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Super Star (Lucky Star Magical Girl Sequel)
Format Comedy, Yuri, Magical Girl, slice of life,
Created by Crazyrox
English Network Magic Girl
First aired November 26, 2010
Last aired December 10, 2010

Super Star is the sequel to the original anime, Lucky Star. It is a magical girl theme instead

of the half-yuri, comedy, and slice of life themes (but is still has slice of life).

Konata x Kagami

Main Couple: Konami (Konata x Kagami)


While Miyuki goes to America and Tsukasa to Africa, Konata and Kagami go to the same university,

Otaku University. When the 2 get to the attic (their room), it's a huge mess. Konata turns into a magician

and makes it look like a super otaku's room. The Student Council warns Kagami that whoever their roommates with, yuri comes along. In Episode 3, it is revealed that the Student Council are all Yuri Lovers, and they kiss another girl with their huge lips, and the girl who was kissed must follow the Yuri Lovers' orders, and the girl who was kissed is turned into a Yuri Lover also. In Episode 4, Amane (The SC's President's assistant) tricks Kagami into thinking that herself, Kagami, and Konata were the only ones who weren't a Yuri Lover.

Amane then kisses Kagami, then Kagami turns into a Yuri Lover. In Episode 8, Miyuki visits Konata and Kagami. While Konata is in the shower, Kagami kisses Miyuki, and orders her to visit Tsukasa in Africa, and kiss her also. Kagami's main goal is to kiss Konata, but the 2 are always in public.


Kagami Hiiragi[]

Kagami is the main character in Super Star, while Konata was in Lucky Star. She is a cranky girl in Lucky Star, but in Super Star, she is a calm girl, but sometimes, she's cranky. In Episode 5, Amane kisses Kagami, and she turns into a Yuri Lover. When Miyuki visits, Kagami kisses Miyuki, and orders her to go to Africa, and kiss Tsukasa. Her main goal is to kiss Konata, but there isn't time, because they're always in public.

Konata Izumi[]

In Super Star, she is much like she was in Lucky Star. But, in Super Star, she is a magician in a witch's costume. She is still a otaku as she always been, but is more "otaku-ic" in Super Star. She never gets kissed from any Yuri Lover intil Episode 27, which was from Kagami.