must...

Naethan sighs lightly and closes his eyes, saying something under his breath. He then opens them, backing up into the wall slowly and touching it. He uses ionize to shut the down lights of the room. Everyone becomes alert while standing up, igniting their lightsabers. Naethan does also, going along.

Jedi Knight Reecher: Hey you over there! She stands and points at Naethan's trio. Go and find out the problem!

Jedi Guard #1: Yes Reecher. They all turned around going into the exit, Naethan opening the door and them exiting the room. The council then sit down as the other guards get back into place.

Naethan and the other two are heading down the hallway.

Naethan: Wait. The guards stop and before they can turn around to glance at him, they feel a sudden grip on their necks. It is seen that Naethan is physically gripping their necks. Their thoughts get interrupted as Naethan speaks. This has got to happen. Nothing personal... He grips their necks harder as they struggle to use the force and get their lightsaber, but they fall on their knees. Naethan let's go of their necks and then grips their head. Their eyes open wide as if they are about to burst, and suddenly their bodies go limp.

Naethan: *Psychometry can be useful for ripping apart their memories too.* Naethan slowly let's them go onto the ground and turns around. He slowly walks back to the entrance of the meeting room and hears their voices.

Jedi Knight Micah: With the ship? What do you mean? We still have to inform the Jedi Council in the other area too.

Naethan uses minor force pushes on the door as it bends inwards. Everyone's attention gets turned towards the door once more. Naethan then runs at the door bursting through it with a force push and jumps into the air, spinning left and kicking his left foot at group of Jedi at the table. With that kick was a force push associated with it, blasting at the table and making it combust, injuring a Jedi Diplomat. As Naethan lands he quickly draws and ignites his yellow dual-lightsabers in a reverse grip, but in a defensive stance. The brightness of his lightsabers slightly blind them for a second just to see the yellow light, dim a bit.

Jedi Master Serena: Who is this fool?! She draws her lightsaber going into an offensive stance. The guards start to blast at Naethan. He easily blocks the blaster bolts and redirects them back at the guards. He kills 3 guards, and then suddenly gets force pulled into the group of Jedi. He lands, springing up his body with his lightsaber, blocking an attack from his left, then parrying it. He quickly hits a lightsaber coming his way from the front, and does a somersault type flip to go over the Jedi and land behind, stabbing him through the body.

Jedi Knight Reecher: Kill him now! What are you doing! She force-leapt at Naethan as he back-flipped out of the way. Both clashed lightsabers onto each other, with the sabers crackling heavily against each other. Naethan stared deeply into the eyes of Reecher, pushing against her saber. What are you idiot guards doing?! Shoot!!!

The 3 remaining guards begin to shoot at Naethan so, he breaks his clash with Reecher, and slides under another attack by her, spinning, clipping her leg and completing the spin to deflect blaster bolts at the window on his right, shattering it. He uses the diversion to quickly bolt at the guards, deflecting more bolts and jumping up and to the right, onto a window that's intact and bouncing behind them. He lands in a crouch and quickly spins to the right with his left lightsaber using a single stroke to cut all three men in half.

Naethan: *Almost...* He deactivated his sabers and then dashes around the room looking for openings as the Jedi stayed on alert.

Jedi Master Curo: Why?! Why must you deceive and kill us?? He jolts at Naethan, and Naethan decides to turn his direction at him as well. He quickly runs, with his torso low and ready to grab his lightsaber. Curo holds out his hand and picking up a distant table in the room and flinging it at Naethan's side. Naethan is force to put his left foot in front of him to stop and draw his right lighted to cut the table from hitting him. Curo swings from a low angle up at Naethan, but when Naethan ignites his left lightsaber to block the attack, the strength of Curo makes his lightsaber get knocked out of his hand and at a wall.

Naethan: *Of course this will be tough. It's Curo...* He puts his left arm behind his back and points his lightsaber at Curo as the others begin to run up and give him aid. *This'll be VERY tough...* He grips his lightsaber hard and gets in a position ready to dash at Curo.

