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Survive Phantasy: Another

Story by

Akira Jotaro


Akira Jotaro


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スバイブ ファンタジー: アノザー


Subaibu Fantajī: Anoza

Alternate title

Another Survival Fantasy

Music by

Yuki Kajiura



Running time

115 minutes





Survive Phantasy: Another (スバイブ ファンタジー: アノザー) is a Japanese animated feature film written and directed by Akira Jotaro as a spin-off of the anime series, Survive Phantasy. The story is a young girl in year 2035 who joins the popular game of Survive Phantasy and finds out she is trapped in the game with no way to escape.


On the release date of the much anticipated game, Survive Phantasy, Ai Tsukino went to buy the game along with her friends Ran Ayano and Hiro Asagi. After getting the game, the three friends logged into the game and started out their adventures, eventually all reaching the mid teens in level. The next day, news of a murderer was released and that he was armed and dangerous. Without worry, Ai went back to her home after the school day ended and logged into Survive Phantasy to play with her friends, but that night, the murderer was being chased and entered the Tsukino home in hopes of escaping the police. When he broke down the door and entered, he was shot at by the police, but he ran to the second floor of the house and entered Ai's room, then using her as a hostage as she was unconscious in reality. Fearing for his life, the murderer killed Ai out of panic by shooting her in the neck, but he was immidiately shot and killed afterwards. Not realizing anything, Ai was still in Survive Phantasy as Luna, she felt a shock at the time she was shot, but lost no HP and just passed it off; Ai, now as Luna, continued with her friends in the game until it was time for her to log out, but though the log out button was there, she could not exit. The next day, Ran and Hiro went to Ai's house only to find her parents grieving and policemen everywhere. After three days passed, Ran and Hiro decide to once again enter Survive Phantasy to try to forget the sadness of their dear friend's death, but as they entered the game, waiting impatiently in front of them was Ai Tsukino as Luna, annoyed and wondering why they weren't online for the last three days. As Ai lives in the world of Survive Phantasy, she is kept away from the truth of what happened to her in reality and searches for an answer to how she can escape the fantasy survival of Survive Phantasy with the help of her friends and a mysterious player named ALIS while being stalked by the unknown monster, Reaper.


Ai Tsukino (Luna) Chinatsu Akasaki
ALIS Yoshitsugu Matsuoka
Ran Ayano (RanRan) Kaori Ishihara
Hiro Asagi (Xanta) Hiro Shimono
Reaper Fumihiko Tachiki