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Suzume Ebina (海老名雀?) is Nozomi's older sister, and the Fashion Club leader of Lapistoria Academy. Suzume and Nozomi appear in Pop'n Music Lapistoria: ANOTHER STORY 2, the sequel of Pop'n Music Lapistoria: ANOTHER STORY.

Suzume P1
Suzume Ebina
 Kanji 海老名雀
 Romaji Ebina Suzume
 Nickname Suzu
• Characteristics•
 Race Human
 Gender Female
 Hair Color Light blue with Pink bangs
 Eye Color Chocolate Brown
• Professional Status•
 Occupation Cosplayer
Tsugidoka! Ally
Lapistoria Academy Student
• Personal Status•
 Status Alive
 Relative(s) Nozomi (Older Sister)
Hasami (Doppelganger)
• Abilities and Equipment•
 Magic Lapis Magic
Weapon Change
• Debuts•
 Anime Pop'n Music Lapistoria: ANOTHER STORY
• Origin•
 Universe Pop'n Music
 Creator Tomoe

Suzume welds a teal circle-shaped lapis.


Suzume appears to be a loud-and-proud girl who shows interest in cosplaying and fashion. and wishes to become a famous tailorist.


Suzume is the proud-and-loud fashion lover, and a fellow student of Lapistoria Academy.


Hasami appears to be a main protagonist and a new ally to the Tsugidoka gang, as she likes to go on adventures with her younger sister Nozomi,


Suzume has brown skin, short light blue hair with pink bangs with part of her hair in a bun, and chocolate brown eyes. She wears a Blue and Black Crop top with a triangle chest window, with blue and white goggles on her neck. She has Black and blue shorts, and a black leg garter. She also wears some black handcuffs with labeling. She wears black and blue sneakers.


In her change card, she wears a School Seifuku that resembles Dark Nia's outfit, and she has some fluffy legwarmers.

NET Self[]

  • Attack: Magic! (魔法 Mahō!)
  • Damage: Noo! (ダメダメダメ!Damedamedame)
  • GOOD Play: Cosplay! (コスプレ!!Kosupure)
  • BAD Play: Too Much Strings..! (弦が多すぎる...! Genga ō Sugiru)
  • WIN: Fluffy... (ふにゃふにゃ Funya Funya)
  • LOSE: She Took Over... (彼女は私の体を乗っ取った......。Kanojo wa... watashi no karada o nottotta..)