Somewhere on Kamino...[]

A Sith base lies here. Thousands of Storm Troopers flood the area, marching back and forth. TIE fighters soar from above, searching for a threat that they've been informed of. Then in a second, an explosion occurs on a metal building structure, and out in a blitz a blurry figure flashes out from the blast. It soars through the air, as the troopers watch aiming their blasters, but it's too quick for them to line a shot. The black blur lands a hundred yards from the initial explosion, onto the metallic floor, denting it slightly. Then in the heat of the moment, a roaring zap is heard, as a fiery emerald green laser is conjured from the smoke. The smoke eventually dissipates, revealing the figure as Prince Sayn, not looking a day over 16 despite him being 21, holding his green lightsaber, his head tilted and body arched from the landing, his raging eyes scanning the Storm Troopers. Then as the silence dies with the sound of a blaster firing, Sayn runs into action, as he saber is swung, and the nearest Storm Trooper falls over, cut from the waist across. Sayn in the form of a blur dashes to the next trooper, then the next, as a second smooth purple lightsaber leaks into sight, then disappears after the trooper is mutilated. A door in the distance slides up, as a squad of Storm Troopers march out to Sayn. A salvo of red lasers are sent at Sayn. He responds by leaping through the air in a split second, a hundred miles up, then lands in front of them, throws his green saber as it slices through the air like a buzz saw, it hits three troopers, as Sayn runs to the others and ignites his second saber, he cuts the heads off a couple, then slices a blaster in half, then severs the limbs off the last trooper. He grabs hold of his first saber, which was suspended in the air, then puts his second one away. Then suddenly he is bombarded with red lasers, as one hits his chest, the rest on the floor, he looks at the source: three TIE fighters fly across through the air. They come back around for another attack, but Sayn holds one hand up to the middle one, and it rips in half, each piece hitting and knocking the other two out of the sky.

Sayn: *He's inside one of the towers, obviously, just which tower is he in? He can't hide forever...*

Sayn heads towards the sliding door, using the Force to scrunch it up as he passes through. Inside is a bunch of corridors, he heads to a corner, seeing the shadows of incoming troopers. He spins out to them then pushes his hand at them, as a powerful Force Blast shoots through them, and they all fly backwards to their deaths. He continues walking down it as more troopers, about three, spot him. He doesn't stop, but just waves his wrist at them, as they turn around to walk in his direction, now obeying him. They open a locked gate, and kill the other unprepared Stormtroopers. Sayn walks in, sabers away, and looks at some controls. There's a monitor displaying the feeds of several cameras outside. Sayn looks at them, shortly before a couple Storm Trooper enter the room. Sayn turns to them quickly, and holds them all in a Stasis. He then crushes them and drops them. Then the door opens again and an AT-MP walks in. Sayn looks surprised, then it fires all eight missiles at him. He waves his right hand as he reaches for his purple saber, the missiles are instantly redirected to the wall, exploding it and leaving a huge hole to the outside. He executes the walker then runs to the hole, as a huge ship is flying in to land, carrying aboard a whole bunch of troopers. Sayn holds both arms to it, then struggles as it slows down. He then flings his arms aside as the ship turns as it is still heading towards Sayn. It crash lands, sliding through the metal floor, creating a loud ripping noise. It stops near Sayn as he inspects it.

Sayn: Find him. He commands the Storm Troopers. They search the ship to find evidence. They can't find anything, but several more AT-APs and Jump Troopers arrive. They kill his mind-controlled Storm Troopers and start chasing Sayn. *This isn't going anywhere.* He leaps straight at one of the towers and crashes through the window. Several men are in there, shocked to see Sayn. He uses the Force to push them out of his way and he looks at the cameras.

One of the men: If you're looking for him, he's gone.

Sayn: Thanks. He looks fed up, then jumps down the tower, landing a bit away from its base. Behind him, the tower begins to fall over, as Sayn made it via the Force. He then walks back to the place where the explosion happened and there lies his ship, the Jagged Lance. He gets in and leaves Kamino before backup arrives Can't believe I just wasted three hours. *Of course he would've left after I blew up the bridge. Oh well, I'll find him later.*

In the Mos Eisley Cantina[]

Force Reborn Ionic Nebula

Rowan's ship, the Ionic Nebula ^ There are a few add-ons that aren't shown in the picture, but that's the base design of it.

