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FA: Stupidly Together, Episode 5, Stupidly Bored

-Opening plays-

-After opening, it shows Kaori, sitting in a big chair-

Honoo: Kaori is terrible at taking over...

Tsuki: Agreed, Brotha

Ruka: She just can't think of what to do!

Kaori: Oneechan, -sigh- is right...

Honoo: No! I absolutely disagree!

Ruka: You idiots, be quiet! She's only 10!

Honoo: And I'm only 11!

Ruka: She's the youngest!

Tsuki: Honoo is the 2nd youngest!

Ruka: I'm...the oldest...

Kaori: Stop fighting you guys..

Tsuki: Honoo started it!

Honoo: No, you did!

Ruka: Morons...

-5 Minute Commercial Break-

Kaori: Stop fighting!

Tsuki & Honoo: NO!

Ruka: Leave them be..

Kaori: But how can I not hear them?

Ruka: ._. Take a nap?

Honoo: But I don't want a nap..

Tsuki: Same...

Kaori: I won't if you stop fighting!

Tsuki: ...Sorry, Honoo...

Honoo: Sorry, Tsuki...

Kaori: Now, can I turn on the radio...?

Tsuki, Honoo, & Ruka: Sure

Kaori: -turns on Pop music-

Tsuki: I want Rock & Roll!

Honoo: No! Jazz!

Ruka & Kaori: Idiots...

-End of Episode 5-