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Takuto Toriyama
Takuto as he appears in the Haunted manga series.

Full Name:

Takuto Toriyama






Mr. Toriyama (father)
Mrs. Toriyama (mother)
unnamed aunt


Reading horror graphic novels and listening to music

School Affiliation:

Haruka Academy


High School Student


Alive (original reality)
Undead (reversed reality)

First Appearances:

Chapter 1

Takuto Toriyama is the main protagonist of the Haunted series. He is a student from Haruka Academy who performed the Akuma ritual with his classmates on the night before Haloween.


Takuto is a high school student of average height with brown eyes, spiky black hair, and a slender yet reasonably powerful build that contributes to his agility. Takuto's attire typically consists of his black school uniform. He wears various T-shirts and jeans for short periods of time, but his school uniform remains his primary wardrobe. Takuto also wears light gray socks underneath white sneakers.


Early life[]

Takuto was born in Tokyo to Mr and Mrs. Toriyama. Not a lot is known about Takuto's life due to him being so secretive and protective of his past, however, it is known that when he was disowned by his parents at the age of 5 and was forced to live with his aunt. As time past, Takuto continued to be depressed about his parents leaving him and keeps wondering why they left him. He maintains a close relationship with his aunt, considering her to be the only family he has left and the only person that cares about him.

During his early high school years, he almost gets expelled after almost beaten a a male student to death after he called his aunt a 'whore' and it was stated by Takuto that it took about 3 teachers to get him off the student.


Torture Arc[]

Nightmare Arc[]

What Lurks In The Shadows[]

Broken Souls Arc[]


Giving off the aura of a delinquent, Takuto faced difficulty in school due to issues at home. Being disowned by his parents, he was taken in by his aunt. Carrying over from his attitude at school, Takuto is prone to outbursts of frustration when faced with difficult situations. Though he often means well, his actions can appear cold or even selfish to those around him.

However, despite this, beneath his cold exterior, there is still a good person inside Takuto. He is shown to have a compassionate side and is protective of those he is close with and is greatly grieved to see family and friends suffer or die. Takuto also a sense of humor and has a interest in reading horror graphic novels.




  • Takuto is a mixture of Takashi Komuro from Highschool of the Dead and Yoshiki Kishinuma from Corpse Party.
  • His hobbies are listining to music and reading horror graphic novels.
  • He was disowned by his parents when he was 5 years old.
    • He was later taken in by aunt.
  • He and Kenji Nakoto have been best friends since childhood.