Various subjects of species all around the galaxy are gathered at this cantina, Rowan visiting the Cantina on Tattooine to relax from his space travelling and to get a drink. Outside the bar, Rowan's ship, the Ionic Nebula, waits on standby. Rowan's drink arrives, and he thanks the bartender for his drink.

Rowan: *It's been years since I've visited Tattooine....* Takes a sip of his drink *Wonder what's changed...?* Takes another sip, before turning around and seeing a pretty dirty-blonde human girl dressed in moisture farming rags *Whoa... She's hot....* Turns away from the girl and takes another sip before she can notice *Hopefully, she doesn't come my way...*

The girl notices Rowan and walks over to him, taking a seat next to Rowan and ordering a drink.

Girl: Hey there.

Rowan: U-uh... *Shit...* H-hi... A slight blush appears on his face, and he takes another sip of his drink

Girl: Did you get drunk already? You're stuttering and your face is flushed. Her drink arrives, and she takes a sip of it

Rowan: T-that's not it... Finishes his drink, then orders another one So... um... W-what's your name?

Girl: I'm Olivia. You can call me Liv if you want, my friends do that all the time. Takes another sip

Rowan: Liv, huh? That's a cute name... *Shit, did I say that out loud?!* Quickly takes another sip as his blush slightly intensifies

Olivia: Thanks! By the way, what's your name? Another sip is consumed

Rowan: I'm Jotok... Rowan Jotok... Gulps down the rest of his drink, then sets the empty cup down and leaves the money needed to pay for the drink

Olivia: Jotok... I haven't heard that name in years... Hey, come back here! Finishes her drink quickly and leaves money to pay for it, jogging after Rowan, who is briskly walking away

Rowan: Listen, I really gotta get going.

Olivia: To where?

Rowan: Places.

Olivia: What places?

Rowan: Stops suddenly, then looks Olivia right in the eyes Listen. You don't want to get involved with me. People who do end up either dead or wishing they had never met me. If you want to get involved with me, don't say I didn't warn you.

Olivia: Rowan...

Rowan: You've probably got a boyfriend by now, don't you?

Olivia: I do...

Rowan: Then stay with him. You deserve someone better than me... His sentences turn into mumbling at this point I'm a dangerous threat to everyone I meet.

Olivia: But, Rowan...

Rowan: I just lead people to their deaths... like some Grim Reaper...

Olivia: Rowan, listen to me. I don't love my boyfriend right now. He's really annoying and gets on my nerves. You know who I do love? YOU. I always have, ever since we were little kids. That one time I couldn't help you back then. I was so heartbroken when I couldn't help you, and I regret it so much... It was at this moment Olivia's boyfriend walks by, a Zeltron named Fourze. Luckily, Fourze did not hear Olivia say this.

Fourze: Liv, sweetie!

Olivia: Oh, hey Fourze. She says this in a disappointed tone

Fourze: You sound depressed, you okay?

Olivia: No, I'm fine. Just catching up with an old friend.

Rowan quietly stands still, trying his best not to have Fourze notice him.

Fourze: Old friend, who is it?

Rowan: Whispers to Olivia Don't tell him anything about me, please...

Olivia: Whispers back Okay. To Fourze He's not here anymore, just left the place.

Fourze: Looks like I was late, better luck next time.

Olivia: So why are you here?

Fourze: Just wanted to check up on you, that's all. Can't a boyfriend do that?

Olivia: I guess...

Fourze: Now what?

Olivia: I just want a little privacy. Do you mind leaving?

Fourze: Ugh, fine. He leaves the cantina and drove off to his home on his personal speeder bike

Rowan: So that's him? Takes a deep breath

Olivia: Yep, that's him. Stares at the sunset for a moment, thinking deeply

Rowan: Seems like an asshole... No wonder you don't like him...

Olivia: Mhm.

Rowan: Well then...

