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Teknophage: Demon's Reign
Format Anime series
Created by Julayla
No. of episodes 16 & 2 part special
Run time 15 minutes
English Network The Right Stuf Network
Starring David Kaye, Quinton Flynn, Tara Strong, Kelly Sheridan, Diedrich Bader

Teknophage: Demon's Reign (The Demon Overlord: Serpent Demon Phage 悪魔オーバーロード:蛇鬼ファージ in Japanese) is an Anime version of a forgotten comic series featuring the Phage (and one with guest star, Zeerus) created by Neil Gaiman. However, this also takes place within the upcoming Sailor Moon Remake universe.

Prompt/Important Characters[]

  • Teknophage/Mr. Henry Phage
  • Ayami Hiroshige (Anime Exclusive)
  • Rob Nicolas
  • Claudia Cassidy
  • Boog
  • Mackboy
  • Jason Cassidy (Anime Exclusive)
  • Tyler Michigan (Anime Exclusive)
  • Ariel Gomez (Anime Exclusive)
  • Sam & Max (Sam & Max Franchise)
  • Orlando Holmes/Shadowdeath
  • Madelaine Marquis (Anime Exclusive)
  • Messalina
  • Nancy
  • Looney Lombardo
  • Joshua
  • Agnes
  • Willy & Lizzy
  • Zeerus
  • Death (Regular Show Franchise)

Episode Listings[]

Jap/English Titles[]

  1. Welcome to Phage's World, A Victorian Wasteland/Hideous Rex
  2. The Phage Feeds, Toward the Phage Building/Beneath the Wheel
  3. Inside the Strange Place, Save Claudia!/Feed the Machine
  4. The Phage's Origins, Ayami's Opinions/Nose to the Grindstone
  5. Becoming an Executive, It's a Space Mission!/Comes The Locomotive Breath
  6. Phage's Rage, Ayami & Rob Nicolas' Choice/Sweet Smell of Success
  7. A Look Back, the Phage's Special Prisoner/One Nation Under God
  8. His Tale of Earth, How Man Became What They Were/Soultrain
  9. Rebels on the Move, Infiltrating His Lair/Heart of the Beast
  10. Birth of an Entity, Farewell Ayami/The Day God Came from the Machine
  11. A New Threat, The One Called Shadowdeath/Insurrection
  12. Shadowdeath a Human's Savior, The Phage is Mad/Show Of Force
  13. The Phage is Dead? It's a Trap!/The Jaws Of The Trap
  14. A Dangerous Coliseum, Monster Chimeras/Death Arena
  15. Failed Seduction, And a Failed Attempt/The Dragon's Teeth
  16. Fight for Freedom, Escape from Kalighoul/Sacrifice
  17. Reign of Dinosaurs, Teknophage vs Zeerus/Teknophage vs Zeerus Part 1
  18. Visions & Adventure, A Half Demon Teknophage?!/Teknophage vs Zeerus Part 2

Opening/Ending (From Which Series)[]

Music Used[]

  • Death Note Series
  • Black Butler
  • Ghost Hunt
  • High School of the Dead

Fictious Voice List[]

Character Japanese Voice Actor English Voice Actor
Teknophage David Kaye
Ayami Hiroshige Megumi Hayashibara Tara Strong
Rob Nicolas Miyu Irino Quinton Flynn
Claudia Cassidy Emi Shinohara Kelly Sheridan
Boog Ikkei Seta Phil LaMarr
Orlando/Shadowdeath Mamoru Miyano Diedrich Bader
Nancy Han Keiko Lisa Ortiz
Jason Ogata Megumi Jimmy Zoppi
Ariel Kotono Mitsuishi Rachael Lillis
Tyler Junko Takeuchi James Arnold Taylor
Madelaine Aoi Tada Amy Birnbaum
Zeerus Nobutoshi Kanna Jason Griffith
Sam Shin'ichirō Miki David Nowlin
Max Daisuke Namikawa William Kasten
Him (Ep 8 Only) Shintarô Sonooka Tom Kane
Snake (Ep 12 & Final Ep) Sato Haruo Tom Kenny
Death (Final Ep Only) Shigeru Chiba Julian Holloway
Mackaboy Takashi Matsuyama Dee Bradley Barker
Narrator/Figure Mayumi Yamaguchi John DeLancie

(More to Come Later)


  • This is a prequel to Sailor Moon Remake, Powerpuff Girls: Julayla Saga, Moon Hearts, and Kouja no Senshi.
  • This series is based on a forgotten comic from the now defunct Tekno Comix.
  • Him from Powerpuff Girls appears in Episode 8.
  • Sam & Max, despite being minor within the series, make important appearances.
  • Other characters from Sailor Moon, Powerpuff Girls, Courage, Regular Show, and Dora make cameo appearances in the second part of the special, though Death & Snake's minor appearance is more prompt and important. Even a Yoshi doll makes an appearance (which becomes more prompt and important in the KNS 3rd season).
  • Sam and Max's explanation on how they came there would be explained in an upcoming side story of Kouja no Senshi.
  • A reference to the Phage's encounter with Death will be referenced within Over the Top~KNS Style.
  • Ayami would be mentioned once more in Kouja no Senshi (though later, what happens later to her becomes important), PPGs: Julayla Saga Pt 2, and Moon Hearts along with her strong resemblance in Cherry.