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FA: Time for Episode 3 of Stupidly Together, named Stupidly Having to See Private Parts

-Opening plays-

-After the Opening, it shows a quick review of the last Episode, then it shows Ruka in the tree again-

-the bees fly around, and a very large one flies onto Ruka's arm-

Kaori: ... O_O Do not..move...

-the bee pokes his stinger into Ruka's arm-

Ruka: Woah! -to the viewers, it shows Ruka's vision, with everything turned black and white, then completely black, and Ruka falls down to the ground from the tree-

Sheriff: -walks up- Idiot...

-the screen shows a totally white background, with Kaori running across it-

-Then, it shows Ruka, in a nurse bed-

Ruka: -opens eyes- ..Ugh...-looks around- ...

-the Nurse enters the room-

Nurse: Oh! You've been asleep for awhile! -outside the window, the sun has almost completely set-

Ruka: -looks out the window, then looks at the clock- Wah!

Nurse: But...I didn't know you were allergic to bees...but I knew your sister Kaori was...

Ruka: Heh...-scratches head-

-5 Minute Commercial Break-

-Now, it shows Ruka in her house-

Ruka: -sighs- Boys?

Kimu and Honoo: Yeah?

Ruka: Can you see what I see?

Kimu and Honoo: Yeah...

Ruka: I was gonna take a bath...

Kimu: Heh...

-it then shows Ruka in the bathtub-

Honoo: Big boobs, you got there, Ruka!

Ruka: Shut up...

-the screen turns into a white background, with Honoo running across it-

-it then shows Ruka, out of the bathtub, with a towel around her, but half her breast is showing-

Honoo: Toilet, please!

Ruka: I am totally not doing this.... -.-"

-End of Episode 3-