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T.U.F.F. Puppy (anime style)
Format Anime
Created by Butch Hartman, ???
Run time 30 minutes
Rated TV-Y7-FV
English Network Right Stuf Network
Starring Samuel Vincent, Janyse Jaud, Dan Green, Jason Griffith, Sonny Strait, Richard Horvitz, Steven Jay Blum, Mike Pollock, Nancy Cartwright
First aired October 4, 2010

T.U.F.F. Puppy (anime style) is an anime version of the show airing on Nickelodeon. The anime version is possibly a continuity of the series after it ends.


Character Japanese Voice Actor English Voice Actor
Dudley Puppy Junichi Kanemaru Samuel Vincent
Kitty Katswell Aya Hirano Janyse Jaud
The Chief, The Chameleon Dan Green
Keswick, Ollie

Shotaro Morikubo

Jason Griffith
Verminous Snaptrap

Noriaki Sugiyama

Sonny Strait

Keiji Fujiwara

Richard Horvitz
Francisco Kappei Yamaguchi Steven Jay Blum
Bird Brain Hiroshi Iwasaki Mike Pollock
Peg Puppy Sanae Kobayashi Nancy Cartwright
  • Additional Voices:
  • Grey DeLisle
  • Samuel Vincent
  • Daran Norris


Season 1[]

Episode number Episode name Airdate  Synopsis
1 Verminous Snapattack October 4, 2010 Snaptrap escapes jail and uses his biggest plan to destroy T.U.F.F., and teams-up with the feather-headed Bird Brain.

Enemies: Verminous Snaptrap and Bird Brain

2 The Quitter and the Pauper October 11, 2010 Larry quits D.O.O.M. and convinces The Chief to let him join T.U.F.F. But Kitty thinks he's up to something, and when it's criminal rampage on the streets of Petropolis, Larry will put his moves into action!
Enemies: Snaptrap and D.O.O.M.
3 Keswick vs. Larry October 12, 2010 Larry challenges Keswick to a duel after quiting T.U.F.F. and returning to D.O.O.M., so an exciting Dudley will train Keswick.
Enemies: Larry
4 One Bird, One Pup October 13, 2010 The Bird Brain and Dudley's mother, Peg Puppy, start dating, but Dudley thinks that it's just another trick, but nothing seems wrong until Peg is pup-napped when the Bird Brain is going to make an eternal eclipse by using the jewelry on her, so Dudley will give her a great acceptation for a apology: beating the Bird Brain at his own game.
Enemies: Bird Brain
5 Please Shoot Me, with a Camera October 14, 2010 Snaptrap has the most perfect plan to defeat every single T.U.F.F. agent by making a giant camera that can make you have pink eye for a month, so Keswick is going to help our heroes wear camera safety equipment to protect themselves from the deadly blast.
Enemies: Snaptrap and D.O.O.M.
6 Oh Snap! October 15, 2010 Vermina Snaptrap (Snaptrap's sister and Larry's wife) sees Snaptrap and his team hurt Larry, so she takes over the D.O.O.M. HQ and Snaptrap, Ollie, Fransisco, need T.U.F.F.'s help to get rid of Vermina before she makes the HQ all girly.
Enemies: Vermina Snaptrap
7 Toast of D.O.O.M. October 23, 2010 Snaptrap and D.O.O.M. find the remains of R. I. T. A. the Toaster (see Toast of T. U. F. F.) and The Mole rebuilds her, but when she controls everything in D. O. O. M. HQ, she goes berserk again and to stop her, Snaptrap and co. have no choice, but to have T. U. F. F.'s help.
Enemies: R. I. T. A.
8 T.U.F.F: The Deadly Movie November 1, 2010 The Chameleon uses his transformation suit to transform into a Petropolis movie director, and tricks the agents of T.U.F.F. that they are going to be in a movie about them when it's actually a trap. With the movie recording, the Chameleon will try to find the secrets of T.U.F.F. HQ!


  • Johnny Yong Bosch was originally going to be the voice of Dudley, but they decided that wouldn't be right for the part.