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Survive Phantasy
Created by Akira Jotaro (aka Justice0)
Writer(s) Akira Jotaro
Director(s) Akira Jotaro
No. of episodes 31
Run time 21-25 minutes

Survive Phantasy is an anime that was written, directed, and created by Akira Jotaro who also created the anime Armored Arena, Acceleration Star, and Rusty Sky.

The story takes place in year 2035, where technology has been advanced very far in video gaming and a brand new online game known as Survive Phantasy serves as the world's number one video game. The story is about a boy who awakens inside Survive Phantasy with no memories and no way of logging out, but despite being in a video game, he bleeds and feels pain.


After waking up in the Void of Beginning, Hero hears a voice that says "Awaken, and come to save me" and falls onto the Entrance of Heroes, appearing in SteamWork City being unknowing of anything besides his name and how to play the game. As he walked through the city, he encounters someone by the name of Hatter and was almost conned until a girl named Arika stopped Hatter. As they began to fight each other, Hero just walks away from them and meets with two high leveled men who stopped him from passing through. The two men then tried to beat Hero out of his Beginner Money until they were easily beaten by him without ever drawing his weapon; amazed from seeing this, Hatter immidiately tried to join his party, ignoring Arika. Hero denied Hatter's party request, but he accepted his friend request along with Arika's; soon after that, Hero went on exploring the city again and spent his money on a sword, then left the city in search of his memories, his reasons, and his goal. He later encounters with Hatter and Arika again along with a knight named Musashi, a mage named AlilA, and a thief named Clyde, and forms a guild named SURVIVAL to search for the mysterious "Ghost" that lives in the game.




The main protagonist. He is a young man who was trapped inside the game, Survive Phantasy, for unknown reasons and has no memories of anything of the outside world. As a Ghost, he survives in the game like a normal player, but can feel real pain, bleed, and have real scars from battle, making the game his actual life. He is a Warrior Class who wears a unique set of armor that he had since he began. Throughout the story, he is shown at the levels, 1, 2, 7, 11, 15, 23, 25, 36, 47, 69, 89, and 97. He uses a two-handed sword as his primary weapon, but unlike all other players, he is allowed to dual wield with it because he is outside of the game programming. He is the official leader of the guild, SURVIVAL, even though he wasn't the one who created it nor does he do much of anything in it. He is a boy who prefers to be alone rather than in a group of people and enjoys a quiet life, so he would often deny party requests and does many quests alone. His real name was never revealed. He is voiced by Hiro Shimono.


A mysterious girl who appears throughout Survive Phantasy as an actual ghost. She is like Hero, trapped inside the game without any way of escaping, but unlike Hero, she wasn't allowed to leave a special area only known as "The Room" and has the ability to make a ghost of herself appear anywhere she wishes to be for a limited time. She is mostly only heard of through her voice and not her sightings, which sparks many arguments and questions in the forums. Not very much is known about her. She was the one who spoke to Hero at the beginning. She was shown to have already fallen in love with Hero before they were trapped in Survive Phantasy. Her real name was never revealed. She is voiced by Nana Mizuki.

Guy Boss[]

Another player who is trapped inside the game, Survive Phantasy. He is like Hero, fell into the Entrance of Heroes, began with unique armor, not bounded by the game restrictions, and lives in Survive Phantasy as his real life. Unlike Hero though, he retains his memories of his real self, but also doesn't know of why he is trapped in the game. He is a Mechanic Class with unique steampunk armor and uses gauntlets as his primary weapon. During his time shown, he was levels 39 and 40. He is an outgoing and talkative young man who had made many friends and joined many parties before. He was later killed by being cut in half during Hero and his first encounter with Reaper; his death caused an outbreak of questions in the forums. His real name was revealed to be Haruto Aikawa. He is voiced by Tomokazu Seki.



A sly and fox-faced player who likes to con players out of their money and equipment. He is a Mechanic Class who wears a unique armor set, known as Steam Madness, he won from Midnight Casino. He uses a crossbow as his primary weapon but later switches to dual guns. During his times shown, he was levels 11, 12, 13, 15, 23, 39, 51, 66, 71, and 91. He is a cowardly but fearsome player who is famous throughout the forums because of many rumors that were started by beginner players. Despite his cowardliness, when he is angered or desperate, he would often activate his Unique Ability, Gears of Insanity, an ability that poisons the opponent(s) and multiplies his attack power by 10 while dividing his intelligence by 3; his stats restores back to normal after an hour passes. His real name was revealed to be Kisuke Hata and his true personality is timid and shy. He is based off the Mad Hatter from the Alice in Wonderland stories. He is voiced by Akira Ishida.