Olivia: I'd like to hear more about you. Tell me, how have you been? Turns to face Rowan and looks him dead in the eye

Rowan: Well... Sighs, takes a sip, then turns to face Liv Where do I begin...? He recounts his story of survival, what had happened during his nursing back to health, and of course, his Dark Jedi training After I finished my training, I left the planet on a personalized ship the planet's natives gave to me, and traveled around space. I just stopped by Tattooine to visit my home planet, and see what's happened in the years I've been gone.

Olivia: So... you're a Jedi now?

Rowan: Dark Jedi to be exact. I'm not a true Sith, nor am I a true Jedi. I use the Dark Side of the Force to my benefit and the benefit of others.

Olivia: I see... And where's your lightsaber?

Rowan: I have more than one. He takes out each of his lightsabers and shows them off to Liv one by one, the pair of identical sabers being shown at the same time

Olivia: Oh, cool! She claps after Rowan shows off his lightsabers in his personal fighting style

Rowan: Yeah. He sheathes each blade in their respective holsters

Olivia: So... What are you gonna do now?

Rowan: I'm gonna travel through Space some more, and I'll be stopping by every now and then.

Olivia: Oh... In that case, do me a favor.

Rowan: Huh?

Olivia: Stop by here twice every Tattooine month or so, okay?

Rowan: Yeah, sure. I'll need to keep a calendar though.

Olivia: Here. Hands Rowan a digital calendar calibrated to Tattooine's sun cycles

Rowan: Thanks. Places the digital calendar onto his mask and downloads a copy of the calendar into the mask's HUD So...

Olivia: I guess this is good bye for now...

Rowan: Yeah, I guess so...

Olivia blushes, shifting in place for a moment before hugging Rowan tightly and kissing him on the cheek.

Rowan: Olivia! W-what are you...?

Olivia: Giggles Don't worry about it. Goodbye Rowan, I'll see you later! She quickly skips away, getting on her personal speeder bike and driving back to her home

Rowan: *Honestly, that girl...* He stands there, blushing, then sighs. Time to go, I guess... He calls the Nebula over, gets inside, and flies off into space to continues his Space Adventures...

Somewhere in Hutta[]

Jace was sharing his stories with two attractive ladies having a drink with both beside him on his respective sides, in his harmer, with his helmet under the table, one Zeltron and the other was a Chiss, the Zeltron's name is Fae and the Chiss' name is Halhi. They were at a cantina.

Jace: In an enthusiastic tone, while using his hands motioning some actions in the story So I take two of the guards' jetpacks, one for me and the other for a literal irony bomb, attach the thermal detonators to the other jetpack, fly up to the Gungan's palace, he has a face of disbelief, then on the other jetpack was not just detonators, it was a saber I got from one of my hunts, then I said: “OY, YOU WANTED THIS SABER YOU CAN HAVE IT!", it flies straight to him, then boom.

Fae: Giggles Well Mr. Bradwen, from here I thought you were some lowly mercenary.

Halhi: Adds on But in actuality, you're a legend!

Jace: Switches to his normal tone Well I'm flattered.

Fae: In fact Me and Halhi wanted to know if the other tales are true...Smiles seductively while stroking her finger across his armor

Jace: Well, maybe we could find somewhere more private? Gets his helmet from out under

Both girls giggle and leads him all the way to something akin to apartments, but for various other “businesses", they lead him to a room and made him drop his helmet as Fae made him sit on a chair, while Halhi cleans herself up.

Fae: Straddles him while he's on the chair and kisses him deeply then pulls away Well the first half of the stories are true, but I wonder if the rest is...

Jace: It depends, which part? Places hand on her hip.

Fae: The part Puts hand on chest Where you Hand slides down to his waist YIELD! Grabs the knife near his waist then prepared to stab him with both hands on the knife.

Jace: Grabs her hands and squeezes lightly so she can drop the knife Firstly, saw that coming. Secondly Turns attention to Halhi who had a blaster pistol and aimed at her with his own I know the game that you two foxes have been playing with men, seducing then stealing, that's practically something my mother used before. And thirdly, my employers told me much about you two, and they're willing to pay me highly if I return you two.

