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Tantei Action Nova Marlowe (探偵アクションノバ・マーロウ Tantei Akushon Noba mārou) is upcoming anime created by Bushiroad


Set in the near future in the Great Era of Detectives, chosen people are born with supernatural abilities known as Toys (トイズ Toizu?). Those who use these Toys for evil are responsible for a wave of crimes and necessitate employing Toy-using detectives to help solve them. Nova Marlowe is the one of famous detective team (rivaling Milky Holmes) chase after Hydeous Criminal Syndicate, an organization distribute Sweetoys, candy shaped doping item which can give a toy ability yet at same time give a severe side-effects and responsible for robbery in city bank and jewelries.



Nova marlowe[]

Philip Narumi (フィリップ・マーロウ Firippu mārou)

Dull headed leader of Nova Marlowe who likes tease women than focus to his duty. This reaseon makes him transferred from Marlowe Academy to Holmes Academy. Philip toy allow him to generate air bullets from his forefinger by perform Finger gun .

Mycroft 'Mai' Shellingford (マイクロフトシェリンフォード Maikurofuto sherinfōdo)

Former member of Yokohama Security Bureau also Sherlock Shellingford's twin sister, contrast with her sister Mycroft is more adult and has a high intelligent also typical of tsundere girl. Like her twins Mai's toys is telekinesis.

Nancy Yagiyu

Heterochromic girl has high skill in swords man, Nancy toy grant her a superhuman speed ability.

Fong Dee

Energetic young girl. The youngest member of Nova Marlowe, Fong toys abilities is magnetism.

Hydeous Crime Syndicate[]

Edo Jekyll ( 江戸ジキル Edo Jikiru)/ Lord Hyde' (ロッド・ハイド, Roddo Haido)

Pure evil Leader of Hydeous and main antagonist, his toys allow him to emits a powerful disturbance wave whichcan  nullifying his opponent toys or even cause brain damage in higher level he can cause an earthquake. He's takes undercover as school geeks.

Victor Aikawa/Champion Frankenstein

Frankenstein monster like boxer, his toys allow him to generate electricity from his body it can empower his fist and deal more damage to his opponent. Despite his  intimadating size and appearance he actually shy guy.

Abram Stoker/Dracula Reaper

A rabid gothic boy proclaimed himself as vampire, using scythe as his weapon. His toys allow him to drain people's passion using his fangs.

Ruko Gajuu/Bad Wolfman

Hyde's Werewolf like underling, his toys allow him to transform to werewolf in lower level he can transform wolf cub.


Hyde's footsoldiers who help him to smooth out his evil agenda.

Yokohama Security Bureau[]

Hanshichi Nono

Annoying, noisy and arrogant male crossdresser who lead Yokohama Security Bureau. Claims him more pretty than any girl and has fierce rivalry with Kokoro Akechi, but his fighting ability comparable to his personality.


Group of skilled polices, tasked to track down any criminal such as Hydeous.

Recurring characters[]

Henriette Mystere/Arsene

The well-endowed leader of the Gentlemen Thieves whose Toys can cast illusions. She is currently undercover as the Student Council President at Holmes's Academy. When not in her school uniform, she generally wears outfits that show off her chest. In Tantei Action Nove Marlowe she and her group indirectly help Nova Marlowe to destroy Hydeous Crime Syndicate. Arsene has grudge with Hyde for attacking her sister Josephine Mystere and make him fall into coma.

Souseki Ishinagare/Stone River

A stern man who battles with a katana. His Toys allow him to immobilize an opponent. Works undercover at Holmes Detective Academy as a school janitor or chef.

Nijuuri Kai/Twenty

A crafty magician who uses various English words and attacks using cards. He is wildly perverted and constantly shows off his erect nipples to the chagrin of the students. His Toys allows him to disguise himself perfectly. Undercover as a teacher, his name is based after Edogawa Rampo's Fiend of Twenty Faces.

Nezi Jiro/ Rat

A young boy with a Flame Toy used for lighting various explosives. Undercover as a classmate.