Anime Fanon

This is the new anime version of The Amazing World of Gumball. Japan updated the amazing world of gumball to a anime version cause a person created/uploaded a anime version of "Tawog" So they brought the person who created it and asked them to do a series and he/she accepted and decided the viewers liked it so they made another season but with just a message cause "the amazing world of gumball" came up with a season 7 in the us (fanon which the is the fanon thing is right here:


Basically the original amazing world of gumball walks into a anime dimension and a anime mastermind erased their memories and put the anime version of their memories in their memories so that they can do stuff and misadventures but on a whole new level of it. Its not in any of the seasons or episodes its just in a message

Anime style[]

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