Fae: You cheeky little--- Gets knocked out by Jace lightly with his blaster, then gets carried by Jace.

Jace: Now Halhi, You and I will pretend that Fae had one too many, until we get to my ship.

Halhi: Why wou---

Jace: You know who I am.

Halhi grumbles, as they got to his ship, which resembled Boba Fett's ship, and he cuffed both Fae and Halhi well and secured both, then piloted the ship and went off into space.

Halhi: Who hired you?

Jace: Well it depends, you remember your dad, you know, a member of the senate, Fae being your adoptive sister and all, oh and the fact the empire is trying to convince your father to side with them, so he sent you and Fae with all the skills needed, remember?

Halhi: Growls in annoyance, until Fae woke up FAE!

Fae: W-what happened?

Jace: Well my dears, you are currently being brought to my clients as part of my job, that good enough.

Fae: Growls in annoyance.

They exited Hutta and were in space and as they flew they found a large starship and it brought them in, as the starship is actually owned by his employers, Agents of the Empire. Due to the fact they couldn't risk evidence of bounty hunters they used a service ship.

On the Ship.[]

Jace landed his ship and got both Fae and Halhi. Then a bunch of Stormtroopers came by and their leader walked up to him.

Jace: Ah, yes um Grabs both Fae and Halhi You may take these two to the brig.

Fae: Gets grabbed by stormtrooper and tries to struggle, along with Halhi You ungrateful conniving sow, once my father hears about this, you'll die. Gets dragged away.

Jace: Waves bye to Fae and Halhi casually *Plan first, pay later.*

Stormtrooper (Commander): Mr. Bradwen.

Jace: Turns attention to him Yes? *Let's hope it's' the pay!*

Stormtrooper (Commander): Me and my men need to inspect your ship, standard procedure, you get the drill.

Jace: Go ahead, OH! Grabs the Stormtrooper's shoulder then whispers If you find any pieces of clothing, know that my reputation has earned me MANY beds.

Stormtrooper (Commander): Ahhh I see, me and my men will keep that in mind.

They went in and inspected it, then they found four containers

Stormtrooper ST-3V: Commander, I found something.

Stormtrooper (Commander): What is it soldier?

Stormtrooper ST-3V: These containers, they're made of a resistant material, cannot be detected in our thermal imaging, but scans read that they're hollow, I tried lifting one of these, but too heavy to be empty.

Stormtrooper (Commander): Are the containers' locks encrypted.

Stormtrooper ST-3V: Heavily sir.

They marched out, wheeling out the containers and the commander approaches Jace.

Stormtrooper (Commander): Mr. Bradwen what is in the containers?

Jace: Ahhh you see, I was planning to blow up this ship and everyone in it, take my pay and leave, continuing with my life, is that what you wanted to hear?

Stormtrooper (Commander): Stop playing around and tell me what is in these containers! He aims his blaster at him , as the other Stormtroopers circle him

Jace: Sighs, he then quickly got his saber and shoto, then spun around quickly beheading all of them, he turns off his sabers and sheathes them, then he presses the communicator on his helmet Alright guys it's clear, real job begins now.

Suddenly, the four containers beeped, the first three were louder. On the first container a human woman emerged who had brown eyes, pale white skin, short brown hair and a beret, she had Mandalorian armor as well, her name was Flow. The next one opened and it was a female Dathomirian, she had long silver hair, she wore cloth material and wore light armor, her name was Sai. The third one opened and it was a male Zabrak, sitting in a meditative style, he was at a medium armor range, he had an agile looking build, but did have visible muscle mass, he had a normal skin tone, and no form of hair, he appeared to be armed with some form of gauntlets, his name was Berserk. The Fourth opened and as Flow approached it, she got a an assault cannon out.

Jace: Alright, as we know we were employed by Senator Jaller to secure his daughters, but also retrieve information on the empire that the Republic may use, until we approach the brig, we destroy anything that comes in our way, clear?

Flow: You have to clarify? Raises her cannon up

Sai: As you wish...

