Anime Fanon

FA: Yo! Time for Stupidly Together...episode 4 named Stupidly Working Out!

-Opening plays-

-After Opening, it shows Ruka in front of a public gym-

Ruka: Should I really sign up here? -.-"

Kaori: No, oneechan! The stupid boys are just trying to make you do stupid stuff!

Honoo and Kimu: Hey! We're here too!

Ruka: Well....-walks in, and bumps into a tall, gray haired man- Oh, I'm sorry!

???: It's fine.. -waves hand, and walks away-

Ruka: There's something weird about him..

Kimu: Like you?

Ruka: Quiet...or you'll unmerge in a billion pieces...

Kimu: Fine!

Honoo: Just sign up already!

Ruka: ...Hmph...

-screen switches to Ruka walking a track outside of the gym-

Kaori: You seriously HAD to sign up?!

Kimu: Ha ha!

Kaori: Quiet, Kimu!

Honoo: Be nice to Kimu-san, Kaori-chan!

Kaori: Be quiet, Honoo-pyon!

Honoo: What did you just call me?!

Ruka: Quiet! All of you!

-5 Minute Commercial Break-

-Ruka is now swimming in the pool, from one side to another-

Honoo: So....Kaori-chan? What does "pyon" mean?

Kaori: I don't know! I just learned it from some anime!

Kimu: -mumbles- Stupid Otaku...

Kaori: I heard that!

Ruka: Stop it, would ya?!

Kaori: But Kimu is making fun of me!

Ruka: Kimu, stop making fun of her, and Kaori, stop complaning..

Kaori: Now YOU'RE being mean to me!

Lifeguard: Everyone out!

Ruka: Why?

Lifeguard: Someone made a dump at the other end of the pool...

Kaori: Disgusting!

Ruka: Ok.. -climbs out-

Kimu: Can you cancell the membership now?

Ruka: No...because I spent $100 for it!

Kimu: ...Hmph! Fine!

Kaori: Can we go home?!

Ruka: Sure...

-End of Episode 4-