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Strike Witches: Guren no Dengekisen (Crimson Blitz) is an anime series with 12 episodes and video game on PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch. It is based on the Nintendo DS game Blitz in the Blue Sky and takes place in a different setting from the anime, it features Junko Takei as the protagonist. After Sakamoto Mio retired (after Season 2), she is deployed to the 501st Joint Fighter Wing and takes her place temporarily. She is watched by an unknown Witch. However, Junko might encounter the Witch in question at any moment. The Opening Theme "Guren no Tsubasa" is sung by Ishida Yoko. The Ending Theme "Red CRYSTAL" will be sung by KOTOKO.


Episode 1: New Commander of 501st![]

Junko was walking around the 504th base when she was told to report to Federica. It was revealed that the Minna has sent her an invitation as a temporarily commander in the 501st Joint Fighter Squadron "Strike Witches". Junko remembers the day she received the call that Mio is no longer a member of the 501st. After that, she arrvives at the 501st base via ship. There she is greeted by Yoshika Miyafuji and Shizuka Hattori, a new member. They guide her inside the 501st base.

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