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MA: Yo, Stupidly Together, Episode 6, Stupidly Met By A Stupid Man, airs now!

-Opening plays-

-After Opening, it shows Ruka walking through the woods-

Tsuki: Don't get any thorns, Ruka!

Ruka: Be quiet, you...

Honoo: He just warned you! You should atleast say "Thank you"!

Ruka: Whatev- -falls in a thorn bush-

Kaori: Oneechan...

Tsuki: Told ya...

Ruka: Who cares! -jumps up, and pulls out some thorns-

-nearby, there's a man and a policeman talking-

Man: I swear! More than a week ago, someone went into my lab!

Policeman: Quiet, quiet, 1 question, why do you even have a lab?

Man: -hesitates- That...doesn't matter right now!

Tsuki: Could we have gone in that stupid man's lab?

Ruka: Maybe...

Man: -turns to Ruka- MAYBE WHAT?!

-5 Minute Commercial Break-

Ruka: I-I-I was thinking to myself! I said "maybe" 'cause it's almost my lunch time!

Man: ...Police! Arrest this woman!

Ruka: I'm 16... -.-"

Man: You could be drunk for crying out loud!

Ruka: Maybe you...

Policeman: Stop! Both of you!

Man: Officer Joe, Officer Joe, arrest her!

Joe: Quiet down, Dr. John...

John: No! No! -kicks Ruka in the side of the head, and runs away-

Joe: -turns to Ruka- You ok?

Ruka: -rubs head- Yeah...

Joe: I'll get him..-jumps on motorcycle, and drives away-

Kaori: You ok, oneechan?

Tsuki: Told you thorns were bad luck!

Ruka: You just told me not get thorns in me...

Tsuki: ...Oh well!

Honoo: Let's go home!

Ruka: -sighs- Fine...

-Ending plays-

-End of Episode 6-