Hatter's friend in real life and in the game. She is a hot-headed and tomboyish Warrior Class player who likes to act as a "Hero of Justice" kinda of person, helping as many players as possible and accepting as much rescue quests as she can do. She uses a great sword as her primary weapon but later switches to dual sabers because a greatsword was too slow. During her show times, she was levels 11, 12, 13, 16, 24, 38, 65, 71, and 90, also always appearing with Hatter. Her real name was revealed to be Akira Kogawa and her real personality was really that of what she was in the game. She is voiced by Emiri Kato.


A former member of Guy Boss's party before he died. He is a Knight Class player who has a deep love for swordsmanship, honor, and samurai, therefore, he named himself Musashi, based on the famous samurai, Musashi Miyamoto. He chose to be a knight by accident and really wanted to be a warrior. He uses a two-handed sword as his primary weapon and uses a shield as his secondary weapon. During his show times, he was levels 34, 45, 72, and 93. His real name was revealed to be Takezo Shinmei, a history loving kendo student. He is voiced by Daisuke Ono.


Pronounced "a-Li-La". She is a cynical and uncaring Mage Class who becomes a hot-headed and motivated person when in a fight. She is known to be a PK because of her tendency to go overboard when dueling with other players. She uses a magic staff as her primary weapon and a spell horn as her secondary. During her times shown, she was levels 29, 37, 80, and 90. She was the real creator of SURVIVAL and registered it in Hero's name. Her real name was revealed to be Fujiko Yamada and her real personality is shown to be an average Japanese girl. She is voiced by Chiaki Omigawa.


A friend of Arika and Hatter in the game and real life who didn't know that they played until he met them with Guy Boss in Sunset Forest. He is a Thief Class player who uses a magic rifle as his primary weapon but sometimes switches it with a dagger. During his times shown, he was levels 52, 63, and 92. He is a kind and playful boy who loves pranks and helping people, which is ironically, not the type personality a thief would usually have. His real name is revealed to be Ryuuta Ayasegawa. He is voiced by Kenichi Suzumura.

Main Antagonists[]


A giant level ?? specter monster wearing a black cloak and has a skull head with only one glowing eye. It wields a giant scythe as its weapon. When it dies, it stays permenantly dead and never to appear again, but it was never defeated until Hero fought it for the third time. Unlike other monsters, it has a mind of its own and doesn't follow the programming it was given. It began stalking Hero after he arrived in the game, but did not make an appearance until Battle Field and didn't encounter with Hero until Sunset Fort. It killed Guy Boss in Sunset Fort by cutting him in half, scaring Arika into becoming AFK and waking up as she was still logged into Survive Phantasy. It encountered Hero again in Gaia Amazon where it appeared for only an instant, leaving a scar on Hero's face. It died in their third encounter in the End Void. It is voiced by Fumihiko Tachiki.


As its name implies, it is an unknown monster that is level ?? and is just a dark glowing being with no real form. The only people to have ever seen it were the people of Hero's party. It was defeated by Crystal after she was freed from The Room. It is voiced by Tomokazu Seki.


