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Stella is one of the Digidestines from "Digimon Music Popstars!" She is the current leader of the original gang.

She is characterized as a happy-go-lucky, Friendly and at times brave character who always wears yellow clothing. Instead of a set of goggles; Like every other Digimon leader she wears a set of Sunglasses given to her by her mom, who died.

She is at times or most of the time very jump to-person which may bring a lot of trouble to her and the group. She also speaks her mind but without realizing the consequences of her actions. As a true leader, however, she manages to do whatever is necessary to rectify the situation, and in times of need, save friends and family from certain doom. She is the Popstar of Surprise. ("S&M", "Disturbia" & "Only Girl (In the World)") Her evil pop-song is "Hard" and her lost spirit song is "What's My Name?"




Stella's Digimon partner is Marbamon. Marbamon is the apple of surprise. It was later found out back in the ancestry times she was the leader of Surprise-Pop group and helped defend her honor against any evil until one day the digital world was struck by peace warriors and slept there lives away, to be awakened again but powerless and they need a partner. Marbamon is somewhat similar to her partner Stella in many ways.

Her Song Stages are:

  • Marbamon - Rookie Stage - NO SONG
  • Marcobamon - Champion Stage - "S&M(Suger & Money)"
  • Distortmon - Ultimate Stage - "Disturbia"
  • MothEarkmon - Mega Stage - "Only Girl (In the World)"
  • Muskogmon - Virus Stage - "Hard"
  • Stereomon - Lost Stage - "What's My Name?"