Berserk: Nods *I shall do the legendary Darth Maul proud...*

They started running through the path where Fae and Halhi were taken, then when it became wider at a certain section they met with some Stormtroopers who opened fire, they instantly took cover.

Flow: What do we know? Narrowly avoids being shot

Sai: I could---

Jace: NO! Not yet, save your strength Switches to Flow Flow you provide some support fire Sees missile fly out the door and avoids it Give them something to shoot.

Flow: Smirks and deploys a ball, then it suddenly grows into a force field, she stands at the center and begins shooting EAT THIS EMPIRE DOGS!!!!!

Some of the Stormtroopers got shot, while the rest took cover, barely avoiding her assault.

Jace: Berserk, You and I will charge forward.

Berserk: Understood.

Flow hears these orders and stops shooting as her gun had overheated, then takes cover. Suddenly Jace and Berserk jump over her cover, as Jace got his Lightsaber out and Blaster, while Berserk's gauntlets gained blades at the side of his forearm area, with some parts glowing blue and coursing with electricity as they charge in. The Stormtroopers see this and start shooting.

Jace: He deflects and shoots, while running, some of the shots hitting the Stormtroopers Take the ones on the left, I take the right, once you're clear you and Sai, go take the path on the left to the communications room, while me and Flow take the right to the brig!

Berserk: Deflects some shots with his energy shields, and nodded.

Both Jace and Berserk jump, switching from their respective sides, Jace holstered his blaster and got his Lightshoto. The first Stormtroopers they killed made a certain scream. Jace blitzed through the storm troopers, cauterized parts at some places, while Berserk's was a brutal mess. The proceeded with the plan and they took their halls, as their partners followed.

Flow: Are you sure this is where the brig is located?

Jace: Yes.

Flow: Are you sure?

Jace: I am, I just know it's here.

After running a distance they shot up some Stormtroopers, and left an Imperial Agent alive as a hostage.

Jace: Grabs the Agent by the throat Where are they?

Agent: Points from desperation at one of the cells.

Jace: Drops him Make sure he doesn't try anything funny.

Flow: Nods.

Jace: Approaches the cell of Fae and Halhi and opened it, they were both still handcuffed Miss me?

Fae: Came here to gloat?

Halhi: You could have given us to any one, our father would---

Jace: Finishes for her Hire me to bring you two back to him, safely, as instructed, and take out a certain Imperial Agent?

Fae and Halhi were confused.

Jace: Come on we need to move before the charges are set and explode.

He rushed him back to his ship with Flow and the agent.

Jace: You two stay here, there are two blaster pistols right there for your protection. Points to where it's located

Fae: Wait before you go why?

Jace: Because, I'm the son of my father, in fact once you get reunited with your father search up “CH-41113".

Fae looked confused, but Halhi went back to her giving her one of the blasters.

Jace: He exited his ship and approached Flow Do not let any of the Empire enter that ship.

Flow: Will do, take this dog with you. Points at the agent.

Jace: Nods and brings him up, then ties him in fiber chord You sir bring me to the control room.

They arrived at the control room, the agents and Stormtroopers inside were nervous suddenly Jace opened the door and threw the agent in, with explosives attached to him. Jace heard the boom and saw the door dented up and slightly blackened from the explosion. He pulled put a drive, then downloaded all data they had, suddenly Berserk called him.

Berserk: Jace, explosives are set, but Sai was hit pretty bad, they have Terror Droids, we need to get out, now!

Jace: On it...

He ran as he got back, Berserk, who was carrying Sai, both were running straight for the ship.

Jace: GET IN, GET IN! He ran in with Berserk and Sai, and Flow.

Suddenly Ten Terror Droids came chasing out of the door.

Jace: Begins to pilot it Okay hang on He turns on the lightspeed and pulls out the detonator, presses it then the ship explodes Okay everyone job well done Looks at Fae and Halhi You two get to see your father again and we get paid.

Fae: Where are we meeting him?

Jace: Tattooine, at the outskirts, I'm also dropping Looks at Berserk, Flow and Sai these three there.

