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John and Maria woke up, the next morning after they met with the mysterious girl and their house appeared. Still knowing little about this world, they figured they had some time on my hands, and proceeded to really check out their new home. Small, comfortable, and sturdy. A true success in compact home construction. It feels nice in there.

???: Stop, you two! (Teishi shi, anata wa futatsu!)

In the instant of shock, John and Maria turned to the sound. However, a being from the opposite threw a large woven sack over their heads. The being from the right that they assumed yelled to me tied the open end shut.

Within seconds, they were kidnapped!

Summon Creature 2: Wheh d'we take 'im, boss? (Doko de, jōshi ni sorera o toru nodesu ka?)

Summon Creature 1: Masteh said f 'rus to present ouah lil' catch here in hes Room. Ahkay, comrahds! Hoist and carreh on! (Masutā wa, watashitachi wa kare no heya de, koko de watashitachi no chīsana kyatchi o teiji suru tame ni itta. Sate, dōshi! Hoisuto to tsudzukete iku!)

John was expecting something like "Throw 'im in deh coldest and dahkest cell in deh dungeon!"

When the beings finally stopped carrying John and Maria, They saw the sack being untied, and then they were thrown out and onto a good-looking tiled floor.

???: Ah ha! You actually found just the two I wanted! Excellent job, Summon Creatures! You are free for the rest of the day! Leave my prize and me alone... (Ā hekutāru! Anata wa jissai ni watashi ga hoshikatta chōdo 2tsu hakken! Subarashī shigoto, shōkan ikimono! Anata wa sonohi no nokori wa muryōdesu! Hitori de watashi no shō to watashi o nokoshi...)

He’s... Wait. John and Maria have met this guy before. Blue hair, Ponytail, handsome. He’s... Ryouga.

Summon Night Swordcraft Story 2: The Animation

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