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FA: Episode 2 of Stupidly Together, named Stupidly 4 in 1!

(Note: When Kaori, Kimu, or Honoo speak, a bubble with their head in it appears over Ruka's head)

-Theme plays-

-After Theme, it shows Ruka, standing up in the lab-

Ruka: Woah..-holds head- Did I have a dream I was joined tog- -looks around- T_T

Kaori: Oh come on! I don't wanna be joined together with 2 boys!

Kimu: I don't wanna be with 2 girls...and my brother..

Honoo: Hey!

-steps heard, getting louder every step-

Ruka: -steps back toward door- Gotta..get..OUTTA HERE! -runs out-

-a gray haired man with a white coat on runs around the corner-

???: Hey!

-Ruka runs toward the school, and trips on a rock-

Kaori: Ow! That hurt!

Ruka: So you can feel my actions... -.-"

Honoo: Don't go to school with we're merged together!

-a student is walking around, and sees Ruka-

Ruka: O_O.... Heh...

Student: -runs up- Aren't you supposed to be in class?!

Ruka: Heh..

-5 Minute Commercial Break-

Student: Get to class..or I'll call the police!

Ruka: Heh....-heart beats faster-

Student: You going?!

Ruka: -hesitates, then quickly runs back into forest-


-Police chase after Ruka-

Kaori: What have you done, oneechan?!

Kimu: Yeah!

Ruka: Like Honoo said earlier...

Honoo: I'm right for once!

Ruka:! -now some police are on motorcycles-

Kaori: Better run faster!

Ruka: I-I-I'm trying!

-Ruka jumps into a tree, which has a bee nest-

Honoo: I'm allergic to bees! -bees fly around, furiously-

Kaori: I go into a short coma if I get stung by a bee!

Ruka: ... O_O

-End of Episode 2-