On the outskirts of Tattooine.[]

They were waiting in the ship all of them, Jace scaring away so e Tusken Raiders, Berserk and Sai meditating, while Flow she just looked at the outskirts, until a republic ship arrived, and out was Senator Jaller, Jace rushed over with Fae and Halhi.

Fae & Halhi: Daddy! Both hug him

Senator Jaller: My darlings hugs back and looks at Jace Thank you so much for your service Mr. Bradwen, as promised here's your pay. Gives him his credits

Jace: Thank you, Mr. Senator. Walks towards his ship

Fae: Rushes to Jace Hey, you make sure to Blushes Ah screw it, just remember us!l

Jace: Oh I will! Walks away

Senator Jaller flies off with his daughters.

Jace: Okay, here take it Gives credits to all three of them All yours.

Flow: What?

Jace: You can have it, just make sure to contact me when there's another job opening.

The three of them watched as he left Tattooine going back to Mandalore.

Jace: *If the Force exists, hope that I'm gonna have something in return...*

Back to Naethan..[]

As the many Jedi surround him, he swirls his lightsaber in one hand, as one of his arms is behind his back. He quickly checks all of his surrounding enemies. Suddenly Knight Reecher, holds out her arm in a quick succession, blasting a wave of fire at him. Naethan then gets Force gripped in his location as the wave passes by him, burning his clothes, but it doesn't do much to him. Curo jumps at him swinging in three quick successions, left right left. Naethan dodges the first 2 swings and jumps to dodge the last one. He extends his leg and kick Curo in the face, but he catches Naethan's foot with ease and throws him at the wall behind them.

Naethan: *Tch, nice swiftness.* He springs up to his feet, then Master Serena flings her lightsaber at him. He quickly jumps back onto the wall the jumps onto the ceiling. And for the split second that he's standing upside down on the ceiling, Naethan force pushes a large amount of weight down onto everyone, bringing them to their knees, and making the ground they're standing on, curve inwards. He jumps from the ceiling down onto the ground near Jedi Knight Micah and stands up, stabbing his lightsaber through Micah's back before he can respond.

Jedi Knight Reecher: NO! She leapt at Naethan igniting her lightsaber quickly enough and swung at Naethan. Before the lightsaber can reach him, he grabbed the back of Micah's torso, and pulled him up in front of his own body, Reecher slashing through Micah's body, ensuring his death. Her face turns from an angry, vengeful expression, to a shocked expression, instantly regretting her choice. Naethan throws Micah to the side and up-slashes at Reecher, severing her left arm. She hollers in pain as she hits the floor roughly and Naethan holds out his hand using Force Lightning at the group around the room, causing mini explosions of fire everywhere.

Naethan: This has gotta end now. He clicks something on his wrist and launches herself at Serena.

Serena: You won't get out of here alive! She furiously spins her lightsaber, also trying to hit his blindspots, but Naethan blocks most of the attacks, getting hit on the hip and grabbed by the neck, by Serena. Curo dashes at Naethan, about to impale him, but Naethan rotates his body, snapping his right foot sideways, catching Curo at the base of his chin. He felt the sharp crackle of the shattering jawbones, and Curo flew back off his feet and onto the ground. Serena swings downwards, which Naethan manages to dodge and spin on the ground kicking her in the chest. She moves back slightly and stabs her lightsaber in the ground in quick successions, Naethan leaping out of range from her. He does a backwards somersault, holding out his hand to his other lightsaber onto the floor and pulling it to his grasp. Suddenly when he turns around Serena and Curo launches themselves at him, each other of them clashing with a blade. He pivots his foot around striking each of them with slashes from under and over, trying to disarm and kill them, but then push him back using force push in unison. The push sends him through the wall, which he gets up from slowly.

Somewhere In the Outer Rim[]

Rowan is flying his Ionic Nebula around the Outer Rim, when a random Fire Lotus-Class starfighter painted in black intercepts Rowan. The pilot of the Fire Lotus attempts to contact Rowan through built-in communication systems.

Fire Lotus Pilot: Attention unidentified Eta-2 Actis, you are flying in restricted space, I'm going to ask you to land on Utapau so we can discuss your reasons for being here.