  • Survive Phantasy - An online game that has become the world's number one video game in year 2035, with millions of players and a system controller that puts the player's mind into the game named the Sense Controller. The name "Survive Phantasy" means "Survive the illusion" according to Akira Jotaro.
  • Sense Controller - The game controller helmet that is required to play Survive Phantasy. It is a device that implants a person's mind into the game, Survive Phantasy, putting the body to rest but the mind and five senses inside the game, allowing the player to feel a full fantasy adventure as if it were real. When the player gets damaged, he/she is given a small shock to add in a damaging feel, but the shocks are small enough to not do any real painful damages. It also scans the player's body, making the player also appear in the game as his or her own character.
  • Void of Beginning - The character creation mode of Survive Phantasy, where players create their characters by getting their bodies scanned and choosing their classes before the game starts, where they then teleport into the first city. In Hero's case, he had awakened there and fallen into the game, unlike real players who are teleported into the game instead.
  • PC - The type of money that is used in Survive Phantasy. PC stands for Phantasy Credits.
  • Beginner Money - Unlike other games, Survive Phantasy has a system were newly joined players are awarded 150,000PC so they could either save or spend on beginner equipment. If Beginner Money is saved for a day, it lowers to 25000PC unless atleast 10000PC is spent. Some higher level players would often try to con beginners out of their money or Force Duel for their money.
  • AFK - Away From Keyboard, meaning that a player is still logged in online but not currently playing.
  • Force Duel - Like a regular Duel in an online game, but is forced instead. Force Duels can be done by using the items: Battle Glove, Fight Bell, or Combat Crystal, which are very rare and expensive items, but Force Duels can also be done by breaking the rules and conducting illegal player battles.
  • PK - Player Killer, a player who kills other players through force duels. Often times, Player Killers would kill other players for their money or equipment, though there are some who become Player Killers just for fun.
  • Stream - A glowing river of light that is shown in the skies of every field, showing the way to a city, camp, or safe zone.
  • Phantasm - A player's ultimate attack that only level 100 players can use. Due to Hero's situation, he was able to learn his Phantasm early and was able to use it when he was level 47. Including Hero, there are only seven people who has learned their Phantasm attacks, meaning that there are only six level 100 players.
  • Unique Ability - There are a few players in Survive Phantasy who are able to learn special abilities which only they can learn. To learn a Unique Ability is impossible unless the player possesses a unique armor set, which are very rare and virtually impossible to find even with luck improving items. Unique Abilities are different depending on the armor set and class.
  • Ghost - This refers to the characters who are trapped in the game, Crystal and Hero, mysterious people who are trapped inside Survive Phantasy with no memories of who they truly are and live in the game as if it were a real world. Crystal however, is locked inside a room while Hero is free to do anything in Survival Phantasy.


These are the classes that players were allowed to play as, determining their skills and weaponry. Every class was shown in the anime, but not all classes were used by unique characters.

  • Warrior - The basic class. A class that is dedicated to power and close-range fighting, mainly using swords or polearms. Warrior weapons include: one-hand sword (changes to dual sabers if player uses two), two-hand sword, dagger, great sword, axe, spear, pike, halberd, and shield.
  • Fighter - A class that has balanced skills in overall. It is a close-range fighting class that uses no long ranged weapons. Fighter weapons include: tonfa, nunchucku, dagger, gauntlets, one-hand sword, and fight staff.
  • Mechanic - A class that is dedicated to intelligence and has weapons of all ranges. Mechanics also have abilities to create machines faster than other classes. Mechanic weapons include: gauntlets, crossbow, handguns (changes to dual guns if player uses two), shield, magic staff, and magic rifle.
  • Thief - A class that is dedicated to speed and uses both far-ranged and close-ranged weapons. Thieves have the ability to take items from monsters while they are still alive. Thief weapons include: one-hand sword (changes to dual sabers if player uses two), crossbow, dagger, tonfa, magic rifle, and spear.
  • Mage - A class that is dedicated to intelligence and uses mainly far-ranged weapons. Mage is the only class that allows healing of a person without the use of an item. Mage weapons include magic staff, magic rifle, one-hand sword, and spell horn.
  • Knight - A class that is dedicated to defense and uses mainly powerful close-range weapons. Knight weapons include: lance, two-hand sword, great sword, halberd, spear, and shield.
  • Blacksmith - A class that is dedicated to intelligence and are able to use all types of weaponry. Blacksmiths have the ability to create weapons the fastest and easiest compared to the other classes. Blacksmith weapons include every weapon able to be created in the game, but because of this, they are the weakest class.


These are the locations that were shown and mentioned in the anime. Not every location is shown or mentioned but many places were.

