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That Time I Got Reincarnated as Shinoyama Tokiha (転生したら篠山時羽だった件 Tensei Shitara Shinoyama Tokiha Datta Ken) is an non-canon Visual Novel and an anime series.


The series takes place when Minato Asuka, a wealthy genius Otaku and daughter of the Minato Corporation, meets a abrupt end thanks to a certain trolly vampire's mistake, who gives her multiversal powers as an apology. Thanks to a lightning strike, she wakes up as Shinoyama Tokiha, one of Diamic Days's heroines, after being carried home by Hatsushiba Kisa, who witnessed it. But the reincarnated girl realised that the new universe that is based on elements of Visual Novels, Animes, Manga and even Light Novels is absurder than she imagined!


Episode 1: Reincarnation[]

One day, Minato Asuka is accidentally killed by Zelretch. As an apology, she is given multiversal powers. She awakens as Shinoyama Tokiha after being found unconscious in the middle of a bad weather via a lightning strike in Diamic Days and brought to safety by Hatsushiba Kisa, who witnessed it.


Minato Asuka (港 あすか) / Shinoyama Tokiha (篠山 時羽)[]

Voiced by: RINA (Tokiha), Miyuki Sawashiro (Asuka)

The main protagonist of the series. Thanks to Zelretch's mistake, she reincarnates as Shinoyama Tokiha with absurdly OP multiversal powers as an apology.

Hatsushiba Kisa (初芝 希沙)[]

Voiced by: Yoshino Nanjo (Satou Shizuku)

An outgoing girl who is a genius and Tokiha's best friend, She’s quite quiet most of the time and is in the same class as the protagonist but she is friendly to everyone.


  • Tokiha's luck has become absurd thanks to Zelretch.