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Tamie Mikami, also known as Mrs. Mikami or Grandma Mikami, is Ryouhei's wife, Kouichi Sakakibara's maternal grandmother, Yousuke Sakakibara's mother-in-law, and also the mother of Ritsuko and Reiko Mikami. She is voiced/portrayed by Mizuka Arima in the original Japanese dub, and Marcy Bannor in the American English dub.


She made her debut in Episode 1, making her first appearance sitting in a chair next to Kouichi's hospital bed, talking about how "great" it is that he started his life in Yomiyama in the hospital. In Another 0 manga chapters she informed her youngest daughter Reiko about her best friend's death. She is usually seen talking to her grandson Kouichi and giving him information pertaining to Ritsuko and past events. Also, she is seen in the manga having dinner with Reiko and Kouichi. In Episode 10, Tamie appears in Ritsuko's old photos from her graduation.


  • Ryouhei Mikami (husband)
  • Kouichi Sakakibara (grandson)
  • Yousuke Sakakibara (son-in-law)
  • Ritsuko Mikami (daughter, deceased)
  • Reiko Mikami (daughter, deceased)