  • SteamWork City - The very first city in the game, therefore, it is subtitled "The Awaking City". It is a city that is styled after a steampunk theme built over a beach; it has gears all throughout the city and many buildings with steam coming out of chimneys covering parts of the blue skies with clouds. It's notable locations are the Entrance of Heroes, Gear Fountain Square, Steamwalk Path, and Garys Castle.
  • Stream Plains - The first level area that is filled with monsters. It is a huge plains field that has very many level 1-10 monsters and one level 25 monster that is hidden somewhere deep in the fields. It's notable locations are the SteamWork City Gate, Abandoned Fish House, Aura Lake, and Door of Nothing.
  • Void of Nothing - The first dungeon and the only way to pass through Stream Plains for the first time. It is an area that is similar to the Void of Beginning but instead has monsters levels 5-15. The boss of the void is a level 19 unknown entity named Ventus. It is a completely empty place with nothing but void monsters and a straight path to a light that is the exit.
  • Cleo City - The second city in the game, subtitled "Home of the Paradise Lion". It is a city built on a hill next to a beach and themed after a resort town; it has a long beach at the end of the hill, white and blue buildings and landscapes throughout the city, and a clear sky with only the sun and the moon shown. It's notable locations are the Portal of Paradise, Fountain of the Sun, Sea's Bazaar, and Cleo Castle.
  • Twilight Beach - The second level area that is filled with monsters. It is a huge beach that has many level 5-20 monsters with rare level 3 monsters. It's notable locations are the Celestial Ocean, Dorado Island, and Twilight Garden.
  • Midnight Casino - A camp inbetween Twilight Beach and Mana Pass. It is a casino where players are aloud to gamble to obtain money or special items, but it is only open during night time. It's notable items are the Black Luck Suit, Red Chance Suit, and White Fortune Suit, which are all costumes that highly increase luck.
  • Mana Pass - The second part of the second level area with mostly monsters level 10-25. It is a grassland with one pathway that directly leads from Midnight Casino and Twilight Beach to Airou Canyon. It's notable locations are White Pond, Mana Fountain, and Illusion Castle.
  • Illusion Castle - The second dungeon and the only way to pass through Mana Pass without opening a gate. It is a large ruined castle filled with level 20-30 monsters and one level 34 mini-boss goblin monster named Eizendas. The boss of the castle is a level 39 specter named Anemos. It is an old ruined castle filled with traps and hidden areas.
  • Arena City - The third city in the game, subtitled "The Great Warrior City". It is a great city with many people from through out the world and a giant colosseum that shows battles between players or captive monsters. It's notable locations are the Arena Portal, Fountain of Fighters, Dynamos Coloseum, and Dynamos Castle.
  • Battle Field - The third level area that is filled with monsters. It is a huge field with many trees, hills, and travel posts. It is the only field in the game to have guardian NPC in the field because of the many shops and travellers that go to Arena City. It has many level 40-57 monsters and one deeply hidden level ?? specter monster named Reaper who also appears in later levels.
  • Solatopia - The forth city in the game, subtitled "Title of Law". It is a beautiful utopian city that has no connections to the other cities of the world except for Gran Rey City. It is known to have very strict laws and forbids any violence, so any player to create violence is immidiately stripped of all weapons and battle armor, never to obtain them again. It's notable locations are Sunrise Portal, Fountain of Truth, Sola Library, and Sola Citadel.
  • Sunset Forest - The forth level area that is filled with monsters. It is a large and mysterious forest full of trees and unknown creatures ranging at random levels, mostly between levels 50-65. It's notable locations are the Dryad Pool and Sunset Fort.
  • Sunset Fort - The third dungeon and the only optional dungeon due to its extreme difficulty. It is an abandoned fort in the middle of Sunset Forest and filled with unknown monsters of unknown levels. The boss of the fort is a level 76 chimera named Pharos.
  • Gaia City - The fifth city in the game. It was only mentioned and was never shown in the anime.
  • Gaia Amazon - The fourth dungeon in the game that comes immidiately after leaving Gaia City, but because of that, it is also counted as a field. It is filled with level 70-86 monsters and one level 88 goblin mini-boss named Crudus. The boss of the amazon is a level 90 beast monster named Simia.
  • Gran Rey Kingdom - The sixth and final city in the game. It is the capital of the country and rules over all of the other cities. It is a grand and large city full of life and beauty with a great view of the ocean and the land. It's notable locations are the Portal of Heroes, King Rey Fountain, Aura Cathedral, and Gran Rey Castle.
  • Aurora Field - The fifth dungeon and the only way to get to the End Void. It is a deformed field full of twists and turns, tricks and traps, and level 90-98 monsters. The mini-boss of the field is a level 99 devil beast named Mephisto and the boss is a level 100 deity named Chaos.
  • End Void - The final dungeon of the game and the most difficult, having being defeated by no one. There are nothing but two bosses, level ?? Reaper and level ?? Unknown.
  • The Room - A secret room that was created deep inside the game without even the game developers knowing of it. It is a pure white room with nothing but a table, tea set, chair, and stuffed doll in the middle of it. The only people who were able to enter the room were Hero and Crystal.