Rowan: *Restricted space? I thought this area was free travel.* Very well, I'll land ASAP.

FL Pilot: Your cooperation is greatly appreciated. Both the Pilot and Rowan head down to the surface of Utapau, where Rowan and the pilot exit their respective ships If you'll follow me, we'll lead you to our discussion area.

Rowan: Okay... *Something doesn't seem right.... I don't think this pilot is supposed to be here, and I've never heard of his flight squadron or organization before...* I have a bad feeling about this... Rowan quickly whispers this as the pilot escorts him to an isolated chamber, where other aliens are waiting there, all of them holding blasters, rifles, and laser pistols

Pilot: I can't believe the infamous Nova Reaper fell for such a simple trap! The pilot takes out a laser pistol, and aims at Rowan as every other being present there aims at Rowan also Any last words?

Rowan: It's time for Nova to have some fun! Rowan, or rather Nova, draws his dual lightsabers and jumps towards the ceiling, cutting the light fixtures apart then deactivates his sabers, causing the room to go completely dark as the group fires blind in the dark. A few of the attacks hit, but they don't hit their intended targets.

Rifle-using Alien: Where is he?! He fires blindly into the room several times, hitting some of his allies by accident and killing them

"Pilot:" Hold your fire, idiot! You're killing the group, not the Reaper! He cautiously aims his blaster around the dark room

Rowan: *Several down, a few to go... Are you sure you know what you're doing, Nova? Of course I do, just let me enjoy this. Fine, fine.* Nova sneaks up on the rifle user, and stabs him with his spinning saber, causing the remaining members of the group to attack where Nova struck. As Nova deflects the laser, one of said lasers manages to hit the saber, causing it to break in half and making Nova quickly holster it *Damn, he broke the saber! What a shame, I liked that one. Eh, I was starting to lose interest in it. Really? Yep. Maybe you should augment the dual sabers with the remnants of the dual-bladed saber. I might do that when we're safe and sound! Now hurry up and get us out of here in one piece; or the best you can do. I got it.* Nova hides in the shadows once more, watching as the group tries to get their shit together.

Leader (The "pilot"): Okay, pull it together, comrades! He's one human! We can beat him! He aims his weapon around again as the group quickly calms down and regain their focus

Rowan: *This is really sad... I know, it's fucking awesome! I guess... Let's finish this, I'm getting bored. On it.* Nova equips the Cross-guard saber, and jumps on top of one of the remaining enemies, impaling said enemy with the saber, then jumping off and finishing the rest of with a few quick slashes Sucks you had to meet the Nova Reaper. I wonder why they were trying to kill me... *Maybe you have a bounty on your head for what I do. Man, it's no fun having you take all the credit.* Yeah, yeah, whatever. He uses his the glow of his saber's blade to find his way out of the room, heading to the Fire Lotus craft to loot it, only getting a small amount of currency and finding extra lightsabers Huh... Looks like we just killed a Jedi-hunting crew. Rowan picks up one of the sabers and ignites it, a brilliant blue blade igniting Hm... I should just take this for the parts... He grabs the lightsaber collection and takes out all the crystals, seeing as the greens and blues wouldn't suit his style.

Once Rowan takes all the lightsabers for parts, he gets back in the Nebula, and takes a moment to collect his thoughts, and remembers his broken double-bladed saber. He quickly takes out the remainder of the weapon, then gets out his dual sabers. Concentrating heavily on the sabers, Rowan drifts into a deep meditation as the dual sabers are recreated with an additional handguard and an enhanced blade energy output. Once the sabers are finished with reconstruction, Rowan returns from meditation and inspects his new sabers.

Rowan: They'll do. And if they get ruined, I've still get all these extra parts... He holsters the sabers, and puts the extra lightsabers into a storage compartment as he prepares the Nebula for lift-off Okay, back to travelling through space. The Nebula lifts off and into the space above Utapau, docking into the personalized Hyperdrive Ring and initiating Light Speed and continuing his travel throughout space...

Quick Edit (For PC)[]